Monday, June 01, 2020

"Me, Guan Eng and Kit Siang; We are all one" PLUS Titijaya Berhad

It was on February 8th, 2019, that this blog put up a posting,"Tommy Thomas allegedly said, "Me, Guan Eng and Kit Siang; We are all one""

In a revelation by FMT, Tommy and Lim Guan Eng are one again.

The report entitled, Ex-AG agreed to Guan Eng’s request to unlock tycoon’s money despite only 12% return of 1MDB funds, is self explanatory.

The sequel to the original posting had to wait 16 months. To gloat a bit, this is the problem with being too far sighted.

Since the fall of PH government, public and social media have been demanding on MACC, police and Attorney General Office to initiate investigation on the wrongdoings of former AC, Tan Sri Tommy Thomas.

The most frequent demand is to reopen the Guan Eng corruption case AGwithdrew.

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

"Din Gila" calls AKJ's patriot, national hero a 'Kerbau Gila'

They were Mahathir's former dynamic duo and mischief makers to destabilise Dato Najib's government using the 1MDB debacle.

Both Dato Khairuddin Abu Hassan and Tun Dr Mahathir's former Political Secretary and lawyer Matthias Chang went on a whirlwind tour of financial centers to make report to the various enforcement authorities.

In the latest incident, both are not seeing eye to eye. Khairuddin hit back Matthias Chang, who for many months have been critical of Dr Mahathir and is supportive of Tan Sri Muhyiddin.

He called Matthias in his Facebook a Kerbau Gila (Mad Buffalo).

Monday, May 11, 2020

MUSICAL PRELUDE: come out and play

by Billie Eilish

Hmm, hmm

Wake up and smell the coffee
Is your cup half full or empty?
When we talk, you say it softly
But I love it when you're awfully quiet
Hmm, hmm quiet
Hmm, hmm

You see a piece of paper
Could be a little greater
Show me what you could make her
You'll never know until you try it
Hmm, hmm

And you don't have to keep it quiet
And I know it makes you nervous
But I promise you, it's worth it
To show 'em everything you kept inside
Don't hide, don't hide
Too shy to say, but I hope you stay
Don't hide away

Come out and play
Look up, out of your window
See snow, won't let it in though
Leave home, feel the wind blow…

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Collection of reflections on Covid 19

Since the last posting on March 14th of a Musical Interlude, it had been a long hiatus, psychologically and physically.

Malaysia was then in the midst of a leadership change. What needed to be  expressed of the underlying politics was already written months ahead, if not a year. The song title was appropraite for that moment in time.

Constrained by a stiff Teres Major muscle to add to the woes of other existing muscular discomfort, we resigned to be mere audience.

Events unfolded that led to Tan Sri Muhyiddin sworn in as Prime Minister on Monday, March 2nd and the beginning of Movement Control Order on March 18th.

Saturday, March 14, 2020

MUSICAL TRIBUTE to the new government


I don't want to talk
About the things we've gone through
Though it's hurting me
Now it's history
I've played all my cards
And that's what you've done too
Nothing more to say
No more ace to play

The winner takes it all
The loser standing small
Beside the victory
That's her destiny

Thursday, March 12, 2020

KSU suspiciously corrupt, Gopal Sri Ram obviously wicked

Continuing last night's posting targeted aimed at former KSU of Ministry of Education, Dato Seri Alias Ahmad, Malaysiakini live report saw the KSU accused as corrupt by defense lawyer, Dato Akberdin Abdul Kadir. Extract below
Bukan saksi yang dibicarakan - Hakim tegur peguam bela

10.21 pagi - Hakim Mahkamah Tinggi Kuala Lumpur Mohamed Zaini Mazlan menegur peguam bela kerana mengasak saksi dan menuduh bekas KSU Kementerian Pendidikan Alias Ahmad sebagai 'korup.'

Ini terjadi apabila peguam Rosmah Mansor Akberdin Abdul Kader menuduh Alias mempunyai kepentingan dalam projek hibrid solar.

"Saya kata pada kamu, ambil inisitatif sampai telefon lepas surat penolakan beliau, sebab datuk ada vested interest dalam projek ni...," kata Akberdin.

Bagaimanapun, Alias membalas, "tidak setuju."

