Sunday, December 26, 2010

Does Pak Lah know or not?

At one of the four weddings I attended yesterday, I bumped into one of the Political Secretary of former Prime Minister Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

When our conversation moved into the latest issue raised by Rocky Bru, the host popped up the question Rocky raised yesterday.

He denied and claimed if such a file reached Pak Lah, he would have seen it.

It could be a potential embarassment for him and Pak Lah because another source claimed Dato Seri Najib had seen the file.

Furthermore, a Jakarta based NGO, Migrant CARE, made a press release dated August 1st 2007 to inform the case involving Indonesian maid, Robengah is under investigation and their finding will be submitted to relevant authority.

No name of the Senior Minister was mentioned but a PAS blogger claimed it had something to do with a withdrawal a month earlier by a Senior Minister from contesting for a significant position in an International body.

The press release found on Tenaganita website here is reproduced below:

Press Release
Migrant Care: Maid Raped by Malaysian Senior Minister

We are extremely concern about the alarming increases in number of such rape and physical abuses incidents happened in Malaysia. Two years ago, we failed to advocate for an Indonesian maid who was raped by a Minister from Kedah.

We wish to express our gratitude towards the concern of the Civil Society and bloggers community in Malaysia with regards to the recent Maid Raped by Malaysian senior minister.

This case involved Malaysian Politician from the ruling party whose Indonesian Maid name Robengah is currently under Migrant Care investigation.

The nature of the case is highly sensitive and involve the national interests of both countries, we hope all the concern parties will be very patient with us because Migrant Care is as concern as the other stakeholders of this loving nation of Malaysia.

As an NGO Migrant Care shall have no political interests to tarnish the image of the politician and political party involved, nor denying the rightful justice of the raped victim.

We cordially request the interested parties please do not create any untruthful speculations before the results of final investigation of which we will officially submit to the relevant authority for their further actions.

Failure of such, then we shall seek justice through international communities.

RELA, in their national missions, has already caused significant hatred feeling among the people in the Republic of Indonesia against Malaysia despite of very cordial diplomatic relationship at the top government to government level. The role of RELA as Indonesian undocumented migrant bounty hunter has become significant security threat to the regional security in the years to come.

It is timely that Malaysia – Indonesia think tank groups seriously study the migrant workers that impacted the social, political, economy and regional security.

We believe justice will be done in accordance to the law of Malaysia through the proper channel and positive constructive engagement with the authorities involved.

Jakarta, 01 Agustus 2007

Wahyu Susilo
Policy Analyst

Anis Hidayah
Executive Director

Alex Ong
Country Director

Kontak: Wahyu 08129307964, Anis 081578722874, Alex +60163121201

Migrant CARE
Perhimpunan Indonesia untuk Buruh Migran Berdaulat

(Member of Migrant Forum in Asia and International NGO Platform on Migrant Workers' Convention)
Jl. Pulo Asem I C No 15 RT 015 RW 001 Jati, Jakarta Timur 13220 Indonesia. Telp/Fax: +62 21 4752803
Migrant CARE did not release the name of the Minister.

Neither do we know.

But one PAS blog, Jiwo Kelate linked the then Minister for Culture, Arts and Heritage, Datuk Seri Dr. Rais Yatim's withdrawal from nomination for the position of Secretary General to the Commonwealth to the case.

The blogger claimed Rais withdrew a month before the press release due to pressure from the Indonesian. Read it here.

That is PAS's blogger speculation.


Anonymous said...


Kuala Dimensi funded everything. They paid money to Khir Toyo and UMNO Selangor and also permanent Chairman of UMNO to buy Malay fisherman land in Pulau Indah. The land was bought thru the koperasi. The Malay fisherman were paid peanuts. The koperasi then sold the land to Kuala Dimensi, also for peanuts. Then Kuala Dimensi sold the land to the gomen at very high price which then became the PKFZ Scandal.

Rais Yatim was the Minister of Law. He advised the gomen to allow Kuala Dimensi buy the land from the koperasi. Under acquisition act, the gomen no need Kuala Dimensi. The gomen can buy the land straight from the fisherman. UMNO korup bro, apa nak buat?

Rais Yatim as Law Minister also advised gomen to accept the price of RM20 psf.

After selling the land to gomen PKFZ for RM20 per square foot, Kuala Dimensi bought more land to replace the land they have sold to gomen. Bro, Kuala Dimensi bought more land at RM5.00 psf. WTF bro? Monday sell land for RM20 psf, Tuesday buy back more land from koperasi at RM5.00 psf? Melayu punya bodoh dahsat bro.

Rais Yatim helped in the PKFZ scandal. This one during Pak Lah Time pun sambung lah. So Rais tolong Pak Lah, then hen Rais play 'pisang saya montel' with the maid, Pak Lah helped to cover up with the Indonesians.

Happy New Year bro.

Wake UP! said...

Rape is a serious matter. Only despicable men that have no honour will rape a woman.

That is a crime of violence against women.

nilu said...

Indonesia is not part of the Commonwealth so why bother protesting it

Anonymous said...

This old snoozer knew nothing !

He didn't even know he got married again!

A Voice said...


That is PAS

Tok Mudim said...

The only thing that dolah know is he is married his maid, legally.

Even if he know, he dont know what to do and as usual will leave it to kj and kalimullah who know how to blackmail Mr X, from a small state with more warlords than Afghanistan.

To say that Rais Yatim is Mr X is a bit too much. It's an insult to his wife.

Everybody know that Maznah looks better than any bibik on TV.

Anonymous said...

di zaman paklah, dia asyik tiduq zzzzz. pentadbiran negara diserah kepada anak-menantu dan kroni. pencapaian besaq paklah adalah kahwin uhhhh. jadi tentunya kisah pisang montel diserah kpd khairy, kali & kamarudin. penasihat khairy kini bahagia dimerata agensi kerajaan, glc & syt media mengembangkan sayap pengaruh khairy. najib leka sahaja, penasihat2 ini sudah pun bergerak merancang strategi untuk berkuasa.

Gurindam Jiwa said...

Match or mismatch? Rais from Kedah?

Anonymous said...

Please blog about something more important. Enough of the attacks on Pak Lah. There's such a thing as overkill. At first it was funny but then it just gets downright mean spirited. I dont know why you guys go to so much trouble to make people hate him. Malaysians are not stupid. So-called pro Bn bloggers may hate him,but other voters may not feel the same way and they could be the majority. And now a Cabinet Minister's name is being tarnished without any solid evidence. Rape is such a hideous crime and should not be treated lightly. Please be fair especially to those you choose to attack without any proof.

Anonymous said...

Aku percaya 100% Pak Lah tak tahu hal ni, apa nak diherankan? Bukankah semua perkara yang berlaku semasa pentadbirannya dia tak tahu!!! Tidurlah Pak Lah, tidurlah .......

Anonymous said...

Pak Lah hs made appearing blur an art form. Its really an impressive skill when u consider how it has taken him from Islamic studies background to the ultimate cat bird seat - Prime Minister of Malaysia.
This skill has variously served him well especially when deflecting serious issues. Should be interesting to see how he defends himself in respect of the Wikileaks allegation.

- No PPSMI, No BN.

A Voice said...

Anon 12:50

Are you or anyone out there paying me to blog?

Since you are not and there is no one out there, dont tell me what to blog about!

The rest of what you said is totally of no relevance to me.

What if there is a proof?

You like chilli sauce on the shoe you gonna be eating?

My Say