Thursday, February 04, 2016

Presumed "Guilty" II

In early January this year, this blog published a posting, Presumed "Guilty". The latest happening see the need for a sequel. It is a long one. So read it on your free time patiently. They will be no updates for few days. 

In late November, this blog posted a posting and predicted or better still, expose the proTun plan to hit Dato Najib continuously till UMNO General Assembly that begin on December 8th. It was to pressure for a party election.

There were many events planned for the UMNO GA but it had to be shelved. UMNO had good intel and anticipate their moves. They tightened security and only the Kelab Sultan Sulaiman event, in which Tan Sri Muhyuddin gave his "opening address to UMNO wings", could be done.

The shelling was resumed after GA but it lacked any bullet. Tun M was seen to be losing the plot. As the ground went about creating troubles here and there, Tun M side went back to the drawing board. He had meetings with his so-called Advisors every other day.

Quite a few familiar names is in his advising team. Sorry can't tell.

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Geng Loceng deserve hell for sabotaging Tabung Haji again

First time, it was Geng Loceng revealing document and manipulating public perception as though buying the TRX land was a wrong deal, overpriced and accuse it as bailout.

The source of the leak is suspiciously known. One member of the Board of Director leak to a family member, then to a friend, and finally to The Benchmark. However, Tabung Haji people are not out there for revenge. They are good and god fearing people.

Thanks to Allah, they heed the advise of many and did not sell the land. Geng Loceng would have gone to town and ring their bell of victory while accusing TH sold the land at a loss and blah blah blah ... clang clang clang pilgrim fund.  

Subsequently, they came back to get even by leaking Bank Negara letters without realising the content is more cautionary and had it's shortfall.

Monday, February 01, 2016

Days of cheap labour and easy job are over

Malaysia does not need to take in 1.5 million Bangla Deshi. Somebody will be profiteering from it. It was an issue we raised before. However, it is no easy task to flush out the existing illegal immigrants. Any drastic action will affect local industries.

So government gave time to employers and workers to legalise and act accordingly. Government then put in place system to keep track of immigrant workers. The existence of a system to monitor existing workers will lightened the task of addressing the other problems associated with illegal immigrants.

Today's news report is a message that government is moving forward as planned and ignoring irritant noises of business interest or attempt to sabotage, even political interest or rivalry from railroading the scheduled execution.

Government is telling businessmen to  buck-up and adjust to the new environment of higher labour cost. And, students must prepare themselves for challenges in the job market.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

If MB Kedah is to be changed, hopefully it be ...[updated]

Have not commented on the Mukhriz coup and will not.

Only thing we are will say is Dato Mukhriz knew it was coming. If we could see from afar several of his wrong initial moves and remedial actions that need done but was not done, how come his staff, or inner circle or advisers or elders could not see and advise him?

Many are blaming Dato Ahmad Bashah for organising the coup. Well .. before this there were several attempts already. If it is not Bashah, it would have been anyone. The unhappiness have percolate to the ground for quite awhile.   

All the arguments put forward by pro-mukhriz and protun people in conversation and debate on the coup have been purely academic and mere formality.

The reality is he does not have the majority support from UMNO Kedah, BN ADUNs and his own appointed exco members. As far as our sources claimed, he does not have the support of KCS and Istana too.

The situation is untenable for him to lead the state.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Geng Loceng diberi wisel

Did anyone realised that parking attendants shows a greater sense of pride and dedication to their work when provided with uniform that comes with a tie and equipped with whistles than those plainly dressed?

Not only did we realise that, we also realised that providing such attire is most effective at getting the best out of the sons of Kelinga parking attendants.

One can see these Keling parking attendants standing proudly as they take charge to direct moving vehicles and present themselves most authoritatively to ensure everything is running smoothly.

Do take it positively and not be offended. Maybe what the Loceng Geng needs is a whistle to be truly effective in their whistleblowing. Bukanlah dok kelentong dan putarbelit merata macam keling gelecek bola.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Geng Loceng's tactical or panic retreat?

Clang! Clang! Clang!

If the Geng Loceng had call for an emergency retreat to regroup following new revelation from Attorney General that the RM2.6 billion donation was given to Dato Najib by Saudi royal, it would have sounded like that.

The term Geng Loceng was introduced by Rocky Bru to describe a group of anti-Najib bloggers in his posting yesterday.

Wonder why he did not use kompang instead of loceng to describe their modus operandi to create noises of rumours and spins on cyberspace. However, it is not too difficult to guess who are the members.

Not sure if they had a meeting but retreat they did as OutSyed the Box is running for cover as he cowardly restrict his blog to only approved members. Prior to this, he would take off any postings made by the next day. Yesterday, he withdrew a posting within a few hours.

He may seemed panicky but the other members seemed to do a tactical retreat.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

"Horror! No sharpener ..."

That was Najib's reaction when we told him we couldn't find a sharpener. In preparation for his visit to our home, we had ready papers, pencils, pencil colours and drawing board for him to sketch, but it was a less than perfect situation for him without a sharpener around.

We are talking about our nephew, Najib and not the Prime Minister. Najib is an autistic child or in politically correct term, a child with autism. The negative term is put after the children instead of before.

Children with autism maybe less than perfect, though not physical handicap, but they have keen eye for perfection. In Najib's case, his natural ability is in the arts. The image of his drawing of a city skyline with its fine details is an example.

Wikipedia described autism as "a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by impaired social interaction, verbal and non-verbal communication, and restricted and repetitive behavior. Parents usually notice signs in the first two years of their child's life".

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