Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bout of fresh air for more drama to come

Betcha think an old rocker like moi wouldn't know how to appreciate Bach. Before you make that wrong assumption, there are lots of rock musicians influenced by Bach and Morzart in their work these days. I do selectively listen to classical and opera.

It's been 10 days since I last blog. Many friends cum readers and well wishers have been calling and SMS me up. Even Rocky have removed me from the Blog that Rock list. Will have to remind him to reinstate the rocker blogger back.

The BIG BAD cough that begin to trouble me since July 27th was not subsiding. Consequently I made an appointment with another respectable physician at Pusrawi for second opinion. He added three more to my longer list of medical issues from my last visit to a Specialist.

Finally after two consecutive sleepless nights and days from continuous coughing, I've had it. I checked-in early morning Wednesday before subuh to a nearby hospital I am loyal to. I wonder will the hospital realise my loyalty and present me with a goldwatch.

By evening, after a whole series of tests, blood samplings, prick here and there, and the usual rounds of BP, temperature monitoring by the nurses, the respirator specialists, Dr Wahab (sorry didn't catch his full name yet) told me I've got spasm on my air passage and I had finally succumbed to my family inherited disease, asma.

No wonder I've been short of breath lately.

Right after my Mrs and few guest left for the evening, I got drowsy or 'high' from my sixth round of nebuliser for the day and consumption of probably half the pharmacist' list of drugs in the storeroom. I laid down to look forward for my long needed sleep.

After four hours of quality sleep with hallucinating dreams of being in a war torn hospital, I was widely awaken by cough. I requested for a lozenge and suddenly remembered about up-dating this blog. Before this, the incessant cough disrupt my thought and focus when attempting to write.

And I sure got a few issues to write about.

Firstly, the issue of Hishamuddin and his strings of decisions that are making him look bad within the UMNO circle of supporters as weak, indecisive and afraid.

In his effort to seek help from bloggers to clarify himself, he sent out his political secretary and political product marketing man, Dato Markiman to "engage".

The problem is neither Hishamuddin (due to his reluctance out of his own cowardice) nor Markimen understand the term engagement with bloggers means to them.

He should understand that some of us do not deal with messengers, especially with his boss avoiding us for years. With him seen as fumbling all over the place, does he expect complimentary posting? Bloggers should not be force to write what they have yet to be convince off. If they believe in you, they will do so willingly and with much passion.

What happened subsequently was one desperate teacher's pet e-mailed my piece, Has the Government and ruling party become afraid? to Hishamuddin and his host of secretaries in a not so nice intention. Markiman responded by questioning why the piece "hentam" Dato Najib, Dato Hishamuddin, Government, etc. after he had engage us.

We are not mainstream press where they are careful at asking questions and making demands. We are not. Have you delivered what we asked? Remember that is a test of trust and confirmation on an allegation.

Secondly, I really wanted to write about the JAIS raid on the illegal church, Damansara Utara Methodist Church when it happened.

Naturally these days, one can expect a partisan and communcal divide on the issue. But in defense of JAIS, I really want to clear the air on the Christians argument and slanders made against JAIS.

There was nothing forceful in the manner they came to investigate. Despite empowered to raid without the need for warrant, they only entered with permission after an hour of stalling from the organiser.

If there had been act of proselytizing of Muslim by the Methodist church, in which many indications points in that direction, it was both an unconstitutional and illegal act. No talking of those human rights and democrasy arguments because Malaysia do not practise TOTAL DEMOCRASY but guided DEMOCRASY.

Observe the various exceptions and conditions for any given rights or liberties given. In most cases, the preservation of peace and harmony of the majority or public is supreme and not our personal liberties.

Thirdly, the MAS-Air Asia share swap. Many bloggers and personalities have spoken against it. Sakmongkol, Bigdog, Rockybru, Jebat Must Die, Hantu Laut, etc to name a few bloggers.

Former SC Chairman, Tan Sri Ali Kadir, former MAS CEO, Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahman, YB Wee Choo Keong, YB Dzulkifli Ahmad, YB Anwar Ibrahim, and many have come out to the fore front.

