Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Can Azmin's portal at least get the effin' facts right?

Apparently, Azmin Ali's funded political news portal, MalaysiaNow did not just got their maths all wrong on the alleged commission earned by Dato Vinod Sekhar. 

In their latest expose yesterday, which other media portal assisted to viral, not only they over exaggerated the Hungarian government spending of ventilators, MalaysiaNow's reported contract to Vinod was not consistent with the contract size they reported since June.

Another way to put, their report was unclear and confusing. 

Can Azmin get Latheefa Koya's brother, Abdul Rahman Koya to get MalaysiaNow's facts right before any attempt to slander or make any allegation?

Unclear allegation

Browsing through the links on Nucearbursaman's take on the so-called multiagency raid, which is only National Financial Crime Centre (NFCC) visit to Vinod's office 2 weeks ago, it is found that MalaysiaNow wrote in their June 16 posting below:

Vinod Sekhar, who operates a chain of companies and organisations under the Petra Group, has secured some RM2.5 billion worth of contracts to supply ventilators to the Hungarian government, among dozens of purchases amounting to billions of dollars by the east European country at the early stage of the Covid-19 crisis.

MalaysiaNow repeated the same subsequent claim below from June report till yesterday's report, but this time claimed to have possession of the documents:

Documents obtained by MalaysiaNow from Hungary showed Budapest agreeing to pay Vinod a total of US$559,600,000, which at the time of the contract in May 2020 converted to about RM2.43 billion, through several bank accounts. 

Anti-corruption watchdog Transparency International (TI) has urged Hungary to release specific details related to the contracts to Vinod, saying there are questions on whether GR Technologies had fulfilled transparency regulations in the country.

The Hungarian government agreed to pay Vinod RM2.43 billion for contract worth of RM2.5 billion. What the eff is that? 

Is RM2.43 billion the commission for RM2.5 billion contract? Or is it meant as only RM2.43 billion paid for a RM2.5 billion contract worth which in other words, Vinod was short paid by RM70 million?

If either or is true, it is non-issue for any business transaction and perfectly legal. 

The former is possible because the pandemonium to secure ventilators then may have caused the price or mark-up to be as high. 

If the due commission is the usual percentage from the value of ventilator purchased, the numbers is not realistic as highlighted in yesterday's posting here.  

And, in the latter case of short payment, it would mean Vinod has not got his money yet. 

One has to take into consideration that this is an offshore China-Hungary business transaction which that has nothing to do with Malaysia. 

NFCC has no jurisdiction on the transaction and the visit should hardly be alarming. That is unless NFCC is assisting TI Hungary.

Talking about TI, pro-Mahathir former MACC Commissioner, Abu Kassim displayed annoyance with TI back then, but behind the scene was hand in glove with TI. 

He had his people parked inside and later lead TI. Is the retired Abu Kassim today involved in NFCC operation for them to be beholden to TI?

MalaysiaNow should have ascertained that fact before making the report.

Hands of Soros

Nurclearbursaman provided link to an Al Jazeera report of incumbent Prime Minister Victor Urban claiming foreign powers backing left wing for their 2022 general election soon. 

In the report, Victor alleged that George Soros has a hand in his old country's politics. The mention of Soros together with TI only rings a familiar bell. 

The ventilator supplied by Vinod to Hungary is made into a political issue by the Hungarian opposition. Its typical modus operandi in foreign interference to turn alleged corruption into an election issue. 

Malaysia has gone through that path before. The 1MDB was made into an issue from 2015 onwards that managed to topple the perennial government of BN in 2018. 

Worry of Zeti's expose?

In the latest expose slightly more than 1 week before the SRC decision by the Court of Appeal, it is now known that former BNM Governor's husband was colluding with Jho Low to make hay while the 1MDB sun was shining from before TIA days. 

In the meanwhile, Zeti was monitoring situation and making the decisions from inside. Later she was involved to investigate alleged wrongdoings of Najib. 

It is an almost similar modus operandi to the Recovery Fund for abandon project in the 90s handled by a former BNM Governor which was an open secret in the market that the spouse was cutting deals with developers.     

Soros is strongly linked to funding of Sarawak Report, Malaysiakini and Bersih. Azmin was together with Mahathir and Muhyiddin in Pakatan Harapan and went on a hot pursuit of Najib for 1MDB. 

It has nothing to do with Sarawak, but Soros funded Sarawak Report had an active role to assist Mahathir. The visible person linking Mahathir to Clare Brown is Khairuddin Abu Hassan.

The Zeti expose could cause the SRC and 1MDB-Tanore cases set-up against Najib to collapse. All the cases would fall like domino and an international embarassment to the law enforcement, and judiciary establishment.

Perhaps it is wishful thinking to expect Court of Appeal judges have the balls to acquit. Talk in the corridor of justice is they are likely to pass the buck on major decision, particularly politically sensitive ones, to Federal Court.

Mahathir, Lim Kit Siang, Sarawak Report, and MalaysiaNow seemed to be in a state of panic to incesssantly attack Najib and create issues to divert attention from Zeti's husband money laundering in Singapore.

Soros backing Azmin?

This attack against a close ally of Anwar is interesting. Its an open secret that Azmin is dedicated to destabilise Anwar and prevent him from taking a crack at the Prime Ministership. 

With the Hungarian opposition and TI cooperating with MalaysiaNow, does it mean Soros has abandon Anwar and backing Azmin? 

Back then in PKR, Azmin and Anwar used to be closely associated with Soros. It was Dato Lokman Noor Adam, then in Keadilan, who exposed Azmin and Tian Chua meeting Soros to seek for funding to help Anwar's cause. 

Interesting also as to who could have attempted to invoke the DMCA on MalaysiaNow

It is a US law on intellectual property laws on the internet. A complainant claimed the online content on MalaysiaNow committed plagiarism or infringed on copyright.

DMCA notification could end up material posted to be taken down. 

Update 1/12 9.00 AM: 

No new story or material, but MalaysiaNow churning same ole shit yesterday here. Obviously a political propaganda.

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