Monday, October 11, 2010

‘Pondan’ undeserve the helm of nation leadership

It all started out many months back out of concern by a group of pro-BN bloggers to find out about the new amendment to the Internal Security Act (ISA). Or was it a year back?

With the Government’s public relation rather weak in handling the political propaganda generated from the other side, this group of bloggers felt that the new amendment would be fodder for the other side to get political mileage.

The problem was BN members of Parliament, particularly the Backbenchers do not seem to debate effectively in Parliament and seldom being seen swarmed by opposition MPs in the jungle-like atmosphere in Parliament.

BN politicians are not effective in giving out views for media to publish as a report. They keep repeating same old arguments and cliches without much new input and creativity.

Despite the different attitude of us bloggers on the ISA, whether liberal or conservative inclined, we felt we need to give the Government a hand and use the opportunity to constructively contribute.

Since our issues are more political and the gist is also political communication in nature, the best person to talk to will have to be the ‘political master’ and guardian of the ISA.

‘Political master’ phrase means the person is not a Government servant. Only one person that fit the description and before it was mimicked as Menteri Amaran Dalam Negeri, it is the Menteri Dalam Negeri or Minister of Home Affairs.

Having agreed that we meet up with Dato Hishamuddin Hussein Onn, one of us with access got in touch with him.

Initially he agreed and an appointment was set. Then it was cancelled, another time will be set. To meet with Ministers, it will have to be at his convenience. Their schedule is understandably pact.

Another time was given and at a different place. When it is almost near the scheduled time, again it was cancelled and another time promised.

There was some hot news and it was thought he was held up by the event. Another time and place to be given.

This set and change pattern was going for a while. Other than ISA, Hishamuddin was developing a strange trend then.

Unbecoming of a Minister of Home Affairs, who is suppose to be quiet but decisive and effective in his role, Hishamuddin was becoming media crazy. He wants to be reported in the media regularly and getting political mileage could be the motivation.

Being placed second to Dato Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi in the UMNO Vice President race was not enough, he could only sense that he felt his rightful position is in first place.

There is a widely held belief that Tan Sri Muhyudin does not aspire to be Prime Minister and is contented with his role as Deputy to Dato Seri Najib by virtue of being seven years older than Najib. Hishamuddin want to be positioned as first Vice President so it justify him to be the next PM after Najib.

Having aspiration is fine and working towards it is also fine. What is not fine is when one is manouvring but bad mouthing others and putting words into others mouth that someone else is planning to topple Muhyiddin is not fine. Furthermore, vice Presidents are supposed to set an example to focus on strengthening the party.

Sources within Zahid Hamidi’s circle are sore with this ‘baling batu sorok tangan’ game of Hishamuddin. Political observers with inside track of happening behind the scene confirmed this.

As usual I’ll call a spade a spade. Zahid is another story of incompetence and questionable integrity but Hishamuddin’s cunningness is unbecoming of a man coming from bangsawan family.

He maybe stealth in his political game but not as a Minister. Instead of keeping a low profile but effective, he was making warning after warning but nothing is seen to be done by his Ministry. Racist and seditious remarks that contributed to rising interracial tension are being left without any action.

Hishamuddin indecisiveness and inaction encouraged these trouble makers to push the envelope further. Constitutionally taboo subject are being questioned. Institutions like judiciary, police, and royal are being slandered and insulted upon.

Thus the description Menteri Amaran Dalam Negeri caught the imagination of blogger Husin Lempoyang.

Hishamuddin issues is not limited to those mentioned. Lately, he was put under fire by Tan Sri Musa Hasan for interference and suddenly my old friend, Raja Petra Kamaruddin is a big fan of Hishamuddin and giving “support” to him.

Do beware. Pete is only hitting Musa on behalf of certain organised crime group and vengeful “corrupted” former Deputy IGP denied the IGP post. Corrupted is described in quote unquote because Ramli Yusof and accomplice lawyer Rosli Dahalan got away in court.

Pete is also doing some posturing into a new political identity. This new posture could send shivers to Anwar.

Why did Hishamudin not act against Namewee? His inaction and warning only made the boy a bigger name? Yet TNB and SKMM could act against Hasan Skodeng. That maybe be about TNB and SKMM but the point here is offenses done by Malays are seen to be swiftly addressed to but non Malays getting away with “murder”. Dato Patmanathan?

It seemed Hishamuddin is more worried about his Chinese majority Sembrong constituency then the security of the nation.

