Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Khir Toyo continues to suffer at Khairy's hands

Former Selangor Menteri Besar, Dato Seri Dr Khir Toyo was charged with land fraud involving two plots of land and a house in Shah Alam.

Khir had allegedly purchase the said properties from Ditamas Sdn Bhd director Shamsuddin Haryoni for RM3.5 million in 2007, which is much lower than Shamsuddin's purchase price of RM6.5 million.

Both Khir and Shamsuddin are being charged under Section 109 and Section 165 of the Penal Code, which when convicted, carry a penalty of fine or two years jail or both.

Did Khir Toyo abused his position as Menteri Besar to receive such price in exchange for other favours? Is it a crime to purchase a property below it's earlier purchased price? These will be among the legal questions the prosecution will need to answer and proof during trial, if it makes it to trial.

Blogger RBF questioned the strange manner of the case here.

Irrespective of the politics, perception and insinuation, it will be the court that will make the final decision.

Until then, Sekinchan's ADUN, Ng Swee Lim will have to pray Khir Toyo loses in the trial. It will be the court decision that will save him from Khir Toyo's subsequent lawsuit. He can't run if he still wish to remain an Assemblyman.

In the meanwhile, it looks like Khir Toyo continues to suffer at Khairy's hand.

This blog posting is NOT about whether Khir Toyo is guilty or innocent. But merely to respond to a comment by Khairy's immature cyber supporter below:
"terang lagi bersuluh perwakilan bijak menolak KT sbg calon KP Malaysia. Diharap bloggers yg begitu ghairah memburukkan kj menerima hakikat tersebut"
Before responding and counter attacking this wet between the ears kanak-kanak, let me state that I remain steadfast in my position that the heads of those corrupted ones must roll.

If Khir Toyo had committed corruption, he will have to face the music. If the prosecution fail to prove him wrong and the court decided he is innocent, we will have to hold our peace. It is just like when the court acquited Dato Norza Zakaria.

For Khairy's immature boys, they should ask themselves did Khairy obtained the majority of votes?

No, thus by their same logic, the majority Pemuda delegates rejected Khairy because he does not command the majority. By the same logic, the supporters chanting "rasuah! rasuah!" outside the hall against Khairy are the majority.

Khairy's supporters have a short memory. Khairy was judged guilty for committing money politics by the UMNO Disciplinary Committee but was let off by a mere warning.

This blog had revealed that there were video evidences and witnesses of Khairy harrassing delegates for votes. A two hour phone call from Pak Lah and a compromise is reached to "release" everyone or a light tap on the wrist to Save Private Khairy alone.

Thus it is not enough to charge only Khir Toyo. Khairy's case should be reopened if UMNO and UMNO-led Government is serious about money politics and corruption.

If found guilty, Khairy's head should roll also. The suspicion of guilt is overwhelming. Khairy is not able to answer these questions posed by Bigdogdotcom:
  • What does Khairy do for a living?
  • Is he a businessman, business owner, business developer, “mister fixer” or plain commission agent?
  • If he is any of these, what business is he involved?
  • Can he be transparent about it?
The details and explanation to those questions are here.

By avoiding to answer these questions, it puts him as a suspect in abusing his relationship as son-in-law to the former Prime Minister to acquire ill-gotten wealth through corruption and abuse of influence.

And, Khairy and his Tingkat 4 boys' - arrogance and flexing of power to bully and abuse the current Prime Minister when he was Deputy to Tun Abdullah - should not be left unreturned.

It is Khairy's political game that heightened intra-UMNO politicking to a new level of intensity and unabated cloak and dagger politicking that resulted in giving ammunition for opposition to win over Selangor.

Khairy, with the help of Kalimullah blow the issue of Bukit Cerakah out of proportion, to lay blame on Khir Toyo. They held back on the real culprits like Tan Sri Muhammad Muhammad Taib, Dato Affendi Nawawi, and many other parties including one that is sensitive to divulge for fear of shaming "Ketuanan Melayu."

Karam Singh Walia and TV3 was hounding Khir Toyo and Selangor Government on environmental issues.

Khairy wanted to beat Khir Toyo to the pulp to make sure he not run for Ketua Pemuda. He knew Khir Toyo was his real competitor and not Mukhriz.

