Monday, November 20, 2023

Muhyiddin on the way out

It is openly known that Wan Muhammad Azri or called Papagomo on social media and blog is now working with Mahathir. 

When he demanded on Muhyiddin to present himself to Mahathir, it was a clear signal that things are not going well with him and there was an internal strife in PPBM. The question on every political observers lips were who is Mahathir working with to regain control PPBM.

He has already positioned himself with PAS as adviser to the four PAS-control states and has one leg inside PN. It is a question of time he step his other foot in PPBM. 

The departure of four PPBM MPs to support Anwar in exchange for MP allocations is seen as the death nail for PPBM and eventually PN. However, the reluctance of  Hamzah to negotiate en bloc with Anwar's appointed Fadilah for PN MPs' allocation raise the question that there is more than meets the eye. 

It could merely be testing the water and a reverse could happen.

PPBM is having their party election soon and it is the talk of the town that Hamzah and Azmin is vying for the #1 post. Not to be left behind is current Deputy President, Faizal Azumu. 

Unlike Azmin and Faizal, Hamzah is a member of Parliament, and having the best prospect to replace Muhyiddin and even be the PM-in-waiting should the plan to hack the roof succeed. 

Muhyiddin's press conference yesterday gave the hint that he will be giving way and subtly confirmed Hamzah as the culprit behind the move for the "support crossover".

The issue raised by Raja Petra for PN to have a PM-in-waiting seemed to be partly answered. However, is Hamzah a possible and viable PM-in-waiting to realise his aspiration. With Samsuri now running for an MP seat, will he be the preferred option since PAS has more number of Parliamentary seats in PN?  

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