Saturday, March 23, 2019

Parent's home seized, How is Jho Loh to return?

[Updated: 24/3/2019 7:00 AM]

The Star reported today that the home of Taek Jho Loh's parent was seized under AMLA law by government.

To the Chinese, their family home, more so ancesteral home, are almost sacred. Will that mean Jho Loh should come out of the woodwork to defend them?

But then, a petty, but pertinent matter to any mother would be:
How is Jho Loh to return, if government took away their home? 
If used as reason to justify Jho Loh not return to Malaysia, it will disappoint Malaysians.

Many are seeking the full episode of 1MDB to unfold and the truth on whether Tun Dr Mahathir's allegation that Dato Najib is a thief is not a politically motivated slander.

There is basis to doubt Mahathir.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Premature to expect Tok Mat as UMNO's saviour

The above is the segment of Dato Mohamed Hasan speech that DAP is trying hard to get public attention.

It was to counter the public uproar against war declaration against non-Malay statement made by Lim Guan Eng and equating UMNO-PAS cooperation to white nationalist terrorist in the New Zealand mosque massacre statement by Mengkibol, Johor state assemblyman, Johnson Chew Chong Sin.

This posting is neither going to highlight the new DAP propaganda to make accusation and immediately pull back, amend, apologise or deny by claiming handphone hacked.

Nor will it dwell on Guan Eng's attempt to divert from the Penang tunnel heat or pretentious rebuke of DAP against Guan Eng's replacement of Boo Cheng Hau's protege or Nga Kor Meng abuse of power as Deputy Speaker of Dewan Rakyat to expel Tan Sri Noh Omar for questioning his statement to call UMNO and PAS as Taliban.

It is about Tok Mat as he is comfortable referred to in the UMNO circle.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Will Hamid Bador get to bring back Jho Loh?

Seeing Malaysiakini wrote a feature of Dato Abdul Hamid Bador, one can only ponder how the world has turned under the new Malaysia Baru government.

Hamid Bador was in the limelight few years ago for revealing to the press the presence of Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor in discussions involving government officials.

There was no detail as to whether it was an official or casual meeting, but it was both damaging for Najib and unbecoming of Hamid. To put it in politically correct words, it is not common for top official of Special Branch to be revealing intelligence information to the public.

Subsequent to that outburst, Hamid was transferred to establish a new security outfit under the Prime Minister's Department similar to the British Thames House.

However, the transfer did not go well.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Lesson in British history for Anwar: The fall of the Mighty Thatcher

Bigdogdotcom wrote a posting entitled The Heseltine Gambit.

For the benefit of the Gen Y, since the historical event occurred in 1990 before they were conscious as human being, it was the ouster of the mighty British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher through a motion in Parliament voted by only Conservative Party MPs. .

Thatcher was in her 11th year as Prime Minister, which is considered a marathon for British politics. It is unlike Malaysia that could afford the same Prime Minister for 22 years and later chose the same person 15 years later. Undeniably, it place Malaysia as a gerontocrasy nation.

In November 1990, Thatcher faced the second challenge on her premiership from MP, Michael Haseltine, who was Defense Minister in Thatcher's cabinet.

It was a time of public uproar against her policies to impose poll tax, and privatisation and subsidy cut resulted in massive unemployment. Foreign Minister, Sir Geoffrey Howe and few other members had resigned in protest of her policies.

Monday, March 18, 2019

Najib, Rosmah's raided cash and jewelleries missing?

Today is February 20th and the 11th of Rejab. Rejab is a holy Islamic month preceding the months of Syaaban and Ramadhan. It is one and half month to go till the first day of Ramadhan.

Last year's first Ramadhan was memorable to this blogger personally. In addition to the loss of the ruling party, BN, Dato Najib's residence was raided by police in a high-handed manner on the first Ramadhan night upon his return from Terawih prayer at Kg Baru. So happen, we paid respect to Najib that afternoon.

It received global attention as UK's The Guardian headlined the police claim of USD207 million market value of goods seized. In Malaysia, CCID director, commissioner Dato Amar Singh claimed it is worth RM1 billion. It was questionable to use market value as some goods are gifts and there is the credibility of the valuation done.

Subsequent to the raid on the residence on May 17th, 2018, three condominiums at the Pavilion in Bukit Bintang and a "safe house" claimed to belong to Najib were raided.

The police was reported to be looking for documents related to 1MDB, but instead found cash, foreign currencies, handbags, jewelleries, watches, and various other luxury goods. Perhaps after not getting what they wanted, the police raided the home of Najib's mother, Toh Puan Rahah in September. They found nothing.

There was an issue raised in the manner the raid at the Pavilions and other location was done by Amar Singh. The owner is not present to verify the seized goods as it was a clear cut violation of the Criminal Procedure Code (CPC).

It is coming to a year and no charges made against Najib or wife, Datin Seri Rosmah related to the goods. Since the raid was done under the AMLA (or the longer acronym AMLATFA), the time is up and government has to decide to return the goods or seized it as government property permanently.

However, there is another problem as some of the goods are believed to have vapourised in thin air.

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Inadvertently, Mujahid admitted "no hibah" for 2018

On Thursday March 14th, Minister in charge of Islamic Affair at the Prime Minister's Department, YB Dr Mujahid Yusof Rawa had inadvertently admitted that Lembaga Tabung Haji (TH) will not be announcing dividend for 2018.

He was replying to a request from a member of Parliment from Kuala Terengganu, YB Tuan Haji Ahmad Amzad bin Mohamed @ Hashim for the list of assets being transfered to the SPV under Ministery of Finance, Syarikat Urusharta Jamaah Sdn Bhd. [Full statement at end of posting].

In his reply, he told the assembly that the asset are being transferred at a value higher of RM19.9 billion than the current or book value of RM10 billion.

