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Even former CJ cynical of Mahathir's political antics

We received a WA of a pdf statement of former Chief Justice, Tun Abdul Hamid Mohamad.

Quite familiar with his writing. The language seemed to be him. More so, the sender is a credible political analyst. It is considered to have come from reliable source.

Written in Malay, the former CJ is cynical in the manner Tun Dr Mahathir ran his campaign and his campaign message and his campaign.

If it was yours truly, some would brush it off as one sided, pro-Najib leaning, and makan dedak.

However, this is coming from one of the two Federal Court judges that favoured the release of Anwar Ibrahim for his first sodomy charge in a judicial review.

His statement in full:

Short of policy discussion

It is not only the former CJ that saw how dishonest and deceiful is Mahathir's campaign against Najib.

The Times of London reported the general election as the title, Najib battles 'tsunami of slander' in Malaysian election. It is an understatement to say it lacks substance and tactically meant to invoke irrational anger among voters (or as the Malay say, meluat)

Fake news and political stunts is streaming in endlessly on a daily basis and gets coverage on social media to attack government policies, character attack on candidates and BN leaders and even government institutions including police, Election Commission and 1MDB.

More the hint in his speech at the rally last night in Selangor to ask for a large majority win, more to come should their defeat be marginal.

Mahathir is not interested for the truth. His response to the video revelation by Tan Sti Tajuddin Ramli was merely venomous sulking.

He did a low blow to slander him as poorly managing MAS with preposterous claim he denigrated pilot to be stewardess.

The fact is it was his disastrous foray into big-time forex gambling, not only made Tajuddin to personally bailout BNM buying overpriced MAS with his own money, but subsequently resulted in sharp decline in ringgit that affected MAS.

Without translation lost from forex, MAS was operationally profitable under Tajuddin. It is Mahathir that caused the MAS loss and in yet another of his long list of failures.

Behind every of his failures, there are likely to be intentional intention to do "robbing, looting and plundering" of public money. Read back the posting here.

Tajuddin could have responded to reveal how he abused MAS facilities but he should not bring himself to his level. This blog The Unspinners responded here.

Underhanded campaign

It does not stop there as opposition supporters and leaders would pick on and harrass personalities and individuals expressing their democratic right to support the ruling party.

Their allegation, slander and wild accusation on 1MDB has ran out of arguments and idea.

They have resorted lies and character attack on Arul Kanda, whose crossing the country to explain the issue and have been effective.

Of all the person, senior journalist P Gunasegaran of Malaysiakini have succumbed to such practise despite not being involved in Malaysiakini interview of Arul.

Arul is due at Lucky Garden, Bangsar 8:00 PM tonight. against

This campaign fell way short on any serious policy discussion, proposed future plan and nationbuilding agenda.

It is marred by twisted facts, misinformation and fake news from the opposition side which are tarnished by corruption, non delivery of election promises and the source of problems they accused on BN.

For instance, they blamed price increases in GST but abstained on necessary reform on taxation, subsidy rationalisation, and public finance.

The price increase maybe initially caused by confusion on the implementation by Customs but it is more attrubuted to DAP supporting retailers refusing to deduct SST before adding GST to prices and sharp rise in property prices and rental in opposition held states.

The same with their discussion on the negative of China investment, national debt, BR1M, and many other of their policy discussion.

Seeking voters sympathy

If that is enough, Mahathir had viralled a video to play on the sympathy of Langkawi voters bynshedding tears in which he used the same get support and sympathy at the UMNO General Assembly to extend his premiership by another year.

However, the video only revealed his past indiscretion, abuse of power and corruption.

Before the election, he claimed his safety is at stake and police and army is responsible if anything happened to him.

He then claimed of sabotage on his private jet on his flight for the nomination in Langkawi. Upon investigation, he was found to be lying.

Dato Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi revealed DAP's plan to get him to be admitted to IJN to gain sympathy vote nationwide. What else will he do?

Lacking the politically machinery and network in the product, place and promotion of political marketing, Mahathir's campaign is reliant on mass rally which are made up of imported audience.

Of late, he has brought in his old lietenants to help his campaign. Maybe it is useful but it could mean desperation.

However, it looks like Mahathir is chucking aside his heir apparent Mukhriz and Muhyiddin and bring in tarnished names that will not give credibility to his intention to Selamatkan Malaysia.

And maybe it is only lifeline from persecution from DAP and PKR after being thrown aside after opposition gain power.

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