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Meow meow for Big Cat ... Still on Johor [up-dated]

Meow meow ... Hello hello ...

Big Cat gave a response to our previous posting here, which investigated a lead from Rocky Bru's here.

Far from looking at his view as picking a quarrel, we at ABITW appreciate his response. And we seek his extensive Johor network to investigate and answer some leads.

Big Cat and his commentators here alert us not to look away from Khazanah. They could be doing a cover-up of their wrongdoing at the Medini project, as an example.

That's worth pursuing.

Big Cat also dispell Dato Lim Kang Ho's link to Menteri Besar Dato Gani Osman.

It would mean there is no truth that Lim is de facto MB of Johor, a common heard remark in Johor to imply Lim gets whatever he wish for in Johor.

We are quite aware of the relationship between Lim Kang Ho with Dato Hishamuddin Hussein Onn as fellow Directors in Ekovest berhad. This is Hishamuddin before joined politics and became a Minister. He has long formally left Ekovest.

Maybe Big Cat could help us understand as to why would Gani deal with a corporate personality, who could be a nominee or proxy of another politician? More so, when that politician joined politics with his help to make an opening at his Division's Youth Leader post.

Lim Kang Ho is believed to have had a big role in resuscitating KPRJ. Some said there were two plots of land given to him in exchange for his role.

If it is true, it was kind of sad. So happen "we" know of KPRJ before Dato Gani Osman could think of how to fund his Infra Desa idea. "We" is not ABITW but an entity of a group of professional financial men.

"We" knew well ahead KPRJ will face a problem way before they signed the loan agreement with Perwira Habib Bank (or was it Perwira Affin Bank).

And, "we" knew ahead that KPRJ will resort to use of PLC such as Man Yau Berhad to solve it's problem. Taufik Tun Dr Ismail and Abu Zaroff (now with Scomi) didn't get the financial turnaround of KPRJ job.

Hopefully, Big Cat can confirm with us if it was Tebrau Teguh Berhad that replaced Man Yau as the vehicle.

If so, it poses another qustion. KPRJ claim to be concern for rural infrastructure and common folks housing.

But, why is KPRJ subsidiary, Tebrau moving away from low to medium housing to high end property?

Kesian for the hardworking people of KPRJ. They should blame the older team of KPRJ for not being frugal in their spending. They had lined-up Merc and Bimmers in front of the corporate office. It was Gani that gave them that free hand.

"We" could certainly help but Gani trusted a Singaporean with New Zealand passport, Dato Amiruddin Yusof Lana. He ended asking "us" how to do it.

Gani was turned on by a simple concept paper that was sexy like a mini skirt but hid it's passage to paradise. He saw it as a political move to endear himself with the people. At the same time, he could ride the unpopularity of his former Muar High School classmate and rubbish him further with allegations that only Anwar could dare do such.

Too bad, he was too kedekut to pay professional for their intellectual property i.e. he stole the idea. Stolen goods has no barakah.

While Lim Kang Ho has formally departed ways with Hishamuddin long time ago in Ekovest, it is puzzling that he kept getting endless projects and lands from the state and it's agencies and is in business with state SLCs?

For instance, Danga Bay is bought over by Iskandar Investment Berhad.

Maybe Big Cat could investigate if the the highway to Nusajaya was given to Lim Kang Ho. How much did it cost and how much it should cost?

Like you, we are concern for BN. But, we will not defend them blindly. Wrong is wrong.

Of late, the corporate boys of the BN Government have been shooting BN's own feet. MAS Air Asia is a stark example where more than 100,000 votes may not come BN's way.

Naturally, BN Government have to defend them, be it Khazanah Nasional, Johor SEDC, IIB, NFC, etc. That only worsen the situation and image of BN.

How are we to criticise the Selangor Government for destroying institutions like Yayasan Selangor but we ourselves are destroying the work and effort of institutions that we ourselves built.

How are we going to stand on the podium to claim "Kita perjuangkan nasib orang Melayu" but it is Lim Kang Ho that becomes the kingpin of Johor and Singaporean Peter Lim that is getting the headline of buying land and properties in Johor Baru.

