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Surely Tun Daim ... Man Koboi for SC Chairman?

Blogger Big Dog's growl towards a lawyer Dato for ridiculous expectation on Lembaga Tabung Haji came off as a surprise. Why is the newly appointed Chairman, Tan Sri Mohd Nor Yusof rather quiet?

According to sources familiar with corporate figures of Tun Dr Mahathir's first time as Prime Minister, Mohd Nor Yusof is associated with Tun Daim. Recent appointments to PNB, Khazanah, BNM, and Petronas was noticeably aligned directly or indirectly to Mahathir or Daim.

Positions to head Bursa Malaysia and Securities Commission are still not fulfilled. Bursa CEO, Dato Seri Tajuddin Atan tendered his resignation in June and it is still headless. There is widespread head hunting exercise but no takers due to the low salary.

Government must be in a bind to fill-up the large number of vacancies that even Dato Ahmad Azman bin Dato Abdul Manaf or Man Koboi to his MCOBA friends is considered acceptable for the position of SC Chairman.

It was Utusan Malaysia that broke the story yesterday. Unless it is a decoy before a surprise announcement, The Star reported Azman as the likely candidate.

On paper, he has the basic background to assume any government-appointed position. He is Managing Director and CEO of SJ Secuities together with Chairman of the Association of Stockbroking Companies in Malaysia.

Being a politician, is he consistent with PH Manifesto?

Azman lost to Latt Shariman at Kuala Kedah 
It was about 15 years ago over coffee at Uncle Lim's that a seasoned and former stockbroker commented on the declining numbers of Malay stockbrokers in the market.

He said, "Sudah tidak banyak lagi stockbroker Melayu. Tinggal beberapa orang saja. Man Koboi di SJ dah sibuk dengan politik. Opis dah tak masuk. Peter Lim yang run the show...."

Azman was then the Deputy Division Head of UMNO Kuala Kedah, a PAS stronghold and was positioning himself for Division head.

It was during the Pak Lah's Premiership that there was a groundswell developing among dissatisfied Mahathir's followers. Azman could be seen every other night at the various watering holes frequented by the UMNO crowd or attending political forums or talks.

If Mahathir is now talking about Selamatkan Malaysia, Najib was transformation and Anwar Ibrahim's reformasi, Man Koboi was hanging out with groups talking about National Correction Program.

He told his close friends of his aspiration to be the saviour to change UMNO from within. Guess no more UMNO in the picture.

His cigar chomping and equally vocal wife could be seen tagging along. Both were spewing the need to fight for a better life for Kuala Kedah fishermen, political horse trading and thwarting political brokers squeezing for their money at Hard Rock Cafe next to Concorde Hotel.

The son of an ambassador, and studied at an elite boarding school As told by his batch boy, he was representing MCKK for the Piala Perdana English debate competition since Form 1. His English then was far superior than the likes of Telok Intan boy, Dato Zulkifli Alwi who later worked for NSTP.

Azman does not jive with kampong folks of Kuala Kedah. In the Majlis Ilmu he attended, his view tend to be totally put of sync with common folks aspirations.

He attempted the Division head post but lost out in a three way race to fellow MCOBA and former political secretary to Dato Najib, Dato Latt Shariman. At one raya gathering, Azman was introduced as with the Najib boys. By taking on Latt, guess he is not.

That may have ended Azman's political dream as he went back to focus on stockbroking. By 2015, SJ opened its 4th branch

Azmans foray into politics did not appear out of no where. The non-executive Director of SJ Securities is Anton Syazi, whose father, Dato Ahmad Sebi Abu Bakar is the former Chairman of SJ and probably shareholder too.

Mat Sebi is a writer, journalist and political operator aligned to Mahathir and Aliran described as  associated to Tun Daim.

Zam himself claimed it was his confirmation that led the AIDS team to suspect Tun Musa Hitam was conspiring against Mahathir and eventually ended with Razaleigh-Musa taking on Mahathir-Ghaffar.

When he was Managing Director of TV3, he was swoop in 1987's Ops Lallang and it was Anwar who plead to Mahathir to get him released.

Despite being associate of Daim, he was in business with Tan Sri Vincent Tan and Hong Leong, wrote Prof Jomo's collegaue at University Malaya, Terence Gomez. So the current timing is opportunistic for Ahmad Sebi.

Ázman's association with Ahmad Sebi is not by chance. Apparently, his ambassador father, Dato Manaff is close friend of Ahmad Sebi. SJ could be the partnership of the friends.

The path is set-up for the departure of Ramjit from SC as question is being raised of SC's excessive intervention and call for regulator to be more pro-investment.

Having Azman, it would mean a more pro-business SC. Although it is good, the regulatory role could be compromised. Already Mat Sebi's ASB is in play with large amount of shares changing hands and something is cooking.

Daim is a master of the stock market. Market has rebounded and thanks to local institution being "instructed" to buy up the market. Sources claimed hundreds of billion would be deployed.

Having Azman at SC, it would be useful for Daim to have a "friendly" regulator. As per the 10 promises by PH for their 100 days, this appointment is another capati.

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