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SR's sensational but humourous attempt for diversion

Still fresh of the oven.

After admitting to having published faked e-mail and made several stunts in their attempt to make a fool of the public, Sarawak Report came out with a new effort to divert public attention from the heat of  Xavier Justo arrest.

In their latest posting overnight, SR claim there was money channeled by the Abu Dhabi-based AABAR directly into the accounts of Dato Najib Tun Razak in some Ambank accounts to the tune of RM2.6 billion.

At one point, Dato Abdul Kadir Jasin insinuated that billions were channeled out abroad just before the general election and Tan Sri Zainuddin Maidin was said to believe it. But why the U-turn?

Read here, and give them the publicity. Lets not hide this stupidity of SR.

The RM30 million donation by Genting group to Yayasan 1Malaysia by WSJ was not sensational enough to attract attention that something new and bigger had to be concocted. Even the lesser allegation of RM42 million "contribution" in the article is far bigger than that of Genting's contribution.

Genting's perfectly legal contribution to another seperate entity from 1MDB did not quite catch on, did it? Some blogger's attempt to newsbreak met a disastrous failure.

This leads to the question: Is it credible for a businessman to donate RM2.6 billion to anyone for purpose of election?

Secondly, this is coming from SR, who is still in the hot soup of a blackmail and forging scandal.

Still fresh of the the printing press are news report of The Edge being given show cause letter. Indirectly, The Edge acknowledged using fake emails similar to SR by publishing in their latest weekly that they will not be using any such emails.

SR's new revelation is most amusing when considering that they alleged the money transfer for illegal transaction was transferred direct into the personal accounts of Dato Najib. No crooks in their right mind would be that stupid to do such a thing. He may be accused as coward but no ... no ... he is not stupid!

Even a perfectly legal transaction would not make such size of money transfer in such a simplistic manner. Not gonna divulge and share anything, but rest assured it is more complex than that. Ambank will have to report to or get prior approval from Bank Negara Malaysia and blah blah blah ...

If it turns out to be true since one will never know these days, then the claimed adviser to PM, Taek Joh Loh must be a really stupid idiot. It is true that he is just a typical wannabee into jual nama and jual muka. Police should can him. Wharton should recall their MBA Finance awarded to him.

And, maybe that is why Dato Nazir Tun Razak is angry. Jay may have no intention to divert attention from his failure to lead CIMB and resulted in 3,600 employee losing their job. He was unhappy Najib's sudden flush with cash but kept it with competitor Ambank, not his CIMB rotfl!

A major issue of credibility on the part of SR on top of the piles of their already discredited allegations is their insistent to still claim that Good Star is under the control of Jho Loh. It would have been great should it be true in order to teach that plump Penangite a lesson.

Repeated many times and documents presented, Good Star or Javace are companies owned by Petrosaudi! Yet they are still at it with the UBG story. Oh boy!

SR claimed that the transfer was done after a signing ceremony for strategic partnership between 1MDB and AABAR to develop TRX on March 12, 2013. Let Tony P take a swing punch first, then surely Arul will respond immediately.

And, this one is a good laugh. All these banking info that is a new development to SR was supplied to them by local law enforcement including the Attorney General himself.

Ha ha ha ...

Maybe this was the concern of Rafizi when he raised in Parliament of a Singaporean national by the name of Jessica Gurmeet Kaur working in the AG office. The former Pemandu staff will have access to confidential and sensitive investigation information privy to prosecutors. Non-Malaysians could leak info to the enemy!

The biggest laugh must be the noticeable disaapearance of any of the 3 million e-mails allegedly in posession of SR. LOOK MA! NO MORE E-MAILS!

Their latest posting replaced it with several diagrams for 2013, 2014 and 2015 money transfer into Najib's bank account which any 80-year old grandpa could prepare with Photoshop software and taught by his granddaughter..

Without hardly doing any checking, SR's latest attempt for diversion with a sensational new revelation can be easily spotted for it's errors.

Obviously, Clara is hoping to brave it out and just bulldoze through. Trying to ignore the fact that their integrity is questionable and reputation down the drain pipe into the sewer plant nearby Clara Brown's home!

No one except the like of Kelab Che Det or SSTD FB would believe. The joke on the social media is that they will be in their best black baju Melayu and songkok for Monday's swearing in of the new PM. Dato Najib was brought down accordingly before the scheduled June 30th.

Shucks ...  and it was thought there is a new sensational version of Altantunya murder to come out first. Heard another Indian gonna do an SD. 

Expect Malaysiakini, TMI, MMO, FMT etc to do their kompang role to quote this idiotic report of SR. Notice which one is being highlighted and the info blacked out.

All these points to a desperate SR as there are dedicated FBs such as Anti Fitnah TMI hounding on the likes of SR. Scotland Yard is coming down, coming down. Scotland Yard is coming down.... My fair lady.


Ttt said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi, What is your comments to latest SatD entry?

Anonymous said...

HOt from the oven!

In another sensational expose, The Wall Street Journal (WSJ)
reported today that Malaysian investigators have traced nearly US$700 million of deposits into what they believe are personal bank accounts of Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak.

What say you now ABITW? SUE that WSJ or those carrying the news, if Najib got ball!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

“Malaysian investigators scrutinizing a government investment fund have traced nearly $700 million of deposits into what they believe are the personal bank accounts of Prime Minister Najib Razak, according to documents from a government probe.”

A Voice said...


Do we have to repeat this all the time? We write what we wish to write and not what you demand us to write.

