Thursday, February 17, 2011

What "the untold MAS story" did not tell? (Part 3)

The untold story of the scheming Rosli Dahlan

The alleged RM8 billion loss attributed to former MAS Chairman Tan Sri Tajuddin Ramli have been repeated many times that it is assumed as an accepted fact and not to be disputed further.

It is found in blogs by Din Merican and Raja Petra's Malaysia Today, letter to PM Tun Dol by Dato Ramli Yusoff, memo to MACC by MASKargo Managing Director, Shaari Sulaiman, Salahuddin Ayub statement reported by the Harakah, online news report, and etc.

When MAS first made police report against Tajuddin in January 4, 2002 and subsequently again in May 4, 2005, it was not on the RM8 billion loss but on the ACL and Hahn airport hub matter.

Tajuddin should open a law firm and start suing all those who claimed he loss RM8 billion. It is a profitable preposition because not a single report or document explained how the losses were derived.

When this blog first touched this issue here, the first thing we zeroed in on the RM8 billion loss. The profit and loss figures through the years only shows the total PBT loss was RM702 million and total PAT loss was RM908 millions.

This points to a conspiracy and propaganda of the highest order to concoct such a number and repeat it continuously till the lie is taken for granted as truth.

In relation, this blogger had sued a Bank few years back and recently won.

When preparing for the case, this blogger explained to the lawyer as best as he could absorb the calculation involved. He took the complex calculation and made int into a simple reason which was totally wrong. His reason was to make it digestible to the Mathematically challenged judge and legal profession.

It strikes us that the RM8 billion could be cooked up by a lawyer untrained in accounting but trained to simplify complex calculation and convinced judges in the court of justice and court of public opinion.

It is unfair but with public perception against Tajuddin already of urban legend, the propaganda was only reinforcement.

That was our hunch early in the writing and it was told to close friends. One close friend introduced us to Deep Throat, who keeping telling us to "follow the money" like in the old movie about the 1970s Watergate Scandal, "All The President's Men."

Before we could follow the money, who should we follow.

There is Dato Ramli Yusoff, the first Director of the new Commercial Crime Investigation Department (CCID). CCID was established on May 1st 2005 and broke away from the Criminal Investigation department (CID).

On November 1st 2007, Dato Ramli was charged in court for three charges of non declaration of asset as civil servant because his declared asset of RM7 million did not tally with his other assets particularly in Sabah.

Read from Wikipedia here.

Rosli Dahalan was his lawyer and was suspected to hold in trust some RM27 million of Dato Ramli's alleged ill gotten gains. He was charged for refusal to declare his asset to MACC.

Ramli was acquitted on March 12, 2010 by Session court judge M Gunalan. Naturally Rosli was acquited on December 10, 2010. He is now suing MACC and the Government for RM50 million. Court date is fixed for February 28th 2011.

Their court story have been spinned as related to the MAS case. They claimed that they were charged for reopening the MAS case. The truth to the matter, there is no such thing. Unless they can prove so convincingly, it is two separate issues.

We will not delve into the private dealings of Dato Ramli and Rosli for the reason they have been acquitted by the court.

Rosli had been a close friend of MAS Legal Counsel, Nik Nadimah Adeeb and sources said he was roped in from the beginning to put together the cases against Tajuddin. He may have been involved in the 2002 police report against Tajuddin.

Nadimah retired in March 2003 and was replaced by Dr Wafi Nazrin bin Tan Sri Hamid, the son of former Minister in charge of Islamic affair in the Prime Minister's Department Tan Sri Hamid Osman.

Dr Wafi was brought into MAS from Petronas by the late Chairman of Petronas, Tan Sri Azizan. He has doctoral degree in law specialising in maritime law and not aviation law.

Dr Wafi struggled in his new position and relied on Rosli Dahlan to pursue the case against Tajuddin. Like Nadimah, he was already close with Rosli and his relationship was more than just friend and lawyer-client.

In Part 2, we told that police investigation against Tajuddin tanked and had insufficient information and lead to move further. It was NFAed between 2004-2005.

ACL wrote to ICC for arbitration in Paris on October 25th 2004. With police investigation not progressing as he hoped, Rosli recommended that MAS go for arbitration.

When Dr Wafi finally took full charge of the MAS Legal Department, he ordered the files for the arbitration at ICC be transfered from Norton Rose to Allen Gladhill, which later merged with Hishamuddin Lee & Partners.

By May 2005, Dato Ramli was appointed Head of Commercial Crime and Rosli could have enquired or inform his old friend at University Islam Antarabangsa that the MAS case was classified NFA by Dato Azmi the then Senior Prosecutor at Attorney General office.

