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Investigate Waytha's devious hands behind ICERD, USJ25 temple!

A friend complained that Facebook put him on a 3-day ban for calling on police to investigate Waytha Moorthy.

Aliran Executive Commitee said it rightly that government should focus on tackling poverty (which is expected to worsen following the disastrous budget by Tun Dr Mahathir's Minister of Finance, "Nobita" Lim Guan Eng) and insecurities of B40.

Cabinet or more accurately, Cabinet Members, including the PM, should shed their opposition character, stop their shallow politics, and focus with the job in hand to govern and take the country out of the rut that is their own doing.

Mahathir denied but the events unfolding is undoubtedly personal and political revenge. Thus the question posed by Martin Vengadesan of The Star: Do we want justice or revenge? Our fingers are so itchy to write of what we see of some of the cases against BN leaders.

In addition to the valid concern of Aliran, a column in The Star questioned how Waytha could announced government would rectify ICERD without any news of cabinet discussing the matter, and surely no cabinet decision was reached since PPBM leaders opposed ICERD and PKR, except for AMK, are cautious on ICERD. There was no prior communication, explanatory roadshow government and public discourse by government.

As Joceline Tan revealed in her column here, it was Saifuddin Abdullah that slipped ICERD into Mahathir's speech at the United Nation and Waytha spiked on the set-up ball.

Then came the temple incident in which Waytha devious hands is at it again.

Zaidi of the Mole wrote below his view of Waytha:
Meet Malaysia’s inept unity minister

November 29, 2018

A commentary by Zaidi Azmi

FOR someone who is tasked to foster national unity and harmony, P. Waytha Moorthy is doing one heck of a lousy job.

It took him three days, two riots, an arson and a gravely wounded firefighter to meet and tell those entangled in the Seri Maha Mariamman temple relocation controversy to calm down.

In the equally contentious ICERD furore –which he himself had triggered- Moorthy had, for days, failed to quell the tension brewing among the Malays. It was only after the Prime Minister stepped in that angst seemed to have dissipated.

Now back to the temple fiasco.

The Sri Maha Mariamman debacle started out as a typical land and relocation dispute between its caretakers and the lawful owner of the land on which the temple sits – a property developer called One City Development Sdn Bhd.

The controversy however, was laced with racial and religious undertone after DAP’s V. Ganabatirau claimed, on Facebook, that a group of Muslims – who turned out to be  thugs allegedly hired by One City’s lawyers – had encroached into and trashed the temple thus birthing the riot three days ago.

And while some, particularly the devotees of the temple sighed with relief after Moorthy assured that their temple is here to stay, much of his plans to solve the controversy warrants a lot of worrying.

Especially the part where he said that he intends to enlist the help of the Attorney-General to settle the standoff despite the fact that the status of the temple and the ownership of the land were already decided through a consent judgement four years ago.

Not only that, One City had, in 2014, already given RM1.5 million to the temple’s caretakers – who are now claimed to be not the temple’s true caretakers – and had even set aside an alternative site for the temple’s relocation.

It is crystal clear this fiasco stemmed from the power tussle between the two factions within the temple’s caretakers committee and unless the government finds a way to regulate the committees of houses of worship then controversies such as this will continue to sprout.

But the government’s intention in passing a new law to forbid the building of places of worship without approval from the local authority seems to suggest it is oblivious to the whole power struggle within the temple’s committee.

In fact, the passing of such a law is actually redundant as it is already covered in Article 21 (1) and (2) of the Town and Country Planning Act, which clearly states that the development of anything must receive a go-ahead from local planning authorities.

And in the midst of this, a group of Malay youths had, on Tuesday night, attempted to march over to the temple to tell the devotees there “to not step on the Malays”. They however failed to do so after being dispersed by the police.

Their action however, was a no-brainer givenGanabatirau’s peculiarly phrased initial apology for his Facebook posting and the ethnicity of the firefighter whose lungs were punctured after being beaten up in the controversy’s second riot on Tuesday morning.

“If my apology can ease the tension, I am willing to apologise if that is what it needs but the most important matter is to solve this issue professionally,” was the “apology” from Ganabatirau.

In his second apology last night, Ganabatirau was less ambiguous, explicitly saying that he would like to apologise for the term he used in his already-deleted Facebook entry but honestly, the damage has been done.

