Thursday, July 30, 2015

Nasi Lemak & Kopi O comment on new cabinet

The big story will be the dropping of Tan Sri Muhyiddin. There is already voices equating it with past dropping of Tun Musa Hitam and Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim. One such voice is Cilisos website here. One can read Muhyiddin's press conference yesterday in the Mole here.

By evening, there was a big hurrah in the social media over a viral video of Muhyiddin in conversation with Tan Sri Kadir Sheikh Fadzir and Dato Mukriz Mahathir. Frankly, what was said in the 53 second clipping was not anything new and consistent with myriad of sources but there is more than just that.

Those looking towards Muhyiddin as the end-game of to their struggle should have heeded our June posting, Muhyiddin is not an end-game. They have themselves to blame for setting him up.  

Other than Muhyiddin's sacking, there were many interesting observations and chats on the new cabinet. Missing is the observation that the new cabinet is filled with Tun Abdullah's people. Was it to teach Tun Dr Mahathir a lesson?

With his people in, Pak Lah's voice could suddenly be heard. As MMO report here, "Act fast and sort out 1MDB mess, Pak Lah tells new cabinet."

One immediate accusation by the critical observer is that cabinet reshuffle was a 1MDB cover-up. Four members of PAC was appointed Deputy Ministers and together with new appointments for positions of Attorney General, it was presumed as interfering and delaying the investigation on 1MDB.

As of yesterday morning, viral in the social media were new blogs exposing wrongdoing of Tan Sri Zeti's husband and call for her resignation. Also mentioned were Dato Shukri of MACC.

There is a blog posting reporting on investigation on few personalities for alleged leakages by Special Branch. Since when do SB do criminal investigation?

Quite sure there will be those speculating that yesterday's fire at Bukit Aman was attempt to destroy evidence.

So much for rumours.

Nothing serious also, we would like to make passing comment on the new cabinet. Nothing in depth and serious, just comments over Nasi Lemak and Kopi O:

Finance Minister portfolio remained with Dato Najib. Been hoping he relinquish the MOF position to someone. It's quite a burdensome position.

Was thinking it would have been better to bring in Dato Wahid Omar as MOF II and Dato Husni Hanazlah do something more suitable to him like taking charge of EPU take.

But, it's Najib's call.

Good decision to bring in Dato Johari Gani as Deputy to replace Dato Ahmad Maslan.

The talk of Dato Ahmad Zahid to be appointed Deputy PM over Dato Hishamuddin have been making it's round but the timing is a surprise.

It would have been a better choice to have lawyer like Dato Wan Junaidi as Zahid's Deputy in the Home Ministry. Maybe the purpose is different this time.

With many police and security personnel around, Home Minister could be the right place to freeze Nurjazlan's loud mouth shut.

Just kidding. It's just not about 1MDB, ok?

At the PM's Office, one see the return of Dato Azalina Md Said.

Sure she is tainted but by next election, one can see the return of Ronnie Liew. Hopefully she has repented from her past ways.

Transport remain the same people. Distance nephew still there.

Heath also.

Tourism see the entry of Ketua Puteri UMNO, Datuk Mas Emieyati as Deputy.

She is one of the former PAC member. Heard to have strong views. Can share her view with Dato Nazri. Learn something from him. Puteri lifeless.

Defense still same people.

Dato Hishamuddin should be moved on to other strategic positions to prepare him for the future.

Only change is transfer of Datuk Johari Baharum from PMO as new Deputy. One of two Kedah MB Dato Mukhriz's political nightmare moved up.

MITI have two interesting additions.

The role of trade must be bigger that a Minister II position created for Datuk Ong Ka Chuan. His brother Dato Ong Ka Ting had a role as Special Ambassador to China. Maybe it is related.

Deputy Minister changed from Ledang's Datuk Hamim Samuri to Dato Ahmad Maslan.

Enough said of Mat Maslan but he used to be Tok Pa's political secretary. It's him returning to old boss. Some speculated him to go to Multimedia and Communication or Rural Ministry.

With Muhyiddin leaving, Education is split back into two - Education and Higher Learning.

Dato Mahadzir Khalid came in as new Education Minister.

The former Cikgu and former Kedah MB's promotion will be the bigger political headache for Dato Mukhriz. Viral last night is picture of Dato Ahmad Lebai Sudin with Najib. Is he new MB?

