Friday, September 27, 2013

Body language tells a different story

Dato' Hishamuddin is stretching himself as much as possible to get support from Wanita that he gatecrashed a Wanita do in Kluang Johor with incumbent Ketua Wanita UMNO, Dato Shahrizat Jalil.

The Utusan Malaysia here reported a glowing story on Hishamuddin's support from Johor. That is not the story and it is expected of Johor UMNO to give and Hishamuddin to get support from UMNO leadership of Johor.

They wouldn't exactly shame themselves and their "local" boy made good. But there was more than what was said.

In the report, the Ketua Wanita UMNO Johor, Datuk Sharifah Azizah Syed Zain said the movement will support candidate that was brilliant in their task.

In padded words, she said she see no reason why Wanita UMNO Johor would reject Hishamuddin. We do not have the exact quote but Utusan reported as below:
“Saya tidak nampak mengapa Wanita UMNO Johor perlu menolak Datuk Hishammuddin, beliau telah melaksanakan tugas dan tanggungjawabnya dengan cemerlang dan harus disokong," katanya.
That statement is in the negative.

Berita Harian online yesterday reported the event:
Kluang: Perwakilan Wanita UMNO akan memilih calon yang bertanggungjawab mengutamakan serta mengarusperdanakan suara golongan itu pada pemilihan parti, bulan depan.

Ketuanya, Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil, berkata perwakilan Wanita UMNO akan memberi penghormatan dan sokongan kepada mereka yang memberi sumbangan kepada perjuangan wanita, sebelum ini.

"Pada kami, perjuangan ini mustahak dalam mengambil kira siapa yang nak disokong, ini perjuangan bersama dan Wanita UMNO ambil kira siapa yang bertanggungjawab mengarusperdanakan wanita..., jadi faham-faham sajalah," katanya pada sidang media selepas berucap pada majlis Seuntai Kasih Sejambak Sayang Wanita UMNO Johor, di sini semalam.

Beliau berkata demikian ketika ditanya siapakah bakal calon dipilih Wanita UMNO bagi jawatan Naib Presiden parti pada pemilihan UMNO, bulan depan.
That is a loaded statement. See it?


One should sense something when Shahrizat said "...jadi faham-faham sajalah." The full quote below should mean something.
"Pada kami, perjuangan ini mustahak dalam mengambil kira siapa yang nak disokong, ini perjuangan bersama dan Wanita UMNO ambil kira siapa yang bertanggungjawab mengarusperdanakan wanita..., jadi faham-faham sajalah."
It is like Shahrizat sending a message to someone for not helping to "mengarusperdanakan wanita."

In Bernama TV's crawler last night, Hishamuddin also said something to the effect in support of mainstreaming women. Why didn't he say something else?

Takpe lah, it is campaign time and it is about pleasing people. But newswatcher like us gets curious fast to such cheap display.

From the montage of picture from Minaq-Jinggo here, the picture below shows Shahrizat and Hishamuddin in a press conference.

It is as though Shahrizat practically did not acknowledge Hishamuddin's presence despite him sitting next to her during press conference. But that is just one snap and she is focusing on her statement.

Unless something is annoying her, Shahrizat is noticably not as cheerful as the rest.

In this picture, she looked away from Hishamuddin. It can't be the armpit smell because he's got his armpit tucked now.


HishamGonner said...

Bro hisham is in big trouble with kak ijat and her staunch supporters in wanita. it stems from the way police roughly treated her family during a raid on her house in relation to the nfc case. and hisham didnt tell them the truth when some of them saw him a few hours prior. at the wanita johor event, he was reported to be representing umno johor. hisham? representing umno johor? something doesnt add up.

matsembrong said...

hisham ni di johor pun ramai perwakilan nak mandikan dia. penyokong2 mb khalid nordin tak lupa lagi apa hsiham buat masa pemilihan lepas. selama ni pun hisham bukan kisahpun umno johor. rekod kehadiran mesyuarat perhubungan umno negeri dia hancusss. tu sbb dia terhegeh2 jumpe perwakilan sampai majlis wanita pun dia terjah. malangnya nampak sangat kak ijat tak happy kehadiran hisham!

