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A great talent leaves (Part 7): Aides charged for corruption

The one characteristic of Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop is that he is soft spoken and polite. The man has a sense of humour despite being a man of serious disposition. Many are impressed with his firmness and perceived honesty.

The fact that he resigned from his comfortable position in Bank Negara in 1994, he left with the impression of being accountable and although he broke the rule and was imprudent, the market see him with a certain amount of respect.

Another factor that endears him with his superior is his sense of loyalty and service. Come what may, he had been lucky to get support and protection. 

Although he is perceived as honest then, he has not been so since becoming Minister of Finance 2.

We are skipping the time he was Special Adviser to the Prime Minister first to highlight a point. Nor Yakcop was no more clean and honest as soon as he held that powerful Ministerial position.


On August 2010 posting here, we highlighted about Kanari Sdn Bhd as the company he registered his interest in Abrar in. Kanari represents the suffix to the three "brothers in racing."

Subsequently, when he became MoF 2, he may have rewarded himself contracts, in this case Istana Negara contracts, under a compay called Kejuruteraan Kanari Sdn Bhd.

There is more suspicious self-rewarding deals and contracts but save it for a later Parts.

In Part 3 [read here], we mentioned that:
When Nor Mohd joined Abrar he was offered a chance to own 5% of Mun Loong Bhd. He thought it was a great deal. Since Anwar was the Finance Minister, a RM30 million loan was arranged from Bank of Commerce for Nor Mohd to buy shares in Mun Loong (later Abrar Corp).
In Part 5 [read here], we exposed that there was still an outstanding RM13 million out of that RM30 million loan. He repaid the balance in this manner, below: 
He had funneled the money of a public listed company in which is partly owned by the public, to Abrar Group International Sdn Bhd (AGI) and subsequently to himself to settle the Bank of Commerce loan (today it is CIMB Bank). AGI is the 25% owner of ACB.

That is a criminal breach of trust and breach the statutory and fiduciary duties of a Director of a Company. The Company Act clearly stated that Company Director cannot borrow money from their own company, what more for a public company.
One should be asking how did he get to raise RM30 million when he was merely living off a government servant pay and getting some income to sustain as Director of Rashid Hussein Research and Adviser of Jati Discount House?

Even on a 'bullet repayment' one cannot secure 100% financing. At a high 90% financing, he still need to commit RM3 million. Realistically, he does not have RM3 million. He does not have the "name" to raise money through what they call as name lending.

Where did he get the money to raise money when his only source would be his salary, and perhaps some savings and investments. Unless, he made some money trading foreign exchange. But through whom?

He had many kaki and the name in the market to trade margin account out of Singapore. Many crooked Banks are willing to have his account and give him a margin trading on only 5% or even 2% capital. Banks like UBS or Barclays or Citibank  would want the account of a market mover like Nor Yakcop.

We are not making accusation but the question remain on how he raised the RM30 million. Mind you, the mention of those Banks are not pluck out of thin air.

Political Aide Arrested

If those issue missed the public attention, the arrest of his political secretary, Hasbie Satar in 2010 and charged in court for money laundering by the MACC. Read this opposition news portal report:

Minister’s ex-aide charged with money laundering
Athi Shankar | February 10, 2011
Free Malaysia Today
Nor Mohamed Yakcop's former aide Hasbie Satar was charged for money laundering at the Sessions Court in Butterworth.

BUTTERWORTH: A minister’s former political aide, Hasbie Satar, 38, has been charged at the Butterworth Sessions Court today with involvement in illegal money laundering amounting to RM2,134,656.

The charge was under Section 4(1) of the Anti Money Laundering and Anti Terorrism Financing Act 2001.

Hasbie, who appeared without a legal counsel, claimed trial before Judge Mohd Zairan Aman, who then fixed the matter for mention on March 14.

The judge also fixed bail at RM60,000 with two surety. Hasbie posted bail.

Hasbie urged the court to lower the bail amount, submitting that his income had dipped following his resignation as political secretary. He said he had to look after his wife and four children.

He added that he had served the government in various capacities under three prime ministers.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Anselm Charles Fernandez handled the prosecution.

Hasbie was alleged to have been in possession of the sum at 4-10 Sri Molek Apartment, Jalan Laksamana in Teluk Air Tawar, Seberang Perai Utara, Penang on Feb 11, 2010.

Hasbie was a former political secretary to Nor Mohamed Yakcop, who was the former second finance minister and now minister in the Prime Minister’s Department.

Nor Mohamed is currently in charge of the Economic Planning Unit.

The Star reported:
Published: Tuesday May 8, 2012 MYT 12:00:00 AM
Updated: Sunday May 26, 2013 MYT 8:23:08 PM
Sept 25 hearing for Hasbie Satar's money-laundering case

SHAH ALAM: The Sessions court here has set Sept 25, 27 and 28 to hear the case of Hasbie Satar, the former political secretary to Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop.

Hasbie has been charged with 28 counts of money-laundering.

Judge Mohd Fadhir Harun set the date when the case came up for mention before him Tuesday.

Deputy public prosecutor Hazril Harun appeared for the prosecution, while lawyer Y. Sheelan Samuagam represented Hasbie.