P Kamalanathan becomes Deputy, up one notch from Deputy 2.

Energy and Water same people.

Plantation & Commodities also.

Agriculture see Dato Ahmad Shabery Cheek taken away from his second stinct as Multimedia and Communication to Agriculture. Let see kampong boy from Kemaman do something for the rakyat.

He will get guidance from Dato Tajuddin Rahman. Will he?

Should have replaced this old school old timer but there is political requirement.

Rural and Regional Development goes to Dato Ismail Sabri. Carries with him experience from KPDNKK and Agriculture. Hope he repair the mess by Shafie. Having spent billions, believed RM7 billion, why are rural folks infrastructure still in a mess?

Could he keep Bera seat for next GE?

Dato Anifah Aman still at Foreign Affair.

New addition is MP for Kepala Batas, Dato Reezal Merican and the ex-PAC member.

MOSTI got a new Minister from Sabah. Dato Wilfred Madius Tangau rose to full Ministership from just a backbencher earlier. A member of the PAC. 

Seriously need to beef up this Ministry. R&D funding needed to propel industries which create technology, improve competitiveness, and create jobs. Read back past posting on Proton here to know of promised R&D fund not disbursed. 

Woman, Family and Community Ministry still same people.

Works also same people.

Federal Territories also same. Settle the housing problem please. Labuan is also Federal Terroritories.

Former MOE II, Dato Idris Jusoh takeover the other half of former MOE, Ministry for Higher Learning. Deputy Minister, Cikgu Mary Yapp joined Idris's side.

It's for the better. Higher education has different priorities than secondary schools.

Same people at Youth and Sports. Buck up KJ. The results are not impressive or some say hardly there. 

KPDNKK gets new Minister in former Deputy Foreign Minister, Dato Hamzah Zainuddin. Tok ... beef up enforcement! Tax dollars lost by the billions and consumers duped everyday!

What happen to those raids on diesel smuggling? Are they being charged???!!!!

Minister for Natural Resources and Environment is Sarawak's veteran Dato Wan Junaidi.

Good man. Sacrifice much for PBB. Land for PBB office in Kuching was donated by him. Great debater in Parliamant for the front bench side.

Long long ... overdue for full Ministership.

His Deputy is Datuk Hamim Samuri. Transfered from MITI. 

Communication and Multimedia gets a surprise new Minister in newly sweared in Senator, Dato Seri Salleh Said Keruak. Salleh resigned from his position as Speaker in Sabah. Used to be Sabah CM for a bit too short a time during the rotation era.

Anyone wants to be Minister, open up a blog. Anyyway, word of caution: Careful of Sofia Jane [read here and here] and Mohid [read here] in MCMC.


Heard this is only phase 1 in beefing up Najib's administration team. Some will say it is Najib's saving his arse. Everyone is entitled to an opinion - be it an intelligent one or simplistic conspirational one.

There will be more phases to come and quite radical moves. There is no stopping.

Remember when everybody was complaining of Najib as having no balls. You want balls, now you got it. Lots of it.

* Edited 31/7/2015 10:00 AM


Anonymous said...

Zahid has all the making of a new ghaffar baba. Eventual PM will be Hishamuddin.

Anonymous said...

no balls lah tu. cannot stand criticism, then kick out deputy.

Anonymous said...

najib is a coward, but coward can also do idiotic things when he is desperate. especially when he is so scared that he might no longer can smell fresh air.

how about looking at the numbers, look at the numbers of all the ministers and deputy ministers. can people see that najib is circling himself with apple -polishers and "taat-saya yg menurut perintah" kind of people without value added. You answered it yourself with MOF position plus I will add in Syed Keruak. Do we need so many ministers and deputy ministers? Why we need so many senators ministers, what value that they add on? Pak Lah time was bad, but najib keep making the numbers to be bigger and bigger.

Crap. I agree with a lot of other people believe, this cabinet is "PM cari nyawa cabinet".

Anonymous said...

