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Kasi saja royalti tu!

BN will win Kelantan

Ku Li has been on a vocal mode since he spoke on a PAS stage.

Since yesterday, he has upped it further to claim that Kelantan has the right to RM9.7 billion royalty at the border with Terengganu. He claimed Compassionate payment is not constitutional.

The old UMNO, thus far expressed by Syed Ali, Division Chief from Cheras, had called on Ku Li to leave for Pakatan Rakyat. There would be the expected demand for disciplinary action.

This is where UMNO must change.

UMNO must learn to cherish and celebrate diversity in views. Ku Li has been expressing himself on the Kelantan royalty issue for a while. As someone who can be described as the founder of Petronas, UMNO should have seek for his opinion and views.

This is one perennial problem of UMNO. They only respect power and people in power. They talk of knowledge economy, budaya ilmu, and etc but they rather hear from an idiot with position and power than a man of knowledge and experiance.

On this matter, even Dr Mahathir refrained from talking on the Kelantan royalty issue. His only commnet was to wish Ku Li had not spoken on a PAS platform.

Dr M refrains from criticising Ku Li

KUALA LUMPUR: Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has refrained from criticising Gua Musang MP Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah for using an Opposition platform to voice his opinion on the Kelantan oil royalty issue.

He said that he had also been critical of the Government in the past.

“I do not think it is acceptable to use the platform of the Opposition but I have also spoken out using smaller groups critical to the Government.

“I am not in a position to condemn,” he said when asked for his reaction to Tengku Razaleigh’s comment that the PAS-led Kelan-tan government was entitled to a 5% royalty for petroleum extracted off its waters.

Last Thursday, Tengku Raza-leigh, who is a former Finance Minister and founding chairman of Petronas, told a gathering in Kota Baru that Kelantan was entitled to the royalty.

Speaking to reporters yesterday after giving a talk at the Asean Logics Conference at International Islamic University, Dr Mahathir said he had been very vocal against some of the moves made during the administration of Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

Dr Mahathir said he was of the view that Tengku Razaleigh was placing greater importance to Kelantan compared to the Federal Government.

“I suppose as a Kelantanese, he wants to see Kelantan get money. I am only guessing,” he said.

Kelantan Umno Youth was upset that Tengku Razaleigh chose to make his stand at a gathering organised by the PAS-led government, where he shared the stage with Mentri Besar and PAS spiritual adviser Datuk Nik Aziz Nik Mat at the Sultan Mohammed IV Stadium in Kota Baru.

Asked if Tengku Razaleigh’s ac-tions would affect the voters confidence towards Umno, Dr Maha-thir said: “Maybe, maybe. But whatever we do, we cannot win back Kelantan. Kelantanese have their own way of thinking.”

In his speech, Dr Mahathir said that Asean countries, together with China, Japan and South Korea, should have a common trading currency in place of the US dollar.

He also renewed his calls for the formation of the East Asia Economic Group (EAEG) , which would boost economic solidarity among the 10-member Asean group with the three north-east Asian countries.

Source: The Star February 3rd, 2010
The idiocracy in UMNO's reaction is to the extent of expecting Ku Li to leave for Pakatan Rakyat.

Many are speculating that Pakatan Rakyat needs a new leader with expectation for Anwar to be found guilty in the second sodomy charge rising by the day as evidences presented in court. Many within Pakatan Rakyat feel Ku Li would suit that role.

But Ku Li is not leaving UMNO. He has mentioned it so many times. Independent MP and Perkasa President, Dato Ibrahim Ali, who was believed to advised him against speaking on PAS platform, said he does not have intention to leave UMNO.

Other than problem with financial constraints, the Government should consider giving the royalty to Kelantan and the states.

They way this blogger see it politically benefit UMNO.

The last time Kelantan was given oil royalty was in 1976. The next two years, the PAS leaders governing the state then went into a hyenic chase for money and by 1978 was right for the picking by Barisan Nasional.

The lyric from the ole musical, Cabaret sings like this, "Money makes the world go round, the world go round, the world go round."

It will make Kelantan PAS Government round. as it is, it is already swarmed with internal political issues.

By giving that royalty and stop the compasionate fund which is disbursed through UMNO Divisional head, it will stop the money flow to them. As has been for decades, the Chiefs stand to benefit more from the Compassionate fund with Kelantan under PAS.

