Thursday, July 18, 2019

AG gave wrong opinion to save Guan Eng for "rompak GST" remark

That was the commotion yesterday when Dewan Rakyat Speaker, Dato Mohd Ariff bin Mohd Yusof made a decision to not send Minister of Finance, Lim Guan Eng to the Select Committee for disciplinary action.

Pasir Salak MP, Dato Tajuddin Abdul Rahman was reprimanded for calling Deputy Speaker "pondan" and remarks against a Minister in Parliament.

Guan Eng's "rompak" statement, not only was in contravention of Parliamentary code of conduct, but had a far more reaching impact on the economy and country.

The PAC, with the majority members from PH, concluded in their report that the RM19.4 billion of GST refund is not missing.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Nazri-Najib spat: Freedom of speech and Freedom in politics

Sure, freedom of speech, but are we ready and able to tolerate, if not accept, statement to refer to the President as Hitler or in our case, on the Prime Minister or one's Party President?

The initial impression of Dato Nazri's opposition to the appointment of Dato Najib as BN's official Adviser was him containing any criticism against Dato Zahid's decision and his good friend from Pemuda days, Dato Najib.

It made Khairy's opposition limited to his "I am not comfortable where I am" quote. When Nazri speak, others move aside. None could match Nazri in being frank thus will not get their desired media coverage.

However, this may not be the Nazri that is loyal to the President and known in the past for his role as designated barking dog. This is a macho Nazri speaking on his personal capacity and known in limited circle as not having tolerance of man under queen control or weak leadership. He has more than a wife and even his latest addition has controversy of her own, but he is very much in control. 

Nazri's spat against Najib's appointment is a common example of Malaysians attitude towards freedom of speech.

Monday, July 15, 2019

Felda land amalamation is suspiciously a mega land grab

The government may want to engage directly with the settlers to get their support — convince them that the merger exercise would, in the long run, benefit them. They have nothing to lose. - Salleh Buang
The Sunday Times yesterday published an article by their columnist on legal matter, Salleh Buang entitled Merging Felda plots the key.

There was hardly any arguments to convince the public that amalgamation of smallholders land to be managed but that became the title.

In fact, the above quote was the key takeaway of Salleh's article. He was dwelling on the legal ownership of settlers' over the land and hardly expressed his agreement.

One can assume that Dato Abdul Kadir Jasin loyalist and NST acting CEO, Mustapha Kamil Mohd Janor has started the public relation exercise for Felda amalgamation after the disastrous launch on Hari Peneroka past week.

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Mukhriz, Muhyiddin in Mahathir, Anwar proxy war

The interviews of Dato Mukhriz with Nikkei Asia Review and Dato Husam Musa with Sinar Harian opened a new front for the silent war between Tun Dr Mahathir vs Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim for the coveted position of the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Dato Seri Azmin's ambition could be considered to have found a conclusive ending.

It could be the ploy of Anwar's camp to take the succession narrative from himself to the choice of the next Deputy Prime Minister.

Friday, July 12, 2019

Rezeki oleh Hamka

Hamka berkata ...

Rezeki tu bukan bermakna kamu dapat apa kamu nak. Tapi bila kamu terima apa yang Tuhan anugerahkan.

Kamu belajar tentang sirah. Tahu Mariam tak berkahwin tapi dapat anak. Itulah rezeki dia.

Kamu tengok pula sirah Aishah. Kahwin tapi tak dapat anak. Itu pun rezeki dia.

Allah hantar Musa kerumah Firaun sebagai anak angkat untuk membawanya ke syurga. Tetapi tetap juga Firaun menjadi manusia paling celaka yang memilih neraka.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Happy Birthday Tun, but spare her soul

It's Tun Dr Mahathir's 94th birthday today. Believe in 2 days, it will be Tun Siti Hasmah's.

Do not know exactly cause have not being invited for any of their birthday bash for few years. Not sore cause it is a conscious decision.

Till today, our position have not been proven wrong in any fair and untampered court of law. While, the court of public opinion is increasingly becoming agreeable to what we view of them.

As told to a friend of more than 40 years, we had the foresight to anticipate the present disaster for the wrongful decision the majority had made.

Nevertheless, at such a very late age and still holding on to the highest executive position, it is a feat no mortals other than Mahathir could have thrived.

Certainly he must for the gruelling task in hand to clean up the mess of his own doing.

Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Move to remove Muhyiddin from PPBM

Quite sure, the public must be puzzled with the move by Tun Dr Mahathir to call for Malay unity and called upon all Malay parties to join PPBM.

Many Malays including among the intelligentsia Melayu failed to realise that Malay unity is a myth that is not achievable. It is political cliche seldom used by Mahathir to draw support. In the practical sense, majority of Malay is united under UMNO-PAS cooperation. Mahathir is just drawing on straws in desperation.

Yesterday after the PH Presidential Council meeting, Mahathir said not to form new Malay parties but join existing ones. Why is he focused on Dato Ibrahim Ali's Putra and Dato Ezam Md Noor's Negara?

He went on further to say PH cannot accept new component parties. UMNO and PAS members can join PPBM or Amanah, instead. Is he kidding to wish PAS would join PAN?

It does not make sense.

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