This charge against Khir Toyo with regard to his home was not first raised by Sekinchan ADUN, Ng Swee Lim. It was first exposed by Khairy's cybertrooper.

Rashid Yusof, New Straits Times senior reporter aspiring to be Deputy Chief Group Editor, should own up. He was Khairy's campaign manager for Ketua Pemuda UMNO election.

Sources within the Khir Toyo camp claimed that Khir Toyo had once invited Khairy to his home for a friendly chat.

Soon after that visit, Khairy hired a helicopter to take aerial pictures of the constructed house. The pictures (like the one above) soon appeared on Khairy linked blogsites like BN Raksasa, Anti Khir Toyo, etc.

The same pictures was subsequently made into an issue by DAP's Ng by claiming the house is valued at RM24 million.

That time, no one asked how many major structures are there in the Bali resort style home complex to warrant such valuation? Khir Toyo wrote an explanation in his blog here.

Ng claimed he has got valuers report and buyers for the home at that price. Khir Toyo asked for the valuation report and responded to offer the house at that price. Ng could not respond and hence the lawsuit by Khir Toyo against him.

The lawsuit against Ng is about his slanderous claim that the house is valued at RM24 million. Whatever is the outcome of the current charge, Ng is still liable. He can't prove the house is valued at RM24 million and MACC is not finding fault with the so-called valuation of the house.

Khir Toyo can offer documents to proof valuation and bank financing requirements. Some can raise the question why is the valuer that fixed the figure at RM3.5 million is not charge also.

But many may not want to accept the reason Shamsuddin sold a property he bought at RM6.5 million in 2004 to sell at RM6.5 million in May 2007. Businessman will never sell anything at a loss.

However, the burden of proof will be on the prosecutor to show Shamsuddin is compensated elsewhere. They will have to tally with the fact that Khir Toyo has valuation report from Rahim & Co and HSBC bank offer letter. (see below)

In the past, many corrupt politicians are being charged and have their political career decimated by lesser and frivolous offenses. It is usually not on cases where the real taking of bribes and abuse of power happened.

Is Khir Toyo a repeat of past practices? If so, it would seem there is a conspiracy to end his politics.

If he clear himself, then this is his opportunity to botox himself clean for a new lease of life. His latest blog posting here indicate his eagerness to clear his name. But if he fails, that is the end for this intelligent, cunning and gung ho young politician from the marhaen social class of a Javanese padi planter.

In the meanwhile, Khir Toyo will have to take another political retreat. The new UMNO policy on corruption require that politician facing corruption charges must withdraw from all political postion, except assemblymen and parlimentarian.

Khir is resigning from post as Head of UMNO Kuala Selangor Division and Head of Opposition at the Selangor State Assembly.

There is strong rumour that many more big sharks will be netted in from both sides, the BN and PR side. Even Kelantan MB, Nik Aziz and son in law Ariffahmi name is rumoured to be one. That means other Kelantan exco could be spending time between lawyers office and courts.

This blogger like to see few from amongst the cabinet members. And also some Selangor exco members and CEOs of few SLC should be facing the judges.

For the opposition, will they resign from their post in the manner Khir Toyo is doing? Or they will fashionably hit the street and cook up conspiracy theories.

Will mama boy Khairy resign as Ketua Pemuda should he be charged for abuse of power, corruption and money politics? Or will he ask baba Tun Abdullah or mama Datin Rahmah to call everyone from PM to the post messenger at PWTC?

If Khairy falls, he has too many enemies and immature followers to have another lease of life. Currently it is not too sure he could retain his Rembau seats against Chegu Bard.

We await how many and how the sharks will be hauled up.

* Edited 7:00 PM


Anonymous said...


Who killed Altantuya? When Tuya was killed, Pak Lah was the PM, not Najib. The UTK charged with her murder worked for Pak Lah, not Najib. One of the UTK was ordered to come back from bodyguard duties for Pak Lah in Pakistan, not for bodyguard duty for Najib.

Razak Baginda's wife shouted 'he is not going to be PM'. Why?

Why did Raja Petra Kamaruddin ignore all these facts and start spinning stories that Rosmah killed Tuya? Raja Petra supports Pakatan. KJ worked for Kalimullah. Kalimullah and KJ are sympathetic towards Anwar.

Razak Baginda used to hang out at Kalimullah's restaurant Vincenzo at Bangsar. Razak show off about his girlfriends including Altantuya. Kali knows about Tuya.