There is no incentive for them to win and that is the reason they continue to cah keting among themselves.

Once the royalty fund is given, PAS has no more basis to accuse UMNO of not fighting for the Malay by showcasing Kelantan being dominantly Malay.

Let's assume the worse that BN lose the Federal Government in the next GE but still retain few states. Those states will still have money flowing in.


Mohd said...

DS Najib,
Give Kelantan Wang Ehsan only.
Just before PRU13, promise that BN will consider giving Wang Royalti if BN wins Kelantan.
You just see, BN will easily get back Kelantan!
Don't be afraid that people will say that that BN is blackmailing Kelantan.
Even TGNA also promised to give a bazaar Tok Guru to the people of Kota Bharu just before PRU12 to ensure that PAS win.

Anonymous said...

Twisted logic. But weirdly i think it should work. The next logical step is to get those puny mind of najib policital and strategy advisor to read your article. Most of them have not even heard email let alone to switch on the computer.

pakteh adam said...


UMNO must learn to cherish and celebrate diversity in views.

Anwar said " Muslim should learn to accept minority"

Abdullah Babawi dah lakukan segalanya untuk kebebasan berfikir, bercakap, tanpa diganggu gugat dengan tekanan dan sebagainya.

China dan Taiwan 20 TAHUN dahulu berada jauh dibelakang Malaysia dari segi ekonomi dan kebolehan mengguna teknologi. Sekarang mereka mereka berada jauh dihadapan dan berkebolehan mencipta teknologi yang meninggalkan Jepun dan Barat. Heran juga ya, negara yang berdisplinkan komunis tetapi mengguna pakai sistem ekonomi kapitalis, boleh berjaya sebegitu rupa.

Berlainan pandangan perlu bagi kamajuan. Tetapi di Malaysia berlainan pandangan di kalangan Melayu Muslim lebih kepada untuk kepentingan / agenda pribadi dan kumpulan kecil mereka. Agak sukar menerima pandangan daripada daripada mereka yang sememangnya di kenali dan di ketahui masyarakat latarbelakang sejarah dan prihal pribadinya.

Anonymous said...

buat apalah nak takut ku li ke PAS ke, tunjukkan keikhlasan dalam amalan demokrasi negara ini..pasti rakyat akan sejuk hati

Anonymous said...

Very nice, bro. I especially like "They talk of knowledge economy, budaya ilmu, and etc but they rather hear from an idiot with position and power than a man of knowledge and experiance."

Yelah Najib, bagi saja royalti minyak kat Kelantan.


mohd ali ismail said...

Seperti kata Mahathir rakyat Kelantan ada pedirian mereka sendiri.PRU13 tetap dalam penguasaan PAS lagi.Selagi Kerajaan Pusat mempamirkan kekerasan dan menggunakan kuku besi keatas mereka selagi itulah BN akan tewas diratau itu.

Anonymous said...

I agree to teh idea of denying those f*cking UMNO divisional warlord and gedebeh the fund.

They become complacent and arrogant because of federal fund.

Starve them off and only channel it when there are deliverables. Verifiable results and not just paper reports.

Otherwise, they do not want to win ever.

Anonymous said...

hope you have time and read taiwan history. pls also see how they sideline the bumis over there.

Anonymous said...

KULI is always KULI. He is HISTORY but even HISTORY Channel can't admit a space for him in HISTORY.

Since he left (kicked out?) from PETRONAS and Cabinet, many things has changed, many rules has changed. He is telling something in the 70's. Petronas Act has ammended since then and some Sections were repelled.

Money earned can be called as salaries, wages, emolument etc and same do what he believes as royalty. What RAKYAT wants is MONEY. Either Compassionate or Royalty, money that counts. WTF going around to politicise the money????

As for most of the RAKYAT, they don't care whether the money receives is Royalty or Compassionate Payment as long as it enriches the State Treasury.

Anonymous said...


drMpower said...

