Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Will a former US President question "Ivana Bint" Trump's Saudi donation?

The big story on the "von" Trump family visit to the Middle East yesterday was the visit by surrogate first lady, "Ivana Bint" Trump, as the local Arab News refer her as, to the Jewish holy site of the western wailing wall [read CNN here].

The Jews claimed the wall is the remnant of King David (Nabi Daud to Muslims) temple taken down and build over the Masjidil Aqsa.

Slate magazine was shocked with the sight of Ivana in tears coming out of an important site to her Judaism faith. They expected her to be the forefront of avant garde feminism. Religion may not run  concurrent to liberal leaning thought according to the orang putih thinking.

The issue that will likely be raised is the US$100 million donation pledge received from Saudi Arabia and Ivana's intiative, Women's Empowerment Fund [read CNN here]. In her show, Oprah Winfrey was not comfortable with Ivana's praise women's right effort by the Saudi.

The Independent headlined it as "Ivanka Trump praises Saudi Arabia on women's rights after country donates $100 million to her cause."

Monday, May 22, 2017

No lip service on police corruption, please!

Apart from the case of Dato Ramli Yusof, hardly do this blog criticise the police force.

In appreciation for their contribution to the security of the nation despite personal difficulties, limited resource, pre-war police stations, poor working condition, and lower-than-army pay and perk, it is unfair to burden them more than they should be held for.

The recent wave of arrest for corruption by MACC on law enforcement officials, in which a corporal was caught with RM800,000 in his safekeeping, three cops held for protection racket, two OCPD involvement in illegal gambling money, collusion with drug syndicates, harassment on sub-ordinates, outsider could transfer out officers, dirty loyalist cop retained, demand for sponsorship, etc, is too alarming to be ignored.

It confirms how corrupted the country has turned out. His Majesty Sultan Nazrin of Perak has every right to be concerned.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

David Teo got slapped, but Mahathir reduced to a minnow

The pentaksub will be furious and cannot take this kind of denigration of their revered lord.

True enough, having followed him for decades and supported him for more than a decade, he became someone we do not know anymore. 

The video of the incident on the night of TN50 townhall style dialog between PM Dato Najib and people from the entertainment-side of the creative industry on May 17th [read MMO here] became the #3 most trending on the Internet.

The mystery behind the series of action remains but Tun Dr Mahathir cannot stand that some member of the public was impressed with Dato Najib's coolness with the situation.

It proves Najib could have  handled Nothing2Hide, but out of respect for Mahathir then, he avoided a confrontation.


Mahathir just had to make comment like this:

Friday, May 19, 2017

There's something about KSP

There is something about the Treasury Secretary (the acronym normally referred to as KSP), Tan Sri Dr Irwan Serigar bin Abdullah. KSP could mean anything from Ketua Setiausaha Perbendahraaan to probably a keling shoefetish psychotic.

On a serious note, there have been rumour from Putrajaya for few years of collusion associated with one politician with an SUB, but apparently expanded to include the KSP, a TKSU (which could likely be a promoted SUB), and a powerful PA that could determine outcome through assigning of files to the right person. Have not done research on this so one can't spill the bean yet without the specifics.

The sore point with KSP is the manner budget cut was made - mindless 20% across-the-board budget that compromise most basic function of government such as police, army, law enforcement (with special attention to graft busters), and could extend to include education and foreign affairs. Police sargeants takes 6 months to get their their out-station work claims. 

Yet it is heard he still insist to fly first class and stay in his entitled suite without much conscience to pay at least €700 per night with enforcement officers on assignment to Kota Kinabalu staying below their entitlement in budget hotels and flying AirAsia.

However, this posting is more about something not quite right with his appointment as Chairman of TRX and Bandar Malaysia.

Monday, May 15, 2017

PPBM fake survey to entice PAS

FMT report on a survey done late last year by those who later joined PPBM was strange.

The media portal seen as mouthpiece of PPBM reported supreme council member, Dato Dr Rais Hussin claiming "Survey shows Malaysians want Muhyiddin as PM".

An excerpt below:
The survey polled 3,000 people in 30 parliamentary constituencies in Barisan Nasional (BN) and opposition-held states, as well as Sabah and Sarawak. The survey, conducted late last year, was commissioned by a group which has now joined PPBM.
When presented with Muhyiddin, 37.3% said they were agreeable while 25.1% said they were opposed. The rest were unsure.
That is not a conclusive study to show Malaysians want Muhyiddin.

Embarassed by Rais's conclusion, party’s information chief Datuk Kamaruddin Md. Noor was reported by The Mole here to acknowledge it is inconclusive and outdated.

Such survey could be bias and manipulated. There is intention when it praised PAS profile as the most popular party in the country, as reported by MMO here.

True enough, sources from within PPBM claimed there was no such survey conducted. It is fake news game.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

TI's theory on defense does not eradicate corruption

Rhetorics do not eradicate corruption [reads The Mole column here.]

So do manipulating survey and ratings done by TI-M President, Akhbar Satar here to get a negative outcome at a time there were positive serious effort to eradicate corruption.

He should have emulated former DAP MP, Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye here, who as Senior Vice-Chairman of The Malaysia Crime Prevention Foundation gave moral support to MACC for their 3-year deadline to move up the Corruption Perception Index.

Lee highlighted the move as a signal to all political parties to not compromise on graft.

In this respect, the congratulatory message by MACC Director General Dato Dzulkifli came with a bold reminder to UMNO to stay away from graft.

Having said that, Akhbar Satar latest article in the business weekly Focus Malaysia on defense procurement only shows his ideas on corruption eradication is merely academic.

His analysis is flawed, not practical, and lacked a workable solution.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

UMNO's 71st anniversary immediate dilemma

Tonight UMNO will begin it's 71st anniversary.

It's inception in 1946 is synonymous with the struggle for independence and the formation of the new nation of Malaya in 1957 which then enlarged to include Sabah, Sarawak and Singapore (before it was sacked out in 1965) become Malaysia in 1963.

UMNO formed the first coalition called Perikatan and later it was enlarged into Barisan Nasional. Since independence, the coalitions led by UMNO have been ruling the country and majority of the states in Malaysia. 

It holds two third majority but has since relinquish that dominance in the 2008 general election. It is believed that BN will never ever get that two third dominance. Not only that, the general election this time around will  be more challenging than the previous one.

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