They wanted Najib shot down and keep Pak Lah as PM. So they blamed Najib for Tuya's murder.

The facts are : when Tuya was killed, the PM was Pak Lah, not Najib.

The UTK who killed Tuya worked for Pak Lah, not Najib.

Kalimullah and KJ control Pak Lah's office. KJ and Kalimullah know Razak has girlfriend problem with Tuya.

So who killed Tuya?

Anonymous said...

b4 u go and try to pin the blame on kj, read this article:


and this one


the one with the axe to grind is not the winner but the loser. point the gun in the right direction for once will u


Anonymous said...

MB yang lain bagaimana pula? terutamanya MB Johor, Ghani Othman yang sudah kenyang anak beranak makan rasuah dari Dato Lim Kang Hoo, MD Danga Bay. Semua orang di Johor Bahru tahu tentang "pakatan" Ghani-Dato Lim. Pihak MACC seharusnya segera untuk membuat penyiasatan.

Anonymous said...

Kenapa bila kehidupan dan cita cita KJ dan Anwar berlandaskan dendam, rakyat Malaysia pula yang terpaksa menanggungnya.

As for Khir Toyo, you asked for it and i wish you good luck.

A Voice said...

Anon 3:45

I do not need to read those postings because we personally know and am quite aware of their thoughts and views.

Read this posting for its seperated points:

- Khir Toyo got charged.

- Let court due process take place. Kalau dia kena, kenalah. Kalau dia lepas, accept that fact!

- Khairy has a history of putting a number on Khir Toyo and subsequently S'ngor loss. But only Khir Toyo is blamed.

- If Khir Toyo kena, kenapa Khairy tak kena. Khairy has done a lot of damage to the alif ba ta and UMNO.

A Voice said...

Anon 4:06

Dont just talk, put your fact and story together and make a report to MACC.

Leae it to MACC to investigate. If there is a case, there is a case.

Most people claim corruptions here and there but could not put the story right and sufficient information investigatable for MACC.

Anonymous said...

Khir Toyo asked KJ for a friendly chat..as claimed by the blogger hehe..I Like...is this what Dato A Kadir Jasin onece wrote in his Other Thot Column in Malaysia Business..some sort of KOWTIM between the two...for the post of UMNO youth Chief...to kacau daun..?


Anonymous said...

KJ has many goons and spies within the system. They even kencing the PM office to "get away with murder". You mention Rashid of NST where it was mentioned somewhere he is the mastermind of all decisions in NSTP. Reporters say Dato Ahmad Talib and Dato Zainul Ripin take instructions from Rashid Yusof. Hat's off to KJ. When PMO sleep, everything's fine @ NSTP.

Anonymous said...

wow for u to go down the road and say "if kt kena why not kj" is bizarre. kt was the creator of his own demise. he fought the odds rising up against the bangsawan system but then forgot humility. the penyapu incident, his lack of respect towards pak lah and defiance whilst abhorrent did not lead to his demise. remember tan sri osman aroff. he was dispatched summarily when he became too big for his boots. yet pak lah did not replace him. khir toyo lost selangor on his own incompetence. he had everything and he blew it. after which the public spectacle of his new mansion. even tun was critical of him. even tun.
but perhaps its only fitting. for we know kt is directly responsible for the vitriol against kj. everybody knows. no point denying.
Never was so much owed by so many to so few.

Anonymous said...

This charge against Khir Toyo with regard to his home was not first raised by Sekinchan ADUN, Ng Swee Lim. It was first exposed by Khairy's cybertrooper. Rashid Ali, New Straits Times senior reporter aspiring to be Deputy Chief Editor, should own up. He was Khairy's campaign manager for Ketua UMNO Malaysia.

You mean Rashid Yusof. Most know what a chameleon this fella is.

Anonymous said...


bukan rashid ali. Rashid yusof

Anonymous said...

>>Most people claim corruptions here and there but could not put the story right and sufficient information investigatable for MACC.

brader, isn't that what u have been doing all awhile with khairy?

too bad your lord is in some trouble. be thankful its just for his istana. there are much more dirt that he can get into trouble for... and should.

A Voice said...

Thank you ... I will amend on Rashid

Anonymous said...

Spot on bro.

