Saturday, July 30, 2011

Has the Government and ruling party become afraid?

Before Bersih 2.0 illegal assembly on July 9th, there were three flip flops on the Government side that encouraged the crowd to gather.

After the assembly, in the midst of a psy-war battle that is returning back to the Government side with embarassing exposure of lies by the Bersih and Pakatan Rakyat, the Government side flip flop again.

This time it is the police that fumbled.

Having been beaten badly in 2007 that result in poor election result in 2008, has the Government learn anything about communication, propaganda and psy-war game?

Pre-Bersih Flip Flop

Before the July 9th assembly, the Government side made three major flip flop that resulted in an encouraged crowd to defy police to come.

The first was for allowing Bersih Chairperson, Dato Ambiga audience with the DYMM Seri Paduka Baginda Yang Dipertuan Agung.

Najib was not pleased with Abdullah's interference. Despite his public denial, all parties with access and knowledge to the palace are in unison agreeing that Abdullah interfered.

However, Abdullah can only interfere when someone in the palace allowed the meeting. Words heard that there is someone in the palace that leaked a draft copy of the Agong's prior special public statement to Mustafa Ali, Secretary General of PAS.

The Agong's schedule is arranged between the palace officials via Agong's Private Secretary and Prime Minister's Department. How could Najib be displeased with Abdullah?

That could only happen if palace official refused the advise from Prime Minister's Department and took only the advise of former Prime Minister, Tun Abdullah. That should not happen.

Be it the fault of Agong's staff, or Tun Abdullah Badawi or Prime Minister's Office, this gave legitimacy and credibility to Bersih.

The second flip flop was by the Prime Minister Dato Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak, followed by Minister for Home Affairs, Dato Seri Hishamuddin Tun Hussein, for echoing the PM's offer for a stadium assembly to Bersih.

Najib and Hishamuddin's statements before the assembly was embarassing because once gazetted as an illegal organisation, there is no law that allow a permit to be issued to Bersih. In fact, the Police Act is clearly spelled that illegal organisation will not be issued permit for assembly, including for stadium.

The third embarassment was after Ambiga and Company's audience with Agong, they claimed Agong allowed them to assemble at the Stadium.

It was only at about that time, Najib and Hishamuddin realised the legal implication and start backpeddling to explain the conditions of their offers.

Anwar Ibrahim took charge and said they insist to stage a procession to Stadium Merdeka.

Post Bersih Flip Flop

After Bersih 2.0, it comes down to the psywar to win the public's heart and mind. Bersih 2.0 were playing victim and making all sort of falsitous claims of excessive police brutality.

It is around now, when one lies after another of Bersih and Pakatan are being exposed, Election Commission made another blunder at trying to engage Bersih.

The Sinar Harian initiative only resulted in SPR Deputy Chairman being booed and heckled by the increasingly hooligan Bersih crowd.

Yet they still attempt to be civil and hope engaging this illegal organisation in a PJ organised forum will do any good. All relevant explanation were refused and rejected outright.

Never engage with hooligans. They only appreciate the stick and understand violence.

But the biggest flip flop must be by police yesterday for releasing the six Parti Sosialis Malaysia detainee.

Six PSM leaders released after 28 days in detention

The Star Saturday July 30, 2011

KUALA LUMPUR: Six Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) leaders including Sg Siput MP Dr Michael Jeyakumar have been freed unconditionally after 28 days in detention.

They were held over their alleged involvement in foreign-aided and subversive activities against the nation.

The detainees were overjoyed that they had been released while Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and other Barisan Nasional leaders welcomed the move to free them.

Najib said the police's decision to release the six, who were held since July 2 under the Emergency Ordinance, was based on their judgment and goodwill. He also said the act depicted that the country always upheld the rule of law.

Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein said he would soon respond to allegations that the six were detained illegally and had been mistreated.
This decision to detain and now release is made by the police, who initially held the six under Emergency Ordinance for the serious offense of waging war against His Majesty The Agong.

Police Flip Flop?

Why is the police releasing them when the police public statement about the arrest of PSM members has to do with subversion?

Perhaps, the motive of reviving communist ideology may not be quite believable in this day and age. But, serious and thorough investigation should not have a problem in revealing that PSM have been indulging in serious subversion activites.

