Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Nation Rebuilding: Exploring Indonesia

For quite a while, this blogger have been reading up, researching and contemplating on the subject of nation-building. The term is interchangeably used with state building; the process of creation, consolidation, stabilisation and sustainable development of states.

Often than not, local government-linked media used the nation-building term to describe state capacity building in acquisition of technologies, mobilisation of resources, and allocation of resources to productive and welfare enhancing sectors. (Refer in here on UN Research Institute for Social Development).

Malaysia is on the back of our mind. More so, the need for nation rebuilding after the disasterous decision by voters to ouster BN. 

Coupled with the devastation from the Covid-19 pandemic, it resulted in massive cost on the local economy and continued political instability. Despite having the third PM in this term, an analyst viewed him as only good till GE15. The discouraging view and developments from Indonesia got us distracted. 

Monday, January 24, 2022

MUSICAL INTERLUDE: Monday, Monday ...


Monday, Monday

The Mamas & The Papas

Bah-da bah-da-da-da

Bah-da bah-da-da-da

Bah-da bah-da-da-da

Monday, Monday (bah-da bah-da-da-da)

So good to me (bah-da bah-da-da-da)

Monday mornin', it was all I hoped it would be

Oh Monday mornin', Monday mornin' couldn't guarantee (bah-da bah-da-da-da)

That Monday evenin' you would still be here with me

Friday, January 21, 2022

MUSICAL INTERLUDE: Beatle's I'm so tired

Approaching Monday for 5-day seclusion, feeling tired and weak. Thinking of mother and teacher ....

I'm so tired

The Beatles

I'm so tired
I haven't slept a wink
I'm so tired
My mind is on the blink
I wonder, should I get up and fix myself a drink?
No, no, no

I'm so tired
I don't know what to do
I'm so tired
My mind is set on you
I wonder should I call you
But I know what you would do

Monday, January 17, 2022

Is Tengku Zafrul days as Minister of Finance numbered?

The belief amongst political pundits is Dato Seri Tengku Zafrul was appointed by Tan Sri Muhyiddin, thus remained aligned to him despite being reappointed by Dato Seri Ismail Sabri as Minister of Finance. 

Though an UMNO branch member and associated with the 'ole Tingkat 4 group, he is seen as pro-PPBM. The talk on the political grapevine is that his attempt to get a place in Kuala Lumpur to run under UMNO ticket for the GE15 has come to a nought. 

Zafrul could run in Lembah Pantai where his uncle was formerly the UMNO Division Chief and his brother the current Deputy Division Head. However, it is no easy ride against current MP Fahmi Fadzil. 

His name turned up at his mother home town of Kuala Pilah. The current MP Eddin Shazlee is from PPBM and the one that slept through the entire graduation ceremony of a University he presided over.  PPBM may consent for Zafrul's candidacy.  

The man in the hot seat at Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission (MACC), Tan Sri Azam Baki hails from Seremban, Negeri Sembilan too.   

Thursday, January 13, 2022

Lalitha breached PDPA, more trouble in store

She put up a bold front to statements by Azam Baki that he planned to sue her and C4 for defamation. Challenging him with the macho words, "Bring it on!" and claimed she has more to reveal in court. Does she?

Another question is can she? 

In her exposes in the Independent News Services dated December 15 - Business Ties Among MACC Leadership: How Deep Does It Go? Part 1 and Part 2, she may have disclosed information deemed to have breached the PDPA. 

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Mission Impossible: The insider trading Finance Minister

"Your Mission A Voice, should you choose to accept it .... This tape will self-destruct"

Mission impossible

Returning to our car after breakfast at the neighbourhood eatery, "Mak O Mak" on a restful Sunday, a Little Bird left a message placed in an envelope written "OPEN IMMEDIATELY" on the car windshield wiper. 

Inside the envelop is a message instructing to pick up a parcel placed under the car at the inner side of the back right tyre. The parcel contained an audio CD playing device. Immediately rush to a nearby park to find a bench at a quiet spot. Upon sitting, we pressed the ON and PLAY button to hear the electronically muzzled voice of Little Bird to disguise his or possibly her identity.

Birdie went at length on an insider trading exploits of a Minister of Finance that was investigated by the Securities Commission (SC) and it was prosecutable. It came with photos and an instruction to have it burned after memorising the face. 

The assignment is to be a trumpet playing whistleblower. It ended with "Should you or any of your associate be caught or killed, Little Bird will disavow any knowledge of your actions" Immediately, the CD player went into flame and photos thrown on top as it burns into ashes within minutes. 

Damn! Its like in the 60s TV series. This mission has to be carried out and be done delicately... 

Sunday, January 09, 2022

Air Asia: From piloting Airline to "Teksi & Motor Sapu"?

Air Asia was a victim of Covid-19 pandemic that swept the globe. Reflecting Tan Sri Tony Fernandez situation, the jet setting airline owner is seen as any recent unemployed doing food delivery gig. 

On November 28th, 2021, Gopal Raj Kumar wrote in his blog a review of Air Asia with an interesting title: "Why Air Asia can't fail?" The title is both intriguing and puzzzling. 

Its disturbingly provocative because creditors accepted a "balding" haircut to forgive the RM34.5 billion debt and accept the proposed repayment of only 0.5% with 9 months truce from any legal demands. 

Perhaps the size is the reason Air Asia can't be allowed to fail. In banking term, its called moral hazard. Tan Sri Nazir Razak rescued his buddy Tony F with Danajamin, a new subsidiary of Bank Pembangunan consolidated in a recent acquisition, to provide RM500 million guarantee to recapitalise

It's not Nazir's PE Company Ikhlas Capital but government money for the man, who hit at Malaysia Airlines to boast Air Asia did it on its own without government help. 

One can dig the past, but in addition to Danajamin, the "botak" cut reportedly affected Malaysia Airport, and Tengku Zafrul's former employers - CIMB and Maybank. 

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