Thursday, July 27, 2017

Opposition left it to Kelab Che Dog to defend Top Dog

The response to the lambasting of Top Dog cum Tok Wali cum Tun Dr Mahathir by Dato Najib [read here] at Invest Malaysia by the opposition leaders was telling. They were not bothered to defend his past.

Otai Reformasi leader resigned in protest of Mahathir's leadership of Pakatan Harapan. At the forum “Mahathir, agent of change or agent of destruction?”, panel were divided and few notably viewed him as doing more harm than good. [Read FMT here.]

Hishamuddin Rais comment below is viralling on social media as he stressed that Mahathir is aimless:

Back to the under attack Mahathir whose without defenders from PH.

Datin Seri Wan Azizah was obviously defensive to the new development against Mahathir to say PH will form an RCI to investigate everything, including Mahathir.

That is not helpful to his cause. It was Mahathir that announced at the PH logo and committee membership that within 100 days of forming government, there will be an RCI to probe into 1MDB. He is obviously panicking over Forex RCI.

And, FMT helped tone down the statement.

PAN's Dr Dzulkefly came off as rather repetitious.

He has used Najib-look-desperate line before.

Actually, Najib remained cool as a cucumber despite all the attack from outside and conspiring from within UMNO at work. It is Mahathir that looked over-anxious and nervous with repeated attack inclusive of U turns and un-Mahathir like dementia statements.

The same Najib-look-desperate line was also used by Wan Azizah. Again, desperate he is not, cool he is to the point of being wrongly perceived as indifferent, and serious he should as he is the incumbent.

In the meanwhile, Tony Pua was in his usual DAP uncouth style.

Najib was being a gentlemen but he pounce without any class or finesse to just blast away.

It hardly make him more effective. It seemed more diversionary and no effort to defend their "statesman" Coalition Chairman.

Najib was talking to the foreign investors but Pua was going political. Most likely, he cannot relent because 1MDB was his baby born out of the orgy with Rafizi and later joined by Mahathir.

Undefended Mahathir had to go for the jugular as he pursued AG Tan Sri Apandi Ali with a startling new revelation. But it is not unknown to those in the know.

Knowing that it is not enough as he has been consistently challenged to reveal OSA proofs, he had to do more.

The second DOJ suit for civil asset forfeiture revealed his hand as the conductor who fake the two DOJ suits for trial by media to sabotage a government entity. The pink diamond viralled but not in the document was the giveaway. 

This time he revealed the identity of his source and what he had in hand. Most likely, he will get Clare Rewcastle to reveal the documents he had in order to avoid being charged for OSA.

The documents leaked by either Tan Sri Zeti or Tan Sri Abu Kassim or Tan Sri Gani Patail to Mahathir maybe incomplete and inconclusive but serve his politics.

It serve to confirm to those in the know that Mahathir provided the documents to Clare Rewcastle who later on adulterated and massaged the information to slander Najib.

Mahathir cannot be trusted to hide the identity of his source. There is the possibility he could be hanging his source to dry for a reason.

It shows desperation.

It could also be that the former political maestro is running out of cards and is left with his last few cards left....

Guess he is comfortable to leave his fate to be defended by the unschooled loyal fan club Kelab Che Dog. When their back is against the wall and unable to argue, KCD would usually resort to swarm and accuse those against Mahathir as "makan dedak".

Clowns of fanatics, kesian Top Dog.

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