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Rafizi: Is there a catch or just plain stupid? (Updated)

It started out with Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor's special assistant, Dato Rizal Mansor putting up several poser on INVOKE's financing in his Facebook dated September 20th (read here).

It is not the first time that Rafizi is being questioned of his INVOKE. Adam Rosly questioned the financing of INVOKE in response to Rafizi's statement on alleged contract fixing allegations against Zuraidah and Adam.

Recently, few weeks ago in the midst of exchanges between Rafizi and Dato Azmin Ali on collaboration of PKR with PAS, Latheefa Koya fired the same salvo on INVOKE's financing, particularly picking on Rafizi's donation drive for his court cases.

This time around, Rizal's poser could put Rafizi in more trouble with the law. Not out of any doing of Rizal's, but his own. The issue gained attention when Rizal revealed his bankruptcy announcement. One wonder was there a catch when he revealed all the donors' name.

Or was it plain stupidity? It is certainly because now more was revealed that he could be investigated for money Laundering.

Rizal asked whether the donation received by INVOKE was real or fake and various other aspects of their operations. He prick on Rafizi's ego to question whether he actually did put his withdrawn Tabung Haji money into INVOKE.

Revealed he did and by revealing the donors name and INVOKE's EPF contribution list.

Without thinking of the consequences and the law, he revealed it in full. It is the same lack of confidentiality when he revealed his sources of banking information on the NFC allegation and that did it him for breaching banking secrecy law.

He could be putting this government officer in trouble.

And, himself in trouble for suspicion of money laundering.

However, the biggest trouble he will face will be with the public.

At one time, he claimed to donate his withdrawn Tabung Haji savings for his cause but it turned out he was handsomely benefiting from it by paying himself exorbitant pay for a volunteer organisaton.

Rafizi could probably get away with it. That is unless he is caught bribing high level government officers for documents and information. He could be thinking it is not traceable to give bribe by cash and out of his pay.

Quite sure Inland Revenue Board would like to move in on his taxes. That is still not bad enough.

Rafizi was quick with his response but it is evading the issue by going personal attack on  Rizal with the hope his issues could be detoured.

He seemed to be still sore and vengeful of the event at Kuala Kangsar by-election, where he was shamed for having no balls to face to face with Rizal during the press conference he shamed Rosmah.

Rizal explained well here. And he pulled out another card here.

Though his financial predicament is due to his own self-inflicted acts of slander, it is still his own affair. However, it is fun and game because of what he used to say.

The serious bit is his seeking donation from the public.

He was teased to not do so.

But like any man with squidgy hands, this sotong is a real degil (stubborn). It was a good decision as he successfully gathered beyond expectation.

That created a public uproar.

It was a similar issue Latheefa Koya raised before.

He did not clear off his bankruptcy from the money collected from the public.

Rafizi was still at it with lame excuses like it was intended to shame him here.

Sure ... sure .. everyone else but himself.
Yang salah ialah:
1, orang yang mengeluarkan notis itu,
2. surat khabar yang menyiarkan notis itu,
3. pihak kena fitnah yang saman Rafizi,
4. mahkamah yang dua kali putuskan Rafizi bersalah kerana fitnah.
5. UMNO.
Purely hogwash.

Apparently, he sent a cheque to Dato Dr Salleh here. However, Rizal has yet to reveal his Part 2, but  Rafizi could be in for a bigger legal mess:


Complaint details:

INVOKE Solutions Sdn Bhd
35-1, The Trillium,
Jalan Tasik Utama 6,
Medan Niaga Tasik Damai,
57000 Sungai Besi, Kuala Lumpur

Syarikat ini mengutip derma daripada orang ramai secara terbuka. Boleh rujuk di pautan ini:

Action expected from SSM:

Tindakan undang-undang wajar dikenakan terhadap syarikat ini yang menyalahi akta termasuk akta ssm

1. Seksyen 25(1) Akta Bank & Institusi-Institusi Kewangan 1989:
– Melarang mana-mana individu yang tidak mempunyai lesen daripada menerima dan mengambil deposit. Jika sabit kesalahan, pemilik-pemilik syarikat terlibat boleh didenda tidak melebihi RM10Juta atau dipenjara untuk tempoh 10 tahun atau kedua-duanya sekali.

2. Seksyen 4(1)(a) Akta Pencegahan Penggubahan Wang Haram & Pencegahan Pembiayaan Keganasan 2001 :

– Syarikat itu juga perlu disiasat dibawah Akta Pencegahan Penggubahan Wang Haram & Pencegahan Pembiayaan Keganasan 2001 (AMLATFA 2001) yang melarang mana-mana individu daripada terlibat atau cuba untuk membabitkan diri atau bersubahat melakukan kegiatan penggubahan wang haram. Jika disabitkan kesalahan, mereka yang didakwa boleh dikenakan denda tidak melebihi RM5 Juta atau dipenjarakan untuk tempoh tidak melebihi lima tahun atau kedua-duanya sekali.

3. Seksyen 366 (3) Akta Syarikat 1965

– Melarang sesiapa yang merupakan pegawai atau agent syarikat yang memperolehi apa-apa wangsama ada untuk syarikat, diri sendiri atas orang lain secara menipu atau berjanji palsu dengan niat untuk memperdaya. Jika sabit kesalahan, ianya boleh dikenakan hukuman penjara 10 tahun dan denda RM 250,000.00 atau kedua-duanya sekali.

Now that he is exposed, can the Rafizi diehards reveal whether his so-called surveys and research is for real?

Good survey cost money to get good size sampling and closest representation of the demography. Forget PPBM's Dr Rais Hussein claimed study and projection. Tan Sri Muhyiddin himself confided to be grasping in the dark without information for him to make his decisions.. No back up now haa....

Is his research independent, objective and fair? 

INVOKE is just a latest version of Merdeka Centre, UMCEDEL and various other survey. Having spoilt their reputation for posing leading questions and outcome turned out different, they need to create a new outfit to have survey results to swing public sentiment.

Bad choice, heaven's not led by Rafizi ...

By the usual odds, his political career could be over ... prison, 5 years grace period, and maybe bankrupt.

By the time he could return, politics have changed. Public scrutiny on politicians increased. Man with a despicable past is not accepted. Hopefully a more mature politics to come.

UP-DATED 27/9/2017 9:00 AM

Rafizi prepared a cheque for payment and published it on his FB laced with insulting remarks here.

However, he intentionally misspelled "lapan" as "lapaz" which will have the cheque rejected by the Bank and short paid the interest.

And, his two statements continued to insinuate Dato Dr Salleh on the RM270 million loan from government in which the case fact were proven wrong and he lost in court.

September 22


September 24th
Is it contempt of court? 

Or he want Salleh to sue him again? And, possibly, is he thinking he could get even to set Salleh or Tan Sri Shahrizat up?

Well, its a wee bit to late for suidgy. The sotong is getting "candat". Rizal Mansor revealed in his Part 2 on FB here.

Apparently, squidgy diverted money out of INVOKE into a company called

And he owned the company.

Boy, is he grilled. Sotong bakar anyone?

Congratulations Rizal Mansor.

This expose started out by him probing into the PKR and PAS discussion for collaboration, which infuriated Rafuzi.

This is the sort of leadership Pemuda UMNO could attract in. Brave to raise and expose issues. KJ, Azwanbro...?

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