That was then that Rosli advised MAS to lodge another police report against Tajuddin dated May 4, 2005.

On his side, Dato Ramli called all Senior Police Officers for a meeting. In the meeting, Rosli was the main speaker and amongst others, he demonise Tajuddin as "Pengkhianat Negara" and "Penyangak."

All those Senior Police Officers were surprised as to why Dato Ramli had invited a "civilian lawyer" to give a specific talk on the MAS case.
Rosli's presence was an insult to them. It is as though they are not good officers and do not know how to conduct an investigation.

A new investigation officer was appointed and when the papers were submitted to the AG Chambers again, it was NFAed again because there were no new evidence.

If we can spot there are no new issue from the Dato Ramli's letter to Tun Dol, report and memo to MACC, and other documents published by Raja Petra in Malaysia Today, the AG office can surely do so.

The transaction with regards to MAS cargo with ACL was done accordingly through proper procedures and Ralph Gotz the General Manager of MAS Cargo could not be charged.

Not satisfied with Dato Azmi, Dato Ramli made an appointment to see Tun Dol together with Tun Dol's man and conspirator-spinmaster, Bernama Chairman Dato Annuar Zaini. This was on March 26th, 2007 and on the same date of the letter to Tun Dol from Dato Ramli.

Together in the meeting was Chairman Dato Munir Majid, the CEO appointed on December 1st 2005, Dato Idris Jala, and Legal Counsel Dr Wafi Nazrin.

This meeting was mentioned in the memo by MAS Kargo Shaari Sulaiman dated May 20th 2009 to MACC Commissioner, Dato Abu Kassim. Not mentioned was Rosli Dahlan who was the main speaker.

This was when Rosli began the spin for sympathy that Dato Ramli Yusoff was victimised because he wanted Tajuddin to be charged. It was around that time that MACC was investigating Ramli for corruption and money laundering before being charged on November 1st 2007.

The fact to the matter Dato Ramli was ambitous and wanted to become IGP. He despised Tan Sri Musa Hassan because Tan Sri Musa was his subordinate at CID and had surpassed him.

Tan Sri Musa had caught his superiors attention for his exemplary work in the Anwar sodomy I investigation.

Dato Ramli hatched an evil plan with Rosli by teaming with Dato Johari Baharom. They were all seen every other night at Rosli's big bungalow plotting and scheming to bring down the IGP.

Tan Sri Gani Patail was made a scapegoat despite not in the know of the clash between Dato Ramli and Dato Jo Baharum against Tan Sri Musa.

In making the story juicy for the public consumption, it was Rosli the orator and writer that hatched the plan. Dato' Ramli was not smart enough for this kind of game and left it to Rosli to scheme and implement.

This resulted in a long and bitter fight between Dato Ramli and Dato Jo Baharum against Tan Sri Musa Hassan.

Dato Jo became the subject of a corruption investigation following allegations that he received RM 5 million for releasing several criminals. The investigation was closed by Tan Sri Gani who found there was "no statement to implicate" Dato Jo.

Dato Ramli was charged for failure to disclose asset and money laundering. Rosli was suspected for abetting and charged for refusal to declare asset.

The charges against Dato Ramli and Rosli had nothing to do with Tajuddin case which was NFAed twice by Dato Azmi and not Tan Sri Gani Patail as all these rascal had tried to accused.

To say Tan Sri Musa fixed Dato Jo, he announced investigation cleared him. Jo was being vindictive when he had Musa investigated for something.

The cases against Dato Ramli and Rosli ws done by MACC and not police.

Not known and realised by many, Rosli had benefited immensely in his early work with MAS.

Our source claimed that for arbitration work with ICC in Paris, he was paid legal fees of €2 million. The cost of travel, accomodation etc that had to be borne by MAS was about €2 million to the firm.

As said in Part 2, MAS lost to ACL at the ICC is a confirmation to the NFAs by AG Office that there are no more legal issues against Tajuddin because all aspect of the case have been looked into and using Malaysian law.

With the ICC decision at our disposal, we could go at length to explain. We could expose lies in the document exhibited by Raja Petra in Malaysia Today. We can pinpoint some wrong assumption made by Dato Ramli in his letter to Tun Dol. Readers aren't interested in details from the past.

In the briefing with Tun Dol in that meeting, Rosli and the MAS officials did not mentioned about the prospect of losing the arbitration the week to follow.

Rosli has not brief properly anyone about the loss at the ICC. One can only hear excuses for the loss on the blogs. The proof is the ICC results was not disclosed in a subsequent lawsuit against Tajuddin over some ACL Agreement.