The 100 over Bumiputera entrepreneurs, who agrees to be minority shareholders are under Johor Corp. One has already and 33 more to follow in losing their job and the company they built from scratch, fired by management committee of Johor Corp which is chaired by Gani himself but strangely the CEO is not allowed attendance.

Is that is what improving values to play more social role means? It sounds more like to fore-go the current and existing social role to make the capitalist richer. The latter social role will always be maybe.

Since Big Cat is a great fan of The Benchmark here, do find out about Knusford Berhad. The website here reads the Chairman as Dato Halimah Sadique, a member of Gani's faction. Lim Kang Ho is inside too!

However, it is believed not to be his. There could be other ultimate beneficiary.

So is the case with the grand masterplan for the Johor Baru Central Business District (CBD). Do investigate.

There could probably be something which even anonymous bloggers dare not write.

Since Peter Lim and The Benchmark is mentioned, investigate any truth that the go-between commission for one deal on a TNB land near Stulang Laut that was sold to Peter Lim reaped in RM80 million by booking a left and right accounting entry. Gani or Lim Keng Ho is not accused.

But, who is the ultimate beneficiary?

Another one involves the oil and gas industry in which land gazetted for gas pipeline was hijacked. Now all the oil and gas company have to pay a lanun in yellow. Who is the lanun?

These ultimate beneficiaries and unstated purposes are uncontrollable factors not good for business.

When there is unstated purpose/(s) behind a certain corporate exercise, save us the public from the official communique. It just goes out the other ear.

In these day and age of transparency and information availability, do it properly. Not only, do not get caught, do not also alert suspicion. Otherwise, it will turn into a political campaign issue.

By doing things proper, one ensure BN's victory in the next general election.

The people are convinced that Pakatan Rakyat is not the answer. But they want to be convinced that UMNO has undergone ethical and moral transformation before giving BN the votes. Attacking opposition is not enough.

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Anonymous said...

A Voice,

Fully agree with you that attacking opposition is not enough. But that's what UMNO has been doing since the debacle it suffered in the 2008 GE.

The truth must be told and exposed for public consumption. It will be more appealing and acceptable to the voters who are now more educated and critical. They won't simply take anything at face value.


Pak Zawi said...

Great stuff! Thanks for the info. High time for those in position of power to beware that there eyes that see and ears that hear. Will they hear you?

bodoh.pandai said...

I wonder where is MACC on this. I wonder if this was happening in a Pakatan controlled state, how many nano seconds will MACC take to jump on this information .

Its good to be UMNO.

Seri Medini said...

From the way NST wrote their IIB article a couple of days back, MACC is actually on top of things. There is truth in what they talked about legalised lopsided deals with foreigners and offshore companies when it comes to Medini land transactions.

MACC is dealing with easy cases first, ie. all the plain corruption cases related to construction projects.

What was not clearly stated was MACC is also looking at investigating Khazanah deals relating to Medini township. There are lot of mess in this. Go ask any IIB staff.

As a start, MACC should check the agreement signed between Rim City Sdn Bhd and Global Capital & Devt Sdn Bhd.

Things will be out in the open soon. Good luck to Amok, GS and ZKS. Pray hard.

A Voice said...

Sorry, no insulting comments on Big Cat allowed. We are not quarelling.

Anonymous said...


MACC kantoi Pakatan pasal depa merompak macam pencuri coklat di supermarket.

Tu yang mudah detected

Anonymous said...

This is not about the IIB case but look more like the usual Ghani bashing instead. Most of the points are rather old.

Anonymous said...

what do you mean by lanun in yellow?

Anonymous said...


Tok Mudim said...

Haji Bro,

Did I smell Nurjazlan somewhere along the trail.....It does smell like him

But whoever it is, as a concern fellow Johorean, let the ball rolls.

Anonymous said...

Lim Kam Ho is Gamuda's proxy.

Anonymous said...

Pls do something to prevent the worst for bumiputera in johor... Where 'pejuang bangsa'

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