Monday, April 30, 2007

Watch Closely Now: Kali and the Robbing of ECM Libra Avenue

Watch closely now
Are you watching me now?
Your eyes are like fingers
They're touchinq my body
And arousing my soul
Riding the passion arising inside me
How high, can I go?
You're comin' with me girl, I'm gonna show you how
When it's scary, don't look down

Watch closely now
Are you warching me now?
I see the hunger arise in your eyes
And it's urging me on
Higher and harder and faster and further
Than I've ever gone
You're coming closer lady;
Don't cha leave me now
We're gonna make it,
Don't look down

Maybe I'm takin' me too many chances
With no net at all
Maybe I'll teach you at least that you've
Got to be free when you fall

Watch closely now
Are you watching me now?
I'm the master magician
Who's setting you free
From the lies you've been told
When they're breaking your back
Bring your last straw to me
I turn straw into gold
I'm gonna need you later,
When you're not around
But I can take it, d
Don't look down

Watch closely now...
Are you watching me now?

-- Written by Barbra Streisand and Performed by Barbera Streisand and Kris Kristofferson in the 1976 remake of George Cukor's movie "A Star is Born"

This song was requested by one commentator MIH in Biggum Dogmansteinberg's posting Kalimullah Back in ECM Libra and it accurately alerts us what the "master magician", Dato Kalimullah (Kali) is about to do.

PAC chaired by Dato Shahrir Samad has effectively cleared ECM Libra in the public eye with the mainstream media "called" incessantly to give it a good light. The current parliament expectedly has not raised even an eye brow on PAC's findings. We already know many not quite half-past-six MPs and Senators aware of the discretion are too scared to implore the anger of "nice and clean" Dol!

It looks like things are clearing up to further their in-road into financial services to complete their political-media-financial stronghold to further their "evil" agenda. The description "they" means that all likelihood it is not just about Kali or Khairy or Pak Lah but a team, with the picture clearly becoming clear it is foreign. The military missing link will be coming, just delayed by Dato Seri Najib's "victory" at Ijok.

What puzzles me is why PKR or DAP never raised the issue of ECM Libra but harp on the iffy speculation accusations and personality assasination of Dato Seri Najib? ECM Libra debacle is a clear case of corruption, power abuse, "police state" harrassment, manipulation of the system of government, authorities, and corporate governance, and family nepotism. Many thought voting Opposition is the answer. I say, Huh!

ECM Libra Avenue seemed to have beefed up their team, their financial position are stronger and Pak Lah's and Khairy's political position seemed secured (but I am not too sure of that). They are looking seriously sure to obtain the Investment Banking license.

The participation of Dato Tony Fernandez adds a new interesting dimension to this debacle. ECM Libra had an active involvement in the listing of Air Asia Berhad. Air Asia is becoming clearer as the vehicle towards the demise of our National Carrier MAS. The mainstream media is an accomplice to paint MAS unfairly.

The interest of Air-Asia is not only taken care by the Minister of Transport or more appropriately described by many as Menteri Hal Ehwal Air Asia, Dato Chan Kong Choy, but also by Zaki Zahid, a ruthless Tingkat 4 boy and top management of MAS "seconded" from Air-Asia.

After this episode, Proton the spearhead of Malaysia's Industrialisation program will be systematically dismantle. WPI is on deck for the greatest land sale in Malaysian history never seen, even in colonial times. Through all this, one can expect ECM Libra Avenue to be the main player. As it is the protegenist of ECM Libra Avenue has a nice budget hotel in WPI, Tune Hotel. So Malaysia, get ready to be "tuned" dan "budget"ed.

Kali will not be out of the limelight controversy with lawsuits against Rocky and Jeff Ooi, and suit and countersuit with Mathias Chang. What is heard in the hall of justice is that the case management has favoured Mathias 3-0? The trial is around the corner. So watch closely now! And, watch his expected defence to justify his "corrupt" action using the PAC's findings. Walk with us.

The sad part is Tan Sri Azman. Here is the man that made the front cover of International magazines as one Melayu Baru in the Malay economic revival of the 90s. He seemed to be an accomplice in this gang bang. I thought, as an experienced and respected Businessman-Banker he doesn't need to stoop low to be a proxy anymore. So Amcorp shareholders, do you'll have the guts to speakout in your EGM/AGM?