Ku Li the other day, i believe was speaking as Ku Li the Kelantanese.

all of what he said was true. except for one: the part where he said petronas is the one giving wang ehsan.

petronas do not give out wang ehsan.

kerajaan do.

but many people are condemning what is the different to Ku Li now and Ku Li in year 2000? i mean, he has not gone senile, is not him?

in 2000, he had declared the why and how Terengganu was not eligible for the royalti. he read out from that 1974 Petroleum Act which i believe the terms are more or less the same for other states, including Kelantan.

there is a stark difference between that Act and Act for Sabah and Sarawak.

i believe Ku Li now (to differentiate him in year 2000), should revise again what his stand is. and if he decide to stick to Ku Li now's stand, then he must make point to point rebuttal to his OWN POINTS in year 2000

that way, we can see what went wrong and why it went wrong.

or nothing is wrong, but Ku Li has something in mind for himself?

Anonymous said...

Takkan nak tunggu BN memerintah Kelantan baru nak nagi royalti. Nampak sangat kalau bagi sekarang org2 BN takut tak boleh kongsi sama2 kroni..betul tak? Korang (BN) nak kencing org Kelantan agak2 la sikit. I still remembered the PR Kecil di Pasir Mas dulu2..masa tu BN masih pegang KL..korang gi ceramah kat pakcik makcik tua nak mampus & nyayuk yang banjir & jalan jammed di Kelantan sbb PAS memerintah..hbs kat KL masa tu banjir kilat & jammed apa cerita? Korang kencing budak darjah 1 pun diorang akan ckp korang tipu...

Enjin Jet hilang = keselamatan negara.. tapi takde pulak dengar2 nak masuk ISA org yang buat tu...pastu cari pulak 'anjing' jadi pak sanggup.

** This messege sent using proxy.

Anonymous said...

1)If kelantan has no rights of royalty,in the first place ,why should federal willing to give wang ehsan?
2)why should mustapha mohd and awang adek request wang ehsan from ferderal if kelantan has no rights of oil royalty?
3)why should they call it wang ehsan,because by calling it wang ehsan,it sounds like it,s similar to what being given to terengganu,meaning originally from oil royalties which were terminated by the so called beloved and great leader Tun Mahathir and still calculated on the same basis as it was called oil royalties.
4)why should kelantan state umno leaders invited pas state government to nominate a representative in wang ehsan committe,if it,s just wang ehsan?
why not federal just give any extra allocation to kelantan as to help this poor state and to help umno leaders in the state to boost their ratings in the public,s eyes
but please just dont call it wang ehsan or oil royalties.
it,s just help in term of extra budget as being allocated under JPP
all the while.
once declared as wang ehsan,it will confuse all even federal leaders and invited discussions and criticisms unnecessarily.after all it,s just RM20 million.if any further wang ehsan to be given to kelantan,on what basis should the federal gov. calculate to arrive at the figure?as kelantan has no oil productions within the 3 nautical miles?
5)what a pity for poor states such as kedah,perlis and i think pahang too,not to receive any wang ehsan,if i,m not mistaken former mb shahidan had made an earlier statement last few years that perlis also entitled for oil royalties ,and he doesnt mind it to be called wang ehsan.and perlis is under barisan nasional too.

5)kindly reveal to the rakyat,under which agreement do
sabah and sarawak are entitled for their oil royalties?
6)generally,its really pity to some of our new and upcoming leaders in umno,making statements on tengku razaleigh blindly and it reflect their level of thinking ,of which to be read by new educated generations who are young voters.they laugh at your statements dudes!but we dont blame you all,as your seniors also acted like you all too.
7)may i suggest that politicians should read a lot,especially historical subject,we know that you all very intelligent in ADD MATHS..
*)last but not least,i really appreciated us president obama,s magnanimous action,even hillary who was his rival during party election,but yet being appointed as state secretary...DO WE HAVE SUCH A MAGNANIMOUS leader here in our beloved malaysia,an islamic country?
tq from half past 6 reader.

Kongsi Alam said...

Please allow me to elaborate why Kelantan is not eligible to receive Royalty for Oil which is extracted beyond the 3 nautical mile limit.

Firstly the law namely the Continental Shelf Act 1966 (Act 83) in Article 2 defines the Continental Shelf as follows

2. In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires—“continental shelf” means the sea-bed and subsoil of submarine areas adjacent to the coast of Malaysia but beyond the limits of the territorial waters of the States, the surface of which lies at adepth no greater than two hundred metres below the surface of the sea, or, where the depth of the superadjacent waters admits of the
exploitation of the natural resources of the said areas, at anygreater depth;

The act further states by way of Article 3 as follows:

Rights with respect to continental shelf

3. All rights with respect to the exploration of the continental shelf and the exploitation of its natural resources are hereby vested in Malaysia and shall be exercisable by the Federal Government.