By subversion, it means there were serious activities organised by PSM members to incite a peoples' revolution as depicted by the symbol of fist and spirit of Chin Peng, Abdullah CD, Suriani and Rashid Maidin on the paraphenalia found on the upheld bus. It is believed that the PSM bus did not have any form of Bersih paraphenalia.

A speedy, thorough investigation and search of PSM office would have uncovered information and evidences of such subversive activities. Did the boys in blue took their jobs seriously?

It is ridiculous for the boys in blue to release the 6 PSM members on merely the "hunger strike" threat by Dr Jeyakumar. His hunger strike hardly come close to fasting of any Muslim children. He was consuming water and is no threat on his health.

According to blogger Sanggah Tok Janggut here, his suspicion is that the police and Attorney General seemed to be bowing to the sentiment and succumbing to defeat to the psy-war of the these minorities instead of seriously enforcing the law and putting the books on offenders.

By releasing the six detainees, it implies there will be no charges against them and that is hard to believe.

As it is, the opposition are having a field day with this release. They can be seen appearing in defiance to receive the detainees by wearing the banned paraphenelia with communist names bandied openly and in yellow Bersih T Shirt.

Politicians, including Anwar Ibrahim are claiming in press conference and Twitters that BN, Government and police are too afraid to do anything against what they claims as "rakyat".

With so many flip flops and in consistences by politicians, Government and now police, the relevent question to ask is: Are BN, Government and police afraid?

If the Government and ruling party become afraid and seen to be weak, they will erode confidence amongst fence seater. UMNO and BN better be serious in their politics if they wish to remain in power.

A weak and indecisive leader that is not taking charge and only pander to every whimsical demand will not win the confidence of the people.


Anonymous said...

Ds Najib is another Tun Tdolah in making and PRU13 will be an historical day for UMNo and BN, Ds Najib will be the last weakest and flip flop UMNO president to be PM. Komunis biaDAP dan talibarut2 Yahudi zionist will rule the blackest day and Ds Najib will be responsible for his weak and flip flop action.

Anonymous said...

What to do? Only amaran keras can give, no real action. That's why lah

putra merdeka said...

flip flop...flip flop..!

XP said...

This Flop would not have happened if the police made the Flip based on some tshirt as evidence.

As there is no further evidence to prove they were waging war against the King or part of a Communist plot to take over the nation/cause chaos/sap our precious bodily fluids, they had to be released.

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when the Government(includes PDRM, SPRM etc) starts to play politics too.

It also includes independent bodies like EC/SPR, Judiciary, NGOs etc.

Everyone trying to MEMBODEK the highest and outdo each other , forgetting they are there to serve the rakyat and not serve BN only.

Being unqualified in the first place and getting their place in Govt thru bodeking has now come out for all to see that they don't have brains and are unfit for such posts in Govt.

Clean up all these mess otherwise there is a serious loss of confidence in the Govt. which will invite other more major problems.

Anonymous said...

the problem is that the police actually do not know what they are doing. that's why it results in such a mess. we do not know who is actually in control at present, it seems that everyone makes their own decisions that became a liability to the govt. the world is laughing at us.

Anonymous said...

When everything is based on hot air, there is not really much that you can hold on to. This leadership has lost its credibility in the eyes of the people.

Briquette in the Wallet said...

'A weak and indecisive leader that is not taking charge and only pander to every whimsical demand will not win the confidence of the people.' - ABitW

The electorate are watching. Public perception is: Najib flinched first; even when the reading about BN is positive - what with L***t being pegged in all corners. And Najib's cousin made it worse by alternating tough talk with poodle impersonation.

Truth be told, my worse fears about Najib, who can't even control his wife from making one too many annoying public appearances, appear to bear some credence.

If the next Fed. Govt. were to be other than the BN, it it's not because the opposition is strong.

Anonymous said...

Good one, Tuan.

Ini bukan flip flop lagi, tapi terpeleot.

Mathias was right, Najib should kick out his advisers, starting with Hisham puting.

Sah, najib days are numbered, the knives are out.

Tok Mudim said...

