Friday, September 02, 2016

Is there screw-up in DOJ's case against Red Granite?

Yesterday's genuine cautionary posting received 5 comments.

As veteran in this game, the first instinct about the comments is that it is mostly from typical cybertroopers. The description to the comments are diversionary, conspiracy, commentary, cynical, and insulting, respectively.

In normal circumstances, only few would have been released because it is negative and does not add anything to public discourse on the matter. However, it is allowed released for comment here.

Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. The court is still digesting DOJ's filing. Judges are aware that DOJ could be lying or withholding information or fabricating evidence or fixing people up. The American public are also accusing Loretta Lynch of going easy on Hillary Clinton. The plaintiff side has yet be heard. Court has yet to begin.

As Dato Irmohizam rightly pointed out, DOJ have been quiet without any development since July 20th. It is coming to 2 months. Maybe something is not coming out right.

The latest WSJ report presented fact different from DOJ filing. Pakatoon and ANC should believe WSJ. If there is amendment in their court application, it could mean the DOJ filing was based on media allegations.

The link to the WSJ report is here but one has to be a subscriber. Luckily, Facebooker Lim Sian See  commented and gave useful links.
For the first time ever, WSJ today finally admitted that at least USD200 million into Najib's accounts came from Saudi Arabia sources and at least USD80 million is directly traced to the Ministry of Finance of Saudi Arabia.

WSJ also said that USD20 million into Najib's account came from the USD24 million transferred to Prince Faisal bin Abdullah, governor of Riyadh and 7th son of King Abdullah.

I have no idea why the Governor of Riyadh and Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Finance would help Najib with this money.
And Tun Dr Mahathir refused to believe Saudi Arabia would ever donate to Najib because when he was PM, he claimed (or actually he lied) that Arab never donated to any of his efforts. Maybe they do not trust him.

Will he turn around to say WSJ is now a liar?
WSJ also alleged that from Aabar BVI, about US$637 million went to a company called Blackstone Asia Real Estate Partners in the British Virgin Islands, where it was POOLED with other funds and then a total of USD$170 million to Mr. Najib’s bank accounts in multiple transactions during 2012, bank transfer documents show.

ABC had previously reported that these transfers from BlackStone were backed by a 2011 letter from one Prince Saud AbdulAziz Majid Al Saud from Saudi Arabia who appears to be the then Governor of Madinah Province.

These Aabar BVI funds allegedly came from USD1.4 billion collateral for the USD3.5 billion 1MDB bonds guaranteed by IPIC. This guarantee was never disputed but IPIC had recently denied receiving these collateral - meaning they had guaranteed the USD3.5 billion bonds for fun.

Khadem al Qubasi the shareholder of Aabar BVI's boss is also Sheikh Mansour and is also the chairman of IPIC's Chairman.

It is still not clear why IPIC, Sheikh Mansour and Saudi's Price Saud would help Najib with this USD170 million transfer though.
Sheikh Mansour is a brother to the ruler of Abu Dhabi. To repeat the poser this blog made before: Could Khadem be merely carrying out instruction of the ruler?
The final transfer alleged by WSJ is the USD681 million from Tanore just before GE13 - where USD620 million was returned (leaving RM50 million after exchange rates differences) .

This money came from funds guaranteed by Aabar BVI which came from the USD3 billion 1MDB bonds raised in 2013 after the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi HRH Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan came to Malaysia to sign a JV with 1MDB.

Recall that our AG had said all the transfers including the USD681 million were backed by a letter from various Saudi royalty and that MACC had interviewed all the witnesses.
For the last transfer, it is also not clear why Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed and Khadem's Aabar BVI would assist Najib with this transfer.
Mahathir also refused to believe.

The pentaksub just swallowed hook, line and sinker what the old man said. Cautionary feedback given last year was frowned upon by his boys.

All questions must be asked and answer seeked before chimply topple a legitimately and constitutionally elected Prime Minister. Many fabricated slander were made against Najib in the past and the allegations were later found to be unsubstantiated, heresay or fabricated, and credibility of source questionable.

So there must be extra caution and indisputable confirmation needed before calling for Najib's removal.
A point to note that at the point of transfers, the money does not legally belong to 1MDB anymore but to various entities related to the foreign govts and officials.

What is for certain however is that all 1MDB's money in dispute is now tied with IPIC and Aabar's arbitration and if 1MDB wins then not a single ringgit is unaccounted for and 1MDB can finally complete its rationalization.

In this article, WSJ also said that much of these money was returned and what remains was majority spent on political purposes.
WSJ also said that "millions" were spent by Najib for personal purposes but can only name USD100k in Hawaii and USD500k in Europe for jewelry (just before daughter wedding).

Today's revelation of Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Finance adds yet another level of intrigue and mystery as this means that the USA's DOJ and WSJ have now accused the governments and high officials and royalties for three different Muslim-majority nations of conspiring to help Najib with funds.