He is seen as being indecisive on racist Uthayakumar’s statement against the Sultan of Johor. Why only now is he seeking audience with the Sultan? Does he consider himself Johorean or shall we consider him Selangorian since he is Kuala Lumpur born? He should pursue the challenging Selangor MB post then.

These are among many issues that Hishamuddin is besieged with. We intend to hear his side of the story and it was way before all these became issues.

He is not the first Minister, or politician (BN or opposition), or Government official or CEO or corporate captain that we meet to hear their side of the story. It is just that we do not take pictures to show off in our blog.

Our group of bloggers is kept small within our circle of trust. The subject range is wide and beyond the usual subject of partisan politics most Mesra BN bloggers are accustomed too.

Our discussions are serious, honest and no holds barred. Having that access, we not only conveyed our views, agreement or disagreement, but used the opportunity to convey the Rakyat’s grievances and also issues raised by opposition.

For instance, when one CEO of a GLC called Anwar a big liar with regard to remark against his company, we told point blank that Anwar may have screwed up his numbers but he is conceptually right.

We believe such honest feedback is useful for them. If they can’t pass the scrutiny of Mesra BN bloggers, what chance do they have with opposition bloggers or public.

Anyway, thus far, this is what we have done outside the written words in our blogs. Alhamdulillah, our effort is being appreciated and much sought after as a group or as individuals. In fact, we look forward to engage with Pakatan leaders and Government officials because Anwar was one of the first to have such session with us.

Unfortunately, our extended helping hand is not appreciated but insulted upon by Hishamuddin. I have lost count how many times and excuses he has come up to cancel out appointment. One say three but it fell to me like five or six.

If he does not want to meet, then do not set appointment and not come up with excuses like improper time, improper place or not neutral site, and perhaps waiting for some bomoh to determine right sun setting.

These excuses were known later when he was under pressure. It is begining to feel like a debate between UMNO and Pas that never materialise.

Adding to the insult, he sent us go-betweens to know the questions ahead to prepare as though he is Amisham getting 'soalan bocor' from Khairy to answer in Parliament. Does he know his job?

At first, he had his boy, an Exco of Pemuda UMNO member, arrange us to meet a Government official, and he will determine whether the issues warrant the Minister to see us. We intentionally stood him up out of distaste. The issues we seek are political in nature, why the Government official must sibuk?

After getting much heat from pro BN bloggers, he then sent his political Secretary, Markiman to deal with us. There is nothing to deal with us as though we are some political worms hustling for money from politicians.

That is insulting. And that’s it!

This attitude of Hishamuddin deserve to be made known to the public because the rakyat deserve to know who their future leaders really are.

It seems Hishamuddin feels he deserve the position of Prime Minister in the future as though there is a royal tradition that he represent the heir for the Tun Hussein Onn lineage that should succeed after the Tun Abdul Razak lineage premiership.

I have seen pictures of Hishamuddin in a Ministry of Education event sitting with wife Tengku Marsilla like King and Queen on a throne like chairs!

Hishamuddin must know that many believe he does not deserve the position and many elders in UMNO, except for survivalist Dato Seri Rais Yatim, agree. He will only become President of UMNO by cheating the political selection process.

If he becomes President, he will further diminish UMNO and BN, just like his legacy to turn the tigerous Pemuda UMNO of Syed Jaafar Albar and Harus Idris into a timid Persian house cat, and for bringing in Si Kitol, Khairy Jamaluddin.

Hishamuddin will be doing a great service to the nation by dousing such burning desire to be PM. To put a coward or ‘pondan’ at the helm of the nation leadership, it will only put the nation in grave danger.

I hope cousin Najib hear this. His cousin fail and made fundamental mistakes that does not deserve him to be his heir apparent.

Do stop this nepotistic practise of passing the premiership within family members. Since Najib wants to be his openness and liberal ways, dump his cousin.

Let the fittest lead, even if the person is women and come from a poor lowly kampung family. The people want someone who truly understand their hardship!


yat said...

just do some campaign to vote these type or persons out in next GE. The list are:

wee ka siong
zahid hamidi
ismail sabri

honestly, i can't think the suitable candidate for the next PM other than Ku Li, tok pa, mukhriza etc....current UMNO VPs are not fit become the next PM...

Anonymous said...

Good writing.
I could not have disagreed much. Politician does not really make an excellent guardian of our 'Internal Affairs'. Former IGPs, should be the best choice, i think.

Anonymous said...

Bro, well done, well said. Hope the PM reads ur piece!!

Tok Mudim said...


Setiap kali aku dengar bunyi meriam buluh masa kat kampung cuti raya, aku teringat kat Hishamudin.

Pelurunya tak ke mana, tapi tukang taruk karbaid yg pergi hospital.

