Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Myth 1: Spin to justify overturn police car

This is outright violence and illegal conduct. No two way about it.

The protester had gone after the police patrol car and when the driver couldn't control the car and crash to the side, they went after him with a vengence.

They spinned that there were three protesters stuck under the car to justify overturning the car.

This is Anwar's Reverse Psychology (ARP) or the Malay saying, "Baling batu sorok tangan". It translates as throwing stone but try to hide the throwing hands, which is still attached to the body or the person.

Read the twitter below:

The video below is spread to give perception the police car went out of control and hit a by-stander.

A slo-mo proves no one was hit as the car crashed.

Let start from the beginning.

Before the car crashed, see why the police car lost control in this video:

Who caused the vision of the driver limited by the broken windshield?

They will spin it as UMNO or police brutality. Or blame it on the police for using water cannon and tear gas to disperse the rowdy crowd.

What else can the police do? Reason and be nice to them? Are you kidding?

They will not blame themselves for throwing bottle and object at the police car. And jumping on the car.

Anwar will defend their rights and freedom to act violently.

The lady, widely believed to Malaysiakini cameraman, seems to be orchestrating the crowd and instructing the overturning of the car.

Before that, Hijrah cameraman was struggling to save the driver and was being hit and thrown objects by the mob.

After doing a number on the cameraman, the mob dragged and choked the policeman to unconsciousness. The policeman didn't went to them as they claimed.

See the pictures below to identify them:

The video of that critical scene below:

The question was: Was there three people under the car when they lift it?

See the pictures below.

BINGGO! There are no one under. This video is clearer.

One hear much shouting of "ada orang bawah."

Why did they celebrate to jump like monkey on top of the car? Were they really concern for that "orang bawah kereta"?

The blood on the tiles came from the banged up head of the policemen and Ariz the cameraman and not from their claim to be from the three protesters hit by the uncontrolled patrol car.

Who are the three injured protesters? If there are, they would have kompang them as martyr and made into propaganda material.

That is one lie answered.

Read Hantu Laut here fuming with the lies, and fabrication of Bersih and opposition.

Latest Update May 3rd

The injured party in white T shirt who was not in time to totally avoid the incoming patrol car was Su Kuang Hong. The Unspinners here reported him not blaming the patrol car driver.

Still ... there was no one under the car and the unruly crowd was to be blamed and to put it mildly, improperly behaved.


Anonymous said...

The only way to stop more versions of Bersih is through machineguns and cannons. Nothing else than that. Only military might can suppress Bersih.

Anonymous said...

They were very lucky that the patrol car veered and crashed into the SOGO's wall after the driver fell unconcious. Should it went on without swerving, God knows how many would have been mowed down. Could it have been the officer's instinct or by trainning just before losing concious to turn the wheels so as to avoid walls of protestor in front of the car ? Allah is great and that didn't happened and what happened after the crash is for the whole world to see and think what is good and what is evil... for those who really want to see and think! MasyaAllah.

Anonymous said...

anwar watching too much of hindustan movie.

even kids can make up a more logical excuses.

helang said...

Nice review from abg long blogger. So sad that no one could touch on these facts before brader anwar spinning like hell during their press conf.

Anonymous said...

These Bersih protesters must be peace loving morons. What they did was just disgusting. Its just nonsense.

If they think the rakyat are for them, then just wait for the next GE. Not behaving like idiots.

And they call themselves professionals. What a joke.

aky103 said...

why is that such blog posting like this not posted , re-posted in facebook like all the lies posted by those who are bias n fail to see the truth? how can i post this on fb so other ppl can share n spread this info?

Anonymous said...

Actually there is another angle of video which shows that the police car indeed hit someone. But it hit the passerby once it lost control. So can't really blame the driver.

Anonymous said...

20,000 bersih protesters against the 28 millions peace loving Malaysian.

Anwar, you better wait till the next GE come.

shahirahkhairudin said...

cuma orang yang tak ada akal je akan support bersih. cuma orang yang ada akal je akan bersedih lihat bangsanya bergaduh sesama sendiri. cuma orang yang ada akal je tak percaya dengan dakyah dan tipu daya bersih. Alhamdulillah. kita masih ada akal. kesian kat depa yang tak dak akal lagi tu.

Anonymous said...

You were not there, but I was...

So who do you believe?

A Voice said...

Anon 11:27 AM

Don't be too sure.

Your vision is limited by your eyes, position and location.

Jangan act la ...

Takepe ... show your proof.

Anon 12:25 AM

Maybe you could see but we didnt see it clearly in the slo-mo.

The opposition claimed that Su Kwang Hong was knocked down but his body and legs hardly show any injury.

Just the face.

Not conclusive.

That same article still claim two other people were stuck under the car.

How to believe the report?

A Voice said...

On the claim that our grammar can be atrocious, we dont teach grammars here.

We dont even care about our grammars.

Who cares. It is the fact that really matter to us.

Tak suka boleh belah

Anonymous said...

Let all peace loving march for ANTI BERSIH 99.9% and sit down protest at BAR COUNCIL, Ambiga Resident, A SAMAD SAID House, DAP, PKR HQ, PENANG BRIDGE, DATARAN SHAH ALAM, MASJID SHAH ALAM apa macam?

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