You dont agree you dont have to be angry but just state you issues. My issue is the story makes no sense. Reading we have done but too many facts and posers questionable. You disagree you tell us why.

We are deleting comments with no contents and just personal attack n sweeping remarks serve to discredit us in our own blog.

Buano said...

Who is the govt source? Xavier Justo???? Yea ... Sure.

The onus is on accuser to proof and present a credible story. Not 1mdb or pmo.

Makes no sense to steal in the billion to bring back into a personal account. Laughable ...

Show us more. Has sarawak report acquired WSJ????

Zack said...

How could Malaysian investigators make glaring mistake not one but three times by spelling "Dato Sri Mohd Najib bin Hj Adb Razak" wrong (Adb). Refer to the screenshots in Sarawak Report. I agree with your other comments it would be stupid to use own account to transfer dubious money. And why it would be Ambank in Malaysia not some shoddy bank offshore?

Zack said...

It is more likely that both Sarawak Report and WSJ received the same document from the same source. I wonder who they are. Besides very glaring mistake of "Adb Razak" do you have Dato Sri in your account or just name without honorific title. Really a sloppy job. Using your own private name and in a bank in Malaysia. I though it is much safer to stash your ill gotten money somewhere in Cayman Island or Switzerland. Usually if you use account here you will have to use proxy.

Anonymous said...

The report is by WSJ. you are giving way too much credit to SR. I think a change of title for this posting is over due

Anonymous said...

Coming up will be RM10.billion corruption deposited into najjb's cucu account at bank simpanan nasional.

Anonymous said...

It's very simple, actually. Sue the AWSJ for defamation. Where? In Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore and the US. All of whom have well-established laws on defamation and "fair comment".

Suing the Sarawak Report for lies, slander and defamation may be harder because it's an Internet entity with no hard copy publication.

Anonymous said...

Nak baca AWJ Kena subscribed. That paper is not cheap to subscribe.

Anonymous said...

Last time to bring inflow money big amount BNM have got rule mah. Suddenly no more rule. I think BNM now got stupider cause nobody care money go into pm private account��������

Anonymous said...

Suddenly all the focus is with WSJ, Dr M, Najib and the RM700mil. What happen to the blackmail, Xavier story...all on the back seat. I thought initially the RM700mil was paid to Jlow right? Suddenly it turns back into Najib account.

What will be next? The story beats those Hollywood or Bollywood movies.

Anonymous said...

the whole country is fast becoming a comedy series...with Najib, umno, pakatan rakyat, mic, etc etc as the main actor

Anonymous said...

Media statement by 1Malaysia Development Berhad

Issued on 3 July 2015
For immediate publication

1MDB never provided funds to PM

In reference to media reports published earlier today, 1MDB wishes to make clear that the company has never provided any funds to the Prime Minister. To suggest otherwise, as some media outlets have done, is highly irresponsible and a deliberate attempt to undermine the company.

Recent revelations have raised concerns about the veracity of a number of 'leaked' documents which certain media outlets, and online blogs such as Sarawak Report, have used to mislead the public and justify spurious allegations against the company and the government.

According to press reports, these documents were found to have been tampered with, and were being used by an individual - who is currently under arrest in a foreign country - to extort and blackmail his former employer. 
We are therefore surprised that documents such as these, whose existence and authenticity have not been publicly verified, continue to be used as a basis to create new unsubstantiated allegations against 1MDB.

1MDB is currently cooperating with a number of enquiries being conducted by lawful authorities including the Auditor General, the Public Accounts Committee and Bank Negara. These authorities have all the relevant information, and we request all parties to await the outcome of their findings before making further allegations and rushing to judgement.


Anonymous said...

Press Statement

I would like to refer to media reports today that alleged Ihsan Perdana Sdn Bhd had transferred money for Corporate Social Responsibility programs into the personal bank account of the Prime Minister Dato Sri Mohd Najib Tun Abdul Razak.

The allegations are baseless and lies as Ihsan Perdana has never transferred money into any individual account including that of the Prime Minister.

I strongly deny any transfer of money into the personal account of the Prime Minister as alleged by the media reports.

The Corporate Social Responsibility projects carried out by Ihsan Perdana are fully audited and accounted for.

Datuk Dr Shamsul Anwar Sulaiman
Managing Director.
3rd July 2015

Anonymous said...

WSJ would even lie about the climate, why not PM Najib's bank account for a price?

"That Rupert Murdoch governs over a criminal media empire has been made clear enough in the UK courts in recent years. That the Wall Street Journal op-ed pages, the latest victim of Murdoch's lawless greed, are little more than naked propaganda is perhaps less appreciated. The Journal runs one absurd op-ed after another purporting to unmask climate change science, but only succeeds in unmasking the crudeness and ignorance of Murdoch's henchmen. Yesterday's (September 5) op-ed by Matt Ridley is a case in point." - Jeffrey Sachs, Director at Earth Institute at Columbia University
(The 'Wall Street Journal' Parade of Climate Lies;

Anonymous said...

Check this latest reveal by Sarawak Report :

Anonymous said...

it would appear Dr. Sam's Written statement may be missing a few facts judging by the recent remand for questioning. Bearing in mind he did the whole Havard Business School summer camp thing a few years back it would be rather strange he could forget transferring funds of such a size. Oh well it will all come out in the wash. He will have to resign now anyway unless he is no longer the man of principle he was when he was calling for a deputy minister to resign due to her having PR in oz and his concerns for her tarnishing the name of UMNO.

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