Since MFRS 9 is taken as the new accounting policy of TH and the sukuk and i-RCPS being exchanged for is "not guaranteed, not-traded and not rated", the accepted practise under MFRS 9 is to impair the unguaranteed instruments.

In his effort to politically blame the previous government for not complying with Section 22(3)A of Tabung Haji Act 1995, which require asset must exceed liabilities by kitchen sinking the accounts and manipulating accounting policies, TH do not comply with 22(3)A to give out hibah for 2018.

Any announcement of hibah will be considered, in the terms used by Mujahid himself, as haram or illegal. The new Auditor General, Datuk Nik Azman will be considered as committing an unlawful act to give any exception to TH from making any impairment! 

Friday, March 15, 2019

TH hibah in April? Anticipating or pre-planned for "bank run"

Doctored picture to visualise a possible "bank run" on TH 

It is already mid-March and no inkling of a hibah (equivalent to Islamic dividend) announcement is forthcoming. Since the last posting, "Tabung Haji: Sins and Silliness", one source told yours truly with confidence, it will be coming in mid-March.

Since it is already the 15th, it will likely be extended to end of March. However, an equally reliable source that have been feeding unexpected development on TH claimed it will be in April.

Words circulating among bankers is TH been going around town to seek for a revolving credit (RC). Before start making any accusation and personal attack, be reminded that The Star Online started it.

Getting ready money is one of three ways described in an article in the US National Public Radio portal on how to stop a bank run.

If the information is true, is TH new management anticipating a "bank run"? Why? Is there negative news for 2018 hibah for 2018?

Finally, are they actually anticipating or it has been pre-planned?

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Johor MB weak management of environmental crisis

The government-of-the-day has an environmental crisis in hand following toxic waste found dumped into Sungai Kim Kim and various sites in Pasir Gudang, Johor.

The Fire and Rescue Department director-general Datuk Mohammad Hamdan Wahid told The Malay Mail Online that the dumping was spotted sometime back but the Johor state government procrastinated to cite high cost as reason.

If the Johor state leadership have judgemental shortfall in pre-empting a crisis, the reaction of PPBM's Johor Menteri Besar Dato Osman Sapian was equally short of intelligence.

Osman, who was recently exposed for falsely claiming to have a non-existence Accouting degree from UPM, was reported by a blog to have said no need to move residence as closing the door is sufficiently safe.

Utusan reported Osman said the environmental crisis is not a big issue. It shows ignorance and mind boggling lack of intelligence and empathy.

No wonder a Mahathir fanatic PPBM cyber trooper, Zaleysmb MB pre-empted to fault former Menteri Besar Dato Khaled Nordin.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

M'sian govern't do not want Jho Loh, Nik Faishal to return?

As far back as 2015, despite questioning Tun Dr Mahathir and PH leaders' allegations on 1MDB, this blog concluded then that Taek Jho Loh (including  the hands behind him) is main culprit.

The often heard excuse as to why Jho Loh was not brought back to Malaysia to face the court is either no existence of extradition treaty with the country he is hiding in or Interpol bureaucracy excuses.

Another good one that even got reported is Jho Loh is protected by a foreign government, popularly claimed to be China or Middle countries or foreign mob.

It is as if the law enforcement authority of the foreign country he is in hiding is not cooperative with our authority or the authority could not get near these powerful "mafia".

Many Malaysians fell for it without pondering the logic. Those reasons are a load of rubbish.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Prayers for Tommy Thomas to dispel "hantu"

Talk is Dato Najib could not attend the first two days of the current Parliamentary session that started yesterday.

One of his many cases is scheduled in court and carrying out the duty as a Member of Parliament to attend Parliamentary session does not constitute a valid excuse to reschedule court.

Be that as it may, but the reschedule date would have benefited the Attorney General, Encik Tommy Thomas more to buy time for the prosecution side.

Monday, March 11, 2019

Peja "paid off" 3 DAP assemblymen to avert a Perak coup

In a weekend trip to Perak, our group bump into a state government official at a restaurant and got invited to his more than a century old official home.

The official shared the experience with the new government vis-a-vis the previous government. One notable difference was the previous Menteri Besar took concern on the development on the various government programs and initiatives implemented.

However, for good or bad, the current MB, Dato Faizal "Peja" Azumu does not do so and likely to deal direct with the state secretary or state directors. Good in the sense there is less meddling in officers' work. But, bad because it seems MB is not aware or do not monitor the work of the government officers.

One member of the group told us that the MB has no time to exert his leadership and more concern to safeguard his position. There was tacit agreement by the government officer.

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Latest rumour: UMNO, PAS assemblymen summoned by Perak Sultan

Is that ABITW he is showing?
In the posting few days ago which posed the question, "Mahathir to remain PM, but PH to lose Perak, Kedah?", it attract quite an attraction that new government's propaganda agency, Bernama through FMTSundaily, and neutral but government friendly Sinar Harian reported Datuk Zainol Radzi Paharuddin's denial.

Utusan also reported the same denial and Zainol even told Utusan that no UMNO representative approached him or Datuk Nolee Sshilin Mohamed Radzi, who is current MB's sister in law that jump together to PPBM and whose father was still within UMNO and given active role to prepare for the GE14 by former MB Dato Dr Zambery Kader.

The media coverage was widespread for a blog posting that could hardly reach 50,000 hits. It went on to make analysis to dispel the possibility for Perak and Kedah to be toppled. [MMO article here. Edge Daily Friday issue came with charts and take up almost all of page 12, but strangely, Zainol's denial is unnoticeable.]

The source from Perak do exist and the information came from a highly reliable source. It is not one of those info, in which the source maintain secrecy on the identity of their informer. This one has name, position and is highly decorated.

