Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Al-Fatihah! #Justice4Adib #Waytha2Resign #Life4Life

A fireman rushed to the scene at the Sri Mariammaan Hindu temple at USJ Subang Jaya to carryout his duty to douse a fire and ensure public safety.

Unfortunately, he ended up being beaten to the pulp by rowdy crowd, which include hired gangsters.

Yesterday, it was announced, the fireman, Muhamamad Adib passed away at IJN. Al Fatihah!

At the request of the family, his body was taken immediately back to Kedah for burial. The planned political staging by Zuraidah for a last rite of respect at Hang Tuah fire station cancelled.

May Allah blessed his soul and be awarded jannah. His death must not be left in vain. Justice must not be denied for Adib, his family and fiance.

Police made a statement to inform the public that the case has been upgraded to suspicion of first degree murder.

While it is most welcome that police acknowledged now it is a possible murder case, police has been too lenient.

Why now?

After taking in more than 100 suspects, why did police released the 4 suspects?

Is the endangered life of Adib then not of their concern?

The police acknowledged Adib was being beaten and attacked, but only now to investigate as 302.

The police, particularly CID has no business to play politics!

Yes, we need to be calm and allow the law to take its course.

To ensure the public, justice must seen to be done.

The instigators, irrespective who they are, should face the arms of the law.

Waytha, Ganabatirau and othose contributing to inflame the situation must be charged and there must be no political cover-up.

Waytha must resign or be sacked as Minister and Senator

Sign the petition HERE.


The politicians taking sides without consideration for the truth and fireman's life must take responsibility.

Minister in charge of Islamic affair also played politics.

Their immediate resignations are demanded.

The Hindraf's politicians have been playing up sentiment and even lied to India's media to paint a negative picture of Malaysia.

The lying Chairman of the Temple Committee must be taken in for being an accomplice.

Do not be taken in by his pious exterior. He lied to cover up the death by Adib by hooligans and ruffians associated to the whole temple scam.

Yet Malays and UMNO were implicated for the act of few, who were willing to be paid few dollars by a lawyer to run ruckus.

Repeating Hindraf's Ganapatirau.

The building of temple and claiming to be more than 100 years old, in which historically is impossible, is a common con job.

It is made into an issue with the media as accomplice to extort money and land.

They applied political influence to hustle developers for money or topple government leaders that refused to secede to their demands.

Such blackmail and extortion should stop.

Rubber was only introduced to Singapore in 1870s.

Rubber plantations in Malaya only spring up in the early 1900s. Rubber was initially planted on Seafield Estate in 1904.

How could the temple be 147 years old (built in 1871)? Read the Malay Mail HERE on the history of the temple and court dispute.

Sources from the Shah Alam court claimed their lawyer conjured up supernatural happening as excuse.

When rebuked by the judge, they sensationalised it as racism and flexed their political muscle on the judge. Kurang ajar! 

In this temple case, court has reached its finality and an order is out for them to move.

The Selangor MB is right to make the request for the temple to return back the money paid to them and the plot of land given for the new site.

Despite being given money and land together with a court order, they refuse to move.

The police should also investigate the lawyer Nagaraja, who represented the Temple Committee. His statement in court showed him scheming.

Their con game should be stopped.

The managed to get their ways because authorities and police ere soft to these criminal.

Unfortunate for Adli's fiance, prayers of her and sympathisers were not answered.

They were supposed to get married this Saturday.

But Adli returned in a casket.

Sad ..

Under God's law, the syariah, a life has to be paid back by life i.e. the life of the murderers.


Failing which, the leaders will bear responsibility and face God on the day of Judgement.

There are protest gatherings to be held in Klang on Christmas Day.


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