This deal have been described differently by many.

For one, it is a deal to cover-up a bunch of "corporate leader" who in the past failed in their task through a scheme called Wide Unbundling of Asset and continually allowed to handle the MAS turnaround by appointing the wrong person at the top.

The deal is a poorly structured to heavily favour Tan Sri Tony Fernandez and partners at the expense of the loyal staff of MAS, especially the 3rd, 4th and 5th level (forget the most crooked and self serving 1st and 2nd liner) and the various stakeholders.

The demure, fair, and sweet looking nurse is giving me that stare from afar. Don't get the wrong idea. She is sort of telling me to sleep and get a good rest.

So my last word on the share swap, it was a long anticipated pre-planned, organised and systematic rape and plunder of MAS by the Pu*ima* Hall of Fame.

For us who fought the Abdullah establishment because of deals like ECM Libra-Avenue merger, succumbing to Singapore interest, etc, it is frustating of see Najib's silence which is a blessing to allow the same set of racoons and their associates to pursue their endgame.

These shows a major weakness of Najib's leadership; the fear to hire and fire for the right people with the right and suitable background for the right post.

No such excuses of letting private sector deals at their own. Malaysian economic model is not free economic model but a political economy model. The executive can have their influence but Najib should veto it.

If he doesn't, it is obvious he is allowing it for his brother Dato Nazir Abdul Razak and his favourite boy wonder whose advise he will never refuse, Dato Omar Ong who is on Air Asia BOD.

By analysing the series of events and development in the local Airline industry and the personalities from 2005 onward, one can easily spot that this is a big-scale version of a similar and controversdial ECM Libra-Avenue involving Khairy and Kalimullah. There are links with these two characters and it is worthy to be dubbed ECM Libra-Avenue II.

I have my political angled suspicion as to why this deal came about, but I will write more from the business and corporate perspective.

This deal have the potential to be the "crooked bridge" that burst the dam on Abdullah but this time on Najib. Mainstream media and cybertrooper of UMNO does not have the depth and sustenance to deal in such issues.

Unless Najib heed this warning, he would only make Tun Abdullah and Khairy happy to avenge by making the much touted Najib have the shortest career as PM.

Fourth, Najib has much problems lurking on the his various corporate business endeavours and economic policies but able pro-UMNO bloggers have held back their critic in favour of direct engagement and proper channel feedback.

Unfortunately, it is not being given a second thought as Najib continued as planned. It is a shut-up strategy.

Najib's over focus on economic transformation programs only look nice on Idris Jala's Shell styled power point presentation but does not catch the imagination of the masses.

The masses needs cannot be left to the market elements alone. They day to day improvement in life is still dependent on economic growth which still need Government priming and nudging than the so-called public sector initiative and the long term economic reform plan that is touted to be able "to leap tall building with a single bound."

Those day to day economic activities that lead to annual growth is more relevant to the man on the street and voters. Endless talk about economic reform without economic growth is like a company stop operation to focus at reengineering and restructuring their organisation.

Fifth and not the last, is whether UMNO and Barisan Nasional is serious about winning the 13th General Election?

They are not effective in their communication (or penerangan) of Government policies and party programs.

From this blogger's eye, while they other side are dishing out one after another propagandas and psywar materials, UMNO - it's party machinery and leaders - are quiet.

Only the bloggers are voluntarily doing in their own unguided and mismashed ways with limited resources. Government agencies and newspapers are helping more out of concern although it is none of their goddamn business!

Admit it truly, the 3Ps of penerangan, propaganda and psywar of UMNO and BN are down the parit.

The nurse is staring again.

Sixth, there were three pointers that Tun Dr Mahathir gave to Najib to win the 13th general election - take care of the Malays, manage the economy and get rid of corruption.

In challenging political times, hold on to your base of loyal Malay voters. Another reason is a united Malay voters privide stability to the political environment.

But what Najib had done to ignore the bumiputera community. They are agitated with his political effort to woe Chinese voters that come at the expense of the bumiputeras.

