Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Catatan Ku: What A Pain In The Neck?

Talk about pain in the neck. I was facing pain in the neck and stiff shoulder all weekend. Despite putting up one posting Sunday, I've been pretty much out of blogging action.

My usual neck exercise and visit to a blind urut centre on Sunday afternoon weren't much help. But I hanged on with the hope that with much rest, it'll subside. Nope it didn't.

By Monday night, the pain was excruciating and I just couldn't take it anymore. I got myself admitted into my regular and nearby "resort". After a shot of volteren to ease the pain, only could I get to sleep.

After two sessions of physio, pain killers and two shots of muscle relaxant on the shoulder yesterday, I could finally live less painfully and return home yesterday.

This X-Ray shows a fine looking neck, slightly arched. Mine, in the words of my Spine Surgeon cum Orthopaedic, is too straight. He noticed two points of compression and a slight not-supposed-to-there growth at C-2 vertebrae.

Blogging will be limited since I can't sit long. I neet to get my PC better arranged orthopaedically. I'll be living on daily dosage of pills - nerve pill (a new one over my regular neurobion), painkiller, zyloric, colchicine - and physiotheraphy to realign my neck. My uric acid level also shot way high in the 550 level. It can be bad news for upcoming Ramadhan.

I was in a foul mood coping with the pain. Sorry, whoever nurses and others that got barked at. And, Dolah, Khairy and all those wet behind the ears Tingkat 4, I'll be back blogging to continue to be a pain in your necks, till you guys buck up and stop selling out.

Duplicating the lyric, "The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain", I am like going through "The pain from sprain seemed to stay in vain". If I could share an advice, watch out your posture all the time!!!

Nevertheless, whatever I am facing, its nothing to what my old buddy and family is facing. His wife just had both her legs amputated due to some blood disorder problem that affected her nerve system. Its called SEL something.

She seemed psychologically affected. I hope he be strong for the sake of the Mrs. She needs you now more than ever.

Accept that its God's predetermination and I know you've made the necessary effort. And, I know you almost made it. Look at it this way. You've tried your best and it could be worse. Being without legs does not make her less of a human being. She still have her soul.

Be on good term with God, I am sure there are reasons (or hikmah) why things happen and there is always rahmat behind the decisions of the wise Al Mighty.


dhahran sea said...

Looks like a clear warning from your body to take a good rest... so, take a good rest my friend; the badwis and the rest of the 'rys' will go on with their agendas for a while, and their times for some pain in the neck or other parts of the anatomy will come too... salam.

gurindam jiwa said...

I think that SEL is actually SLE (systemic lupus erythematosus).

If that is what it really is, it is apparently curable.

Our Bagel Searching friend's kakak-in-law was suffering from it until someone recommended her to see a guy in Sintok(?). And now she has recuperated quite well. Amazingly.

If you have renal problem, that Voltaren pill is actually not good for you. It can even kill you. But sodium-free painkillers can be exorbitantly expensive. The cheapest are around rm30+ a pop.

May Allah bless you with speedy recovery. And hopefully your gout is manageable, especially during Ramadhan.

The Ancient Mariner said...

Sorry to hear about this. Take care and rest. With the gout and all, I suppose makan pun nak kena pantang jugak ni, eh?

Anonymous said...

for whatever pain you suffer, Allah has good things in store for your "perjuangan ikhlas". take a rest and come back strongly.

fazilogic said...

Take it e z bro.

BigDogDotCom said...

You have got to loose some weight, to ease on your structural issues. Age, is not on your side and will make conditions worse!

Go completely without carbohydrate. It really works. Even for a lazy couch potato like me!:)

I dunno how to tell you this, but the management of your missus's company is in the working to strip of the medical insurance scheme you are enjoying at the moment. So if your problem is not resolved or minimise, this time next year, you will suffer when you get another gout attack, back or neck pains.

So with age, structure deterioration, weight not up to right band, we all can no longer afford to insult any of our system with poison or obnoxious elements. Personally, I am even trying to do without sweeteners.

Going beyond expectations? You better believe it!

A Voice said...

Tks well wishers.

Yes, I'll be taking your advise pretty seriously, gurindam jiwa and bigdog.

QueenB said...

Take good care of your health, that's all I can say

Mat Salo said...

Bro'... I think BG is right and look how much a firm resolve he has to make. Sort of like a turnaround management (remember TMI in the 80's bro'?, heh).

I'm also dealing with "structural issues" so gotta do what's necessary before it gets out of hand. Alhamdullillah, at my recent medical, the uric acid is better than it was two years ago. Which meant I had to forgo a lot of the good stuff since then...

Hope you get well soon, bro'. Take care.

Anonymous said...

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