Anonymous said...

the power of bau ketiak!

Anonymous said...

HishamKeris tak layak pun pegang apa jawatan...l

Anonymous said...

Sy harap PAU akan pilih Ketua Wanita UMNO yg BARU dan tak pilih Menteri Amaran. Cukup-cukup lah.


Anonymous said...

Mana lagi power ?.. Sepupu atau besan.....
Btw hisham has proven since his ketua pemuda time that he has no ball until as vp.... From menteri belia sampai menteri kdn.... Semua nya fail.

You need to ball made of steel la hisham.... Go back and read your grandpa history la Sis.... buat malu keturunan saja

Anonymous said...

Isham patut bertanding lawan kak jat jer... Tu pun belum tentu dia boleh menang.

Anonymous said...


Dato Onn dan Tun Hussain Onn pun meninggal di luar UMNO.
Hisham ni pun tak bolih pakai.

Omno Selayang.

Anonymous said...

Sorry bro, you are looking the wrong way. This is all a show by Shahrizat and Hisham.

Shahrizat have long committed to say Wanita UMNO will not support Hishamuddin. So she has to save face and act that way.

Her former polical secrertary Suhaimi Ibrahim has been at all Hishamuddin campaign and including seen on stage. He was almost hired by Hishamuddin as his political secretary but tak ada rezeki.

This time it could be him cari nyawa because the 1azam case could stick to him. He has been detained for 5 days, what do you expect? It only means he knows a lot. He has been using teh luxury ALphard for his personal use.

While Hishamuddin needs Suhaimi to reach out to Wanita members. That was why Hishamuddin gatecrash yesterday's event.

Logically, Hisham would have his wanita UMNO supportrs to alert him of the event. Hishamuddin's appearance is known ahead by Shahrizat's entourage and some members of the media.

To some extent, Shahrizat could be expressing her disgust but on the same note, anak mami ni could be play acting.

She could be play acting at the event and could be play acting she did not asked Hishamuddin to threaten Hamidah to quit the naib ketua wanita race.

Her interest is for her political survival and she does not care to mainstream and rejuvenate wanita.

If she care, why is it that significantly less than 30% of wanita was selected as election candidate? If she really care, she would quit. There is no such thing as nobody else in a party of 3 million.

Basically she will not allow anyone cleverer or potential leaders surface until she secure herself. She still got one more term for senatorship.

It also explains why she picked an old horse with the look of a Indon maid as her running mate over the young and fresh Suraya. Azizah can be her eyes and ears in the Ministry of Women, Welfare and family development.

If Shahrizat is serious to rejuvenate the party, she would picked on Suraya as running mate and lend her support. Suraya positioned herself as lonefighter and disassociated herself from Azalina. She pledged support for Shahrizat but it is Shahrizat's girls that have been stalking her. Creating blogs to ridicule her.

This game is already known among wanita players.

What so difficult for a desperate Hishamuddin and a desperate Sharizat to work together?

Hishamuddin needs Shahriat's help to survive. Shahrizat can survive without Hishamuddin but some horse trading could propel her career back.

There is another piece to this puzzle. NFC will be sold and this project involved Pak Lah, Khairy and her husband. She in not involved but she knows about it. THey had thought of trying to cover the tracks by not taking the project to cabinet for approval. Pak Lah was the person who approved it.

NFC is going to be sold to a Japense. WHat is the replacement? Rumour in high places say it is RM500 million.

maae said...

Personally my comment on hisham - macam lalang.

As a political leader and holding important post (before and after) he has no political stance at all. At least to be a man with principles. Needless to say, lean on others, especially PM.

Anonymous said...

ok lah tu bang , both of them should be given another chance to retain their post in UMNO , Shahrizat did a very excellent job. Hisham on the other hand used different approach ( i guess) which is unpopular to the UMNO reps but somehow he might have something big after all the feedback . i decided to vote for Sharizat as Ketua Wanita and giving Hisham another chance for Naib President

Anonymous said...

Should ask both of them for how long they are going to hang on to their comfortable position.....

Should try to venture out there in the real world

Anonymous said...

Cheap article
I know shahrizat kj n hisham move in one group...

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