Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Al-Fatihah! #Justice4Adib #Waytha2Resign #Life4Life

A fireman rushed to the scene at the Mariaman Temple in USJ Subang Jaya to carryout his duty to douse a fire and ensure public safety.

Unfortunately, he ended up being beaten to the pulp by rowdy crowd which include hired gangsters.

Yesterday it was announced, the fireman, Muhamamad Adib passed away at IJN. Al Fatihah!

At the request of the family, his body was taken immediately back to Kedah for burial. The planned political staging by Zuraidah for a last rite of respect at Hang Tuah fire station cancelled.

May Allah blessed his soul and be awarded jannah.

His death must not be left in vain. Justice must not be denied for Adib, his family and fiance.

Friday, December 14, 2018

Tabung Haji: Empress Dowager or Special “Perompak” Vehicle?

[Updated: 15/5 8:00 AM] 
[Updated: 16/5 12:00 PM] 
[Updated: 17/5 10:00 PM] 

After dinner and over drinks (mine was Light Coke) last night, an elderly former corporate man turned businessman joined our table for conversation.

He was venting out his frustration over the state of the nation and destruction of wealth that is happening since May 8th. Lembaga Tabung Haji (LTH) was not spared. He was on an “... angry. I can’t take it any more!” mode, to quote a line from a 70s movie classic, Network.

There were many areas of agreement with his general observation, but we reminded him the danger of making generalisation and presumptions. Unless one can put one’s finger on exactly what wrong was done, one should just read news report and watch the public drama in stride.

There have been a decline in ability, inquisitiveness, and depth in the current crop of mainstream reporters.

Sunday, December 09, 2018

Saifuddin was the culprit behind attempt to retify ICERD

The pro-government media is actively trying to play down the number of crowd.

The social media showed extensively images and videos of the gathering that it cannot be disputed to be bigger than any of the BERSIH series.

In anticipation of the large turnout, PPBM and PAN wavered from their earlier stance to favour considering ICERD. Tun Dr Mahathir changed from his cynical swiping of the anti-ICERD rally to U turn to take potshot at SUHAKAM.

PKR is in a dilemma with sizeable number of its Malay members not supportive but non-Malay members are supportive of ICERD. Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim did not put a stand but Nik Nazmi had AMK loudly support ICERD. 

The champion behind the idea of ICERD is COMANGO with DAP's hidden hand lies in the background. The recent culprit trying to push ICERD is not controversial Minister Waythamoorthy, who announced government will retify ICERP, but it was Foreign Minister Saifuddin Abdullah.(In the earlier government, it was Dato Nazri Aziz but rejected by Dato Najib}.

He inserted the message without specifically mentioning ICERD in Tun Dr Mahathir's speech at the United Nation. (Kelab Che Det supporters claimed and showed documents Mahathir was involve in writing the speech).

Friday, December 07, 2018

Lynas, ICERD and DAP

Government announced the closing of Amanah Ikhtiar Malaysia. The late Chairman, Dr Zubir Harun, who passed on after GE14, would be turning in his grave to know of this.

Prior to GE14, opposition politicians criticised the giving of "dedak" handouts by government. Within 6 months in power, the agency, which supported the poor, single mothers, and those without means to make a living across all races with fishing rods to fish, was closed up. Naturally, the excuse is political and one can expect the blame to 1MDB, Jho Loh and RM1 trillion debt lie.

Underlying all these moves is DAP pursuit to realise their utopian Malaysian Malaysia for equality across all races at breakneck speed and taking advantage of the political lull of UMNO, PPBM and PKR without consideration for social fallout and massive numbers falling into poverty.

More important than equality is social justice across all races. The equality for budget allocation to all types of school means the more in number, and higher priority under the Federal Constitution like Islamic religious and national schools will get less per school than other type of schools. Brutal budget slashing to MARA, B40s, and other groups under guise of equality is denying social justice.

Fuziah Salleh may not realise but she is being made a front for a DAP-initiated effort to close the non-issue Lynas. In doing so, she is pandering to DAP agenda, assisting their political in-road into Pahang, and denying her fellow Pahang-ites the fishing rod to be economically independent.

