Monday, January 16, 2017

Mahathir stuck in the past and present

Prior to the GE 13, DAP and PAS was working hard to instigate local Pengerang folks against the proposed Pengerang Petronas Refinery and Petrochemical Integrated Development (RAPID).

PAS worked on the Malay kampong folks. While, DAP instigate the Chinese in the pekan area.

Apparently, DAP received help from Singaporean volunteers. One can understand Singapore seeing RAPID as competition. From Pengerang, Singapore is only few hundred metres away and ships can be seen from end to end. [Read past posting here.]

DAP extended their role to send lobbyist to Taiwan. They created a fictitous environmental issue and went public to pressure a Taiwanese investors till they pulled out from an announced pan to to set up petrochemical plant.

By right, local Pengerang folks should do a class action against DAP.

The extend Tun Dr Mahathir is ranting against China investors is practically emulating what DAP did at RAPID.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Look friend ...Former allies can think for themselves

FMT news reported Dato Seri Mukhriz Mahathir hitting out at former allies criticising his father, Tun Dr Mahathir.

He claimed these former allies are people his father helped. Basically, he expect them to be indebted and remain blindly loyal to his father as any feudel lord expect. Such expectation is a major turn-off.

His father do not give chicken feed or dedak, because like BR1M, it is corruption. He gives chicken and allow the chicken coop stolen.

Whoever the chicken devouring allies be, they should not criticise his father for doing 17 U-turns, sleeping with the DAP, and betraying UMNO to be in-cohoot with people his father used to deem as "enemy of the state".

It is understandable that fillial son like Mukhriz has to defend the father. The family honour is at stake and his political future is on the line.

More so, the "exclusive" nature of his fiber optic cable contract tantamount to monopoly.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Muga roh mu dicucuri Allah

Takziah kepada ahli-ahli keluarga dan keseluruhan rakyat Sarawak.

Muga Allah rahmati dan cucuri roh Allahyarham untuk diletakkan bersama roh orang-orang beriman dan para-para syuhada.


Does Idris Haron's arrogance stem from insecurity or guilt?

Arrogance could indicate insecurity or guilt. Insecure people put up psychological defense like arrogance to hide their shortcoming.

A quote from a Christian shareslide described: 
Guilty is an arrogant pre-occupation wth self which ignores the fallibility and deprevity of other men. It often stems from a sense of superiority over others in belief that one will not falter as others do. 
One UMNO veteran in Malacca said Dato Idris Haron was advised and cautioned by his political mentors and veterans on certain of his actions and behaviours.

But he arrogantly shrugged them off by saying, "I know what I am doing".

It is as arrogant as his statement when asked by reporters on the environment issues relating with the Kuala Linggi International Port [read here].

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Isn't it a beautiful day?

Our friend G send us the above this morning. The day before was:

Usually, we would reply, Ameen. And one morning he send us, below:
Cuba hayati petikan ucapan Allahyarham Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat. Buat teman2 @ sahabat semua

Sedap kata-katanya :

"Apabila anda tua, rebut setiap peluang untuk bersama rakan-rakan lama, kawan sekolah dan rakan sekerja kerana peluang itu akan berkurangan dari semasa ke semasa. Air yang mengalir ke hilir tidak balik ke hulu. Begitulah dengan kehidupan. Sahabat adalah umpama bintang. Walau berjuta batu jauh dari bumi tetap bercahaya. Meskipun kadang-kadang menghilang, dia tetap ada. Dia tidak mungkin dimiliki, tapi tidak dapat dilupakan kerana sahabat yang baik sentiasa ada dalam hati dan dalam kenangan.”

Walaupun byk kali baca tapi kata2 ini amat memberi kesan...
Our reply was: "Sahabat tak ada obligation macam family. Yet meaningful."

Because of many reasons, we replied today: "Isn't it a beautiful day?"

Monday, January 09, 2017

Why too long to charge this "orang UMNO"?

The previous posting is written out of a deep appreciation for what MACC is trying to do and doing it under the most difficult condition.

In the past and some will still insist the present, charging politicians can be tricky. They do not have the implementing power but merely policy maker and monitoring role.

It is made more difficult because politicians have supporters and they put unnecessary pressure on MACC.

When it is down to the crunch, public do not defend or support MACC. The case of Teoh Beng Hock and Lim Guan Eng comes to mind.

There are also cases involving UMNO leaders that made UMNO supporters behave like DAP supporterss.

Public could be easily duped into the emotional game and whack MACC without thinking of the greater good. To some extend, it made them cautious.

Since NST challenged MACC to be courageous against politicians, they are charging today the former CEO of TEKUN cum an "orang UMNO" today.

Sunday, January 08, 2017

MACC: Prawn behind stone unturned?

NST's article on Friday is truly puzzling.

It is not Farrah Naz Karim's column expressing frustration to see organisations signing Integrity Pledge as initiated by Tan Sri Abu Kassim ended up embroiled in one corruption scandal after another. She suggested an annual asset profiling and polygraph test on those in critical position [read her here].

It is the editor's column entitled "MACC must leave no stone unturned" that is troubling. It's a common phrase and not the first time MACC is the subject. TI Malaysia used that phrase on the PKFZ scandal in 2009. Dato Dr Jeffrey Kitingan on fake native cert in Sabah happening since the 1980s.

That happened in a past administration but in 2012, The Star used the same phrase to refer to dishonest civil servants in government agencies behind the illegal forest clearing that resulted in a catastrophic landslide in Cameron Highland. It is such calls by the media that MACC is acting on.

NST cannot be naive enough to not understand that no politicians can commit corruption without colluding civil servants, particularly top men and women. Till there is fear in the heart of the civil servants, corruption by politicians and their cronies cannot be addressed.

To demand more aggressive action by MACC, surely NST is aware MACC's Director of Investigation, Dato Azam Baki said in the past that Dato Najib was questioned in the SRC investigation.

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