Thursday, August 17, 2017

Penang JC, DAP government disgraced campaign against corruption

Sunday was a working day in Kedah.

A judge at the Alor Setar court rejected DAP lawyers appeal against the 5 day remand of Penang exco member, Phee Boon Pah. Come Monday, a lower rank judiciary official in the Penang Court could override a judge decision.

This send certain reputable anonymous blogger, Captain M into suspicion that there is more than midst the letter and spirit of the law in the decision of the Judicial Commissioner, Yang Arif Dato Abdul Wahab Mohamed. (read here).

Words among legal professionals is that Wahab's decision is personal. Apparently, he was rejected out of a certain office and had to take a difficult career path. The reason is not known but the reason could be office politics or any other reason.

God forbid it is not corruption.

It is an open secret that corruption does happen among judges and public prosecutors. Judges are known to ask for money by threatening to make certain adverse decision. Prosecutor could be paid off to not charge cases.

Now nothing can stop the public from thinking so for such strange and inconsistent decision. He could have used other avenues to settle an old score or take his revenge. But not to make a decision outside the realm of the law. 

Former Johor exco, Dato Latiff Bundi and yesterday, Tan Sri Isa Samad had to face few days of remand and court granted it. They were no protest or drama. They cooperated and underwent due process.

The process of the law is only taking place but they have already made assumptions against the institution. Why did they not question the release from norm for remand for Phee Boon Pah?

Mohd Azis is a nephew to Dato Shafie Apdal.

Basis to remand
What basis for Phee Boon Pah to be excused from remand?

None of this crocodile tears drama and pity old man crap.

This old man is rude. He was remembered for his "so what" remark against millitary veteran and Penang activist, Dato Huan Cheng Guan for warning against the illegality of his vigilante forces, PPS.

If Isa has strong proof ....

then, there is proof of Phee's wrongdoing ...

The site visit will be noticeable enough.

There is medical study to show:

Phee Boon Pah is the richest exco member ...

The suspicion is Phee Boon Pah made money from extorting on illegal factories ...

Guan Eng's expected lies

The response from Lim Guan is classic of him from in-denial...

... to blame others:

He should realise as he will spend time together with others:

As the day go by, he is emulating Che Dog to change and U turn by the day ...

Pakatan hypocrcasy

It does not change the effect that this is internal Pakatan problem:

It was PKR Norlela who fought for cause of the villagers ...

For that:

Just because:

Except the person who called Guan Eng Tokong:

This was the assemblywomen with the heart for the people:

If PKR and DAP reject her, then UMNO should take her in and get her to run on UMNO ticket or BN independent ticket. She is a sure win!

Too late DAP

Isn't it a little too..

When the cats are away, the local cats let the mouse out to play. The attitude of DAP and opposition have been less than pleasing and hardly presented themselves as a party to fight corruption, at least not the party ruling Penang:

They defended corruption:

Defending their corrupt colleague was more important than being with the people:

When it suit their purpose, they supported MACC as they though they are serious about fighting corruption. But when it does not, they conveniently change:

Inconsistent policy

They make policies but is never consistent. Hard with others but lenient for their benefit:

Broken pledge

It was only 11 days before the arrest that they made a pledge with 10 additional items to MACC:

Their resistance to MACC's work to combat corruption is inconsistent with their pledge:


Some crooked minded judge can make things difficult but MACC will persevere:

The only argument they have against the effort of MACC to wipe out corruption is 1MDB. However, the attitude of Penang court and DAP state government disgraced this noble effort.

Those with some understanding of law would understand that it is not easy to prove criminal intent in all the alleged wrongdoings of Dato Najib. More so there is no truth in any of  the allegations.

Same trick as past allegations on Altantunya murder and Scorpene submarine purchase corruption.  

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