Now Rashid Yusoff is working out on a grand design to facilitate kj's passage into the cabinet through straits times.

Well done bro

Anonymous said...

Ahmad Talib? Ah, the demi-god who never works. Can't even write proper column

Rashid? Ah, KJ's boy. Tasked with helping him penetrating Najib's office.

The rest are history

Anonymous said...

did u all read nst yesterday? well, the malay liberals gave the credit to the DAP guy when it was the Govt which decided to charge Khir toyo to clean up the govt.

Can't blame the rashids, the ahmad talibs and the zenul ripins in NST. PM chose them.

so blame the PM lah.

Anonymous said...

Spot on bro.

Now Rashid Yusoff is working out on a grand design to facilitate kj's passage into the cabinet through straits times.

Well done bro

Anonymous said...

The gentlemen agreement between Najib and Dollah before he step down is for Najib to allow KJ to become KP Umno whichever way KJ will do and leave KJ alone, thinking that a KP will automatically get a cabinet post.

And Najib did leave KJ alone and did not appoint KJ into his cabinet which najib bluntly told Dollah and KJ that it's not stated in their agreement when asked.

So disappointed with Dollah that KJ decided to make Khir Toyo's life so miserable by asking Anwar to make a move on his behalf as he had spend millions bribing the dungus in pemuda umno to win the KP post.

And mukhriz live happily after.

Anonymous said...


u got it all wrong. rashid is eyeing to be the group editorial.

tokman said...

Khir Toyo was an innocent 'young dentist' when Tun M appointed him as Mentri Besar as he was said to be 'Mr. Clean' in Selangor UMNO. Sadly, he became a young 'monster' and very greedy within a short span of his haydays, probably too young and too naive to be appointed to a very high post in the government.....kind of cultural shock! He is lucky to be charge only for that land deal as chances are it could be a 'no case to answer'!

Anonymous said...

Yes no doubt corrupt politicans no matter big or small.. BN or opposition must be hauled up.
Congrats to MACC.
The Govt.(PM) must show seriuos actions after so much talk on reforms to free the nation of corruption.
But there are so many of them, so many past cases and politicians involved.
So starting with the high profile cases and big fish like Ling Liong Sik for PKFZ and Khir Toyo for his mansion and all other alleged cases, is definitely the right move.
Next step should be KJ,and nothing less, then only the public preception will change.


Anonymous said...

When a Malay knows the workings of finance and economy through his education in one of the top University in the world and made millions from sales of shares (most do not understand the workings of selling and buying share) other Malays can't except it. But if a chinese coffee seller suddenly gets rich, no one will question and the respect these Malay's give them is amazing. Even calling them BOSS, eventhough they do not work with the retired coffee seller. Get a PHD from a University and not inheriting it from your race i.e.perasaan hasat dengki......come on malays, especially bloggers, throw your PHD away. If your neighbour buys a toyota, it does not mean you have to go out and get a bank loan just to buy a Mercedes. PHD is not good.......this is the reason why there are good, educated, hard working Malays not interested in politics. At the end of the day we will end up with a leader who works as an office boy before.

Anonymous said...


Everyone knows u living off Khir Toyo's coin thats why you are sooo upset?

A Voice said...

Anon 1:12 PM

I befriend Khir Toyo but I do not support him for Ketua Pemuda.

Now I live off Khir Toyo?

Interesting guess ... get a life.

I've got my own income stream to keep me blogging. I am not young anymore dude to be dependent on others.

I do not need to live off Khir Toyo.

Anonymous said...

Jom kemut baiiikkkk punya! Bahang terasa kini di NSTP bagi juak2 yg hidup berpeleseran selama ini. Nantikan pengumuman besar dan mungkin mengejutkan tidak lama lagi....

balai berita

Anonymous said...

Khairy and Effendi are sleeping partners during Effendi's tenure as Minister of EPU. KJ was given ministrial attention during that time. Ask any senior officers at EPU and you'll get similar responses,

Anonymous said...

juak2 semalam kena nasi kandar di penang. line clear

nst penang

Anonymous said...

what a happy gang bang in penang. look at their faces. smiling from ear to ear. why not. free trip to penang at companys expenses. the whole gangbang in penang to launch the street. the stupid malay editors roaming the streets of penang for cheap shows.


Anonymous said...

back in the office in kl pretending to work

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