Monday, April 24, 2017

1MDB-IPIC resolved, Cap Bunga resort to petty misquote

1MDB-IPIC has resolved their impasse.

While the Cap Bunga would like to accuse the diverted money from the original destination as money laundering, they fail to realise an important point of law in the evidence.

It was high officials of IPIC that instructed to change the account to receive the disbursed money. With legal documents in place, it is a sure home run in any court for 1MDB.

Till today, Abu Dhabi has not charge the high officials for any crimes.

With the resolution to the impasse, Chap Bunga supporters have no more issue left to pick on but to recycle same old, same old answered, debunked and resolve issues.

Thus, they are latching on to dear life with only a Malaysiakini misquote of Dato Johari Ghani.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Arabisation and Malay culture of the future

Pix from Utusan Malaysia article here on Mekah's Malay community
Tan Sri Johan Jaafar wrote a column in The Star with regard to the recent Congress on Culture.

He is repeating a call once made by Tan Sri Dr Rais Yatim when he was holding the Culture portfolio as Minister.

He wrote here, "... as the Malays become more Muslim, they become less Malay.",

One observation on the nature of Malays is that they are quite flexible. They are able to adapt, or adopt or embrace the best or the worst of other culture and influences.

Being flexible has it's advantage for a race that is still trying to rediscover its past glory and regain back lost time.

However, Johan Jaafar, Rais and many others are concern with Malay adopting other culture and forsaken their own in the name of Islam.

More so, Malays have its own Islamic tradition and intellectual history.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Mahathir to leave divided PPBM

The latest Raja Petra posting, Mahathir is second-fiddle to Kit Siang, talks about Mahathir being used by Lim Kit Siang to do what he knows best - to destroy. The previous posting highlighted part of the work of his hand of destruction.

Apparently, his need to destroy 1MDB was motivated more than just IPP. Many of the privatisation he dish out to his proxies and cronies will be expiring and banks are breathing on their neck. So he needs new allies to topple Najib at all cost - UMNO, Malays, his dignity, inconsistency, U turn et al.

However, this time RPK feel he is not in the driver seat. He will be leading the Pakatan Harapan but will end up being the stooge of Lim Kit Siang and DAP. The reason Kit Siang is "shy" to tell acknowledge he does not want the position and feels Mahathir is more effective.

In other word, Kit Siang allows him to be his own self and it will favour DAP's power pursuit immensely. They have used and discarded PAS before. Now they have PAS reject to follow their command. 

Monday, April 17, 2017

Mahathir and the Tall Poppy Syndrome manipulation

One observation of the current political narratives in Malaysia is that public is not clear in what they want.

They make demands, but when it is addressed, they forgot the original demand and change to a new demand.

They forgot their demands and got lost in current affairs or propaganda.

It could be a reflection of political immaturity. Politics as in governance and public policy, not partisan exchanges Malaysians wrongly associate politics with.

Or it could be some deep imbedded problem inside.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

JAIS-MAIS impropriety or COA bias leaning?

The overturn judgement that form negative impression of Court of Appeal

The Star reported yesterday a Court of Appeal judgement against JAIS, the Selangor Islamic Religious Department.

JAIS lost a lawsuit by landowner and developer, United Allied Empire Sdn Bhd (UAE) in the force acquisition of a 26-acre of land at Bestari Jaya.

A list of state statutory bodies were instructed by the court to pay cost of RM100,000, including Selangor Islamic Religious Council (MAIS).

The temptation to rejoice as it is somewhat of a vindication [read here, here and here].

But one is talking of the Court of Appeal (COA) here. Do read back this past posting here that had a passing remark on COA.

Friday, April 14, 2017

If not politically acceptable, just appoint Anifah DPM II!

There is hardly any issue for Dato Najib to appoint Dato Hishamuddin as Minister with Special Functions in the Prime Minister’s Department.

Firstly, it is his prerogative and it is an administrative matter. More so it is a BN government internal matter.

So it is none of the goddamn business of opposition bloggers like Dato Abdul Kadir Jasin or Shabuddin Hussin, and opposition leader like Lim Kit Siang to make instigation comment.

They forgot they are in opposition and should be sorting out their own own internal problems!

Secondly, it is not the first time that such a position was made. As Rocky pointed out here, none of those appointed to the position rose to become Prime Minister.

Politics could be part of the concern.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

F1: Another Mahathir serial planning failure

Tun Dr Mahathir just made a remark that the way to bring down the number of civil servants is through privatisation. It is a political statement intended to send the message his past initiative was justifiable and he has solution for every problem.

An early rumour claimed Mahathir will leave PPBM to head Pakatan Harapan. He will chair PH and be the proposed Prime Minister. If  succeed, he will persuade Kelantan Agong to forgive Anwar and pass the post to him.

There is something illogical but this is what was heard.

Nevertheless, CUEPAC President was not happy with Mahathir's comment. Pushing the civil servants to the private sector means loss of job security. However, the real problems are it was marred with cronyism, power abuse and corruption, false efficiency, rising cost of living, and easy money from stock market play.

It is reasons like these that Mahathir's past legacies, except the physial pyramids he built, could not last. The policy initiatives of Dato Najib's father, late Tun Abdul Razak lasted till today. Only few failed but it was Mahathir's undoing.

F1, Proton and public transportation are another set of Mahathir's shiny example of planning failure and implementation that went astray due to political expediency.

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