Tuesday, December 10, 2019

DAP as a party is finished - Matthias Chang

Certain segments of Malay activists held the view that DAP and MCA play opposite roles, but are in cahoot to take care of Chinese interest.

Well, why not? Why are the Malay political parties not doing so? Why should their political rivalry compromised on Malay and Islam's interest? How could they allow themselves to get influenced by non-Malays and non-Muslims agenda?


Be that as it may. The episode between DAP and MCA on Tunku Abdul Rahman University College may not necessarily point to that cooperation.

Tunku Abdul Rahman University College is MCA's contribution to Chinese education irrespective of political leaning. However, DAP has become more "Malay" to politicise funding to TAR UC in their quest to seize control.

Monday, December 09, 2019

Withdrawal of Rafizi's case: Malfeasance against AG?

The incorrigible retired army brig general, Dato Arshad Raji spoke in support of Tan Sri Tommy Thomas's decision to withdrew the appeal against Rafizi Ramli's BAFIA case.

When it takes the joke of opposition social media to speak for Tommy, it means he is in the wrong. His excuse that he of not being told is not good enough.

More so, it is revealed that he was to withdraw the appeal and reprimand the officer upon being told by EC Chairman.

Art Harun has since denied. Yeah,  sure...

Tommy is being openly questioned. Given time, he could be facing the brunt of the law.

Wednesday, December 04, 2019

More than just a by-election in Kimanis

Who would have guess that Dato Seri Anifah Aman, the younger of the influential and powerful Aman brothers controlling Sabah politics, would lose his Kimanis seat?

Dubbed as the best Foreign Minister post-Tun Ghazali Shafie, had he not come from Sabah, Anifah would have been a potential PM.

With more than 5,000 majority for GE13, his majority was reduced to a mere 500 majority at the last GE14 and the seat taken away on mere legal technicality.

Prior to GE14, something strange was already happening.

Tuesday, December 03, 2019

Will on high gear spinning MSM report fake cheque in Zahid's case?

Doubtful NST would. If they do, it will be in the 4th or 5th page with font size 5.

Remember last Monday posting about mainstream media on desperate high gear spinning on the court proceeding involving Dato Najib and Dato Ahmad Zahid Hamidi?

Well, they are at it again on Zahid's case.

When it was revealed in court that his family went on RM1.3 million shopping on overseas over 2 years, all the mainstream and online media giving it a headline, NST particularly.

A PPBM yoko and claiming to be its Cybertrooper Chief even gave a list of the places.

However, in court yesterday's, it was revealed that the credit card payment for the shopping was made using cheque not signed by Zahid, but stamped signatory.

Will MSM give coverage, no less than an equal frontpage coverage?

Monday, December 02, 2019

Will Anwar dare to expel Azmin?

Beyond lovers' quarrel ...

Over tea yesterday, news broke of PKR youth leader seek no confidence vote against Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

The basis was abuse of power by disciplinary board to take the extreme action of sacking senior MPP leader Zakaria Abdul Hamid, aligned to Dato Seri Azmin Ali on only suspicion of graft. MACC did the unusual to formally inform PKR leadership of graft investigation on the MPP leaders.

Subsequently, the central commitee made a decision to reinstate Zakaria and another youth leader with two third members voted in support of Azmin.

Following the decision, Azmin demanded apology from Anwar which he refused. Azmin has upped his move to plan for a parallel congress on the same day as PKR is holding its annual congress from 5th to 8th December, almost same time as UMNO Annual General Assembly from 4th to 7th.

Its a slight change to the original plan to boycot the congress.

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