Friday, April 19, 2013

Eating humble pie

This time we will have to eat humble pie.

Sorry for our prank previous posting that was written in a lonely hotel room during our nationwide travel for the past few weeks.

It is unfortunate for Lion Airline to end up in the receiving end of our mischief. However, it can't be  God's sumption for our deed because neither Lion nor Malindo Airline are our favourite airlines.

Just cause we broke the news on Malindo as competition for Air Asia does not mean Malindo is a favourite. It is just to spite Tony F and send him the message that we are watching you.

He he he ....

We also acknowledge all criticism leveled at us for the prank, including those not allowed publication.

There is exception to our hostile comment policy. The problem with allowing hostile comments is that once it gets started, it demeans the blog as a battle ground to exchange brickbats and loses any credibility it has.

That we will not allow.

Critical is fine but no personal hostility. It's our blog and like our home, we do not welcome hostile outsiders in.

Anyway, the traveling was to feel the political ground. Since our long trip to Sabah several months ago, it was to understand the political landscape shaping up.

The findings and observations will be inserted in our posting on GE 13 which should officially start tomorrow.

So ... Lim Kit Siang said in the Chinese paper two days ago that Special Branch report available to him placed Pakatan as handsomely leading Barisan by 145-77.

Laughable for DAP to have access to Special Branch report especially when it is not their work to predict elections for public consumption like some survey groups.

At 145-77, DAP must have dug up some old rubbish off Bukit Aman. That looks like old sample from few years ago when Pakatan was winning by-elections after by-elections. 

It is just a ploy to start a Malaysian version of Arab Spring.

By creating such false impression, they hope it will self actualise to become real. If it doesn't turn out so, then it can create dissatisfaction and substantiate their allegation of election rigging.

The dum dum will believe and go to the streets and Malaysia ala Arab Spring demonstration begins.

The fact is Pakatan lost their plot and momentum. They cannot win this general election. Even my PKR sympathiser and party worker friends acknowledge it is still BN this time. There are some 14 of our Alumni contesting from both side of the political divide.

Other than DAP, other Pakatan Rakyat parties are going to the dumpster. Some friends are destined to lose.

Even Penang can be shaken and stirred. If luck is our lady, BN can retake Penang. Just don't laugh to early.

Then there is DAP's attempt to make an issue with the Registrar of Societies. There is some discrepencies in the party election and some members complain but they chose not to sort it out fast enough.

So it is a ploy to gain sympathy and blame BN as not playing fair.

It is actually a reason for DAP to run under PAS symbol in Peninsular Malaysia and PKR symbol in Sabah and Sarawak.

Why didn't DAP opt to run under PKR symbol in Peninsular Malaysia? After all, DAP is against any notion of Islam - it's practises, islamic state and hudud.

Mr Karpal "Over My Dead Body" Singh have been talking of running under PAS symbol for many months.

It is all planned.

DAP intentionally allowed the computer mistake to linger long enough and push the issue to the Registrar of Society. All along, DAP hope to gain Malay votes by running under PAS symbol.

So will the Malays Muslims vote for PAS when voting PAS means voting for DAP, be it the real PAS candidate or Chinese candidate?

And visi versa for Chinese voting PAS?

There will be those eating humble pie after the General Election. Surely, it is not us.

Got to run for Jaybee flight ...going to Gelang Patah.


Anonymous said...

It's amusing and yet disturbing that a lot of negative things said about Pakatan Rakyat is proven true by themselves.

All this time saying undi PAS= undi DAP and now we have the DAP trying to contest under PAS banner.

Anonymous said...

I always asked my friends,'Have you ever met a stupid Chinaman ?'and continued ' They are all very clever are'nt they ?'
They would all nod in agreement. I asked again,'But you have met some Chinamen who are so very clever as to be stupid!' They looked bewildered and I mentioned a few household names. They all nodded in agreement with these names of stupid Chinamen who can be found in the World including Singapore.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

In Europe, if you buy beefburger, you get horseburger or porkburger. They call it mis-labelling not cheating.
In our beloved Malaysia, if you vote the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP you get PAS, if you vote PAS you get DAP and if you vote PKR, you get NOTHING. This is only mis-labelling.

Vote BN. All Malaysians because if you vote BN you get BN which delivered all the goodies for 55 years and will deliver more the next 55 years.

Anonymous said...

the chinese are really not good in politics... always look straight, don't even look left or right...

Anonymous said...

An Intelligent person would not go so far as to be sure that BN will win this election unless of course he knows that there will be cheating on a massive scale.

Joe Black

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