Friday, April 18, 2014

Cats' tragic endings

"Lucky" was not so lucky.

Heidi text the Mrs in the early morning to inform "Lucky" passed away. She tried hard to get "Lucky" a mother cat to feed her.

The mother cat at her home had trouble milking "Lucky". She was confused to milk a strange kitten much younger than her own.

It was made more difficult with father cat getting jealous at seeing other kitten milking on the wife other than his own kitten.

So Heidi had to stayed up late to nurse and feed her.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

"Lucky" found a mother!

We've just returned home from sending "Lucky" to her new mom.

It was a long day filled with nervousness on what holds for "Lucky", the kitten we've left at the animal care center since last Thursday.

In fact, we extended by another day by telling a white lie to the centre that we've caught a mild flu Sunday. She bought into it out of the fear of contagion risk to the kitten.

The Mrs is due to return to work tomorrow and we need to be back in the groove of things. We desperately needed someone better to care for her. It was only late in the evening that a willing mother was found for "Lucky".

By the way, "Lucky" is the new name just adopted by Yati, the Mrs friend cum mummy finder for the orphaned kitten.

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Plight of a stray cat

Last Thursday, we left two 5-days old kittens to an animal hospital for care.

We had no one to seek help with their feeding for last weekend because we have to be away for "work". The Mrs took care of them from Wednesday after the stray cat mother disappeared from our parking lot together with another of their sibling.

On Saturday, the vet called us to inform one of the two kittens died. It was expected since it had not been taking much milk, body cold and sleeping all the time.

Four or five months ago, the mother was pregnant and delivered three kittens also. However, someone stole them and for days she was seen looking for her three lost kittens. This time, it is her and one of the kittens' sibling that is lost.

Out of six kittens and a mother, only one survive. That is the stark reality facing stray cats, which many is not aware off. They reproduced many but survival rate is low.

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Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Royal touch to the Tropicana land deal?

Picture only decoration purpose

The Tropicana land deal, which we have been playing up in the last two posting, is clearly a scam and corruption at work.

Off course, it is baffling how Tan Sri Khalid, Selangor exco and PNSB could allow 1,172 cares of land meant for water mitigation be put up for sale for property development. Then allowed it's sales at grossly undervalued price of RM1.3 billion to Tropicana and payable over 20 years.

The state pretended to be unhappy with the part sales of 308 acres of the land for double the value of RM470 million to Khalid-crony, Eco World. But, gave further discount of the believed to be valued at RM1.7 billion land at cash term of RM844 million.

Our comment yesterday of Dato Noh Omar's late reaction is not baffling enoough. The most baffling is the silent media coverage despite it being raised by several pro-opposition media, including The Star.

A late call yesterday told us that there is a royal touch in the Tropicana deal, thus the silence. However, the source did not indicate it has anything to do with the Sultan.

So please note that the picture above is only decoration.

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Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Tropicana: United Malay Noh Omar (UMNO) finally woke up

It is not that we do not wish to continue on the PKNS issue, but we wanted to see how long before UMNO Selangor wake up from their lull to take up this issue.

When we wrote on the previous posting, it was March 31st. Tan Sri Khalid made the request for Tropicana to pay-up immediately on March 27. UMNO Liaison Chief, Dato Noh Omar only responded yesterday on April 7th, 11 days later.

It is not that we did not share the information. Immediately after the posting we alerted his boys and many other notable individuals. We even shared in our Whats App groups with other bloggers but we  commented to see how long UMNO Selangor will response and take up the issue.

That Dato Seri Prime Minister and UMNO President is indicative of the lackadaisical attitude of the UMNO leaders, particularly in Selangor.

Noh Omar may have taken interest to grab your attention for the next cabinet reshuffle that is being widely said. Do reconsider because he failed miserably in Kajang and it was reflective of the self defeating attitude prevailing in UMNO Selangor everywhere from top to bottom.

How to win back Selangor?

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Monday, March 31, 2014

Khalid sold 1,172 acres land below market for kickback?

PKNS: Intrigues of street-ruled government (Part 9)

The MH370 tragedy had been too disturbing that we had lost the will to up-date with new posting. Alas life has to continue and the series will continue too albeit a slightly varied format. It is to get traffic.

To continue where we left off, it should be to start to with the problems with Datok Othman Omar. However, there was a corporate development last Thursday and Friday that should be highlighted because we are aware of an inside story that was tipped off to us.

Indirectly, that could be the one of the unknown reason for poor Chinese turnout at the Kajang by-election.