Rosli's client, MAS have not been appropriately explained about the ICC decision. Yet he has continued to misled MAS Senior Executives into following his wrong advise such making police and MACC reports.

This is where it leads when you follow the money. Rosli's advise is nothing more than a second bite at the cherry against Tajuddin in order for him to keep running up more bills on MAS.

Tajuddin has filed a defense and counter claim of RM500 million. Rosli will remain the lawyer and legal fees will continue to flow.

Our source in MAS said any dealings with Rosli is personally done by Dr Wafi. This means that Rosli has manipulated and cheated MAS, with a willingly aid of Dr Wafi as accomplice.

Rosli has brought important Government Agencies into serious disrepute by manipulating facts and not revealing the truth of the ICC findings. Like lembus, Tan Sri Hadenan and Tan Sri Robert Phang have dutifully and stupidly followed Rosli's manipulation.

MAS should sue him for gross professional negligence and MACC should raid MAS legal office to catch hold of Rosli.


Anonymous said...

...please keep following the money....i'm just a fong shui loh...I just look at their faces (those on this posting), they tell a lot...


mohon link dengan blog tuan

Tok Mudim said...


loud and clear. that's how an investigaton report should be written.

not like Prof din merican and RPK's siri bercakap dengan jin.

would prefer if you upload some of the ICC content as well but the reason is understood.

rock on, bro. we want more.

Anonymous said...

Rosli Dahlan is an untouchable in MAS, especially in their legal department.. whatever he wants, he gets. He has free run over the place macam itu office dia.

Anonymous said...

Tahniah Saudara.
Korek, korek sama dia.
The real culprits are still inside MAS.

3 salient points were raised
a. MAS must return to basics
b. Jala did not turnaround MAS
c. To deploy the right people in taking MAS forward

The Flying Buffet

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

This is a great spin. The story has no facts at all. MAS has all the figures as to how the RM 8 billion come into picture. You mention ACL and Hahn in passing. What crap is this? Tajudin liqudified all of MAS assets and where did the money go? MAS had more than RM 1 billion in cash reserves? Where did it go? MAS was left with billions in debts? You go figure it out yourself instead of reading crap and bull from this guy. To me he is just worth the shit that you waste every day.

A Voice said...

Anon 3:19 AM

You said:

MAS has all the figures as to how the RM 8 billion come into picture.

I say:

Why then is the police report from the first one in 2002 about ACL and the Hahn cargo Hub and not about the alleged RM8 bilion loss?

MAS has all the figures. They have it in all the AUDITED annual report.

Who am I to believe between big six international audit firm vis a vis Raja Petra the compulsive liar or lying Cambodian Professor Din Merican or liar lawyer Rosli Dahlan or politician Salahuddin Ayub?

You said:

You mention ACL and Hahn in passing. What crap is this?

I suggest you read the crap by Raja Petra.

And if you do not know, it is a cargo hub between MAS and ACL to a new airport in Hahn near Geneva.

You said:

Tajudin liqudified all of MAS assets and where did the money go?

I said:

Specifics please. YOu ve been reading MT and DIn and assuming them as truth.

YOu said:

MAS had more than RM 1 billion in cash reserves? Where did it go?

I said:

Show me what year MAS has cash reserve of RM1 billion?

Can you be smarter to not just look at cash but the asset and liabilities of balance sheet.

You said:

MAS was left with billions in debts?

I said:

MAS was also left with billions of asset.

Some smart alecs decided to use government money to take the asset and debt out under a scheme called WAU.

You said:

You go figure it out yourself instead of reading crap and bull from this guy. To me he is just worth the shit that you waste every day.

I said:

The bigger shit are those who do not know what the shit theey are talking about.

Suggestion: Take up some Introduction course in Accounting and use MAS annual account as case study.

A Voice said...

The Flying Buffet

I agree with you.

Although some have retired, the real culprits are still deep inside.

Are you the writer of the in famous flying buffet article?

Anonymous said...


i think anon 3.19 is somebody who try to cover his shit but the smell of telur tembelang can't be wiped out.


Anonymous said...

Penerbangan Malaysia has more than RM 7.8 billion in Govt guaranteed debts. This was orginially MAS liabilities transferred to the tax payer. RPK showed how the ACL deal was linked back to Tajuddin Ramli. The EU courts have no local standing to investigate what form of conflict of interest a Malay run company does. They were only concerned with whether or not MAS was liable for breaking the contract.

That conflict of interest was to be investigated by the AUTHORITIES but it wont be investigated as long as Gani Patail is the AG.