It is interesting that after 3 days of their denial, there is no denial from Perak Istana.

Thursday, March 07, 2019

Tabung Haji: Sins and silliness

The Quran in Surah Al Hajj verse 38 reads:
Truly, Allah defends those who believe. Verily, Allah likes not any treacherous ingrate.
The interpretation of the last part of the verse means Allah "does not like any of His servants who bear these characteristics, i.e., treachery in covenants and promises whereby a person does not do what he says, and ingratitude is to deny the blessings, whereby one does not acknowledge or appreciate them".

hadith narrated by Muslim quoted the prophet saying, "Whoever lies, they are not among us". To Muslims who understand the day of judgement, that has serious implication.

May victims of cruelty be protected by Allah. Those treacherous liars, cheaters, dishonest, untrustworthy and cruel on others repent than bear the curse of Allah. Muslims may commit sins but never lie. It is not only a reminder for this writer and others in position of public trust.

Lying is not only sinful, but in these age of openness, where lies can be easily spotted and exposed, one will be seen as silly to attempt to lie. More so, when statements made in public found to be wrong and subsequently, forced to turn.

Wednesday, March 06, 2019

Mahathir remain PM, but PH lose Perak, Kedah?

Malay Mail Online, Zainal Epi titled his latest piece accurately, "With things much changed since, can Tok Mat keep Rantau in a contest?"

The post-Semenyih political development is going at rapid speed that it is difficult to forecast the possible direction and more so, the outcome of Rantau by-election, in which EC announced nomination on March 30th and polling for April 13th.

Yesterday's meeting between Dato Anifah Aman and Tun Dr Mahathir, and statement by UMNO's Deputy and Acting President, Dato Mohamed Hasan after the UMNO - PAS meeting at PWTC ended Anwar's hope of toppling Mahathir.

A day earlier, MCA and MIC jointly held a meeting and press conference to express intention to seek a different political alliance.

Tuesday, March 05, 2019

Game over, Anwar?

Consequent to the PPBM lost at Semenyih, Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim commence his offense for the Prime Ministership with the thought that Tun Dr Mahathir's claim of two third majority a fake.

He had Tun Daim-controlled NST reported a PKR assemblyman call for Anwar to replace Mahathir immediately.

A PPBM supporter text an image of his view of Anwar's ambition and the demise of PH with a new coalition led by Mahathir and Azmin by his side.

It will not be shared to protect his identity but the view of SatD, a PPBM supporter to say the least, claim the end of Anwar is near.

Today's meeting between Dato Anifah Aman and Mahathir could provide a glimpse of the end game.

Monday, March 04, 2019

Sabah's big loss to senseless election court interference

The Edge Financial Daily have lately been putting up disturbing news as frontpage headline.

Yesterday, it was on the weak business confidence for first half 2019. Any possible recovery will only be towards end of 2019. It was a follow-up to last Thursday report on FMM-MIER survey on slowdown in business activities for first half 2019.

It puts BNM's denial of a recession in their February 15th report as weak. It was Empress Dowager Governor Datuk Nor Shamsiah Mohd Yunos sucking up to the new national leadership. It is just being hopeful that private consumption remain resilience and project continuation is sufficient to prevent a recession.

More so, February 18th issue reported corporate earning for 2019 will be in the single digit. What will happen when people run out of money with banks' credit card department going after their pants and Lim Guan Eng remained in his mad dog mode?

The economic condition under Tun Dr Mahathir's second crack at the premiership with an arrogant and stubborn Minister of Finance by his right is bad at the macro level and common folks are on the brink of poverty at the micro level. Unfortunately, the country's focus is not on addressing the economy.

The national leadership is behaving like carpetbaggers distributing war victory, and opposition obsessed with politicking. All one need to see is the long list of election petitions in the court.

Sunday, March 03, 2019

Malay referendum against PH

PH lost the sub-urban Semenyih state seat in yesterday's by-election.

UMNO won the seats by turning around almost 4,000 votes to add to the UMNO and PAS votes to gain a majority of more than 1,900 votes majority.

Zainal Epi of Malay Mail Online attributed it to UMNO-PAS cooperation, candidate factor and voters' dissatisfaction with the coming-to-1-year new government

Friday, March 01, 2019

Semenyih: Desperate attempt to discredit PAS

Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim came down to Semenyih, twice!

His initial presence should have uplifted PH campaign, though represented by UMNO for many terms, this is PKR territory. The fact that he has to come down to campaign twice and Tun Dr Mahathir too came to campaign, one can only suspect things are not going right.

Its only a state assembly seat in PH dominated Selangor. A win or a loss hardly matter. But, it is obvious that PH realised that their momentum have plummeted and Semenyih could potentially be their Waterloo.

After losing the Battle of Waterloo in what is today Belgium, the fate of Napolean Bonaparte continued to slide.

The desperate attempt to discredit and break-up support of PAS for BN is obvious. Latest being MACC freezing on assets of a PAS leader but mainstream media claimed it as PAS assets in the headline.

The RM60 million investigation have long been done and years ago, PAS was known to have been cleared.

It is obvious there is desperate executive intervention, likely in collaboration with the Attorney General, to revive the investigation to put pressure on PAS.

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Is NEAC 2.0 to endorse "jual negara", including TH's asset?

Much publicity, coverage and hope was given to the National Economic Action Council 2.0, but a month later, nothing happenned.

It was to be action oriented and none of the talk, study, overseas tour, analyse, seminar, and back and forth anymore. They are supposed to know the problems already. CEP wrapped up their work months ago with a report that was to be revealed to public but kept confidential.

Apparently, the problem with delay is its membership. It was kept within a limited circle of trust. Azmin Ali's suggested 5 were rejected by an economist that seemed to call all the shot. NEAC 2.0 members' interest and stake in the economy is only to safeguard their position and gaji (salary).