Pada ketika ini, hakim Zaini menegur Akberedin.

"Beliau bukan orang yang sedang dibicarakan," katanya.
No protest from the DPP.

Tak pernah bayar satu sen pun untuk projek hibrid solar - Saksi

10.45 pagi - Bekas KSU Kementerian Pendidikan Alias Ahmad memberitahu mahkamah tiada bayaran yang dibuat kerajaan untuk projek hibrid solar di Sarawak.

Alias, yang merupakan saksi pendakwaan ke-12, berkata demikian ketika membetulkan cadangan peguam bela Akberdin Abdul Kader mengenai pembayaran pendahuluan yang diminta oleh Kementerian Pendidikan daripada Kementerian Kewangan pada 2016 untuk dibayar kepada Jepak Holdings.

Saksi berkata Kementerian Pendidikan meminta bayaran pendahuluan untuk kerja-kerja yang berkaitan dengan genset diesel di sekolah-sekolah di Sarawak dan bukan untuk projek hibrid solar.

Akberdin: Kita jangan confusekan mahkamah...

Alias: Payment ini bukan untuk solar hybrid. Untuk genset. Tak pernah dibayar satu sen pun untuk solar hybrid.
This attracted immediate reactions on the social media:

It is the talk among lawyers and within the corridor of power that Dato Seri Gopal Sri Ram is acting for Tun Dr Mahathir as the lawyer orchestrating the lawsuits against Dato Najib, Datin Rosmah, Dato Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, Ku Nan, and all the political prosecutions against UMNO leaders.

None of the charges have stick. Gopal and his bosses are wicked humans.

Contract not secured and payment not received. MoF official not entertain Rosmah's lobby or Najib's request for urgency. Where is the beef?

Whose money did the claim bribe paid came from?

After recess, it continued:

Pembelaan tuduh bekas KSU tunjuk minat projek lebih dari kontraktor 

12.15 tengah hari - Peguam bela Rosmah Mansor, Akberdin Abdul Kader sekali lagi mengasak saksi pendakwaan Alias Ahmad mengenai kepentingan Kementerian Pendidikan dalam projek hibrid solar.

Akberdin mencadangkan kepada bekas KSU Kementerian Pendidikan itu, bahawa kementeriannya itu menunjukkan minat yang lebih untuk mendapatkan bayaran pendahuluan untuk Jepak Holdings berbanding syarikat itu sendiri.

Peguam itu berkata walaupun Jepak tidak menulis surat kepada Kementerian Pendidikan atau Alias untuk mempercepat pembayaran, pihaknya selalu berkomunikasi dengan Kementerian Kewangan mengenai perkara itu.

"Jadi kalau saya katakan, yang ambil berat pasal payment ini adalah KPM, datuk. Depa (Jepak) tidak tulis surat pun. KPM yang ambil berat, tulis surat, hantar lagi," kata Akberdin.

Bagaimanapun, Alias tidak bersetuju dengan cadangan peguam bela Rosmah itu.
Hakim Mohamed Zaini Mazlan protested the insinuation made against the KSU and to keep the question limited to allegations against his client. Rather routine caution in any typical courtroom.

Court to resume on April 6th. Akberdin need at least two more hours with Alias.

* Sorry no English report of Mkini. Not worth subscribing and paying for it.

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Will the real culprit behind Sarawak solar project case get exposed tomorrow in court?

It is glaringly clear that the media coverage on the Sarawak solar project case is to constantly paint the picture Datin Seri Rosmah lobbied and pushed for the project to be awarded to Jepak Holdings and Dato Seri Najib requested the government officer to expedite the award to Jepak.

Understandably, it has political value to the previous PH government to demonise the former Prime Minister and his wife.

As of today, under the officially set-up Perikatan Nasional government, mainstream media is on the same agenda-setting mode to demonise Rosmah.

The headline today is Rosmah asking former Ministry of Education secretary-general, Dato Alias Ahmad to expedite payment to Jepak

One should be reminded of the court statement by Alias's predecesor, Tan Sri Mardinah Mohamad, in which the theme was the same.

Intentionally, it was not reported that Mardinah said the Prime Minister's request is taken seriously but we still insist it be done according to the proper procedures.

Thank god for social media for reporting another side of an event.

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