Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Country Boy: Not a Dedication to George W Bush

Picture Courtesy of Man Badak

I went to a country that’s baked by the sun
I took them some freedom, I carried a gun
I handed out candy to every one
I cant understand why they hate me

I was told it was terrorist plans I would foil
By setting up camp on this foreigner’s soil
I’m sure that it’s nothing to do with the oil
The billions of gallons beneath it

But it’s just one more push
For George W Bush
We’ll cheer as cruise missiles
Take off with a whoosh
With fins of titanium
Nose cones of uranium
We’ll make the world safe and secure

Democracy’s fine if you’ve got lots of food
But the people out here seem to be in a mood
So we’ll give them Big Mac’s in exchange for their crude
And everyone soon will be smiling

We spend all this money in huge foreign aid
But my buddy was killed with a rocket grenade
And depleted uranium seems to have made
Most of the vets sick with cancer


Uranium is dangerous it gets in the air
Inhaled by the children but we just don’t care
If they all get leukemia and all lose their hair
We’re engaged in a war against terror

I don’t think we’ll ever get out of this mess
The government controls both the science and the Press
While the people watch soaps to escape from the stress
And the generals make nuclear weapons


We all love our country, we all love our moms
The US exported both nukes and dot coms
Hiroshima weapons, uranium bombs
Justice and peace and real freedom


-- Dr Christoper Busby, Live at the PGPO's Criminalise War Conference 2007

This was an improptu performance by Dr Christoper Busby after presenting his paper during for Session 3A.

Dr Busby has given permission to make the MP3 version available here. If anyone wishing to "cut a record" or perform this song for profit, he request permission. The money could be really used for the Criminalise War worldwide campaign.

His papers and presentation will be available soon.

A Voice
PGPO Conference & Exhibition, Kuala Lumpur
January 6th, 2007 2:00 p.m.


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