In the meanwhile, a family in Gopeng, Perak could not afford rice and living on dumpling from the remain of flour in stock. If not noticed by neighbour, the children were heading for starvation.

And, GLC assets are being liquidated at will without consideration for the financial impact.

The Malay described turning the table as "memulangkan paku buah keras". To return the nailed nut, is the plan of CEP and to be endorsed by NEAC 2.0 to put the country up for sale?

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Kulim airport: PPBM vs DAP vs "orang kampong"

Late last year, it was reported by NST December 13th, 2018 that Kedah Menteri Besar, Dato Paduka Mukhriz Tun Dr Mahathir announced the RM1.6 billion Kulim airport project will go ahead. It will not be just word and will resume.

In revisiting the project, Mukhriz claimed the site identified, two feasibility studies presumably done and claimed to be positive, and role will be as air cargo hub, initially.

Presumably, its close proximity to Penang and Kulim so-called high tech park makes it suitable for importers and exporter. Blah blah blah ... strategic location and keen interest by several international investors.

Interesting but first thing that came to mind when Mukhriz announced, it was him needing Kulim to show that as twice MB, he did something for the state.

On his first attempt, he blamed it on PM Dato Najib for not providing the fund. So the need for a second attempt, as talk in Kedah is Mukhriz's second time around is worse than his first time.

His couldn't-care-less attitude remained and gotten worse since his father returned as PM. The night before presenting Kedah state budget he was still seen hanging around with friends at BSC, Kuala Lumpur.

The PPBM supporters and groupies can be defensive, but what do they know?

Monday, February 25, 2019

The last days of Marcos

Today, February 25th is the day 33 years ago that Phillipines President Ferdinand Marcos was overthrown by peoples' revolution after he reinstate himself as President after presidential election amrred with widespread fraud in 1986.

Today's CNN report recounted the last conversation between US Republican lawmaker, Senator Paul Laxalt and Marcos.
By 5:00 a.m. (Philippine time), Laxalt was again on the phone talking to Marcos, who bluntly asked him if Reagan, whom he regarded as a friend, had changed his mind concerning his treatment of his government. The exchanges, which were recorded by scholars, were curt but poignant because they showed the pathetic state of a falling dictator.

"Is President Reagan asking me to step down?" Marcos asked Laxalt.

"President Reagan is not in a position to make that kind of demand," Laxalt replied.

"Senator, what do you think? Should I step down?"

"Mr. President, I’m not bound by diplomatic restraint. I am only talking for myself. I think you should cut. And cut cleanly. The time has come,” Laxalt said, with a combined air of authority and compassion.

Marcos did not speak for nearly two minutes, alerting Laxalt.

"Mr. President, are you still there?"

"I am very, very disappointed," Marcos said.

By this time, his feeling of an impending loss gave way to a firmer knowledge that he would have to leave Malacañan sooner or later in a disgraceful exit.
There is a book out written by the Irwin Ver, the son of General Fabian Ver that is recounting the day the Marcos had to leave Malacanang Palace after 20 years living there as President.

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Anwar: Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is already 93 years old, does he want more money?

With PH's big gun campaigner in Semenyih, it shows PPBM are small pistols 

Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim came to Semenyih for the by-election campaign yesterday, Saturday February 23rd. It is the 8th day of campaign which will end on midnight March 1st.

His presence at two Chinese areas will certainly be a booster in terms of presence for the PH campaign and to get Chinese voters to remain supportive of PPBM as their assemblymen.

It helps dispel the rumours and send a message that all fine within the PH fold.

PPBM wants Mahathir to stay beyond the "gentlemen agreement" of 2 years but the full 5 year term. In the meanwhile, their campaigner could claim Anwar is still with PPBM and deny rumour he will initiate a vote of no confidence against Mahathir.

"See .. See .. Anwar campaigned for PPBM Aiman".

Friday, February 22, 2019

Even a 1,000 vote majority win is bad result for PPBM

At the GE 14 in May last year, the late Mohd Bakhtiar Mohd Nor won the Semenyih state assembly seat by a majority of 8,954 votes to beat the incumbent from UMNO, Datuk Johan Abdul Aziz.

With that wide a majority, PPBM candidate and son-in-law of Bakhtiar, Muhammad Aiman Bin Zainali not only cannot lose, but the margin in victory is equally important.

Johan received 14,464 votes, which decreased from 17,616 votes for GE13 in 2013 but increase from 11,588 votes for GE12 in 2008. However, it was not enough to stop the anti-Najib wave that gave Bakhtiar 23,428 votes to win the seat.

The number of voters for Semenyih increased from 28,203 votes for GE12 to 53,257 votes for GE14. Still pretty much a Malay majority area with 25 to 30% Chinese.

If the votes received by UMNO and PAS at GE 14 were added together and PPBM maintained the same performance, the young PPBM candidate should win by a majority of 1,998 votes.

More so there is a high percentage of new and young voters. This was the reason Lim Guan Eng was forced albeit reluctantly to announce BR1M, or rebranded as BSH, for unmarried youth.

Any less in majority or loss at Semenyih spells disaster for PPBM.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

BR1M/BSH: Is DAP sabotaging PPBM campaign?

Few days ago, it was heard from sources involved in PPBM campaign that Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin is not happy with the BR1M announced by Lim Guan Eng for unmarried youth.

Oppss... Sorry, its rebranded as Bantuan Sara Hidup to justify their promise to abolish BR1M and cleanse it of the element of bribery. Preesumably, the new form but same substance is Halal and no more smeared by political populism.

Muhyiddin said they will appeal to Minister of Finance to increase the amount. It only indicate the announcement does not help their campaign.

