Friday, April 20, 2018

Market rally taking attention away from politics

The picture above came from NST but despite touching on investors confidence, strong corporate earnings and economic background, and foreign fund inflow, their report headline was rather hesitant and subdued yesterday: Malaysian stock market remains attractive to foreign investors

Malaysia Digest hit a better note with the headline: Malaysia Stocks At An All-Time High Ahead Of Elections. They highlighted on the big fuzz over the US threat of a trade war against China, extract below:
Economic growth of 5.9 per cent last year, which was the fastest pace since 2014, was also achieved through the strengthening of private and government investments.

“We’ve got an election coming up and actually the economic data for Malaysia has been quite good recently. Things like exports have been strong and relatively insulated from a potential trade war.

“Five years ago it was like a dirty word but now there’s more investor interest,” Jim McCafferty, head of Asia excluding Japan equity research at Nomura Holdings Inc. said in an interview in Hong Kong.
Bloomberg, whose been hinting of foreign investor interest on April 10th, is now practically screaming rally: Malaysia Stocks Hit Record as Foreigners Buy Ahead of Elections.

Before any shallow pro-Tun claim Bloomberg taking dedak, some are already making claims it is on on expectation of the return of Mahathir and his bevy of big wig market riggers. Then it is not dedak but carrot.

Underground talk is saying his backers of gambling taukehs are trying to sway Chinese voters using illegal gambling. Quite sure, no names need mentioning as it is as easy as ABC to figure it out.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

With Equinimity seizure invalid, what now, Tun M?

That's the only possible reaction from pentaksub and PH's cybertrooper.

Yesterday, Singapore's Straits Times here reported that US and Indonesian police seizure of the superyatch Equinimity is illegal.

Taking an extract from Malaysia Today here:
Indonesia Court Rules Yacht Seizure In 1MDB Case Invalid...."Indonesian court on Tuesday (April 17) ruled that the seizure of a luxury yacht linked to a US investigation into scandal-ridden state fund 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) was invalid and without legal basis....citing an on-going investigation, said Mr Low never worked for 1MDB and he did not make any business decision for the company(1MDB)
Allow some bragging rights for this blog. We wrote in early March: Equinimity seizure is still far from anything significant.

Was Equinimity the 1MDB bomb Tun Dr Mahathir wanted to explode for this general election?

Monday, April 16, 2018

Was the Loaf into tax evasion or money laundering for politics?

The Loaf announced it closed down last week.

Fearing his detractors would say he could not run even a kedai roti to succesed, let alone his endless list of past failed ventures that accumulated to hundreds of billions at today's value, Tun Dr Mahathir's first reaction was to deny it was his.

A lie like that could never go far. Not with much fanfare to launch Mahathir's Japanese bread venture. There are just too many news reports of the bread outlet that was first launched at Telaga Harbour Langkawi.

There is always Mahathir at every other launch of new outlets. And, it is impossible to deny the ROC documents below:

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Macho-talking DAP chickening out in Johor?

It was a party pooper when Hannah Yeoh and Wong Tuan Tat was announced to run in Segambut and Bentong, respectively. Then Dyana Sofea commented on the challenge of running again against Dato Mah Siew Kong in Telok Intan.

In Johor: PH on-slaught or DAP slaugher house?, this blog was sure Hannah Yeoh will get sent off to some difficult seat and Tony Pua to Bentong to MCA President Liew. It didn't happen because both turned around and kow tow to suck Terowong Tokong knee caps.

While Dyana's comment only indicate the loud talking Foochow, Nga Kor Meng chicken out from confronting Mah. It is possible nice guy Mah and Liew are not as easy a meat as DAP thought.

Apparently, DAP seemed to have chicken out from Johor, wrote Joceline Tan below:

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Only a Penasihat could mess up fixed deposit Sabah!

UMNO Secretary General, Dato Tengku Adnan Mansor had just issued a stern warning that reminded members to abide to the party's code of ethics. Those not selected as candidates should support the selected candidate and not sabotage the party.

This warning came about following announcement that the selected candidate for a Federal Territory seat is from MCA. Based on past track record, he has a better chance than an UMNO Division Head, who lost by more than 5,000 votes in GE13.

He is unlikely to turn around that deficit and let alone to turn it into a majority. However, he insisted to be selected. Just because he served the Prime Minister before, he should not be given special path and self interest should not be above the party interest.

Winning the general election should not be diverted by other factors of lesser priorities. And, words going around that there was intensive lobbying to change well selected candidates.

In Sabah, BN is making progress in areas not rated white and manage to turn the likes of Semporna and Kota Kinabalu into a 50:50 situation, at least almost.

Sabah has 26 Parliamentary seats (including Labuan) and is expected to win 23. If PM is persuaded to consider less relevant factors, it may cost BN several precious seats already in the bag.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

TMJ's generosity returned by Prebet Adam's family

The Aeon Tebrau City was reported to be in a state of shambles after his Highness Crown Prince of Johor made an unexpected appearance to announce offering to pay up to RM3,000 per customer and RM1million to all shoppers present.

What motivated his highness to impulsively be generous is not sure. Only few days ago, he defended himself on FB for his statement that was intended for Tun Dr Mahathir. His highness denied he was not on anyone side but merely giving his personal opinion and advise for the betterment of Johor.

Thus one could assume that the impulsive generosity came out of  his highness's sincere concern for the betterment of Johor, even though it is for those who happen to be present at Aeon Tebrau City when he made that surprise.

Thought that was the only surprise for yesterday, but no ... his highness generous gesture was returned with appreciation by the family of Private Adam mentioned in his highness statement for clearing their family's name.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

More analysts bullish for a BN win

Continuing this morning posting HERE on bullish prediction on the stock market following an expected BN win, Oxxford Economics also predicted a comfortable BN win. Read HERE.

Earlier CIMB expected a BN win and viewed it as positive for the market. Read HERE.

Malaysia Digest HERE  reviewed Bloomberg news as Najib is bad news for Mahathir.

In case, pro-PH supporters are calling all these as fake news, HSBC too is predicting a BN win.

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