Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Honeymoon over for the Lims

The all spectacled Lim family

Thank gawd it is only a bruise.

Othepaedic suggested rest and voltaren gel to heel. Still no honeymoon. Need to get the pain away. So unnatural to sit on a cushion.

And, this relatively short posting is about honeymoon.

It was 2009. Pak Lah had vacated the premiership and we were beginning to be comfortable socialising within the UMNO circle again. In one event, we came across a Gerakan leader. No more now but there was something he said that rings a bell today.

The Gerakan leader studied in the US. We had a common friend from the student activism days abroad. That became the opening line to start a conversation. When we raised about Penang, he stopped it and invited us over to his office for a chat. He introduced his assistance, Johan.

DAP tookover Penang in 2008. Thanks to Pak Lah. Or these days, it is also said thanks to Tun Mahathir.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Pain in the arse

Implosion and conflict are every where in the rough and tumble of national politics which should be more accurately described as Semenanjong politics.

To many, the Sarawak state election are disjointed with happenings in national or Semenanjong politics. It is a whole different political terrain, demography and generally, the whole make-up. This is where we do not concur.

Though seemed disjointed, there were events in the past in Sarawak that sparked series of events in Semenanjong.

There have been turn of event that stated in Sarawak that became national. Many had forgotten that it was DAP Sarawak that first cut ties with PAS that later culminated into dissolving of Pakatan Rakyat and PAS went alone.

What happened with DAP and PKR in Sarawak could explode into a bigger implosion within the parties and start a bitter war between them. The by-elections that arise from the helicopter mishap at Batang Lupar could be provide a glimpse into the true intention of PAS.

There is also something learned and need be shared from the travel through Sarawak. Unfortunately, we may not be in the position to do so. It have been quite a pain in the arse to even do this short posting to end the over 2 weeks of no posting and a month of May of inactivity.

Monday, May 09, 2016

More than 2 weeks in Sarawak

Been more than 2 weeks in Sarawak.

Today, we are flying from Sibu to Kuching to join the missus due to arrive tomorrow. She has been asking about Mom's Laksa. So we shall.

And, a Melanau has got his wife to prepare a Mukah version of the umai which he claimed as the authentic Sarawak sushi.

Also looking forward for seafood at Top Spot.

Since arriving Miri on April 20th, we have been traveling extensively and passed through places like Bekenu, Merudi, Senardin, Pujut, Piassu, Lambir, Telang Usan and Niah. Except for Pujut, all the seats were won by BN.

A local political commentator expected Pujut to be won but Piassu lost to DAP. Talk is there was a corporate game from one of the Big 6 that reverse the forecast.

We weren't remotely involve. Hardly posted anything about politics throughout the campaign. Not making the same mistake as before to dabble in area we do not have enough feel

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Will it be in KL ...

There was a Federal court judgement today on the divorce case between MUI boss, Tan Sri Khoo Kay Peng and his estranged wife and former Miss Malaysia, Puan Sri Pauline Chai Siew Phin.

Puan Sri already lost at the Court of Appeal in June last year. The Federal court ruling will mean the trial for their divorce case will be held in Kuala Lumpur.

This blog have been following the case since 2014 to seek answer to an age old corporate mystery as to another shareholder of MUI Group. It has no more political relevance since a recent about turn but the curiosity remains.

Few  months back, there was also a court order in the UK to settle. There is also a concurrent suit on his same divorce case running there.

So, will it be in UK ...?

This is one "sedap" laksa breakfast

They serve laksa for breakfast in Sarawak, Laksa Sarawak that is. It is not unusual for noodle to be served for breakfast. But for laksa, this is the first time.

In Johor, mee rebus is served for breakfast with few sticks of sate in Johor. Interestingly, it is noticed mee jawa is served for breakfast with few sticks of satay in Sarawak.

There are javanese in Sarawak but not sure there are Johorean javanese. Nevertheless, there are substantial number of Sarawakians, including Iban working in Pasir Gudang, Johor Baru.

What better place to go for Laksa Sarawak in Kuching than to Mom's Laksa. The establishment owned by a Haji Tahir is rated by local as the best laksa in town and it is supposedly very popular.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Will Sarawak Chinese care about 1MDB or CM?

This was an ad found in Malaysiakini in one of the reports they are trying hard to intensify the current problems related to Aabar BVI.

Though DAP Sarawak is working hard to give the impression that they are an independent thinking entity within DAP thus not an extension of a Peninsular party, it would be the political campaign they have to take.

They are not likely to lead the next government in Sarawak, especially with the intensive dispute for seats with ambitous but unable to deliver PKR. The more realistic target would be to help central DAP to topple BN using the 1MDB issue that is currently tarnishing Dato Najib.

From conversations in Kuching and Miri yesterday, 1MDB is of no consequence to the voters. In fact, Sarawak rural voters and certain circle of business people benefited directly or indirectly from 1MDB's CSR and investment.

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