This is important for PPBM campaign to attract young voters in Semenyih. If so, PPBM's Minister of Education should announce abolishing PTPTN as promised in PH's GE14 Manifesto.

Monday, February 18, 2019

Time to know the truth about Tabung Haji too

It is most welcoming that finally state their position on Tabung Haji (TH) with this piece entitled "Tiba masanya kita tahu hakikat Tabung Haji" (It's time we know the truth of Tabung Haji).

It is written by an unknown Admin and not as melancholic as their earlier piece and also another one to stop politicising, "Cukup-cukuplak jadikan TH bahan politik", both by 24-year economic writer Mowardi Mahmud.

Is Mujahid the politician arguing like Mowardi, the economic writer or Mowardi arguing like Mujahid? 

Though agreeable and it's the intention to be specific and technical, Mowardi's argument to seek for evidence is inconsistent.

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Trump giving Mahathir ideas ....

Dow Jones Industrial Index closed 340 points up on Friday. It is up for the week from last Friday's 25,042 points Monday to close the week at 25,883 points.

Investor's Business Daily attributed the rise due to optimism over US-China Trade talk, but Market Watch brief reported described "negotiators remained deadlocked over key issues" to end the talk in Beijing. It will resume next week in Washington.

Such significant rise could not have been triggered by economics or business events, as economist and analyst keep a close watch and constantly update their analysis and forecast with new announced data. Strong version of market efficient would have built-in the market prices with any probable events to come.

Yesterday's significant rise could only have come from a political event, and something not within expectation. Market Watch reported:
"U.S. political tensions were swinging back into focus for investors. Trump declared a national emergency to secure additional funding for the wall on the southern border, potentially setting him up for a showdown with Congress." 
If DJIA received well US President Donald Trump move to by-pass Congress to get the money needed to "build the wall!", then it is giving the old gerontocrasy leader, Mahathir ideas.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

IGP trip, PH quarrel erupt, and GLC purge to come

The Istanbul trip by IGP, Tan Sri Fuzi Harun was exposed by Sarawak Report to be an office holiday trip, but it was a working visit arranged by National Totalisator Board (NTB) on matters regarding online illegal gambling.

As soon as the story broke out, unqualified Accountant and failed Economist Lim Guan Eng sprang into defensive mode. Whether he is telling the truth or usually lying, he told MMO that Treasury did not pay for it and claimed Ananda Krishnan's number forecasting Da Ma Cai operation paid the trip.

What he is saying is Treasury refused to pay for the trip and he requested NTB to arrange Da Ma Cai to sponsor. Sabahkini2 has similar view. As one owner of a gambling license said, a Minister's request is as good as an order and they will have to secede.

Dato Dr Asyraff Wajidi was angered by Guan Eng's insensitivity. However, there is political implication behind the facade of a typical Guan Eng's lack of familiarity with proper administrative practise.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Federal Court ruling, Vexatious litigation for TH and

The day new management of Tabung Haji (TH) made police reports against previous management puzzled many corporate watcher and market players.

Usually before such actions, there would be internal enquiries, right to reply, and various due process within the organisation to ascertain anything tantamount to a crime.

The new management of TH came in and vavoom came swiftly the series of police reports.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

BossKu to IjazahKu: Shooting the Messenger to Diverting the Message

Dato' Wong Chun Wai's column is seldom filled with rhetorics and cliche that reading the headline is sufficient to figure out what and with whom he is trying to curry flavour.

These days he has swayed with the wind as The Star pander to its DAP supporters-readers to get their sales.

His column today is quite humourous. It is probably his way to ride the wave of public uproar over Ministers lying on their diploma and evade the serious issue by spinning with a Najib facade.

Heck! That was the punished Old Malaysia, but why New Malaysia compromised on integrity and making all sort of silly excuses?

While yesterday was "shooting the messenger" exercise in public relation, today is diverting the message and toning the BossKu momentum.

Before going any further, there have been new exposes of Dato Mahfudz Omar, and Sabahan Deputy Chief Minister, Datuk Jaujan Sambakong. Not sufficient attention given to Tourism Minister, Dato Mohamaddin Ketapi whose actions do not reflect that of a law graduate.

Dato Paduka Mukhriz Mahathir's Wikipedia profile showed him with two similar degree from Sophia University (1982) and Boston University (1987). But he was still doing his Form 5 in MRSM Pengkalen Chepa in 1981!

Monday, February 11, 2019

Ex-Utusan defended Empress Dowager

Ex-Utusan Malaysia reporter and now portal, Mowardi Mahmud seemed to be defending Empress Dowager and current management of Tabung Haji.

After being criticised by Anwar Ibrahim, and accused of churning fake news by Tun Dr Mahathir, whose face is on the masthead of, it certainly adds to the feather to be picked on by the team of ex-Utusan Malaysia Deputy Chief Editor, Dato Zaini Hassan.

Certainly, this blog is no "dalang" and threat. Its far from able to create tension as accused by Anwar. Its just "another brick in the wall" with a view on the current management of Lembaga Tabung Haji (TH) and their actions.

Since TH current management is in-cahoot with DAP to systematically destroy this internationally renown Islamic Institution, it should be the cause celebre of Zaini too. Respectably, Zaini may have his reasons.

Nevertheless, a debate with Mowardi is most welcoming. Its the publicity should be craving for.

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Azmin Bladder Cancer? Anwar charged?

Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim seemed visibly agitated and upset with last Monday's posting, "Azmin appointed DPM after CNY?" on the eve of Chinese New Year.

When asked by reporters, he accused this blogger for intentionally starting a rumour, spinning, and creating tension within PH.

Well, that does not need this single blogger to do so. Tun Dr Mahathir and Anwar can do far better job to divide and rule than anyone in this country.

