Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dr M called Anwar and Kit Siang's bluff

Barry Wain, Kit Siang and Malaysiakini.com should ready themselves for a massive lawsuit

Barry Wain launched his book, ‘Malaysian Maverick: Mahathir Mohamad in Turbulent Times’ conveniently at about the time Anwar Ibrahim made a call to go offensive at the Penang PKR Convention in November last month.

The former editor of the Asian Wall Street Journal had a knack for sensationalism in his book promotion. According to his new book, he claimed Malaysia has squandered an estimated RM100 billion on financial scandals under the 22-year rule of Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

PKR were quick to pick up on the book's promotional pitch. In this link here, Din Merican, a former corporate man who made a name in blogosphere as a regular comentator in Bakri Musa's blog but now a Spin Master for Anwar, gave Barry a hand.

Lim Kit Siang had called on Najib for a Royal Commission to probe into the allegations in the book.

Dr Mahathir in his blog today here called his bluff and agreed to the Royal Commission.

Dr Mahathir requested that the commission should not comprise of Government nominees but should include even foreigners and members of Transparency International.

He insisted there be no coverup and Government must give full access to all the documents and accounts of the Government over the period 1981-2009.

Since the allegations links the financial losses to Petronas money, Dr Mahathir went on to demand that the Commision probe into Abdullah Badawi's spending of RM270 billion of Petronas money during his five year term.

This is demand by Dr Mahathir is quite surprising. While the timing of the book release create the suspicion that Anwar has a hand in this book, is Dr Mahathir indirectly accusing Abdullah as having a hand in this sham by implicating him along?

As someone quite meticulous in his work, Dr Mahathir is not someone who could be easily be caught off-guard making decision without proper considerations, procedures and overzealous in his discretionary power.

He is a disciplinarian that cannot neither be found sleeping on the job nor caught in some unnatural sexual act.

It takes someone of extreme confidence to call such bluff. One can be quite sure that Dr Mahathir have read the book and able to identify the weakness of his allegations.

Barry Wain's investigative and reporting methodology will most likely emulate that of his former employer. Asia Wall Street Journal's track record in this region has not been flawless to say the least. They have on many occasions lost in many lawsuits against them.

Dr Mahathir's willingness to be subject himself to such Commission is much applauded.

It would be an opportunity for him to put an end to those tired speculations, tales and conspiracy theories being repeatedly circulating and churned out from pieces of unsubstantiated information and without any shred of evidential value.

Barry Wain must be able to substantiate his allegation with hard documents. Otherwise, Dr Mahathir has forewarned that depending upon the result of the commission, he "reserve the right to sue Barry Wain, Lim Kit Siang and Malaysiakini.com for libel for a sum to be disclosed later."

By the confident tone of his posting, Dr Mahathir would be in for a more comfortable retirement at the expense of Kit Siang, Barry Wain and his publisher. He will own Malaysiakini.com by then.


Anonymous said...

"By the confident tone of his posting, Dr Mahathir would be in for a more comfortable retirement at the expense of Kit Siang, Barry Wain and his publisher. He will own Malaysiakini.com by then."







Anonymous said...

the days of simply accusing people without evidence r over.

even tian chua cannot cut it when he only 'waved' the document pertaining Rosmah's rm600k shopping spree.

cakap aja ada evidence, tapi dont want to disclose...

this people should be shot dead. if not, they will steal the wealth of the country for themselves if they come to power...

eddy said...

Bro, you are right and I am very sure Tun is all very well prepared for the Royal Commission if it ever come into being. I am sure that Barry wain resident of Singapore the ex editor of the now defunct AWSJ junk of a magazine which never said any good thing about Malaysia anyway will be given a walloping by Dr Mahathir himself. I pray to god that Barry wain, Lim Kit Siang and Malaysiakini will be sued until their underpants by Dr Mahathir. Fitting finale for these kind of people.

Even Mr Sleepyhead wil be sleeping restlessly with these challenge by Dr Mahathir, I wonder what gives...

