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"Din Gila" calls AKJ's patriot, national hero a 'Kerbau Gila'

They were Mahathir's former dynamic duo and mischief makers to destabilise Dato Najib's government using the 1MDB debacle.

Both Dato Khairuddin Abu Hassan and Tun Dr Mahathir's former Political Secretary and lawyer Matthias Chang went on a whirlwind tour of financial centers to make report to the various enforcement authorities.

In the latest incident, both are not seeing eye to eye. Khairuddin hit back Matthias Chang, who for many months have been critical of Dr Mahathir and is supportive of Tan Sri Muhyiddin.

He called Matthias in his Facebook a Kerbau Gila (Mad Buffalo).

Mad Buffalo


Jangan layan dengan matthias chang ‘kerbau gila’ yang senantiasa berubah-ubah pemikirannya mengikut hawa dan nafsu sewelnya!!

Saya lihat kadang kala matthias chang macam seorang yang sedang mengalami sakit jiwa!! Tutur katanya dengan berbahasa kesat amat memalukan!!

Seorang pengamal undang-undang sepatutnya bersikap professional serta amat tertib dalam setiap tutur katanya!!

Dia ini memang seorang yang bermasalah!! Banyak memberi masalah ketika kami berkongsi ‘sel’ di penjara sg buloh!! Cakapnya juga banyak menipu kadang-kala!!

Sewaktu saya bersama ‘kerbau gila’ ini dalam sel penjara sg buloh; kami dijaga secara terbaik mungkin dan amat professional oleh pentadbir penjara!! Saya cukup kagum dengan pihak pdrm dan jabatan penjara yang cukup baik dan bersikap amat professional menjaga kami berdua pada ketika itu!!

Malangnya, ‘kerbau gila’ ini pernah menuduh jabatan penjara telah meletakkan kami bersama pesakit AIDS dan tibi!! Kononnya jabatan penjara memaksa kami untuk menjaga para pesakit ini serta berisiko mendapat jangkitan penyakit tersebut!!

Itu dusta sama sekali!! Jabatan penjara tidak pernah memaksa kami membantu mana-mana banduan yang berpenyakit itu tapi ‘kerbau gila’ ini yang suka kalut membantu secara suka rela pada kelazimannya!!

Kadang-kala saya ingin sarankan kepada matthias chang agar pergi buat pemeriksaan sakit jiwa di hospital sakit mental!!

Kalau berjumpa dengan tun dr mahathir mohamad dia akan peluk cium serta lafaz kesetiaan pada tun dr mahathir mohamad!!

Perkara ini sering kali berlaku di hadapan mata saya apabila dia berjumpa dengan tun dr mahathir mohamad!!

Namun, yang menjadi masalahnya ialah sifat tun dr mahathir mohamad yang suka melayan ‘kerbau gila’ yang hipokrit ini!!

Ketika tun dr mahathir mohamad menjawat jawatan perdana menteri; setiap ungkapan yang keluar dari mulut ‘kerbau gila’ ini semuanya baik-baik belaka!!

Tun dr mahathir mohamad macam tuhannya!! ‘Kerbau gila’ ini akan mengampu dan membodek tun dr mahathir mohamad habis-habisan!!

Tetepi kini bila tun dr mahathir mohamad tidak lagi menjawat jawatan perdana menteri semua dapat lihat bagaimana reaksi ‘kerbau gila’ ini pada tokoh negarawan terulung kita!!

Mulai hari ini matthias chang adalah ‘musuh nombor satu’ saya!!

Hakikatnya, perangai ‘kerbau gila’ ini amat tidak menghairankan kepada semua para pegawai tun dr mahathir mohamad!! Mereka amat mengenali sangat perangai buruk ‘kerbau gila’ ini!!

Barangkali kesilapan tun dr mahathir mohamad pada ‘kerbau gila’ ini adalah kerana dia tidak dilantik dengan jawatan yang tinggi ataupun tak mencurah habuan padanya!!

Sebab itu ‘gila meroyan kerbau gila’ ini amat menjadi-jadi sejak kebelakangan ini!!