It serve the purpose for an old friend in PKR to ponder why would the Chinese not bury BN in Kajang with the UMNO Hulu Langat machinery is in such a disarray with an indifferent and crooked leadership at the UMNO divisional and state level?

Kajang move had a lot to do with Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim's handling of PKNS and water settlement that resulted in plans to remove him including the possibility of an impeachment using SELCAT.

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Monday, March 24, 2014

MH370: Press conference @ 10:00 PM

Prime Minister Dato Najib Tun Abdul Razak will be holding a press conference on MH 370 at PWTC at 10:00 PM.

The only clue to this PC must be development in the effort by the Australian. There was a news release by CBC News Australia, reproduced below:

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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Khalid impeached on Tuesday

Have been taking a break for Kajang and MH370.

Series on PKNS has not stoppped at Part 8. Many more to go. Many more issues relating to PKNS not exposed yet.

The Selangor Polo project, more crap happening in De Palma Hotel, the leaving for Singapore former CEO cum General Manager, Dato Othman Omar, lawsuit lost to MRCB and Nusa Gapurna, crazy mak tiri Datin Paduka Azlina Zakaria, and many more.

Was about to write analysis of Kajang.

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#PrayForMH370: Coming Home ... hopefully

See the You Tube video below....

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Saturday, March 15, 2014

#PrayforMH370: Najib's statement

PM Najib Razak’s Press Statement on MH370

Seven days ago Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 disappeared. We realise this is an excruciating time for the families of those on board. No words can describe the pain they must be going through. Our thoughts and our prayers are with them.

I have been appraised of the on-going search operation round the clock. At the beginning of the operation, I ordered the search area to be broadened; I instructed the Malaysian authorities to share all relevant information freely and transparently with the wider investigation team; and I requested that our friends and allies join the operation.

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Friday, March 07, 2014

PAS for all but justice only for PAS?

It came as a surprise to us when Court of Appeal overturn the High Court judgement which threw out the defamation suit by former Menteri Besar of Perak from PAS, Dato Nizar Jamaluddin. He had clearly insulted the Sultan of Johor and TV3 was merely reporting but the Court of Appeal ruled in favour of the Nizar.

Two days ago, another PAS leader, Dato Husam Musa managed to get the Court of Appeal to overturn the judgement of High Court in Kota Baru involving a defamation suit against one Faisal Robhan Ahmad. It is equally strange since Husam's lawyers failed to establish that Faisal is the blogger RBF Online.

In both cases, there is one common denominator and that is the presence of judge Datuk Mohamed Arif, who ran for election under PAS banner in 2004. [Read MyKMU here.]

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Thursday, March 06, 2014

PKNS: Intrigues of street-ruled government (Part 8)

Raising issues from the floor at a corporate governance conference.. Wakaka.... Read The Star here.

Othman fight back?

Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim knows the going-ons in PKNS and he realised Azmin has much influence in PKNS. The GM, Pahang Datuk Othman Omar is close to Azmin and has few Azmin's boys working for him.

Khalid may have been spreading the rumours that Azmin is behind it and when he dismissed the 23 staff of PKNS Holdings, no help was coming. UMNO side had the perception that there are all Azmin boys.

UMNO and UMNO totok bloggers predictably believed better Khalid than Azmin as MB. The way we see, better Azmin than Khalid. Just like Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim, madu jantan to Kak Wan is all politics and no administrative and governance skill. Both Anwar and Azmin will give fodder to PKR downfall in Selangor.

Azmin will be running PKR like UMNO politicians allegedly using institutions to strengthen their support. With Khalid, Dato Satim Diman could present 25 wrongdoings of the PKR street-ruled governance. It will be longer with Azmin.

Not only for PKNS, Anwar and Rafizi Ramli's opposition to the water deal by Khalid has a lot to do with out sourcing sub-contracts of KDEB. They worry their boys could not wet their already made dry beaks by Khalid.

Even street demonstrators cannot soldier when dapur di rumah tak berasap. More so, Azmin's boys are envious of the PAS supporters' Rexton and MPVs, and Azmin's red Ferrari.

We have not touched yet on Datuk Othman Omar and the sacked PKNS Holding Managers and staff. But, an e-mail from a fellow blogger reached us. The message reads: "Oleh kerana abang sedang main isu PKNS, elok abang main e-mail ini." Don't know who sent it but we will just publish in total:

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Tuesday, March 04, 2014

PKNS: Intrigues of street-ruled government (Part 7)

Who snitched?

Thought we stop at Part 6?