Lynas employed 90% Malay workers and generate economy to the local community. Getting FDI is tough these days and yet PH government is lengthening Malaysia's long list of foreign countries it is quarrelling with. Latest being Singapore and Saudi Arabia.

Sunday, December 02, 2018

Did Gopal Sri Ram confirmed charge made before investigation completed?

On Facebook recently, an ex-mainstream reporter ridiculed the #FreeNajib meme as #NajibPercuma.

Having being in media for decades and written columns and features, he should be considered journalist but such mentality makes him no different from cub reporter right of a Seremban secondary school.

Dato Najib have been subjected to far worse insults but for that to come from an ex-mainstream reporter, who was actively lobbying and getting PR job from previous PMO and getting money in the multiples to the dedak Najib allegedly gave out to his dedicated cybertroopers, it is uncalled for.

Such ungrateful behaviour and pro-government media switching side and resorting back to the pre-Abdulah Badawi level of devious reporting and crass propaganda makes many unsympathetic to the fate of media companies.

They can play the role as mouthpiece of government but do so professionally as an informed journalist with fair level of objectivity and critical thinking. Reporters are still picking snippets for story than true reporting of events.

Lately, the reports in the media are so tame as though reporters are afraid to ask questions. In the case of the charges on Tan Sri Irwan and Dato Najib, the media failed to ask the pertinent question.

Friday, November 30, 2018

Investigate Waytha's devious hands behind ICERD, USJ25 temple!

A friend complained that Facebook put him on a 3-day ban for calling on police to investigate Waytha Moorthy.

Aliran Executive Commitee said it rightly that government should focus on tackling poverty (which is expected to worsen following the disastrous budget by Tun Dr Mahathir's Minister of Finance, "Nobita" Lim Guan Eng) and insecurities of B40.

Cabinet or more accurately, Cabinet Members, including the PM, should shed their opposition character, stop their shallow politics, and focus with the job in hand to govern and take the country out of the rut that is their own doing.

Mahathir denied but the events unfolding is undoubtedly personal and political revenge. Thus the question posed by Martin Vengadesan of The Star: Do we want justice or revenge? Our fingers are so itchy to write of what we see of some of the cases against BN leaders.

In addition to the valid concern of Aliran, a column in The Star questioned how Waytha could announced government would rectify ICERD without any news of cabinet discussing the matter, and surely no cabinet decision was reached since PPBM leaders opposed ICERD and PKR, except for AMK, are cautious on ICERD. There was no prior communication, explanatory roadshow government and public discourse by government.

As Joceline Tan revealed in her column here, it was Saifuddin Abdullah that slipped ICERD into Mahathir's speech at the United Nation and Waytha spiked on the set-up ball.

Then came the temple incident in which Waytha devious hands is at it again.

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Having survived attempted removal, will Shahril get cash call approved?

It is un-sangka-reable.

But the eldest son of Sapura founder, Tan Sri Shahril Shamsuddin Kadir survived an attempt to oust him as CEO in July.

The initiative to kick him out of the Board of Director was led by no kucirat shareholder but government pension fund manager, EPF.

The dispute was his big pay. For Sapura Energy that loss nearly RM3 billion on a revenue short of RM6 billion for FY 2018, Shahril was earning RM72 million excluding an IP rights payment of RM43 million. [Read The Edge here]. 

It made the big fuzz over the salary of the late Tan Sri Abdullah Ahmad aka Dolah Kok Lanas as Chairman and acting CEO of SPPK in the 80s pittance.

This case was quoted by our Company's late Chairman, a former MITI KSU in the late 90s when he refused to accept any Board renumeration till company made money and shareholders get their dividends. Having collaborated before with MSWG, that would be our stand.

In the case of Shahril, 82% of the shareholders voted to retain him as Director at the company's AGM in July. Shahril holds only 15%.

More astonishing, PNB announced in late September that they are prepared to take up any unsubscribed shares from a planned RM4 billion right issue up to 40%, which is basically increasing their stake from 26%.

With shareholders overwhelming endorsement and backup from a reputable institution PNB, idealism goes out the window.

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