If you want to glorify and protect one of the biggest petualang then stop claiming you are fighting for the race .

You prove what we know. You is all hypocrites who will sell the Malays down for an extra dime.

Anonymous said...

Thank you saudara.

I wish I was the writer. Kudos to him also.

I am more of the silent type (battle hardened and deadly)

We shall converge again, saudara.

The Flying Buffet

A Voice said...

Anon 12:07 (which cud be Anon 3:19 AM)

You said:

Penerbangan Malaysia has more than RM 7.8 billion in Govt guaranteed debts. This was orginially MAS liabilities transferred to the tax payer.

I say:

Not just the liabilities transfered to PMB but the asset too. It will reflects reduction of the same in MAS balance sheet. THat is if you understand basic accounting.

LCCI Part 1 student will know that RM7.8 billion liabilities with assets attached is not a profit and loss item.

Ooly a sneeky lawyer will interpret a liability without looking at asset and call it a loss!

By the way, Binafikir did the WAuy for RM5 billion and not RM7.8 billion.

Get your fucking facts rights before trying to argue la ... asshole!

You said

RPK showed how the ACL deal was linked back to Tajuddin Ramli.

I say:

Why should we believe RPK? He never study accounting. He didnt even entered University. Furthermore he is not an authority on MAS.

The ACL deal can be linked to Tajuddin ... that is not the issue that RPK raised and the Ramli/Rosli raised.

The issue they raised was that Tajuddin did not declare interest.


You said:

The EU courts have no local standing to investigate what form of conflict of interest a Malay run company does. They were only concerned with whether or not MAS was liable for breaking the contract.

I Say:

I have the document with me. MAS raised all issue including that on conflict of interest, non disclosure of interest ....

When you agree to arbitrate, you accept it as the final settlement.

You dont try to do sneeky thing like meeting a sleepy and stupid prime minister and make him ask to investigate again.

THat is what lawyers with no honour advise their client and client with no honor do.

Win or lose, you accept that game is over.

You say:

That conflict of interest was to be investigated by the AUTHORITIES but it wont be investigated as long as Gani Patail is the AG.

I say:

Hey bodoh!

Baca betul2 .. it is not Gani Patail who NFAed but Dato Azmi.

Illiterate ka?

Anonymous said...

ko ni mmg kurang ajar
ni baca muka surat 24 anggaran perbelanjaan perseketuaan

2004 Standard Chartered Bank Offshore Pembiayaan Am (b) + 0.360 2002/2009 USD 300,000,000.00 USD 300,000,000.00 1,037,010,000.00
2004 Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi Ltd (9M - MRP) Pembelian Aset (b) + 0.400 2004/2016 USD 122,000,000.00 USD 87,345,267.27 301,926,385.37
2004 Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi Ltd (9M - MRQ) Pembelian Aset (b) + 0.400 2004/2016 USD 122,000,000.00 USD 87,683,775.35 303,096,506.25
2006 Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi Ltd (9M - MRQ) Pembelian Aset (b) + 0.300 2006/2020 USD 140,000,000.00 USD 121,154,181.27 418,793,658.40
2006 Deutsche Bank Securities Inc. Pembelian Aset 5.625 2006/2016 USD 1,000,000,000.00 USD 1,000,000,000.00 3,456,700,000.00
2006 Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi Ltd (9M - MRQ) Pembelian Aset (b) + 0.300 2006/2020 USD 140,000,000.00 USD 121,337,751.54 419,428,205.75
2009 Islamic Medium Term Notes(Trance 1) Pembelian Aset 3.850 2009/2014 RM 2,200,000,000.00 - 1,500,000,000.00
2009 Islamic Medium Term Notes(Trance 2) Pembelian Aset 3.450 2012 - 250,000,000.00
Jumlah Penerbangan Malaysia Berhad 7,686,954,755.77

ni kalau kao ni malas nak cari ni aku kasi link

kalau tak tahu jgn nak bodoh sombong. mencarut plak!

kedua,ingat kao pandai sangat ke.
dlm wau beban hutang RM 7 billion. Asset RM 5 billion. jgn nak malas ni baca
m/s 2

sama je kapital injection RM 2 b
ok kalau kapital injection RM 2b, berapa nilai ekuiti MAS sebelum diselamatkan kerajaan.

kalau tak erti jgn nak kutuk orang. kau nak puji pun jgn puji penyamun.

Anonymous said...

Dear A Voice(Anon),
I am the original Anonymous tahat you answered earlier. This is my reply.