Too many examples to mention of Mahathir, but for Anwar, PAS split out of Pakatan Rakyat after being used was Anwar's handiwork.

Friday, February 08, 2019

Tommy Thomas allegedly said, "Me, Guan Eng and Kit Siang; We are all one"

Anwar Ibrahim may accused this blogger as spinning. Wan Azizah may have passed the buck to Tun Dr Mahathir. And he accused this blog for fake news.

But, this blog always tell it as it is and the source of information is clear: be it opinion or analysis or sources.

At times, we cannot disclose the source identity. They must be protected, even though there is the risk of being sued or investigated by law enforcement.

This headline has its own risk as it is similar to criticising or accusing judges. Hope Tommy Thomas is aware that it is political in nature and to be taken in stride.

That quote came from a "legal practitioner". Tommy Thomas said those words to few other "legal practitioners".

Thursday, February 07, 2019

Empress Dowager goes to Audit Dept

Let's put on hold Anwar's accusation of this blog as spinning, Tun Dr Mahathir accusing of fake news, and Wan Azizah reaction to ask PM.

It's neither spinning nor fake news, but analysis from gathering of information from news and hearing from the ground. Main source was PPBM people!

Now, this is another ground information of Empress Dowager (note the singularity) meeting up the Auditor General, Tan Sri Mardinah tomorrow on an auspicious Friday.

The matter will be on Lembaga Tabung Haji, but there is nothing holy or sincere in the intention to clean-up the system as the idealistic young Jefferson Smith character in Frank Capra's Hollywood classic, Mr Smith Goes To Washington was doing.

There are elements of revenge, deceit and quest for power. But, the matter in hand is making the upcoming illegal Hibah announcement for Tabung Haji happen.

Monday, February 04, 2019

Azmin appointed DPM after CNY?

There is a controversy going on in Kelantan.

For many reasons, PAN is against the appointment of Dato Seri Azmin as Chairman of a Federal Government established commitee for Kelantan, abbreviated as MTNg Kelantan.

It is either PAN is not reading Mahathir's move or they are DAP's proxy to block the rise of Azmin.

As Economic Minister, Azmin was given many important tasks by Mahathir, possibly the establishment of another NEAC.

DAP blocked Mahathir from holding a Ministry and almost all agencies under PM Dept moved. Azmin became his conduit.

And, it does not stop there. It is believed that Azmin is depended upon to ensure a PPBM win at Semenyih.

Rumours among close circle is that Mahathir will be appointing Azmin as Deputy Prime Minister after the Chinese New Year holidays.

It should answer a question from a friend and PPBM member on the fate of Anwar Ibrahim.

Sunday, February 03, 2019

BERSIH cowed by the stabbing of Maria Chin's son

On Thursday, January 31st, BERSIH called for a press conference.

They claimed Cameron Highland by-election has the highest number of electoral offenses commited compared to other by-elections after GE14 and BN committed more offenses than DAP.

Critics would accused BERSIH as bias and leaning towards DAP or PH. With the 5 series of BERSIH demonstration since 2009, that goes without saying.

But BERSIH usually substantiate their claims or allegations and not by downplaying the number of offenses committed by the DAP and PH campaigners.

The suspicion is BERSIH felt threatened by the stabbing of Maria China's son thus lie for DAP or risk their own safety.

It reinforces the political conspiracy theory that Maria's son was stabbed because she supported the native candidate.

Friday, February 01, 2019

Chemotheraphy on TH by Zukri and Yati

Those with family member suffering from cancer should be familiar with chemotheraphy. It is the use of drugs for treatment meant to kill cancer cell.

The side effect of chemotheraphy is that it also damage other healthy cells. In Malaysia, doctor tend to focus on drug treatment without complimenting it with diet. Often, it speed the path to death.

The turnaround modus operandi by new CEO of Lembaga Tabung Haji, Dato Zukri Samat is equivalent to doing a chemo on Tabung Haji.

In the mid-December posting, "Tabung Haji: Empress Dowager or Special "Perompak" Vehicle?", sources told this blog that Zukri has a tendency to apply the wrong experience from his days at Danaharta in his turnaround of Bank Islam.

He is doing the same at Tabung Haji.

Thursday, January 31, 2019

LGE-Dr Dzul-Great Eastern's MySalam hoax

MyKMU warned the danger of the recently launched MySalam scheme.

While it looks good in theory, in which the Minister Dr Dzulkifly Ahmad is good at, practicality side only need to look at the failure of ObamaCare. Though erred on Zulkifly's academic background, satire blogger, Husin Lempoyang notice the same.

Perhaps the government side may not find pro-opposition portal MyKMU as credible. Then they may need to read what staunch pro-DAP Leslie Lau's writer, Boo-Su Lyn wrote in Malay Mail Online:

Boo-Su Lyn is as pro-PH and pro-DAP as one can get. She even questioned Islam as official religion which is DAP's spin version to constitutionally defined status as religion of the federation.

She wrote:

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Empress Dowager

According to website Definitions, "Empress Dowager was the title given to the mother of a Chinese, Japanese, Korean or Vietnamese Emperor. The title was also given occasionally to another woman of the same generation, while a woman from the previous generation was sometimes given the title of Grand Empress Dowager."

"Numerous Empress Dowagers held Regency during the reign of an underage Emperor. Many of the most prominent Empress Dowagers also extended their control for long periods after the Emperor was old enough to govern. This was a source of political turmoil according to the traditional view of Chinese history."

