Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ramlah Adam's homerun Mat Sabu's pitch

Was Mat Indera a freedom fighter or a communist terrorist? Was the police a British stooge?

That was the controversy Mat Sabu had created.
As far as I see, if someone led an army of 180 to 200 to charge and burn a police station at the peripherel of a jungle and burn the bodies of policemen, women and children, they are terrorist killing the citizen of the country and not freedom fighters.

If they were anti-British, their target should be British.
Below is a homerun answer on video by Professor Dr Ramlah Adam at a Perkasa do last night.

Read on for more answers to questions and excuses by PAS politicians to repel this pressure on Mat Sabu.

This video is explanation by Dato Zulkifli Abdul Rahman, who was former Director of Special Branch of the Royal Police. He divulged what Chin Peng himself admitted of Mat Indera.


Pendakyah said...

Prof Dr Ramlah Adam, quite popular among historians.

i have one of her books, Biografi Politik Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra. great reading!

Anonymous said...

dari blog2 sewel pembangkang:

"Saya kenal siapa Mat Indera, saya lama berkawan dengannya" - Pak Majid!!!!

siapa Pak Majid? polis? askar? pengawal kampung? pengawal peribadi mat indera?

tak payah cakapla Pak Majid kalau setakat tengok mat indera balik kampung sepintas lalu...buat dosa saja!!

A Voice said...

It is not the content that I have problem releasing. There is a word you should not used which I will not allow revealed here.

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