I suspect the real story is more interesting and more complicated than this.

Transformers - more than meets the eye!
Basically, WSJ admitted that at least USD200 million came from Saudi sources and at least USD80 million came directly from MOF Saudi Arabia.

So what investigation done by DOJ or likely to be, FBI to have come to these few inconsistent facts in their filing? Don't tell us DOJ and the rest of the team literally took from Sarawak Report or complainant related to SR then hope case close with plaintiff not reply. 

It could also mean DOJ's counterpart in Malaysia, the Attorney General Chamber did not lie, dude. So where did DOJ got some of the allegedly defective investigative finding?

The FBI counterpart in Malaysia is Polis Di Raja Malaysia. They are still in the midst of investigation and do not make much noise or do wayang in the media. So, Lata Mangeshkar ... did someone in CID leaked wrong or incomplete investigation material to FBI?

Only another agency openly admitted cooperation with FBI. Already Malaysians are taken in because FBI was mentioned. Sometimes Malaysians still have colonised psyche. Anything orang putih is deemed the truth, right, and better. Macam mana Malaysia mahu maju jika minda masih terjajah?

Never mind, let's not get into that another agency. They need public support for their current effort. It is heard that there is more to come next week till end of year. Even more GLC will likely be raided. Some was written extensively in this blog.

Repeating the same caution as yesterday:
... my fellow Malaysians, it is not about defending Najib blindly or ruling Najib is guilty or innocent. It is not about disbelieving everything presented.

All taken into consideration but we are no Ibrahim Ali who said he believe it because Mahathir said so and Ku Li was told by Ananda Krishnan. More so, Ananda has sabotaged other Malaysian businessmen in the past with ill-intent.

Any person of certain level of intellect should not swallow everything put on the plate. It must be analysed to see whether it makes sense, double checked it's validity, and ascertain it's technical feasibility.

Information from sources should be scrutinised too. Is the source reliable, consistent and credible? Do they have a good track record of being right?

If the person had before fear of meeting people / media and only now in a state of panic to go about town telling and revealing, his integrity is questionable! ...
It is not nice try. It is genuine precaution against being presumptous and being tricked by politically motivated propaganda.

Also, it is a caution to be judicious with the Geng Loceng ... The real hands behind them are liars, manipulators, power hungry and greedy!


Anonymous said...

Jho Low would have all the answers. Kalau tak ada masalah, kenapa la payah nya nak mintak Jho Low bagi keterangan ? Nik Faisal & Suboh dah lenyap tanpa khabar langsung. Ini jugak orang orang yang boleh dapat membantu untuk menjelaskan kepada rakyat Malaysia perdama menteri kita memang bersih lagi suci kalah malaikat. Ni sharol halmi ada di JPM. Ini 1mdb blunder ni he is a player and all he would say is Article 117 of 1mdb M&A.

Many things are not correct here. In Singapore a bank was forced to fold and several have been charged in relation to 1mdb transactions.

Letak tepi la DOJ filing ni..1st 1mdb transaction pun dah nampak fraud sharol halmi masih belum didakwa ? Apasal ni ? Kan ke dia yang sahkan wire transfer to Goodstar instead of PSI-1mdb JV ? Then 2 1mdb board members resigned becauae of this fraud. Boleh tak kita cakap ini kelalaian chairman of the board of advisors 1mdb ? Dia mesti dipertanggungjawabkan menurut artikel 117 M&A 1mdb.

Lepas tu terjadi lagi perkara yang sama bayar Aabar BVi pulak. Tak ada tindakan juga. Macam mana boleh jadi kena con 2 kali berbilion bilion ?

Kita semua Tuhan bagi akal supaya boleh berfikir. Walau pun kita boleh tolak tepi criminal element ni, kita tak boleh terima perdana menteri dan menteri kewangan yang gagal dalam menjalankan tugas dan amanah. Dia seorang yang telah menyebabkan Malaysia kerugian berbilion ringgit.

Ini perdana menteri tak tau malu. Kalau negara lain perdana menteri dah resigned dah over kelalaian of this grand scale. Kita nak boleh repair the damage cepat cepat sementara boleh repair lagi.

DOJ acted within its jurisdiction. FBI need not even use information from WSJ or Sarawak Report to file the forfeiture suit. They can get transaction records from the Federal Reserve and corporation from other countries. Bukan data curi Javier Justo aje yang ada..berlambak sources lain. You think federal investigators tak boleh compel Monetary Authority of Singapore to provide records ?

Come on...stop it la
Are you not speculating that DOJ suit is flawed ? We all would like to think the same too..but this pm has to go. Malaysia needs its integrity back. Kita tolak tepi criminal element boleh ? kita ni tetap dah kena con berkali-kali whether he is behind all these or not !

Anonymous said...