On March 20 this year, Hasbie, 39, pleaded not guilty to 28 charges of money laundering involving RM935,000 which was deposited into the bank accounts of 11 individuals, including his family members.

The offences were allegedly committed at several banks and Tabung Haji premises at Salak Tinggi, Bandar Baru Bangi and Putrajaya between Dec 4, 2008 and June 18, 2009.

Hasbie was charged under Section 4(1)(a) of the Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorism Financing Act 2001 which provides a fine of up to RM5mil or maximum imprisonment for five years or both, if found guilty.

He is also on trial for a similar charge, involving RM2.13mil, at the Butterworth Sessions court in Penang. - Bernama
47 safe boxes

Several information was missing from the mainstream press but available in the Parliament hansard from Wee Choo Keong's speech in Parliament on March 15, 2011 [read here]. He said:
Tan Sri Yang Di Pertua

En Hasbie Satar, bekas Setiausaha Politik kepada bekas Menteri Kewangan II, YB Tan Sri Nor Yaakob

Saya terkejut bahawa En Hasbie Satar baru-baru ini dituduh di bawah undang-undang Anti Money Laundering Act (AMLA) ketika ia harus dikenakan bayaran untuk amalan rasuah atau korupsi.

Telah banyak dilaporkan bahawa semasa MACC menangkap En Hasbie Satar, bekas setiausaha kepada bekas Menteri Kewangan II, YB Tan Sri Nor Yaakob, dengan sekurang-kurangnya wang tunai RM2 juta. Ia juga dikesan mempunyai beberapa kondominium mewah dan mempunyai 47 peti besi di rumahnya.

Kecuali tuduhan AMLA ini benar-benar tidak berkaitan dengan wang tunai juta RM2 yang ditemui di rumah En Hasbie Satar dan beberapa kondominium mewah, orang awam tidak boleh menerima tuduhan di bawah AMLA. 
AMLA bukan undang-undang yang sesuai sebab wang tunai RM2 juta  masih ada dalam pemilikannya. 
Tuduhan dibawah AMLA dalam keadaan ini telah memberikan satu gambaran yang jelas bahawa pihak tertentu “cover up” perkara dan/atau atau untuk melindungi orang tertentu.
The house Hasbie was caught with the money at 4-10 Sri Molek Apartment, Jalan Laksamana in Teluk Air Tawar, Seberang Perai Utara, Penang on Feb 11, 2010 was claimed to be registered under Nor Yakcop's wife name. [Read The Unspinners here]

Hasbie would not have bought  home in Seberang Prai since he is Sarawakian. Nevertheless, talk is  he own a hotel in Kuching on behalf of someone.

The question is why was Nor Yakcop's wife's apartment equipped with 47 safeboxes?

Another Aide Earlier

Before this another of his political secretary, former UMNO Youth Exco Dato Norza Zakaria was also charged for Money Politics. Malaysiakini report below taken from Tok Mummy here:
Money politics: Umno's Norza charged

Umno supreme council member Norza Zakaria was charged this morning in Temerloh magistrate's court in Pahang for alleged involvement in money politics. - Malaysiakini .

He claimed trial to two charges of offering bribes to party delegates to vote for him for the supreme council post in the coming party polls later this month.

Norza, represented by Muhammad Shafee Abdullah, was released on a RM10,000 bail in one surety.

Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission's head of prosecution Abdul Razak Musa led the prosecution.

Magistrate Ida Rahayu Sharif fixed April 22 to mention the case.

Norza, 43, is alleged to have committed the offences on Jan 20, 2009 at 6.30pm at No 38, Pinggiran Tasik, Taman Bandar Temerloh, in Temerloh.

He is charged with corruptly giving Khadri Musa RM1,500 through Halimi Kamaruzzaman to be distributed to party delegates as inducement to vote for him.

Norza is also charged with corruptly giving RM1,900 to Mohammad Anuar Yunus, also through Halimi Kamaruzzaman, for the same purpose.

The charges are under Section 16 (b)(A) of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission Act 2009 (Act 694) and punishable under Section 24 of the same Act.

Halimi was also charged under the same Act with bribing Khadri and Mohammad Anuar on behalf of Norza.

He claimed trial and was released on a RM10,000 bail.

Both Norza and Halimi can be jailed for up to 20 years and fined not less than five times the amount of the bribe, whichever is higher.

An aide to face charge too

Norza was arrested in January and released on bail pending investigations.

Prior to this, MACC had rounded up 12 party division leaders for allegedly dabbling in money politics. The commission had also queried Norza for more than eight hours in Temerloh.

Norza is the Federal Territory Umno Youth chief. He was a former political secretary to Second Finance Minister Nor Mohamed Yaacop.

He is also a close associate of Umno Youth deputy chief Khairy Jamaluddin and considered to be a member of the prime minister's inner circle.

Norza has never commented on the probe on him but had said that he was assisting MACC in their investigations.

This would be the first big catch of the MACC in its ongoing probe into money politics in Umno.

Halimi, who is a Maran Umno division committee member, had previsouly lodged a police report alleging that he had been tortured by MACC officers to implicate Norza of practising money politics.