Firstly, I would like to say that you do not have to be emotional by saying bad words. I suspect you might be the writer or the spinner himself. Wallahuallam.

1. I know where Hahn is and better than you I might say as I have been there. I know the whole story. My comment was why did the writer not write the whole story about Hahn. Why mention it in passing? Why not tell that MAS advise Tajudin not to go to Hahn as that airport has a bad connection to other airport and the cost would be more MAS advise Tajudin not to sign the contract with Atlas Air as it was not profitable to MAS. Why did sign the contract with ACL knowing that Ralph Gotz is his brother in law? JJ, the MAS Cargo boss resigned in protest. That is a fact. JJ came back as Cargo Boss after Tajudin left. This Hahn is where the major leak in MAS coffers. I can go on and on about Hahn and all of the facts and proof but I believe you are not interested.

2. Liqidifying MAS Assets.
The biggest assets that MAS has is their fleet of aircraft. When Tajudin took over, MAS owns more than 80% of their fleet. The rest was on lease. That also was the B734 which was lease earlier before the arrival of the ordered MAS B734 Fleet. $ A330s were also on lease.The B747 and A330s were own by MAS. The Fokker 50s were also own by MAS. Tajudin sold all of these aircraft to a company in Saudi Arabia and also Japan and lease them back. MAS had 10 B747 and 10 A330s. Tajudin sold off an apartment that belongs to MAS in Central London. I can go on and on. But what's the point? It is public knowledge for those who wants to know. Go and calculate yourself how much is that.

3. The cash reserves is again public knowledge. After Datuk Kamarudin left MAS, MAS had those reserves even though his administration was tainted and there was a revolt in MAS and this matter was brought forward to Mahathir by 40 Ali Babas. Tajudin was invited then. Go ask Dato Wan Malek.

4. For the WAU, can you please tell me what are the billions in asset that was handed to Tan Sri Mohd Noor that amount to billions. Please list them. MAS was doom. Tan Sri Mohn Noor could not do anything as he was not allowed to stop the routes that was losing money. Then the WAU came where the Govt pump in money to help MAS. Again usage of public money.

5. Why did the Finance Ministry bought the MAS shares at RM 8 when the actual value was less than half?

I can go on to the actual specific and numbers and figures but then again, what good will it do? Will Tajudin ever get his day in court.In retrospect, before writing an article, please check your facts and carry out an indepth investigation and/or interviews instead of spinning stories.

May God Save Your Soul.


Anonymous said...

Din Merican revealed the entire wayang. Is it true your now part of the Axis of Evil?

A Voice said...

Anon 6:42 and 4:07 AM

I will answer the specific in due time.

Get this straight. The allegation is MAS lost RM8 billion during Tajuddin's time.

Assume PMB took MAS asset of RM8 billion, that money was used to reduce liabilities and bank loans.

MAS's balance sheet is less by RM8 billion and it's liabilities side is lessen by RM8 billion too.

But it does not show into the profit and loss unless the sale of the asset is below book value.

Profit and loss has to be on accountant logic and not lawyers logic.

My motivation is not about saving or defending Tajuddin but to dispell the tales of lies and conspiracy of those out to ridicule government institutions.

Neither you nor I have to like Tajuddin.

Anonymous said...

Anan 4.09 am

The question is why's that the alleged misdeeds of Tajuddin as implied by you were not captured under the MAS accounting system.

We can read a lot of grandma's tales but we won't let that influence our perception of facts. Prove your case in letters or numbers black and white.

MAS is a listed company. A major one too. You mean they can play-around with the accounting and none too clever to call the bluff?

AB I am with you. As long as you stay with the facts.


Anonymous said...

ABITW - agreed with you

the point is not about defending TR
( he's a gone case already ).

But it's about some party who claim to be patriotic enough to save MAS by using TR past records in MAS and at the same time charging/looting the rakyats money out of MAS for an already closed file.

Now can you see clearly how smart are these Robin Hoods.

Only JoeNgos can't see it clearly now.

Anonymous said...

You are barking at the wrong tree. There are some evidences leading to his wrong doing. Probably not 8b possibly some amount. Dato' Ramli as a police officer, is his duty to raise the matter. and as for Rosli Dahlan he was asked by MAS to take up the case or else nothing much he can do. I don't see any benefit for Rosli Dahlan and Dato' Ramli but for TR yes.
I think you need to be more rational.


Anonymous said...

Hey Voice, did you hear that MAS promoted Dr. Wafi? He's now EVP and Chief Risk Officer. All this publicity you gave him must have helped get him noticed! Now he will be truly untouchable in that company. Ha Ha Ha!

My Say