Dunia melayu dah terbelah. Inila yg dikehendakii oleh mahathir. Adakah beliau telah berpuashati dengan apa yang berlaku atau dia mahu terus menghancurkan menjadi serbuk. Wahai anak melayu bangsa ku bersatulah bersyukurlah dengan apa yang anda kecapi kini. Tidur anda lena kdg2 sampai solat subuh pun terlajak. Makan anda kenyang sampaii menjadi penyakit. Mandi anda basah menyamankan tubuh. Bersyukurlah cuba kita berada ditempat yang bergolak fikir fikirkan lah. Apakah apa yang berlakuu iini disebabkan umat negara ini tidak tau bersyukur akan nikmat yg diberi allah atau umat dinegara ini terlalu tamak dengan duniawi.

Anonymous said...

Oh Najib tak hendak jadi boneka TDM sebab nak jadi boneka TAAB?

drMpower said...

these are lots of balls? what balls?
cant see any. replacing one with another requires only two things - few strokes of pen onto a paper, and a taxi ride to the Palace.

i thought you are concern about very bad management of a certain strategic fund with very bad cash flow? sorry cannot mention it now otherwise its dungeon for me. but i figure you get it very fast which fund i was referring to. so these changing of people do affect the on going investigation. so now u have to wait. a wait that is too long already.

dont u feel cheated? that your concern is not seriously taken?

Anonymous said...

Good to have balls but the cabinet need to be effective.....boleh ke?????

Anonymous said...

Najib hadapi gelombang rakyat – Mohd Fitri

1. Pengguguran Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin dan Datuk Seri Mohd Syafie Apdal adalah untuk menutup mulut mereka dari mengkritik Datuk Seri Najib Razak secara terbuka terhadap skandal 1MDB;

2. Penamatan perkhidmatan Tan Sri Ghani Patail sebagai AG secara tergesa-gesa adalah cubaan untuk menghalang Najib daripada didakwa kerana 1MDB;

3. Perlantikan Dato' Seri Mahadir Khalid dan Dato' Wira Mohd Johari Baharum ke dalam Kabinet adalah untuk mengimbangi pengaruh Dato' Seri Mukhriz Mahathir di Kedah yang berdiri di belakang Tun Mahathir menentang skandal 1MDB;

4. Perlantikan Dato' Seri Azalina Othman ke dalam Kabinet adalah untuk mengimbangi sokongan Umno Johor kepada Najib yang goyang kerana skandal 1MDB;

5. Perlantikan Datuk Mas Ermieyati Samsudin dalam Kabinet adalah untuk memperkukuhkan sokongan puteri Umno kepada Najib daripada skandal 1MDB;

6. Perlantikan Nur Jazlan, Reezal Merican Naina Merican, Mas Ermieyati Samsudin dan Wilfred Madius Tangau yang merupakan ahli PAC ke dalam Kabinet adalah cubaan untuk melengah-lengahkan inkuiri terhadap 1MDB.


Rombakan Kabinet Najib bukanlah untuk memulihkan kepercayaan rakyat terhadap Kabinet dan pentadbiran Najib, sebaliknya untuk mengukuhkan sokongan terhadap Najib sendiri serta sebagai langkah untuk memadamkan skandal 1MDB daripada dipersoalkan.

Persoalannya, adakah dengan rombakan Kabinet dan penamatan perkhidmatan AG tersebut, kedudukan Najib akan bertambah kuat dan skandal 1MDB akan senyap begitu saja?

Jawapannya tidak, bahkan rakyat akan lebih bersatu untuk terus mendesak agar Najib meletakkan jawatan atau satu gelombang rakyat akan berlaku tidak lama lagi.

Kalau sebelum ini kita ada PKR, DAP, PAS dan BERSIH tetapi sekarang kita ada GHB, PKR, DAP, Ikatan, (insyallah PAS), BERSIH, Negaraku, NGOs, Tun Mahathir, Muhyiddin Yassin, Tun Musa Hitam, Ghani Patail, Syafie Apdal dan seluruh rakyat tidak mengira kaum, bangsa dan politik akan bersama-sama di gelombang menentang kezaliman toghut Najib dan sekutu-sekutunya.



Anonymous said...

Recycle bin cabinet full of warga tua.Is UMNO for orang tua?

Anonymous said...

fish start rotting from the head....
- taichi master -

Anonymous said...

Justice DELAYED is justice denied. Are Najib and Rosmah planning for exit?

Make sure their assets are FROZEN immediately.

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