No, we have are not. Still many more to go. Just taking a breather from writing. Had some traveling to do and tight schedule of appointments to meet personalities and meetings to attend, including a whole day retreat at a forest training camp just outside KL. 

But it is not BTN bootcamp. It is an insult to need to be trained to be patriotic.

After more than 10 days of keeping the series hanging, bet it is percolating inside PKNS on who leaked the info. We have done this before and that was what happened before. How come all these details are coming out now?

The natural accusation by staff and former staff of PKNS and PKNS Holding would be the former Auditor, Roslan Mohamed. His name was mentioned in Part 3 here for meeting Faekah. Since he is not a big guy in PKNS, he will naturally receive the brunt of the condemnation.

However, Controller for Northern Region, Siti Zubaidah Abu Bakar was spared. Is it because they do not believe it to be her?

But they believe it is when Roslan is mentioned?

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Sunday, March 02, 2014

Insult to the men and women in blue

Only yesterday we commemorate the gallant men in blue that died in battle at Lahad Datu to defend the nation from a foreign threat. It pains us today to hear the news that the police is lowering it's entry requirement and offering a higher pay scheme to entice Chinese to join the force.

It shows insensitivity on the part of police management to existing police, irrespective of race,  already serving dutifully with commitment and dedication. They entered the force despite the low pay and repeatedly not achieve their desired pay increment from government to commensurate with their authority, responsibility and risk.

It is also an insult to the serving force that government could discriminate and bent backward to accommodate the majority Chinese whose never considered a profession public service and in particular security as priority.

Will this mean that the Chinese new recruit will be given special passage to fill up higher position for the sake of filling up position and not on merit as happened in organisations like Petronas and MAS?

If so, it is inconsistent with the practise of meritocrasy which is strongly advocated by certain liberal quarter of government.

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Saturday, March 01, 2014

Setahun mereka tinggalkan kita ... Al Fatihah!

1 Mac 2014..genap setahun terkorbannya perwira-perwira negara di Lahad Datu.
3 Mac 2014..genap setahun terkorbannya perwira-perwira negara di semporna..

Al Fatihah untuk semua yang terkorban semuga syurga milih semua kerna berkorban untuk pemertahankan negara.

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Friday, February 21, 2014

PKNS: Intrigues of street-ruled government (Part 6)

Khalid, SELCAT and out-of-court settlement

Yesterday, news reported the Selangor legislative assembly's Select Committee of Competency, Accountability and Transparency (Selcat) will be holding a hearing on the removal of Azmin Ali as PKNS board member and the dismissal of the 23 staff of PKNS Holdings.

Mysteries surrounding the dismissals will be heard on the March 25 and 26 but that will be after polling of the Kajang by-election on March 23.

In the past, SELCAT was seldom used as a political manouvre to cover-up wrongdoings in Khalid-led government. It could be different this time because the suspicion is SELCAT will be used to serve the purpose of removing or justify the withdrawal of Tan Sri Khalid  Ibrahim as Menteri Besar.

Last week, the financial news reported a mysterious off-court-settlement involving Khalid's Guthrie related outstanding unpaid loan to Bank Islam.

The amount used to be reported as RM66.7 million. Since then, some report claimed the amount has  increased to RM80 million. It is probably accumulated interest but Bank Islam will call it by some Arab sounding term to pass it off as halal.

Now the principal of it. What is really going on? Will SELCAT look into it?

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

PKNS: Intrigues of street-ruled government (Part 5)

Daylight robbery at De Palma

Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim makes it a political war cry to denounce UMNO's Selangor administration as corrupt, inefficient and poor governance.

When it comes to corruption, this blog is not racist or aligned with any party. It has to be addressed  without fear or favour. One would expect Khalid to address the low lying fruits first.

In PKNS, it is an open secret that there is openly a conflict of interest and major leakage in the operations of De Palma hotel. MACC have went in, Internal Auditor have went in and name it whose who inside and outside have went in to investigate but nothing happen.

Go ahead and blame the BN because De Palma exist since the time of Tan Sri Muhammad Muhammad Taib who happens be in PAS now. However, PKR and Pakatan Rakyat have taken over Selangor since 2008.

In 2008, Khalid claimed PKNS will be managed professionally and Selangor will ensure a corrupt free administration. Why things remain as usual - open and blatantly corrupt at De Palma Hotel?

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

PKNS: Intrigues of street-ruled government (Part 4)

RM40 million spent for PKNS FC?

Over the past two days, we were pondering over whether to continue the series or do it in a different posting. Since the Kajang bi-election is in March, we will just continue.