It is clear from the above that the resources within the Continental Shelf is owned by the Federal Government. To further clarify the definition of the Continental Shelf the Government by way of the Emergency (Essential Powers) Ordinance, No. 7, 1969, as amended in 1969 further defined the limit of the state territorial waters as follows:

(2) For the purposes of the Continental Shelf Act, 1966, the Petroleum Mining Act, 1966, the National Land Code and any written law relating to land in force in Sabah and Sarawak, any reference to territorial waters therein shall in relation to any territory be construed as a reference to such part of the sea adjacent to the coast thereof not exceeding three nautical miles measured from the low-water mark.

It is clear that the limit of the State territorial waters is 3 nautical mile. When looking at issues we must look at the whole body of law and not just the Petroleum Development Act.

Anonymous said...

Tuan Voice,

Untuk pengetahuan umum, Tabung Haji melantik Ketua Pegawai Pelaburan (CIO) yang baru pada 1hb Januari 2010 lalu, iaitu Tuan Hj Halim b Alias, yang menggantikan Tuan Hj Md Noor yang telah bersara pada Dec 2009.

Pada hari Isnin (semalam), 8 Februari 2010, Tuan Hj Halim telah meletakkan jawatan dengan memberi 24-jm notis. Oleh kerana perletakan jawatan Tuan Hj Halim dilakukan secara mendadak, suara2 sumbang sudah mula kedengaran tentang pihak pengurusan Tabung Haji, terutamanya terhadap Ketua Eksekutif, Dato Ismee.

Diharap Tuan dapat membuat penyiasatan tentang perkara ini semoga cita2 murni pendeposit2 Tabung Haji untuk mengerjakan ibadah haji tidak terjejas sama sekali.

Sekian, terima kasih.

ISAC said...

Mohon Tuan publish kan blog kawan; di blog tuan

Anonymous said...

kalau A berhutang dgn B.. masa B nk bayar balik.. dia umumkan kat org ramai..
dgn ini saya (B) ingin memberikan wang ehsan atas belas kasihan kepada A.. sdgnkan B berhutang?

Anonymous said...

PakTeh, setahu dewasa saya, kerajaan BN mengajar raykat ber-muhibbah sejak saya berumor belasan lagi. Sejak AI naik sawan, dia banyak berbohong. Ketika dulu lagi melayu-islam menerima minorities. Kalau tidak masakan mereka cari makan dan control ekonomi dimerata pelusuk Malaysia. Tiada hasat dengki pon antara mereka dengan orang2 melayu-islam dinegara ini. Mereka memang pandai buat cerita sob-welfare yang mereka dipinjak2. Sebagai pemerhati, setahu saya lah mereka boleh dikatakan hidup senang lenang disini walaupon, cara hidup senang lenang mereka (tidak semua) buat kerja2 yang illegal, seperti cetak haram (boleh kaya), pelacuran, judi haram, along etc, etc, etc. Sekarang ni melayu-islam (tak semua) pon nak tumpang kaya, jadi kita pon buat juga seperti mereka, cetak haram, pelacuran, judi haram, etc, etc, etc. Setahu saya, memang dari dulu, melayu-islam sudah terima minorities , kemungkinan besar mereka yang tidak boleh terima melayu-muslim, sebab mereka nak jadikan negara ini 'little china-india'.

aku dr amin said...

aku sokong artikel ni. huhu

Tok Ne said...

UMNO should demonstrate its wisdom when it comes to oil royalty issue. For almost 20 years, UMNO was not able to win the hearts and minds of Kelantanese (read MALAYS) due to its policy of discriminating against the PAS state government (read MALAYS), to the point that they (read Malays) no longer have faith, hope and trust to a party which claim fighting for Malay rights. I hope this time, UMNO would agree to pay the Kelantanese what is due to them. I believe, the Kelantanese would finally accept UMNO as a truly Malay party. This is the opportunity. Do not let it go. The next PRU13, Kelantan will be back into UMNO/BN fold.

Anok Kelate.

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Bonzi said...

I guess base on this article, .. Kelantan state government shall stop spreading lies to the public..

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