Sunday, February 26, 2006

Rumours of War

We met on the beach amid rumours of war
Your head in your hand, what you saw you won't say
As the newspapers blew in the wind
I can see you're one of that kind
Who carry round a time bomb in their mind, no one knows
When you'll slip the pin
Rumours of war
Rumours of war

I see that your dress is torn at the edge
You were lost, intense, like a man on a ledge, waiting to jump
As the waves break over the shore
You say there's a storm that can't be delayed
And lately it seems to be comin' this way, you can hear it break
Like the slam of a door
Rumours of war
Rumours of war

You tell me, just look all around
At the past and the present, the cross and the crescent,
The signs and the planets are lining up like before
There are souls on fire in the day and the night
On the left and the right, in the black and the white
You can see it burn in the eyes of the rich and the poor
Rumours of war
Rumours of war

Rumours of war
Rumours of war

-- Al Stewart, Russians & Americans (1984)

I haven't been able to up-date my blog awhile... been somewhat busy. And, spending time at home searching for Ali's misplaced press clipping. It was moved that was why I couldn't find it. Mind you, what seemed such a dissarrayed working desk is actually a finely tuned arrangement :-)

Continuing my dedication to Blues Treat and D'Attap is this Al Stewart song, rearranged and delivered with such feist. It left an indelible reminder of many impending next target of the Israeli-Anglo-American war complex ... next being Iran and perhaps Syria.

It looks inevitable. They are quite preset to set aside any explanation on the nuclear facility in Iran. While Iran may deter it with smart manouvering with the Russian, they could come with a price for the Iranian. And, the "invaders" seemed to got their logistics in place and just to roll out the battle.

The reluctant party in this so-called War Against Terrorism has been Western Europe. I believed the cartoon controversies on the Danish newspaper was intended to turn the public opinion of liberal Scandinavian sympathy to Muslims into haters. With one stone and judging from blogs, websites and newspapers from Europe, it could have affected Western European psyche.

The so-called liberation of Afghanistan left these two countries into a shamble. Life is not any better. In Iraq, after so-called instituting democratic election, they disallowed the winning majority Shia and led the country into a Civil War. Hamas wins handsomely in Palestine and they are out to starve every living Palestine soul, even their Christian breathens.

I think they way they are acting, where reason and justification is put aside are typical attitude and irrationality of War. And its not anymore just a ... Rumour of War.

A Voice
Kuala Lumpur
February 26th., 2006 1:00 p.m.

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