Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Zahid's untold DNAA story

Don't tell us he (Ganesan of GK TV) not know Anwar's first liwat case was an outright fix-up. 

Perhaps he could be excused because this blogger too made the same mistake and realised upon confession by a party involved in the fixing up.

Ganesan did justified his presumptions (of Zahid's DNAA decision by DPP), but it crossed the helm of prejudice to brush off the RCI, which is an opportunity for Anwar's plan for judicial reform, as red herring.   

However, one should appreciate his effort to compile post GE-14 corruption cases involving politicians to support the need for high level of tranparency and accountability. 

He dare not mention 150 cases withdrawn during Mahathir's return under PH 1.0 government. 

Ganesan painstakingly explained the legal terms and implications of acquital, discharge, DNAA, and DAA, and share his observation DNAA decisions are hardly ever recharged. 

Social media commentator blamed the judiciary and judges in which he defended to the hilt. 

Untold fact of Zahid's DNAA

Leaked documents of DPP's conclusion on the Zahid's IP concluded the case is without prima facie, but the puzzling part is the sitting judge decided it exist. 

So much for maximum evaluation test (by the judgefor prima facie decision)?

This blogger had knowledge that Zahid's case was a rush investigation and prosecution job by Latheefa Koya and Tommy Thomas.

MACC merely did an initial enquiry prior to GE14 but no investigation. A reliable source claimed Zahid explained all the enquiries. 

He revealed voluntarily and seek advise on a certain mistake. MACC advised him and he acted accordingly to rectify.

Actually, the mistake was not unlawful. Thats for this blogger to know, and inquisitive readers to find out. 

Lets just say generally lawyers' understanding and knowledge of corporate, finance and business are elementary. Too many bogus claiming to be corporate lawyers.

Judges' mathematical logic can equally pathetic. There is a more than 2 decade market manipulation case in court for transactions which were only buying and paid for. It takes buying and selling to rig share prices and manipulate market.

Back to Zahid, Mahathir to dissolve UMNO and PPBM to takeover the role. He needed something to threaten Zahid.

Most likely through his agent, Latheefa and Tommy was  directed to dig and if necessary fabricate charges against Zahid. The names of the MACC officers forced to do so are known.

Proving malicious prosecution

Eff what proofs needed to convince Ganesan. Observation and experiance is sufficient to conclude there were malafide intention by Mahathir, Tommy and Latheefa to do malicious prosecution. 

To support the notion, Najib and other UMNO leaders have been acquited for several cases. The same for the IPIC case in which a decision is due today and by right, it should be withdrawn. 

Any person of sound mind knows all charges against Najib including the civil lawsuits by 1MDB are politically motivated.

Thanks to Tommy's memoir he revealed on Mahathir. Proving it will be a challenge. This leads to a Sunday column by Jaharbedeen M Yunos:

Read on in Thick as a Brick here.

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