Thursday, September 13, 2007

Happy Fasting & May Your Ramadan Be An Enlightening One.

Its first of Ramadhan today.

In Malaysia, we have been conditioned by our local culture to celebrate the Hari Raya or end of fasting of Ramadhan. In other Muslim countries, particularly where the celebration has not been adulterated by culture, the true celebration lies in the month Ramadhan.

Ramadhan is a month for Muslims to exercise restraint, seek foregiveness and reflect. It is a month where Muslim is obliged to fast by refraining from food, drinks and other normal habits from dawn to dusk. Without such habit, Muslim have more time to spend on ibadah. To many who have experienced it, ones performance of ibadah is more driven and spiritually fulfilling and enlightening while fasting and during Ramadan. There lies the "real" sense of celebration and festivities. However, it does not mean to neglect ones responsibilities.

The culturisation to emphasise the celebration of Eidul Fitri and the practise of its celebration has gone beyond its true meaning. Upon the completion Ramadhan, the celebration of Eidul Fitri becomes an immediate transformation to practice of waste and over indulgence, and the spiritual development achieved during Ramadan compromised.

I received two e-mail today.

One reminded me of a hadith that tells Ramadhan is incomplete without seeking foregiveness prior to it. This is unlike the usual practise in the early morning on first of Syawal. Thus, I would like to take the opportunity to seek foregiveness to all.

The other e-mail reminded us to be sensitive with the pight of the poor and offers an opportunity to help. Since Ramadhan encourages us to be modest, we could perhaps transfer the savings to donate and support the effort of the Islamic Relief Malaysia Berhad. For more information, see below:

Get more information on their blog here or click the above image. Donation can be made online here.

I would like to share some peculiar experiance. In my previous career, I came upon many circumstances of non-Muslims with Muslim colleagues experimented with fasting and grown to enjoy it. For whatever reason, it is an interesting phenomenon for thoughts and perhaps, interfaith appreciation and understanding.

To All, Wishing Happy Fasting & May Your Ramadhan Be An Enlightening One.



A joyous Ramadan bro.

SK said...

Selamat Berpuasa!

Kua Kia said...


I am seriously puzzled by muslims..
If you are hungry, eat. If you are thirsty, drink.
Restraint? What restraint?
Muslims and Malays still take corruption.
A lot of my muslim acquintances dont give zakat and dont care about the hardcore poor.
Is there really any point in Ranadan.

Nora said...

Selamat berpuasa brother

Gambus said...

Selamat Berpuasa Bro ..

and woo hoo , it seem your blog has been targetting by some racist cybertrooper , mind like Kua Kia is the most scaring part - natural born hatred ...

Peace Upon Him ...

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