Baik aku tolong mak aku buat kueh.

Pemerhati said...

Hishamuddin should GO!

Ciku said...

some personality just lack of self assessment..... PM? what a joke?....never a second I imagine he could become PM.

gram.kong said...

I was never wrong of my opinion of this man and now you have confirmed my fear that he is absolutely incompetent and unfit to be a minister.

The problem is he thinks highly of himself and think you and your group of bloggers are not worthy of his presence and time.

Anonymous said...

What do we expect from the Failure Heritage- Dato Onn half way gone and Hussein only one term gone with bad health cause by 'hati busuk' towards Dato Harun and now this pondan is nothing worth at all. But Najib will keep this pondan coz his auntie will be very angry if he kick his cousin.

whatever said...

OopS Najib should be accorded the term Pondan Do u thinks so

Cucu said...

Hisham 'The Menteri Amaran' aspire to be the PM?? Oh, please..!! Baik lantik si Mahfuz Mr Bean - Boleh jugak kita pakat gelak.The message is very simple: Hisham has to go - pi la jadi MB Johor ke jadi duta ke Kampuchea ke but he needs to go.Just go.And bring back Ku Li into the kabinet - not to replace Hisham but to take over from NMY.Tempat Hisham patut bagi kat Anifah Aman..

Anonymous said...

Kerismuddin cannot become the next PM,If he is a UMNO president..UMNO surely will end because he only knows the word .."AMARAN..AMARAN..AMARAN..AMARAN...AMARAN...AMARAN.AND AMARAN ONLY" SO THIS MEANS THAT UMNO WOULD PERISH WITHOUT AMARAN.

Anonymous said...

'Keluarga Bangsawan' a***. Keluarga bangsawan is about acquiring dignity,being cultured... not decadence.
What can you say about Malay families indulging in mahjong/ginrunmee sessions during Hari Raya gatherings.
And this was in the early eighties happening in the Straits view area in JB ..mind you.
Dari keluarga macam ni nak jadi pemimpin Melayu... la* c**u laa...
Sorry voice.. for the vulgarites.

Spaceexplorer1 said...

What UMNO need is a good and honest leader. Hishamudin thinks he has no competitor for UMNO presidency because the other current Vice Presidents are same as him, useless. However, he has big advantage as cousin to PM.

UMNO members must start to promote and give their support to Tok Pa as next PM and not let useless people use their political connection to buy UMNO members' vote.
For Mukriz he is too new in th Govt and seems like too afraid to voice his/rakyat concern (Maybe takut kena buang kerja). Nothing to be afraid to say the truth. Mukriz is still to far to compare with his father. (Pls proof your own ability and not use your father's good name to win UMNO members' vote or else you are same as Najib and Hishamudin).

Anonymous said...

Another MCOBAhomo! Balik koleq pie hisap konek amok!

charles bronson said...

Buat malu arwah Dato Onn saja.

Buang aja black belt color biru tu.

kingnek said...

Hishamuddin amat berbahaya bukan saja bagi UMNO tapi bagi Malaysia. Bayangkan seseorang seperti Pak Lah, tapi jauh lebih pengecut dan lebih kerap tido (beri amaran bila bangun, kemudian tido balik)

Karier politik Hishamudin mesti dijahanamkan, jika UMNO hilang sebuah kerusi di Johor, ia masih berbaloi kerana orang itu akan terhumban ke tanah

Yang boleh jadi pemimpin UMNO akan datang, adalah seperti Mukhriz, MB Zambry, Noh Omar dan lain2

Hishamudin? NO NO! Hancur negara!

yat said...

make sure he will not win next ge, someone should initiate the campaign in his himetown, vote him out...there is no way najib gonna expel him

Anonymous said...

Budak2 hishamuddin pula sensitif giler bila boss mereka di komen. apa punya pemimpin takut nak jumpa blogger dan ditegur pemgikut melenting

Anonymous said...

what we want now is action to all those who played wronged, not only nice words such as amaran with a smile...


A Voice said...

Juslo and other nics but still Juslo

I think the blog you are looking for is an english grammar blog.

This is the wrong blog for you.

Anonymous said...

So, so you think you can tell

Heaven from Hell

Blue skies from pain

Can you tell a green field

From a cold steel rail?

A smile from a veil?

Do you think you can tell?

A Voice said...


Different of opinion or criticism, I don't mind but personal insult and hostility does not serve any purpose.

Do it in your own blog.

So what my grammar is bad. This is my blog and I do not need to refer to anyone.

Suggest you file a complain with MCMC.

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