Jung Chang's book entitled Empress Dowager Cixi caught the attention of the western media with her interpretation on the history of Cixi. In a review in UK's Guardian, Isabel Hilton wrote below:
This approving biography advances a vigorous defence of a woman whom history has often demonised as a venal reactionary: one who murdered without a second thought to protect her own interests, who squandered the national treasury on her own pleasures and who set back reform in China to preserve herself. History often has trouble giving powerful women their due and correctives are in order, but Chang's admiration for her subject can sometimes seem a little unqualified: the empress dowager in these pages was an enlightened, even caring ruler who drove through a modernisation programme. Had she lived just a little longer, China might have become a stable constitutional monarchy. As it is, Chinese citizens still cannot vote.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Political conspiracy theory on stabbing of Maria Chin's son

FT Minister, Khalid Samad is open to an option for sales of the Kuala Lumpur Land and Mines Department to the owner of the Medan Imbi building. The building owner had put the offer on the table. Khalid did say one of the other options is for the land owner to confiscate the property.

Hopefully DAP's Tan Kok Wai would come to his senses and allow the Minister to do his work. Dealings by DBKL or government in areas such as Bukit Bintang may not follow the norms. It is an area where bureucrasy and even rule of law may not work. 

However, a scary incident involving Maria Chin's son raised concern. It could be a case of  bureaucrasy may not find the answer. It is similar to political interference that may have failed justice for the late fireman Muhammd Adib.

On Sunday, after the Cameron Highland's by-election that brought in the first Orang Asli Member of Parliament in history, Maria Chin's 26 year old son was stabbed in a reported botched robbery while jogging at a park.

Surely it would not make sense to link the incident to politics or the result of the by-election. But, why was no money or possession taken away by the assailant?

Monday, January 28, 2019

Lost in CH, "MEROYAN" in KL

With gusto, UMNO Acting President, Dato Mohamed Hasan started making claims. More on the report in The Star here.

It is not only premature, but unnecessary words. BN should be thankful and remain humble in victory. The victory was possible with PAS help. Baru satu brader...

Such language could be misconstrued as arrogant. It was arrogance that made UMNO and BN lifelong supporters turned their back against the party. Instead, Mohamed could tone it down and play victim to send the message PH is cruel, oppressive, and unjust.

Heaven sake, do get out of cliche narrative one gets from Bernama, NST and BH during the Mahathir 22 years era

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Manogaran's majority and snap election after Semenyih?

Manogaran has an 8,476 votes majority over Independent Cikgu Salehuddin Osman and 8,524 majority over smart farming advocate, Wong Seng Yee.

However, 8,800 is not enough to overcome BN Ramli Md Noor's 12,038 votes, who won by an increased majority of 3,328 votes for BN.

The former DAP MP for Telok Intan, who once uttered his opposition to the status of Islam as "official" religion of the Federation, wasted his tireless effort to annul MIC's Sivaragh win at GE14.

DAP and PH ran an aggresive campaign at this BN stronghold seat, which was won by BN by slightly more than 500 votes at GE 14.

A win would have strengthened DAP's position within PH and to pull the strings on an exasperated Tun Dr Mahathir, who both DAP and PPBM find each other overbearing.

DAP did not pull any stop, including abusing the position of their nominated EC Chairman, Azhar Harun.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Tony Pua, LGE and PH leaders showing signs of autism

This is not meant to degrade those with autism.

Surely, not to my no-more-little Little Najib that  screamed, "Horror! No sharpener ...!"

WebMD described autism not as a handicap, thus people with autism are not OKU.

To quote the medical website, "Autism is a complex neurobehavioral condition that includes impairments in social interaction and developmental language and communication skills combined with rigid, repetitive behaviors."

More over, "Children with autism have trouble communicating. They have trouble understanding what other people think and feel."

Tony Pua's campaign at the Cameron Highland by-election showed signs he could be autistic.

Prior to that, it was Lim Guan Eng showing similar trait.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Is DAP taking on Chinese underworld?

Though he is thick skinned and combative, FT Minister, Khalid Samad must privately felt embarassed by Dato Najib's trolling and his inability to troll back despite repetitive attempts. Blogger Husin Lempoyang attributed it to his lack of wit and position as Minister.

Nevertheless, Khalid is still better in gaining public attention than Teresa Kok. Her attempt to create an issue out of the Sungai Buloh Kwasa Land failed. She got Sankara Nair to do pussy-footing and her own bushing of Najib but the attempted 1MDB spin was shadowed by WSJ report of a China bailout that could likely be orchestrated by her party comrade.

Khalid could get the publicity from the massive probe into 74 projects approved in the past by DBKL. He gave a "garang" and no nonsence warning to errant premises owners failing to pay assessment tax

Hope Khalid is able to do so and prove he is a better FT Minister than elder brother, BN's Tan Sri Shahrir Samad. New broom sweep well and he could bag something out of the probe. It is not so much the revelation that the controversial Medan Imbi property raised by DAP since March 2017 is allegedly built illegally on FT Land and Mines Office land,

But, it is about the identity of the mystery owner, which turned out to be fallen Heavenly King, Datok Koo Tee Yam.

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Outdated, reckless Foreign Policy affecting CH farmers

In his 22 years as fourth Prime Minister, it is not customary of Tun Dr Mahathir to participate in any by-election.

That practise is about to end as he announced plan to campaign at Cameron Highlands on 25th, a day before polling on January 26th and a day after Council of Rulers should make their decision on the new Agong.

Maybe he campaigned in earlier by-elections, but this time, he made extra effort to secure Orang Asli votes for DAP by getting Attorney General Tommy Thomas to help the campaign and sue Kelantan government for infringing on the land rights of the Temiar Orang Asli.

Obviously, PH campaign is not doing well. DAP's third attempt using the same non-local as candidate is repeatedly tripping. A home run issue is needed to change the trend. More so, Mahathir needed to win DAP's support to stay beyond March.

DAP's strategy to focus on Orang Asli and consider Chinese voters as taken could backfire. Current strain in relation between Malaysia and Singapore is affecting the livelihood of Chinese Cameron Highland vegetable farmers. Faced with lower output, their problem is compounded by Singapore switching source to the Phillipines.

