Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Came Up The Hard Way

I came up the hard way, I had to work both night and day
I came up the hard way, I had to work both night and day
It's a shame, shame, shame, that a poor man have to live this way

I came up the hard way, they kept me workin' from sun to sun
I came up the hard way, they kept me workin' from sun to sun
Well it seems somehow or another, that a poor man's work ain't never done

Well my mother sat down and told me, she said Son, don't forget the golden rule
My mother sat down and told me, she said Son, don't forget the golden rule
I had to go head-on and deal with it yes I did, cause I didn't get, I didn't get too far in school

I came up the hard way, I had to work both night and day
I came up the hard way, I had to work both night and day
Ain't it a shame, ain't it a shame, that a poor man gotta live this way

(guitar solo)

My mother sat down and told me, she said Son, don't forget the golden rule
My mother sat down and told me, she said Son, don't forget the golden rule
That's all I had to deal with, because I didn't get too, too far in school

(harmonica solo by Mack Simmons)

-- Eddie Clearwater, Boogie My Blues Away" (released by Delmark in 1995; recorded in 1977)

I do not have much no personal comment to make here but let the song tell the story.

I saw Eddie Clearwater play in the winter of 79/80 in Chicago south side after attending the student conference in LSU, Baton Rouge.

It is a vivid memory of this Bluesmen of the Chicago blues scene. But I remembered of the nite's performance till today for his expression while playing this song.

That nite was his birthday and he sang with a sincere expression of "I ain't have nuthin' but the Blues" on his face. I believe it was this song.

Browsing the Internet, I found his website . Seems he got his act finally -- first album in 1997. Thats what? Some 20 years since I saw him play in Chicago.

Coincidently I was together in a ceremony delivering a check for a widow to send her kids to school. Education ... the passport for social mobility.

Signing off with Eddie's last word ... That's all I had to deal with, because I didn't get too, too far in school.

A Voice
Petaling Jaya
April 11th, 2006, 3:00 pm


roslan said...

You watch his act live in Chicago? And for him to come up with an album 20 plus years later and you still remember him.That was cool.

Mazlan said...

The selective mind can remember a lot of things after twenty years.

The whole month no posting.

Suddenly two postings with two dates.

Must be the blues...

payroll-tax said...

Great! More info here - http://blues-music.michaelbruce.net/1955-blues-music.html

KJ - Keling Jamban said...

Yet More Silly Things Women Say

Posted 18/06/06 17:36Email Print Save

We know our fairer friends often put their high-heeled feet in their mouths when talking about the football, but we didn't quite realise just how many of their little errors would wing their way to us from you.

If you hear any more silly female verbal offerings over the next five weeks, drop us a line at the usual address, theeditor@football365.com, preferably naming and shaming the young lady involved for maximum impact...

On the subject of 'the silly things women say', I recall the game against Portugal from Euro 2004, when we were beaten on pens as usual.

I was in Norway at the time with work, and was watching the game in a pub in Oslo with a few workmates. With extra time about to kick off, my mate went outside to phone his missus and came back in p**sing himself.

Apparently, when his other half answered the phone, she immediately screamed "don't tell me the score!" - bemused, my mate asked what she meant, to which she commented that the game was only just going into extra time on the TV in England, but as Norway is an hour ahead then we would already know the outcome!


..."I would be surprised if Argentina didn't win this" - my (Australian) wife Kim, after Argentina had scored their fourth goal against S&M.
Tim Birdsall

..During the Angola vs Portugal match the TV commentators mentioned something about World Cup groups, prompting my confused wife to ask "Do they get three points for every goal?"

And when trying to talk about England she couldn't remember Sven's name and referred to him, rather bizarrely, as Spendo Eriksson. I can't wait for him to take over at Real Madrid now.
David, Leeds.

...Watching Germany/Costa Rica here in the States with the better half, when the TV commentator makes a mention of the "12th Man":

She: What did he mean, 12th man? I thought there were 11 players?

Me: There are only 11 players.

She: I only see 10.

Me: Including the keeper?

She: Oh... so who is the 12th man? One of the substitutes?

Me: It's a term for the home fans.

(5 seconds of silence)

She: So how do they choose what fan gets to play? Is it random or did they win a contest?

Jesus wept.
Danny J, Spurs fan in Los Angeles

...Whilst watching the opening game of the world cup I tried to get my girlfriend Julie to take an interest and was talking about Jens Lehmann. I mentioned that he's an Arsenal player and that being an Arsenal supporter I wanted him to have a good tournament.

She replied. "How can he play for Germany if he's an Arsenal player?"
James Mitchell, Northumberland

...Commentator: "He was unable to train due to a cruciate knee injury."

The lovely Lady: "So what knee is more crucial than the other?"

...I work with a bird who having watched the Italy - Ghana game, came into the office and said, "Which one of the Ghana players plays for the Czech Republic?" Her name is Lisa H, and she is a constant source of entertainment.

...From a girl in my office during a conversation detailing the finer points of qualification from the group stages; "What happens if England and Sweden win all their group games?"
Ian Macbeth, Guildford

...The local bar here in Montpellier has a few American workers who after reading in the Herald Tribune that they were 5th in the world were quite excited by the prospect of winning the World Cup. So I headed there the other day to watch the Czechs humiliate them.

During the match there were plenty of priceless quotes from two of the American girls but one of them came out with this peach after the match: "Yeah, but soon we'll have lots of money and we'll buy all the best players".
Craig Miller

...I'd just turned on the France/Switzerland game when my sister-in-law perched on the sofa next to me, took a look at the the ticker at the top of the screen - FRA v SWI - and asked "Why are France playing Swindon?"

At least she's pretty.
Pilgrim, THFCLatest, Bournemouth.

...Whilst watching the opening between Germany and Costa Rica, my wife challenged me with the following questions:

When a team scores a goal and the players jump on each other to celebrate, do they ever jump on someone from the other team by mistake? And if they do, has that ever started a fight?"

Oh dear
Tom Deegan, Dubai

...My wife (Denise form Belfast) was watching the England v Jamaica warm-up game and commented "It's not fair - England won't give the other team the ball.

While watching England v T&T my friend's bird who for the life of me I can't remember the name of cos I don't pay attention, but she does look a little like the bird from Harry Potter says... "Can goalkeepers use their feet?" I just looked at her and shook my head.
Carl Sukonik, Manchester

...Watching football with my girlfriend on Sunday I was talking about exactly where I was going to watch England's next game, my girlfriend asked "So who do we play next then?"

I said that our next game was on Thursday against Trinidad & Tobago to which she replied with a puzzled look on her face, "what, both of them?".
Mark 'TAAAXI for my girlfriend' Campbell

...My receptionist - "When are england playing next?"

Me - "Tomorrow morning, 2am"

Receptionist - "Who against?"

Me - "Trinidad and Tobago"

Receptionist ' "TWO GAMES?"

Michael Bickers

...I was out having a smoke after the games on Saturday, when I heard a great exchange between two random drunken birds which went as follows.

Random bird one: "Did you see any of the football today?"

Random bird two: "No, why? Who won?"

Random bird one: "England beat Sweden, and Trinidad drew with Tobago"

Just brilliant
Barry from Dublin

...My girlfriend Jackie used to think that "injury time" was the time at the end of the match when both teams tried to injure the opposion!
Mark E

...I have just got tickets for Brazil v Australia. I am obviously excited. I tell my other half. Her reaction: "Why would you want to go and see Brazil play"

I f**king despair.
Milky (the excitement has been diminished somewhat) London

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