Apapun kita tidak perlu melayan ‘kerbau gila’ ini kerana dia ‘sewel!!’

Melayan orang yang ‘sewel’ membawa erti kita pun sama ‘sewel!!’

Amat merbahaya untuk berkawan dengan ‘kerbau gila’ ini kerana dia boleh buat pusingan ‘U-Turn’ dan tikam belakang kita semula!!

Kepada sesiapa yang tidak mengenali ‘kerbau gila’ ini tolong jauhkan diri darinya seandai tidak mahu diri dimudaratkan oleh dia di masa hadapan!!

‘Kerbau gila’ ini tiada sifat kesetiaan yang tulen dan amat hipokrit!! Dia juga harus dianugerahkan sebagai pelakon terbaik pada mana-mana festival filem di negara kita!!

Sesiapapun tak boleh lawan ‘sewelnya’ yang bertahap ‘gaban’ serta nombor ‘wahid’ itu!!

Ikhkas dari;
Penyelaras Parlimen Jasin
19 Mei 2020

This the same Matthias that the still eluded of Tan Sriship, Dato Kadir Jasin conferred as patriot and peoples' hero in 2016.

Mahathir send for 'Luga Brassi' 

It was only months ago, during the power shift to the informal coalition, Perikatan Nasional, Khairuddin told Mahathir to not waste any further time with Pakatan Harapan.

Khairuddin, or Din Gila, nicname his former ITM mates would call, had always been used by Mahathir as proxy to hit at Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

He was the runner to initially gather the different political parties to involve in congress now mimicked as Kongress (Mahathir) Baruahkan Melayu.

It was Mahathir's move to throw DAP out of government, block Anwar and put together a Malay-Muslim dominant coalition to control government.

He subsequently had a change of mind at behest of daughter, Marina and resigned on realising majority of PPBM's MPT wanted out of PH.

It was also Khairuddin that was sent to talk and negotiate.

Since PN came to power, words are he placed his eggs in Azmin Ali. The old man and family hardly takes care of the welfare of his men.

Khairuddin's attack of Matthias proves he has not severed ties.

Matthias has become unbearable for the old man that he need send for his Luga Brassi, hitman character from movie classic, Godfather.

Matthias responded

In his considered brief response, Matthias dished back:

Dear Good People (MP)

My former cellmate in SUNGAI BULOH prison Khairuddin Abu Hassan has come to the defence of Tun M and criticised my open criticism of the rubbish that Tun has spewed recently about the RIZA AZIZ case,  implying that the present govt was responsible for the mess,  when all the relevant figures in the drama were appointed by Tun M himself.

And the mess was started in November 2019 when the PH regime was in power and Tun was PM. I have said enough and have no wish to revisit the issues. It is crystal clear.

Tun was a pathetic figure in parliament listening to the exposure of his arrogance by the AGONG in the most dignified manner as the Office of the King exemplifies. But,  Khairuddin by his infantile criticism of me shows his own arrogance and refusal to adhere to the subtle reprimand by Agong of Tun and all those still aligned to him,  a miniscule band of a handful.

Sad,  very sad that they have fallen so far down the gutter.

Khairuddin is a minor actor of no consequence. He is an example of a deranged man without principles supporting his Boss regardless whether the Boss is right or wrong and has betrayed the country and undermined the office of the Agong.

This is the problem in our country.  Blind loyalty to any leader regardless of the wrong doings and are bad examples to the country in the same vein as Najib.

I need to expose one critical thing about this false loyal cadre of Tun. He is pretender and has only his self interest at heart and motivated only by the lust for power.


If he is loyal to Tun,  why did he not remain a member of Bersatu???

He resigned as a member and joined AMANAH because HE HATED THE GUTS OF TAN SRI MUYHIDDIN AND COMPLAINED INCESSANTLY ABOUT TSMY WAY BEFORE MAY 9TH, 2018. THIS KHAIRUDDIN SCUMBAG wanted to hold high office in Bersatu and imagined his ambition was blocked by TSMY.  Since,  he could not get his way and Tun M could not afford to split with TSMY,  this idiot of a so-called loyalist left Bersatu in a huff and joined Anamah.  But,  behaves as a "member" of Bersatu.  A scoundrel!