The widely held perception created by Pakatan Rakyat is that Selangorian felt enough is enough with UMNO and BN rule. However, there are reasons to believe that even Chinese media beginning to realise that Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim is not as he seemed to be.

If Khalid is such, Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim will be worse. Khalid's problem was that he applied corporate style management which is only bottom line focused to complex public administration with multiple stakeholders that could determine his political fortune.

Anwar can be impressive on stage, talking and persuading but he is inconsistent and a walking hypocrit. Apart from his political skill, he has no other technical set to claim as his competency. When put in charge, he is likely to falter.

Selangor is not an easy state to administer and the MB is a cursed political position. Although pro-UMNO bloggers and UMNO politicians are avoiding the PKNS issue, it represents everything wrong with the state administration.

Some problems like PKNS FC goes back a long way. If PR talks so much about the wastages and leakages of UMNO-BN ruled Selagor, why didn't they correct the wastages and leakages?

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Sunday, February 16, 2014

PKNS home buyers to get land title after 45 years!

In 1969, more than 100 homes was built and sold by PKNS in Taman Keramat or usually called by local as Kg Datuk Keramat to mostly government employees.

However, things got complicated and messy when Selangor government gave away Kuala Lumpur to the federal government as federal territory in 1972.

As a result of Government bureaucracy, inefficiency, and indifferent attitude to KIV problems, some 30 homeowners had to wait 45 years before there was any hope for them to feel their long paid properties as their own.

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Musical Interlude: Mozart and Mahler by MPO

Just returned from watching the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra under the conductor Claus Peter Flor at the Dewan Filharmonik Petronas.

Tonight's show started out with Mozart's Piano Concerto No. 22 featuring Till Fellner on piano. There is no recording allowed in the MPO however there is You Tube of another performance of Mozart's concerto:

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Friday, February 14, 2014

PKNS: Intrigues of street-ruled government (Part 3)

Slaughtering of Azmin

Leaving the last Part 2 for two days allowed for further development on the PKNS issue.

Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim continued with his cost saving bullshit to say he is tightening PKNS control. He already tightened control when PKNS was under a barrage of attack prior to GE13. Any blame of losing control is no more just Othman but more him.

How successful will Khalid attempt to cover-up by appointing three exco members; Datok Teng Chang Kim, Iskandar Abdul Samad and Roziah Ismail to listen to briefings and explanations of senior PKNS staff? [Read The Star here]

They will be listening to PKNS staff and not PKNS Holdings staff side of the story. Expected issues raised would be duplication of work, high pay but outsource work, and suspicions of cronyism.

However they should hear from the former PKNS Holding staff of PKNS staff's own sordid stories too.

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

PKNS: Intrigues of street-ruled government (Part 2)

PKNS and Kajang Move

The popular interpretation is that it is the culmination of 5 years of never ending quarrel between PKR’s Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim an PKR Deputy President, Azmin Ali.

Some felt it is an act to justify Khalid to make way for Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim to assume the Menteri Besar position. It also serves to address the “Azmin problem” and will be Anwar’s stepping stone to Premiership.

In this second Part, we shall continue with the info from conversation with an old piers from those Bangsar partying days. It promises more intrigues together with endless back stabbing and revenge within the fold of PKR seeking for Anwar's favour.

At the end, it is all about Anwar and his pursuit for premiership.  Those seeking Anwar's favour will be left by the wayside.

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

PKNS: Intrigues of street-ruled government (Part 1)

The recent sacking of 30 PKNS Holding staff is being interpreted differently by different groups for various reasons. To correct that, it actually only involved 19 Managers and executive staff.

Upon hearing from an old pier inside PKNS from our Bangsar partying days, who is outside our common circle with former GM, Dato Othman Omar, the problem is indeed more complex than the popular perception formed from the news reports.

With PKR  at the helm, there is so much intrigues. On reflection, one can only expect such from a street-rule government. Despite his lack of experience and expertise in public administration, even corporate personality like Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim ended up behaving like vengeful street hoodlums.

Great rhetoric, and lofty ideals but unrealistic dreams. PKNS is indication of their ignorance and incompetence in governance.

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Saturday, February 08, 2014

No sex please.... We are PKR

"No Sex Please ... We are British" was a 1970s play about a Bank Manager with a young wife. He sent for a mail order of Scandanavian glassware.

However, he ended up getting a stream of pornography, photographs, books, films and eventually girls. The hilarious part of the play, which was later made into a film, was the attempt to get rid of the embarassing paraphenalia.

Before making any guess that this posting is more sexual expose on the sexual escapade of Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim, please read on because your guess could be wrong.