Anonymous said...

hukum karma telah bermula

dulu masa keluar buku dalil anwar tak boleh jadi peemmmme, beria ia tua kutuk ni percaya

sekarang hukum karma telah balas kepada tua kutuk ni....keluar buku tentang kejahatan yang dilakukannya

setiap perbuatan jahat, tetap akan dibalas, kalau tak dunia, kat akhirat lah jawabnya


bzz said...

Cerita makan tuan. Huhuhu...
Apa dia org ingat Tun M bodo ka?

Unknown said...

Salam... cayalah tok det.. belasah dia org semua.. nak buat cerita tapi tak reti nak cover.. saman lks ngan cibai anwar al juburi sampai tinggal spenda je.. ha ha.. mampus la dia org semua.. tok det kena pastikan yang royal comm tu dibentuk. kena desak tok!!! jgn bagi muka kat mangkuk hayun tu sume.. ini peluang terbaik untuk telanjangkan setan lahanat tu semua.. go tun... gooo... i'm wit u all da way... tun hero melayu... hidup tun mahathir... hidup melayu... mampos la ko kit siang kepala komunis jahanam... ini semua keje anwar kaki jubor la ni... mampos sama kau anwar!!!!

Goh Wei Liang said...

Yes. Let us all go out there and get them. They think they can talk freely against Tun, against Najib etc.

Let us all send them to Court to provide evidences. Not just write a book or make sweeping statements to sell their copies.

Prove it, or pay up !

It is also good to see Tun M owning Malaysiakini.

Anonymous said...

"reserve the right to sue Barry Wain, Lim Kit Siang and Malaysiakini.com for libel for a sum to be disclosed later."

Undisclosed sum? Senang. Sue them for the alleged sum, Tun!

Anonymous said...

TDM says that Pak lah is more guilty than me. How is that calling a bluff?
All he is saying is that i may be bad, but someone else is worse than me...

drMpower said...

hes calling a spade, a spade.

so will the real barry wain, stephen gan, and kit siang stand up?

and call a spade, a spade as well?

of this 'war of perception' is to be continue all day long?

this is a holy chance to eventually find whos the culprit. someone is lying then.

so if no stand up from either of the three, then i would say all three are...


dont summon them for money. mahathir got lots of pencen edi. and also petronas's and proton's advisor money. no need money. heres some of the kind of saman i would like to suggest:

1) find a way to bankrap kan kit siang. and strip him off the MP-ship. laden him with difficulties that he will never forget till he dies.

2) barry wain. stripped him of credibility of journalist. paint him really black so that no one will care about him anymore.

3. stephen gan and malaysiakini. saman them so that mahathir will own malaysiakini.

end of story

A Voice said...

There were several childish and vulgar comments that had to be rejected. Please be reminded this blog will not release such kind of comments.

BTW, I was made to understand that Barry Wain had been given three appointments by Tun Dr Mahathir in his pursuit to write the book.

With the access to get first hand explanations and clarifications, he choose to stab him in the back.

Someone must have "encouraged" him to dump his professionalism. My money is on that fella in Segambut making his way for a permanent resident to Sg Buloh.

azreen said...

x habis-habis royal comission..macam dah x da benda lain yang kerajaan kena bagi fokus..

byk lagi kerja yang kerajaan patut buat. tumpukan perhatian pada cara dan peluang untuk tingkatkan ekonomi, tingkatkan taraf hidup masyarakat luar bandar yang lebih memerlukan daripada melayan polemik politik.

pembangkan tahu dan sedar sumbangan mahathir tapi dgn cara kotor dan halus ini sajalah mereka dapat menjatuhkan dan memecahbelah kita semua dan akhirnya merekalah yang akan dianggap sebagai pembela aka Hero!

Satay_Kampung said...

Salam Tun,

Some people just try their luck raising their bet, I really admire your skill in this game. You can read their cards very well and now they putting up their own trap. Surely they will throw in higher bet entice you further and try to read your game again.

It is fun to see their game strategy against yours.I have confidence you either throw in a full-house or royal flush against them. My reading would be a check-mate against them. I would put an odd of 1: 25 now in favour to you. If PM declassified all documents the odd will be " all bankers winning odd" in favour of your strategy.

I'm waiting for the climax of their own game plan.

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