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Daim "diam" on Tajuddin video, but doing a roadshow

If that was the only response from Tun Daim Zainuddin to video revelation of Tan Sri Tajuddin Ramli being forced to but MAS at the pricey RM8 per share thus, require a buyback option at RM8 per share, it is meek one.

It only tells of a person meeting his Prime Minister to contribute his views, perhaps attempt to establish ties which is in-sync with government policy, and perhaps none of the above but mere friendly courtesy call.

For Daim to response to Dato Abdul Kadir Jasin, it does not add credibility. Kadir seriously  compromised on his journalism integrity with his outright lies, spin and manipulative writings to be part of Tun Dr Mahathir's yet another overthrow the country's leadership.

Nevertheless, such possibility could not be excluded because Kadir would have tried to contact Tajuddin and Daim's son, Wira was at one time trying to get hold of someone's son-in-law.

Still, it is as meek a response by both Daim and Kadir as their silence to revelation by Anina Saabudin of money from Realmild deal going into Mahathir's personal account instead of party account. It opens the possibility that UMNO, Tajuddin and country was rampantly robbed, looted and plundered.

Daim cannot be keeping quiet and not response when he has begun his roadshow.

What happen to the 1,500 homes in Langkawi?

Daim in Langkawi with Kadir Jasin

Mahathir, Daim and Rafidah is due to appear in Melaka today after last night's Mahathir's pack audience of imported Chinese DAP last night.

The diam Daim started talking to raise issue on ECRL over GST exemption. and fate of the local airlines.

However it was debunked as the reason was to bring project cost down. Then it was revealed that such practises were rampant and abused under Mahathir and Daim. There was a certain exemption in the purchase of major asset that may have been "detoured" into someone pocket.

The local airline can take care of itself by repositioning and re-strategising. After all, Mahathir was never serious about MAS or even Air Asia.

Daim then begin to appear in Langkawi before nomination. However, the crowd was small and the Chinese community leaders he met were few. RPK start to pick up on his appearance as the last Tango. Last Tango in Paris was a film with a sodomy scene.

He has been silenced on the promise he made at the last GE to build 1,500 affordable homes in Langkawi. Why is he silenced? Or will he only give another lip service for Mahathir to win there?

Daim the campaigner?  

Daim begin his unprecedented tour in Klang by making a surprise appearance in Klang. It is a surprise because he is not an eloquent speaker to be involved as a campaigner at ceramah. He did not speak in Klang.

In view of the highly competitive GE this time, is it out of necessity or out of desperation?

For one, it seemed Azmin is the only one doing the campaign rounds for PKR in Selangor. Currently PKR is split between Azmin's camp, Wan Azizah's and ANwar's direct supporters.

Tan Sri Noh Omar shrugged it off as "Where you see Mahathir, you see Daim".

Then he made a lightning appearance in Pendang, Kedah to speak and endorse the candidates for Pendang.

Mkini described it as Daim finally joining PH. He had been quiet in the background doing work for Mahathir but keeping his options open.

He claimed UMNO is an illegal organisation thus he cannot be part of it. It is known the court action by the 16 UMNO members linked to Mukhriz are mere gimmicks.

It is only half truth as ROS had agreed to the party election date extension. Did it upset Mahathir's plan to unseat Najib from within UMNO?

Daim fighting for justice?

Daim said he is not afraid of any disciplinary actions against him. He is just fighting for peoples'justice? Read The Edge here and here.

How could someone who is a party to the "robbing, looting and plundering" of the country be talking of justice?

Daim claimed Mahathir will solve the country's debt problem but fall short of saying the country was in a mess in 1999 due to debt problems and Mahathir's gambling. They borrowed heavily Yen loan and made the country subservient to Japanese business interest.

He touched on the long overdue Pendang hospital. Apparently, there was a contract problem and government had a change plan. It is not realistic to have a large hospital with specialist in Pendang as it will not attract the specialist.

Main specialist centres for Kedah are in Alor Setar and Sungai Petani. Pendang could be just a feeder Medical Centre.

Crystal gazing or psyching to win?

Daim really begin to start talking at Lembah Pantai to support the replacement for Nurul Izzah. There he made predictions as though he could be as successful as his prediction that BN will lose in 5 states in a past GE.

He predicted to Kedah and Perak could fall and PAS to lose Kelantan. But fell short of saying PH could takeover federal goverment with statement it was within grasp if 3 conditions are met.

Zakhir Mohamed in his FB here commented:
The Doyen of GE Crystal-Ball Club should also at least give a comment on each of the PPBM, PKR and PAN candidates. Who they are, how have they served their respective prospective constituency and most of all, their track record.
In the northern states, it is apparent that PPBM lack the campaign machinery and infrastructure and only advantage is Daim's money but doubt he will spend his money.