The famous story of Dato Onn Jaafar facing the head of communist in Batu Pahat - alone and then confront Kiyai Salleh and his follower (again alone),to avoid more bloodshed from repeating in Batu Pahat was an epic.

He was respected by everybody at that time because of his firm stand of Tanah Melayu and the rakyats

Not because of his judo or keris, his wife or his close relationship with the palace.

I think that's the the real leader.

Anonymous said...

I always have this nagging feeling that somebody's balls are being squeezed for an unknown reasons, past sins... We were tired of Tun Dolak dalik then but why the same is being continued is baffling. I understand that Tun Dol is a stupid, ignorant fool but I don't know what to make of DSN. I was so sick of Tun Dol then that I voted a dog in protest. Now I am beginning to have that feeling again. Bini pun tak boleh control.

Anonymous said...

Pasukan Polis Malaysia ada Ketua yang lebih tinngi daripada IGP

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anon 7:50 pm.

At the outset,the question that the police should ask themselves precisely is what are the allegations against the 6 PSM officials that merit their detention under EO.

If they are alleged to be involved in subversive activities or have acted to further communism as has been expounded by the police then the proper law is the ISA.

Are the police too afraid to invoke the ISA just because the opposition and some human rights groups have strongly condemned it ? The Amnesty International may be very vocal but who cares. After all from time of immemorial, it has nothing good to say about human rights in Malaysia.

If the police are truly professional in their job, come what may, the 'sang saka biru' will proudly fly high. This was proven when Tun Haniff was the IGP.

Now the government and PDRM are in deeper trouble trying to repair the damage as a result of the inconsistencies in the allegations against the six and the law that has been applied.

Anonymous said...

Salam Tuan,

Wishing you and your family Selamat Berpuasa.

I call this the "bending over" Govt.

The silent majority will sit out the next GE, as in 2008.

At least thats where I am, for now.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Govt and ruling Party become afraid?

Where got afraid? Got PERKASA and Silat Master as 3rd line defence.

Looks more like desperate and letting Govt servants become all Little Napoleons.

Ghab said...

“Socialism is the same as Communism, only better English”
 George Bernard Shaw

The appearance of communism is no longer person with three red stars logo patched on their caps , wear kaki outfits , rifles strapped with bullets suspender , go underground and having an horrid shark-fin face .

In the countries which outlawed communism , these people cover themselves behind the yellow curtains , walking the streets with printed pictures of their heroic comrades on red T shirts , placing slogan and yelling anti Establishment and ever wiling to face the tear gas and water cannons . And walked the street they did in their antagonized behavior and called that it was a peaceful group walkabout in the interpretation of freedom and democracy , in which the maintenance is accounted by the Establishment .

These homegrown communists are more dangerous than the communists halfway around the world . You want to know ? . They are not only communists but they are also the urban bandits who instill the banned communist ideology concealed behind the so-called less pinkish socialist ideology . Worst of all , they are Chauvinists , coveted liberal Conservative and fanatics with an erratic ideology .

They are the enemies of freedom and democracy . They become in the association of so-called the new-liberal Conservative ravager who are ever ready to act and called themselves activist . Is that right !!

Whatever their religion and the color of their skin, bandits are the same. They initiate fear to the majority of peace loving people . They instill fear to the younger generation . They make them fear of their own identities . From that fear they fabricate grow hatred and hope to magnify and become all-consuming. The bandits become a mass provocateur with a motive of instigating the mind of peace . As far as they are concerned , their action have noble objective in which they are the preserver , the martyr, be it to save their politics , bigotry , religion or ideology.

Until today , we are still in finding it difficult to adopt them as the fabric that holds society together. And we have embraced the righteous of acceptance and tolerance we often find ourselves faced with their challenged bearing their greed for power since they stepped foot in our environment who want peace .

I honestly believe that they should be in caged for rehabilitation .

tembeleng said...

It's open season for blackmailers. What to do. That's what you get when you have a weak government.

Anonymous said...

Look on the bright side now that the Govt has released the EO detainees.
My grandmother has stopped looking for Reds under the bed.The Police chappie who claimed PSM were abunch of commies looks like the fool that he is. Has to be a win-win (win for the people and win for gran). Malaysia is truly wonderful.

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