As it is, there is no telling if tensions have been really defused, especially after the temple’s caretakers had yesterday put up a different take on what “actually happened” to Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim, the firefighter whose lung was punctured and is now fighting of his life.

According to the caretakers, Adib was not beaten up by the crowd as per to the official account from Fire and Rescue Department director-general Datuk Mohammad Hamdan Wahid, but was instead run down by a fire engine that was reversing from the crowd.

“The fire engine reversed suddenly, with Muhammad Adib directly behind it. The crowd did not hit the fireman, but actually tried to alert the fire engine to stop and brought the injured fireman to the hospital,” said a member of the temple’s caretaker, V. K. Regu, at a conference yesterday.

So basically, it was the firefighters themselves that had injured Muhammad Adib? Such an interesting plot twist.

Why the caretakers choose to publicly air their unsavoury doubts over Muhammad Adib’s case at this particular point is anybody’s guess but as a minister in charge of maintaining harmony, Moorthy should have sternly advised them to steer clear of controversial statements.

If this was game of baseball, Moorthy is already at strike number two and everyone knows that three strikes and you’re out.

One Chinese businessman claimed there are Indian criminal syndicates using Hindu temples to extort money from companies and landowners. The temple committee member that denied the firemen beaten could suspiciously be covering up for a syndicate.

Back in the days of Tun Ghazali Shafie as Home Minister, a temple issue in Kuala Lumpur was settled with the Minister meeting the temple priest. The late Tun asked can temple be moved, the priest said can and all ends well with all parties needs met.

Hindu temple problems today could not be settled because part of the syndicate modus operandi is to get Indian politicians involved to drum up emotion and support resistance against settlement, court orders and even local council and law enforcement. The businessman claimed Hindraf is always involved.

The temple issue looks cooling off but as more information unfold itself, the truth is still not honesty revealed in full by government leaders and law enforcement. Some government leaders are doing play of words to blame Malays at large or UMNO, which got nothing to do with the involvement of a bunch of low life Malay gangsters.

It look suspicious and speculation is rife that this is planned to stop anti-ICERD rally on December 8th.

ICERD seemed to be about abolishing racial discrimination but it had long been planned by COMANGO to remove social contract and advised by their foreign advisers as the way to supercede constitution. It is an approach to change the constitution without getting Parliament and two third majority to do so.

Not only the Muslim NGOs are aware of the implication, despite many Muslim countries rectify it (to later regret of the demand imposed on them by UN), they are also aware of the plan to rectify 7 more conventions that would destroy the fundamental make up of this country and even Sabah and Sarawak as stipulated in Malaysia agreement 1963.

Using ICERD, United Nation forced on Tunisia to override religious authority to allow Muslim women to marry non-Muslims. Saudi Arabia is forced to allow women to drive.

Among COMANGO agenda for Malaysia is to disallow religion be put in the NRIC and children's religion is only determined legally at age of 18. Same sex marriage and LGBT will eventually be allowed in Malaysia.

Hindraf is using ICERD to fight for their so-called Indian cause. What is happening is Waytha, his brother and other Hindraf leaders have been indulging in underhanded ways and deviously resorting to falsehood, lies and deception.

One MIC leader told us that they had cheated money from estate workers with the lie that Indians can sue the British government and each turn millionaire from the compensation. That could be the money to misuse to sustain Waytha Moorthy and Utahyakumar livelihood abroad in Europe.

Now that they are in power, the current happening is merely a prequel of the worse abuse to come.

To voice our friend's message, unless police investigate Waytha and Hindraf leaders, police actions and investigation on the temple incident looks to be a farce. It is not enough to call up Waytha to explain his 11 years old video.

The announcement ICERD will not be rectified is not convincing too. Mahathir only said it will be postphoned. It is too obvious he is losing control of situation when he asked Waytha to be given a chance.

Someone who lies, cheat and steal from the poor should not be given power and an easy passage to one. Ah well, so does the one who appointed him. More so, the ICERD incident is not the end. Hardly days after that announcement, G25 effectively said they will pursue it again after the dusk settled.

We are going for December 8th! Allahu Akbar!!!

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I will be there. I call upon all Malay and bumis out there to join the rally. Let 8/12 be another day in history for anak cucu dan generasi akan datang.

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