Wednesday, January 10, 2018

A Malaysian guide to licking your own spit

By Lukman Sheriff

1. Condemn corruption til high heaven, then support whom you allege as the most corrupt person for decades as a national leader for the sake of power

2. Condemn our country as basket case for practicing nepotism and cronyism, then support the person you yourself condemned for years as the father of nepotism and cronyism as your leader for the sake of power

3. Condemn Malaysia as authoritarian state limiting various rights of freedom, then support whom you condemned for decades as a dictator for the sake of power.

4. Condemn abusive exercise of laws, then support the people who put you in jail, for the sake of power.

5. Condemn Malaysia’s root problem lies in race politics, then support race based parties to elicit support based on race for the sake of power.

6. Condemn day in day out of racism, then support the person whom you alleged as the most and ultra racist to defend you for the sake of power.

7. Demand any apology must be sincere and regretful, then accept “superficial” unclear apology from a person whom you alleged committed all the evils in the country.

8. Berate and protest over breaches of human rights, but support whom you allege as one of the leading human rights culprit as your leader.

These are skills, methods and ways Malaysians have honed to perfection to lick one’s own spit and still be proud of it. Hebat Malaysia ni.

Only certain Malaysians can do this and still believe licking their own spit is an honorable preoccupation.

PS: please note the criticism is on the person who spits. They are the one who have all these years taken the high ground condemning people for various things that they now support/ validate.

Ps: feel free to share.

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