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Thursday, February 06, 2014

Omar Ong link to AES established!

Over dinner sometime last year, one former mainstream media editor shared an information on the controversial AES. He said someone related told him that Dato Omar Ong has interest in the privatisation of AES.

The editor told a lot of what he heard on the grapevine but shared no details or explanation. Only "someone said this" and "someone said that", thus giving an impression of him as someone loves delving in petty gossip.

We did not consider his word as reliable and most of the rumour mentioned by the old timer is out there in the blogs and social media. However, we did not totally put it aside. And, we got someone to check and got only an affirmative yes. Still no details was given.

Ever since, few other sources, in which few are consistently reliable, confirmed the same. Syed Akbar's posting here on The Star's report confirmed the link to Omar Ong.

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Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Reflect MCA feuding history

Grassroot MCA, particularly Wanita had a problem with having Dato Dr Chua Soi Lek as President. However, we have a certain respect and admiration to ours fellow Batu Pahat man. Not so much of his ability to sustain erection, but for several reasons.

First and foremost, he is fearless and not afraid to shoot from the hip. He is not someone to mince his words. For a politician, he is the nearest thing to a WYSIWYG.

Yesterday, we came across a Malaysiakini tweet in which he accused Tun Dr Mahathir for making UMNO strong and BN weak. Read here.

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Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Bullets for the Opposition

A typical UMNO totok (fanatics) would scorn at those that raise issues that later be made viral by the opposition against leaders, government and the party. Their usual argument is why give bullets to the oppositions and who the hell are you tell so and so.

Dato Abdul Kadir Jasin, Outsyed The Box, Din Turtle and many others are being attacked by other UMNO totok bloggers or probably directed to attack by certain people for their critical concern on the leadership's weakness that could be detrimental to the party.

Kadir hardly gave away any information but merely giving cynical commentaries of event that has it's weight of truth. His personal and business affair is being dissected but his message not rebutted.  

For two cautionary postings and a photo with Tun Daim Zainuddin and Syed Akbar in Outsyed the Box, Firdaus Abdullah @ Apanama is being brushed in the same stroke by some left out bloggers. His short posting seemed to attract supporters with interesting rebuttals.

Someone alerted us that blogs Helen Ang, Rockybru and The Unspinners is having problem of access. Being long in this game, it is not too difficult for us to guess the probable players and paymasters indulging in such dirty tricks of firing your own.  

For us, to each his or her own.

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Monday, February 03, 2014

The unanswered question: Were they abused?

On December 18th last year, a Malaysian Tourism official in Stockholm, Azizul Raheem Awaluddin and his wife, a teacher on unpaid leave, Salwati Nurshall were arrested by police for allegedly abusing their children. [Read Swedish news in English in The Local here.]

It became news in Malaysia in the middle of January when mainstream media headlined it as parents arrested for spanking children refusing to pray. It is a practise in traditional Malay households to judiciously punish kids above 9 years old for refusing to do their five times a day.

The public was concerned for the children welfare. The Malay Muslims were not happy to see the children placed with a non-Muslim Swedish foster family. It reminded them of the horrifying end to Mathematical child prodigy, Sufiah Yusoof to the Pakistani-Malay couple in Britain. [Read back here]

There is rumour going around of the existence of syndicate in Sweden taking away children of Muslim families by detaining the parents for investigation under child abuse.

The children are back here and media reported government giving all necessary support but a question remained unanswered from the day the news broke. Was it merely a spanking or real abuse done on the four children; Aishah, 14, Ammar, 12, Adam, 11 and Arif, 7.

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Royal Encounter of the Third Kind

Thursday's posting, Close Encounter of the Royal Kind predicts the motive behind Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim's move to run for the Kajang state seat was to do a showdown with the Selangor monarchy.

PKR's failed spinmaster, Rafizi claimed it is to save Selangor from the return of BN under the clutch of Tun Dr Mahathir's faction in view of Najib's gullible political situation. Subsequently, Anwar admit it was to save Selangor.

In a press conference  to announce his candidacy, Anwar said he does not wish to deal with the issue of MB appointment. One theory claims Anwar will not assume Menteri  Besar position but dual role to "check and balance" and "protect" Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim. Faekah hinted that Sultan has the power to appoint the Menteri Besar and tradition shows only Selangor born will assume the position.

Thus the showdown theory. Then in yesterday's press conference in Permatang Pauh, he said [as quoted from MM here], “We will not complicate the role of the Ruler.”

However, there are two differing theories to offer a royal encounter of the third kind.   

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