Abolishment of MECD, Pemandu, Teraju, subsidies, and scholarships issues to name a few of the issues of their concern. His Pemandu, and Teraju outfit has not caught the imagination of the Malay activists and intellectuals, save for the kaki bodeks and pengampus.

On that score, his political situation could be that of the Malay proverb, "Yang dikejar tak dapat, Yang dikendung berkeciciran" (The one chased failed to secure, The one in hand lost). (Thanks Helen for the correction!)

Najib's transformation program could be exciting on a Idris Jala's powerpoint presentation deserve of winning any corporate powerpoint presentation competition. But to the common people, it is food on the table, money in the pocket and life that need to go on that matters. Najib seem to just realise he should address it now.

For the commercially driven Chinese support, without a growing economy to keep them busy, they get political.

For corruption to be eradicated, it is not just about expanding UMNO's voting base. It is to see real meaningful convictions of corrupts. What happened to UMNO's political reform? What was done to the stiffling Warlord culture?

Government must show confidence to the public that political interventions, crooked judges, and government bureucrats power monopoly do not hinder MACC's fight against corruption. Unfortunately Government looks weak by succumbing to much to the opposition propaganda intended demands surrounding the death of Teoh Beng Hock.

How does Najib expect himself to get two third majority and regain all the lost states if questionable deals and development plans like MAS-Air Asia share swap, IMDB development, UDA Development, Iskandar Malaysia, etc still happen and remain in existence?

That is what is in store at ABITW if I get around to write it all. Wish me well, I need to get well first!

Hai missi ni dok tengok-tengok. Aku cium kang ...


Anonymous said...

Many thanks for the summary ... but most important ... take care ... do get some rest.

May ALLAH Protect us during this difficult time.


Anonymous said...

awak gatal laa kat misi tu.....tak takut ke bini baca ke ....anyway you are always good in your blogging and the issues you champion are worthy.....please write more on how to help the bumiputras (as mentioned in the article) pm najib need to do some corrections, to win election this time he need to have votes from the malays.....buat lah yang patut...

Anonymous said...

oh ya for the flu....try laa the old fashion-way, madu lebah campor limau dan kalau nak kau lagi campor sikit habatus saodah...bismillah, mengucap 3 x dan niat nak sembou....insyaallah baik lah dia...

A Voice said...

Nak help the bumiputera need a different away of doing it.

To me there must be elements of
1. toil entrepreneour
2. guidance by the govt
3. extraneous effort by govt, entrepreneour, and community
4. money by govt
5. stakeholders involvement

situ dulu panjang cerita

helping malay does not mean we must stop the opportunity to the lesser of the non bumis.

helping money must not be about easy money.

najib ni ... banyak sangat rely on wrong advisers. too trusting on advisers. wonder he has dbl chechking system

he must have tdm's system of double checking on everything. itu pun salah juga kadang2

Anonymous said...

Rasanya tak payah bantu non bumi and bumi ka sebab nak menang pilihanraya..
kalau ikhlas atas dasar tanggungjawab tak jadi hal, rakyat boleh nilai sendiri.

Rakyat tak mintak banyak pun. Harga barang murah,senang dapat kerja, senang berniaga, aman..menanglah kau pilihanraya.

Takkan sampai nak keluar formula ni kot Pak Lah = Najib.

P/s : Cepat sihat bro... Cukup makan cukup tido.

Tok Mudim said...


get well soon and hope you'll be online before the next open house season start again.

btw - MAS staff and passengers will never forget how Tony dump their fokker in Sabah and Sarawak a few years back.

sri tribuana said...

Get well soon bro, i miss your writing. Take care of your health first and foremost.

Can hardly wait your further elaboration. Send my regards to the cute nurse.

Faz said...

maybe the teacher's pet want ur suggestions and concerns being heard of by the govt :p

but the govt just took a non-serious action bout it..really hope tht najib will do as stated by you, be a firm PM

Anonymous said...

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Freddie Kevin said...

Salam Tuan,

Was having my quarterly med check up yesterday.

But should not be an excuse.

Please accept apologies for late speedy get well wish!

Very best regards

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