8:36 PM

Interesting that you said, "Come on...stop it la. Are you not speculating that DOJ suit is flawed?"

You are saying A Voice speculating. He claim he is merely raising doubt as often happen in court of law. Is that not ok to raise doubt in court of public opinion?

The fact that you also raised have questions and quote events though not much detail reported in the media, thus you too are speculating and raising doubt. If it is ok with you then ok with others on the other side of the argument.

With only questions and doubts, it is unthinkable or down right shallow for you to come to the conclusion Najib has to go. In a year or tweo, election is around the corner, so why the hurry?

Najib will not dare attempt another 1MDB style scam. Why the desperation?

drMpower said...

Its amazing to hear there are still people defending the indefensible, whether in the open or hiding behind 'innocent until proven guilty'

When muhyiddin said about 117, he got axed for it. He advised within proper channel, and no one pay any attention. Now that 117 is deemed troublesome and now gone through PAC recommendation, is it fit to tell that the innocent had been proven guilty?

Honestly going by the rate things going, none of 117 or MO1 going to resign. Lets face it, doesnt matter you pro mahathir or pro president or pro corruption or pro anti corruption or 1k sungai besar dubai trip dweller or not. He just wont. Probably he will win the next election and come back as president or whatever.

Does that make he clean? I leave it to you. Does that make UMNO better than during Mahathirs days? No.

Why you are still doing what you are doing despite:

1. The donation no one in the party know.
2. The returned donation no one in the party know.
3. The purpose of the donation no one in the part know.
4. The firing of Muhyiddin despite his proven right calls on 1MDB.
5. Sovereign fund raking in billions of debt.
6. Sovereign fund made assets lost.
7. Sovereign fund now becoming run off company.
8. Sovereign fund goes into MKD.
9. Sovereign fund gives nothing back to each malaysian.
10. Sovereign fund that made UMNO break.
11. Sovereign fund that didnt work out and yet somebody out there became pig rich.
12. Sovereign fund that is so bad no one now wants to guarantee its account.
13. The fact that the last PRU was won by an external fund that no one know. For the milionth time dont compare it to the US political fund. Over there it is so transparent that everyone knows whether u are on A or B sides. And ah of course over there the fund is known by party secretary or the treasurer!

So many things happened and we may run out of spaces. Please dont argue on you-can-do-so-do-i basis. It made u look and sound like total pratt.

Anonymous said...
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A Voice said...


Refering to your comments below:

"Its amazing to hear there are still people defending the indefensible, whether in the open or hiding behind 'innocent until proven guilty"


"Please dont argue on you-can-do-so-do-i basis. It made u look and sound like total pratt."

The protoon used to be abe to argue but you are upset when doubts are raised. In court, when the final step of charging and putting najib on trail, as we see, it could come down to just "did all the hanky panky ging on was on the instruction of najib or even he is in the know bbut let it happen."

All the 13 issues you raised is still questions and speculation. You can't do that in court parde.

Just discuss. No need to insult or get angry because someone else raise issue you do not want to be publicly heard.

We are very consistent. Our positions are clear from the beginning. Way before you finally heard there is such a thing as 1MDB and there is something not kosher going on.

Dont just summarised it as "defending Najib". If he is proven wrong, he goes. Or elect him out since court process will take forever ...!!!

A Voice said...

Anon 5:13

If you wish to continue to get your voice heard ... cut out the nasties. Try be cultured in our discourse.

We reproduced with censorship.

To xxx.

"Najib will not dare attempt another 1MDB style scam. Why the desperation?"

Consider, Khazanah Nasional last week just took another loan by mortgaging its chinese power shares. Khazanah Nasional sold TNB shares to get 3 billion.

In 2016 Khazanah Nasional is still giving cash to indian companies in UK, US, India.

To Chinese companies Garena in Singapore etc.

Sime Darby give 6 billion cash to Kulim for some plantation.

FGV was planning to buy Chinese company for 1 billion, indonesian company for 3 billion. All 4 billion of IPO FGV money gone... to buy losing companies.

Najib is still taking on loans to give cash to indians and chinese companies!!

So Najib has to go yesterday...

70 billion loan to come for HSR, High Speed Robbery to complement 1MDB 50 billion loan.

17 billion Sabah Borneo loan to come.

3 billion for Yayasan Haasenah..??

The Finance Ministry is like a personal account to borrow money for Najib and gang.
It is as if some one is working hectic to borrow while Najib is in power...

The same player Bakke Salleh in 1MDB was never charged for negligent but instead transferd to another cash cow and is now borrowing again in Sime Darby haha..


Do you mind if we ask?

Could you elabborate on th corporate decisions and why it has to do with Najib? Is there an M&A 117 too?

Off course as the CEO of the country, the late collection of rubbish and clog drains ulimately goes to him.

Jangan marah-marah and maki-maki. Just asking ...

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