In private to PPBM members coming to collect the little money he gave, Daim said PPBM will lose because of Tan Sri Muhyiddin. He said will get any return for the money he gave?

Daim also talking in half truth over disagreement over delieanation exercise and anti-Fake news act being reasons for him supporting PH. Yeah ... sure.

BN strategist, Dato Eric See To criticised him for his comment on GST. He had once said we needed GST.

Victimise for national service 

He can go around the country but public would like to hear an answer to Tajuddin's revelation which  mentioned his name. It links back to the RM31.5 billion forex loss of BNM.

Taking from Zakhir Mohamed FB here is the following:
In 1994, Tan Sri Tajudin Ramli by his own admission was ‘forced’ to take over 224 million shares of 224 million Malaysia Airlines at RM8.00 per share.

He had to privately borrow RM1.792 billion for the take over. The interest alone was RM12million a month.

At the time, his net worth was RM3billion.

Tajudin had to pledge his holdings of Celcom and TRI (later became Naluri) for this private financing, which he really did not want to do.

“You never say ‘NO’ to the Prime Minister”.

Asian Financial Crisis saw Tajudin’s wealth frozen due to the NPL because of borrowings on Malaysia Airlines and no encumbrances on his holding on Celcom and TRI.

By the time he managed to settle his borrowings, he was not allowed to take back his holdings and Danaharta, swept all his wealth away with almost RM1billion cash in Naluri, which came from the disposal of Malaysia Airlines.

Probably the public did not remember that Danaharta then was under the control of Special Economic Adviser Nor Mohamed Yaakob, who had the explicit blessing of then Prime Minister.

A chartered accountant turned banker an eventually a corporate man said this is a classic case of “Kena kuda, then kena kencing!”
MACC should look into this. Extract from NST here reported:
Tajudin said that he only agreed to buy the stake for RM1.8 billion because Dr Mahathir and Daim had assured him that he would be absolved of all liabilities if the job to run the airline became too much.

In 2000, the government bought back MAS shares at RM8 a share, a reported 117 per cent above the market price.

Later in 2006, when Tajuddin was sued by Danaharta for RM589 million, he filed a countersuit against Danaharta, the government and several other companies and individuals for a total sum of about RM13 billion.

The suit involved transactions related to shares of MAS, Celcom (M) Bhd and Naluri Bhd, all companies that Tajudin was involved in back then.

Tajudin had claimed that both Dr Mahathir and Daim asked him to buy the airline shares at above the then-market price as a “national service” to help the government cover Bank Negara’s losses from foreign exchange dealings.
Robbers, looters and plunderers

The RM13 billion claimed by Tajuddin on Danaharta may not have fully account all other claimable items as it could be significantly more.

If interest is taken into account from the year 2006 in which his assets were stripped off involving 13 big names involved in the conspiracy, including Tan Sri Nor Mohamed, Tan Sri Munir Majid. Dato Nazir Tun  Abdul Razak, late Tan Sri Megat Junid, Tun Khalil Yaacob and Siti Nurhaliza's husband, Dato K, it could amount to 22 billion @5% or RM30.1 billion.

Upon selling MAS back to government, there was a proceed of RM1.814 billion paid into Naluri. As analyst, we remembered there was RM1.2 billion left after netting off the loans.

Tajuddin could use the money to resolve his borrowing for Celcom shares. It was necessary to relieve the troubled banking system. But directive from Nor Yakcop to then SC Chairman, Tan Sri Munir Majid (later became MAS Chiarman) was to freeze the use of the money.

They used KPMG, which was then under Dato Zainal Putih and another lady partner, and a vehicle Atlan Holding Berhad was used to strip the money and assets away. The assets found its way into Tan Sri Vincent Tan's Berjaya Group. What happen to the RM1.2 billion cash?

It is heard Tajuddin was offered to be taken over, but the amount was an insult. Hopefully it could be found out later.

This mechanism of plundering is not the only one. It was rampant and right from the start when the gambler Mahathir took over UMNO Presidency and PM in 1981.

Mahathir and Daim practically stole all of UMNO's asset by using the opportunity to make UMNO illegal.

There were lots more from plundering the government. Insider estimate the value could be in the tune of RM100 billion cash today and kept under nominees and proxies in Malaysia and more abroad.

They still have an unfinished business to cover the trail by destroying the current UMNO (UMNO Baru established by Mahathir) thus left no records. The lost in 1969 at Kota Setar left an indelible scar on his ego.

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