Farmers are faced with rising cost of insecticides which raised cost by 50%. Lim Guan Eng's disasterous management of the economy are also hurting farmers' informal sources of funding. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Time for Anwar to make his move

Wind of several former UMNO MPs making U turn to retun to UMNO had reached this blogger's attention.

Since the gun was already trained at Dato Seri Hishamuddin for working hard to get UMNO MPs to jump ship and his devious game during party election despite being too coward to run, it was held back.

The timing was not appropriate and important messages need to get across first.

Hisham was the person orchestrating it for Tun Dr Mahathir and Dato Seri Azmin. TMJ confirmed him as a snake. His last effort to remain relevant is to position himself as UMNO Sec-Gen.

Since Dato Najib published it in Twitter, it is no more secret.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

DG Immigration: By hook or by crook and the pot of gold?

In 2012, this blog coined the word PTD Mafia to express disgust with the degradation in the British copied system of elitism in the civil service.

The issue raised was with regard to self serving PTD in the civil service pay raise and covering up their own in the film censorship of animation movie, Beauty and the Beast fiasco.

When the taskforce NRRET was doing raid against rampant smuggling activities in 2016, it was partly due to PTD Mafia dragging their feet, doing lip service, covering up their own and in some instances, on the take from criminal syndicate.

Civil servants had to turn a blind eye as to not bring out the fury of their PTD bosses.

All those raid done by NRRET came down to nothing because the then AG, Tan Sri Gani Patail and assisted by a Jessica did not press charges. There were rumours as to why it happened.

The MACC boss then was Tan Sri Abu Kassim and he kept quiet. Not sure, what he meant to claim he and Gani established NRRET to address smuggling activities but misused for politics.

Why then the political rebranding of NRRET to NFCC and claimed as a new centre to plug the leak on financial frauds such AMLA causing money to flow out, but turned out merely to replace NRRET?

What happenned to Shafie Apdal and Lim Guan Eng files?

Monday, January 14, 2019

Message from A Time to Kill: Truth without prejudice

It could be about Dato Najib's case or any other cases still dragging its feet in the court.

Najib's popularity is on the up. The public loved his critics and laughed at his troll on the policies of the current Malaysia Baru government.

However, the perception from the years of endless propaganda, slanders and fabricated lies by Tun Dr Mahathir, Tun Daim, Tan Sri Muhyiddin, Tony Pua, Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng, Rafizi etc. against Najib with relate to the 1MDB debacle is so embedded in the mind of the public.

Even among members of the public appreciative of his concern for the peoples' welfare refer him as Robin Hood. The tale of Robin Hood is of an outlaw who steals from the rich to give it to the poor. Mahathir's "pencuri, perompak, penyamun dan penyangak" labelling still stuck in their mind.

After giving the present government, law enforcement agencies, and judiciary the benefit of the doubt to do their job, it is time to speak. There are serious doubts on the legality of the cases Najib is being charged and it is seen as more political than true implementation on the rule of law.

Assuming there is truth in the claim US Department of Justice have all the evidences and received cooperation from all the foreign enforcement agencies. Why are Jho Loh and his conspirators not charged under criminal law but civil law?

Friday, January 11, 2019

Hisham UMNO Sec-Gen, GPNM new Malay coalition

If you have been following Reggy Jessy's Third Force, you would have notice him repeating of Tun Dr Mahathir forming a coalition of 125 Malay-Muslim and Bumiputera MPs without DAP.

Latest is in his international conspiracy theory from an unnamed US source.

Let's cut through the chase and get out with it.

If it is according to plan, the name of the coalition would be Gabungan Perpaduan Nasional Malaysia (GPNM). The core members are MPs from PPBM, PKR and UMNO that have and will quit their respective parties.

Anyone's first guess could be right to believe GPNM would be led by Tun Dr Mahathir-Dato Seri Azmin-Dato Hishamuddin Hussein Onn.

That is exactly what two sources told and confirmed. Ini kaw punya sumber, which is as kaw or better than the SB Reggie Jessy claimed could know the color of his underwear.

Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Is there more to the abdication and replacement of Agong?

Something really happened on January 2nd.

It was the day rumour began to spread of DYMM Seri Paduka Baginda Yang Di Pertuan Agong would abdicate the Agong-ship to return as Kelantan Sultan.

It came about when the Council of Rulers was to meet for an unscheduled additional day.

There were the denial from the Kelantan state government with warning on circulating fake news. The Palace made a press release on His Majesty resuming duty.

His Majesty was seen at Friday's prayer in Kota Baru. By Sunday January 6th, it was no fake news. Palace issued statement to confirm the abdication.

The question being asked is: WHY? One blame is on the Malaysia Baru government.

Saturday, January 05, 2019

No "auta keling" stunt to cover-up commodity "kok" up

Teresa Kok's claimed dubious dealing of the 1,120 acres Sungai Buloh land of the former RRI research station belonging to Malaysian Rubber Board sounded sensational.

RM1 billion lost to suspicious dealing, headlined The Star.

The Edge headlined it as MoF bagged RM780m as middleman in land sale to EPF. With such headline, one can expect Daim's cynical "market wizard", Tony Pua to spin another 1MDB-linked expose and claimed this was the money used to pay for IPIC deal.

One can expect Dato Najib to be called in for questioning by MACC, and immediately, set #5 of charges will be made against him without neither the charge sheet nor Investigation Paper ready.

If so, it would be the most extreme attempt to either stop Najib's FB troll of Lim Guan Eng that embarassingly resulted in U turns in policies or divert attention from Teresa Kok's failure to revive commodity prices and livelihood of farmers.

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