On Jan 28, Halimi Kamaruzzaman, 46, claimed that he was assaulted during his four-day remand in Kuantan.

According to him, MACC officers wanted him to confess that Norza was involved in money politics.

It is learnt that he will be charged soon for lodging a false report.

Leaving it to the delegates

Talking to reporters later, Norza said he will not be relinquishing his supreme council post as a result of facing the corruption charges today.

Instead, he said, he would be contesting to retain the post in the coming party polls, adding that he would be leaving his fate to be determined by party delegates.

A teary-eyed Norza also said that he was disappointed with the charges preferred against him. He said that he had contributed a lot to the party.

The emotional Norza, who had to be pacified by his supporters, also said that he would adhere to whatever outcome of the case.

Norza arrived to the court in the morning accompanied by bodyguards and some 30 supporters.
Norza was acquited in 2010 and appeal by MACC to higher court could not overturn the decision.

There was some speculation with regard to the MACC witnesses turned against them in favour of Norza and some strange judicial practises behind the scene. However, it is all talk and rumours to be swept under the carpet because an acquital remain an acquital.

His ban in UMNO has been lifted recently. [Read KL Chronicle here].


Norza's case was too small an amount to link to Nor Yakcop and it is within his means. But the case of Hasbie Satar is too closely linked to Nor Yakcop.

If he was charged for money laundering or money he cannot explained account his ownership, then who does the money belong too. And if it had been his, why the heck must he kept it in Penang where his boss's constituency is?

Haviing been caught at Nor Yakcop's wife's apartment could only means that it is meant for the purpose of his boss's Tasek Gelugor constituency.

Will Hasbie speak up? Or he is willing to sacrifice for his boss? If he is willing to, it better be sufficiently rewarding.

These cases mentioned basically shows that Nor Yakcop is tainted.

Forget his soft spoken, loyalty and professionalism. In our view, he is corrupt and there will be many strange institutional dealings under him that stench of corruption can be smelled from afar.


Anonymous said...

And where is the MACC on this...I feel saddened by the antics of people in power.

I am very sure the authorities are monitoring this particular blog, but still no action from the powers that be. Najib is still in dreamland and for that very reason he has to go, along with is entourage of incompetent advisers led by the infamous OO....

Come on....authorities, this is one hell of a big fish...or is Najib telling Malaysians, and the whole world at large that it is okay to misuse power and gain financial rewards and be rewarded with public office (purse of the nation)

Anonymous said...

They are all korup. Nor Mohd paid Shariff Omar money for giving up the Tasek Gelugor seat. Tapi shariff makan duit. So Shariff was dropped. Nor Mohd paid Shariff RM10 Juta - in projects and cash.

Two of his setpol were caught for corruption. Norza's case the 9 witnesses all suddenly forgot. They were charged with perjury - nothing happened. All can be fixed.

Check out Arus Dermaga Sdn Bhd bro. Chinaman Ali Baba company where Nor Mohd Yakob son has a share. They bully Syed Mokhtar's PTP in Johor to make easy money. Collect rent from ships and supply ships supplies inside PTP Port. Stealing Syed Mokhtar's business. Easy money.

Check Kemuncak Facility Mgmt bro. Nor Mohd crony in Penang. RM1 Billion cleaning contract for Putrajaya government buildings.

Check Majlis Tindakan Ekonomi Melayu bro. Nor Mohd crony Reeza of Kemuncak funding MTEM. Ini semua mamak.

Senang saja kerja bro - suap saja kat Melayu2 MTEM yg sokong dia. Ada fulus semua lulus.

Anonymous said...

When he was in charge EPU, Ali Hamsa was Deputy DG. So he recomen to Najib to make Ali Hamsa jadi KSN. Ali Hamsa also Nor Mohd crony. Ali Hamsa mamak, Nor Mohd mamak, all mamak connection.

Anonymous said...

The answer lies in the hand of TDM TDZ TAB Najib and Anwar.




safiai saad said...

Such stories are indeed sickening since most of us in this month of Ramadan are thought to earn an honest living. I think the appropriate authorities should take action, and this blog has provided a good lead.The goverment must not only be clean but must also be seen to clean.

Kamal said...

Duit yang di jumpai dalam bilek apartment yang di sewa oleh Nor Yaakop di Butterwoth.

Ini merupakan duit baki pilehan raya Tasek Gelugor yang tidak di berikan kapada orang amai.

Money laundering apa.Hasbe akan menang kes ini.

Bro.Tolong chack dua payment ang di buat oleh Pemandu sabelum pilehan raya 2013. $ 500 juka kapada Mydin Store dan $ 1 billion kapada syarikat dreging company beroperasi di Pork Kelang.Illhan sakti

tok.mudim said...

Salam Bro Aji

Reading your 7 entries on NMY kain pelikat and todays new sunday times buat den golak sorang sorang.

Is somebody at Nstp trying to cover up your story.

Anonymous said...


GE was in 2008. Isn't it rather long for NMY to finally return extra money in 2010.

You must be joking.

If the house is not owned but rented by NMY, it shows stronger link.

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