This is the kind of man who only wanted power. Many people have helped him financially and otherwise even when the rakyat REJECTED HIM as a candidate in the last Election.  His case,  challenging his defeat in the Elections Court was dismissed and so was his Appeal. Thereafter,  his behaviour was one of ingratitude.

He was told in front of me, and other witnesses that his Boss Tun told two of the witnesses who helped in the court proceedings that, Tun was not interested pursuing the criminal case against Najib,  now that Najib has been disposed as PM and Tun has taken power and that it is up to others to proceed against Najib. One of the person who was told of this by Tun was Gopal Sri Ram.

Read Tan Sri Dzulkifli's tweet here

I was stunned. Khairuddin showed no emotions.

There is no need to name the other witnesses. Including Khairuddin there were five of us, four are from the legal fraternity, two judges,  two lawyers.

Is it any wonder that things are now happening.

But, this POLITICAL "barking dog" continue his power crazy way. That's the only game left in town to play.  He is now totally irrelevant.

I pity this man. I have no wish to say the TRUTH about this man. If Khairuddin continues,  then maybe Truth needs to be told.

As the saying goes only SHYLOCK needs a pound of flesh of his enemies. He should read up on Shakespeare to learn the lessons, if he is unfamiliar with this tragic play.

He is suffering from power derangement and he is a mental case if there was one.

Need I say more.  Disgust is an understatement.  The hypocrisy displayed thus far is so damning but the actors addicted to power refuse to acknowledge this abomination.


End of a partnership

Court does not allow pictures taken, but it was found on Google

It looks to be the end of partnetship.

Both were detained and charged under SOSMA for their worldwide reports made on 1MDB on the pretext of economic security threat.

Subsequently, court released them both for insufficient compliance to legal technicalities.

The investigation on 1MDB was done during Najib's administration, but Najib was exonerated. It was only under PH government that AG office, MACC went on charging spree.

In the latest, Najib's stepson and Rosmah's son from a previous marriage, Rizal Aziz who came to a settlement with DOJ, came to settlement on the criminal charge levied here.

The "pleabargain" (though certain legal opinions by commentators Gopal Raj Kumar and Salahuddin technically questioned as admittance of guilt) upset Tun Dr Mahathir.

However, it was done with Tan Sri Tommy's Thomas consent. He denied vehemently but AGC insider claimed he is forgetful.

He could be briefed in the morning to later in the evening claim he was not informed. Piles of unattended request letters for case devision unattended.

Current AG and formerly senior Federal Court judge, Tan Sri Idrus Haron's knowledge, experiance and integrity is significantly far exceed Tommy.

Idrus's words more trustworthy.

Tommy may have forgotten what he had signed and agreed beyond Mutual Legal Assistance with the concurrent of Dr Mahathir with DOJ. Otherwise, why did a DOJ officer believed to be by the name of Karen came to KL to brief Council of Judges on forfeiture law?

If Tommy have consciencously forgotten or turn senile, then it would be unfair to accuse him of complicit.

According to source from within AGC, Tommy had...
"privately admitted to a group of DPPs that they were gonna lose the forfeiture case against Najib UMNO. There was no real predicate offence which existed which would allow the AMLA charges to stand. Any criminal lawyer could tell u that the charges against Riza were not strong. Flimsy at best". 
Mahathir is now worried his lies and slanders will be blown out into the public and shredded to pieces to be thrown over his grave.

He had son Mukhriz to make the unimaginable claim that it is Najib is the protagonist (meant to be antagonist) behind his second downfall in Kedah.

Never about his failure, aloofness and indifference to the job.

Mukhriz resigned, instead of the legitimate way via state assembly as his officer and former blogger McTheory, Hafiz Azmi claimed, for fear of being left with only a single support.

Mahathir's motion for a vote of no confidence in Parliament and Mukhriz's remark are the family in fear and on self preservation mode.

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