Are you watching me now?

A Voice
Kuala Lumpur
APril 30th, 2007 2:00 pm


BigDogDotCom said...

Lord Cardigan of the Light Brigade (4th and 13th Light Dragoons, 17th Lancers, and the 8th and 11th Hussars),

Mount up the saddle. Its time to charge again!

"For the King and Country"

Lord Raglan
Scotts Grey

A Voice (of Another Brick in the Wall) said...

Aye aye my captain my captain

shar101 said...


There's something else brewing at Maxis with AK apparently taking it private.

Is this payback time for the yacht?

The longest day begins and we shall storm the beaches of Normandy once again.

101st Para division all suited up.

Lock and load, mateys.

P.S. Ahhh? Should I bring the carrier pigeons just in case communications jamming devices are used?

Rocky's Bru said...

I sure remember this one. Never quite like the ending, though. He crashed and died a bloody death and I did not understand for what. I'm not sure the song is apt for the ECM scenario, though.

Abba's "Money", maybe?

Or Kali's own favourite, stolen from one Lazarus Rokk: "Coward of the County".

A Voice (of Another Brick in the Wall) said...


In that movie, it was a case of the wife rose from an unknown to stardom, while the husband couldn't handle his rock and roll fame and took went for a reversal.

Perhaps only the title is appropriate here. By the time they get the Investment Banking, we have lots to "watch closely now."
Imagine the access to various inside information on companies.

My hair is raising upon realisation the sheer thought of power in the hands of such evil.

This calls for supermen. Up up and away!

kittykat46 said...

Hi A Voice,
We live in a parliamentary system. I won't use the word "democracy". The bottom line is the only real pressure which can be brought on Badawi & company to change its game is the possibility of losing Parliamentary or State seats.
Everything else, including what you and I write in blogs, is just idle commentary. That's the harsh reality of it. As Tun Mahathir once arrogantly, but accurately, said when he was PM - "If you don't like our policies, you can always try to convince the voters to change the government at the next elections". Of course that's not going to happen, but shrinking the BN's majority is within the realm of the possible.

The possibility of reforming BN and UMNO from the inside is remote. The only case in the Westminster system I can recall where a PM with a powerful majority in Parliament had to step down is Margaret Thatcher in 1990. Her Conservative Party had a big majority, but she personally had grown so unpopular, the other leaders forced her to resign. Very rare case.
Tunku Abdul Rahman's resignation was linked to the unhappy events in 1969, and no right thinking Malaysian ever wants to see that happen again.

I'm not an Opposition supporter, and the weaknesses of all the opposition parties and their leaders are quite obvious. But the logical conclusion I have to draw is the only incentive Badawi has to change his policies & actions or start reining in his sidekicks is if he starts losing some seats at elections. Everything else is "Sembang Kedai Kopi"

Anonymous said...

Remember how cheaply was a strategic and controlling stake in Avenue Assets was sold by Khazanah to Tan Sri Azman? Within a short time, he has sold a large portion at almost 20% profit to Tony. Now, how is Tony going to make back his bucks. Round robin of funds? So, is Avenue Assets ( with tons of cash to the tune of RM800 million, my guesstimate) going to take up a large stake in Tony's group of companies at inflated prices to recoup his investments in ECM. If this goes thru, the trio can then party with extra tons of wealth ( but then isnt it at the expense of the rakyat since Avenue was sold cheap2).
Will this materialise? your guess is as good as mine.
Hey, Mr PM, guess you dont understand the deal and dont know that it is happening right under your nose ( since you are also the FM). So much, for your clean and religious posturing.

fazilogic said...

Testing... C W 3... testing...

Owh maaan.. i've been trying to put my 2 cents in your blog since many moons ago, and hopefully this time I will make it.

BTW, i read somewhere that Tune Money (of course related To Air Asia's Tony), has bought ECM Libra's shares from Tan Sri Azman.

That same block was bought by the good Tan Sri from Kali & KJ when the latters made their exit last year.

A Voice (of Another Brick in the Wall) said...

Roger loud and clear

Welcome to my block, fazilogic.

Not only that Tune Money has a venture with CIMB taking up 30 stake in it. Now flipping that venture into ECM Avenue will be a convenient option in the future?

Are we seeing a colloboration to come between CIMB and ECM Avenue?

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