Wednesday, December 28, 2005


If I leave here tomorrow
Would you still remember me
I must be travelling on now
‘Cause there’s too many places I gotta see
If I stay here with you, girl
Things just woudn’t be the same
‘Cause I am as free as a bird now, I swear I am
And this bird you cannot change, oh ohh ohhh ohhhh
And this bird you cannot change
And this bird you cannot changeee
Lord knows I can’t change

Bye bye baby its been sweet love
Know this feeling I can’t change
Please don’t take so badly
‘Cause Lord knows I’m to blame
If I stay here with you now
Things just couldn’t be the same
I am as free as a bird now, how about you!
And this bird you never change, oh ohh ohhh ohhhh ...
And this bird you cannot change
And this bird you cannot change
Lord knows, I can’t change
Lord help me, I can’t changeeee
Lord, I can’t change
Won’t you bye bye, oh free bird yeah

- Lynyrd Skynyrd, Promounced Lynyrd Skynyrd (1977)

On a fine day staring at a bird in flight, I would find myself envious to feel the peace and freedom of souring the open sky. One can really appreciate the symbolism of white dove to signify the purity in the message of peace and freedom.

This song by a bunch of mean lookin' and rockin' redneck initially caught my teenage attention for its fine git-tarr. But its the intriguing idea of movin' on and seek for ones chosen life that lingers in my young soul then. I was itching for freedom with a bit of reckless abundance.

The true message is not so. Its a common cliche in the musical genres of the American South to talk of movin' on. The yearning from abject poverty, life's hardship, lost love, and pure hopelessness. And, its also the seek for a better life, dream, or the yearn to doin' somethin' with ones life.

The calamitous 2005 is ending. December 31st is as good as any time to remind ourselves to continue movin' on. May the coming year be a better one than before for yawl.

Happy New Year.

Won’t you bye bye, oh free bird yeah.

A Voice
Kuala Lumpur
Dec 28th, 2005, 1:00 a.m.


Neil Young said...

Leech Nerd Skeet Nerd is racist band

martin luther van zant said...

Look man, there are just a bunch of fun lovin' "you go that right" southern folks, god fearing "simple man" and "i need you" loving facing problems like everyone else with "my banker", as much concern of "that smell" of substance abuse, and overwhelmed "i know a little" big cities. They can be also be annoyed "don't ask me no questions" and can be a mean "mississippi kid".

But ... in birmingham they luv the guvnor ... ("sweet home alabama"), which then was black. They hated the racist hypocrasy of O' Neil, the then head of Senate and stereotyping remark of NEIL YOUNG.

I guess there are "things goin' on" that you don't know, like whats life really like in the ghetto.

They had a Freebird Foundation to help kids finish high school. This kids were what reverse racist sobs called white trash and black ghetto kids.

Rock on A Voice. I dig your musical taste and your sense of humanity.

LEDZEP said...

Halim Saad pun buat Yayasan Saad. For tax avoidance purposes.

crony said...


instead of paying tax to gomen he spend on education. So?

LEDZEP said...

So? Good lah. Halim Saad and Lynyrd Sekenit, memang padan

crony said...

not bad company though …

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probably time to have ledzep foundation to educate, propagte, think, plan and attend to sick sceptics, the thou-are-not-good- enoughs and i-am-only-rights.

setpol to setpol said...

you missed one important one ... YAYASAN TABUNG HIP

martin luther van zant said...

all my talkin and this ledzep took only one line ...

he must be a politician astute in the art of fault finding debate

don wanna pick fight but don wanna hear stereotypes

find your peace and allow each other space for peace ... imagine

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