Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Finally, MACC caught up with this bastard CEO!

In August 2013, this blog was in pursuit of the CEO of Putrajaya Holding, Dato Azlan Abdul Karim.

The allegation was for abuse power and receiving kickback which involve victimising genuine and bona fide contractors doing real and hard work. [Read it HERE and HERE.]

Today is June 27th, 2018. After 5 years, this heartless, cruel and corrupt bastard CEO was nabbed by MACC.

.Malaysiakini reported below:

RM300m project: MACC arrests 'Datuk' who leads GLC

27 Jun 2018, 5:27 pm(Updated 27 Jun 2018, 5:56 pm)

The MACC has detained a CEO of a GLC to facilitate investigations into alleged corruption in the awarding of a development project in Putrajaya via tender worth RM300 million.

The 59-year-old man with a 'datuk' title was arrested at his office at noon, today.

It is learnt that the graft-buster had raided three premises in the Klang Valley to obtain documents related to the case.

According to a source, the man had allegedly abused his power to manipulate the project which was under development.

"The project was awarded to a contractor through a tender process, but due to several issues which were intentionally raised, the contractor failed to execute the project.

"It was later given to another contractor which is believed to have links to the man, and this whole show has been planned from the get-go,' said the source.

Meanwhile, MACC deputy chief commissioner (operations) Azam Baki confirmed the arrest, but provided no further details.
This has been his modus operandi.

In one known case, a contractor won the contract fair and square in an open tender. They met the excessively stringent specification and documentation.

They completed about 85% of a RM40 million project but was only paid about RM18 million. The claims were made to be unreasonably difficult that they finally had to give up the contract.

It turned out the contracts was passed to other contractors allegedly friendly to him. The rest one can only expect the usual.

It is unusual for an 85% completed project to be terminated.

This arrest is still no vindication because the aggrieved party had to endure financially. There are those that end up into receivership.

There are companies that took a legal recourse. However, it was a long, arduous and costly process without certainty of outcome.


X BPR said...

Nasib baik Najib dgn BN kalah mcm german. Otherwise SPRM wont touch this guy forever... file dah ada since 2012. Hidup SPRM under PH.

Anonymous said...

He is the guy who destroyed Pernas Construction.

He accumulated assets since early 1997 when the Putrajaya project first started. He was GM Project Coordination, then rose to CEO in 2006 or 2007.

WCT and Sunway Con kept winning contracts tenders. If they lost, it will eventually lead back to them. This Azlan charavter tightly control all awards that even bigwigs of BN could not get anything in PJH.

The collusion may involve Tan Sri Aseh Cik Mat and members of the Board of Directors.

PH could claim credit but it is long heard that MACC had planned to pursue after govt departments, Ministries and GLCs after GE.If PH is serious, continue to pursue Jln Pinhorn and tunnel cases.

Looking forward to PJH raya open house on Thursday today. Its a perfect time for PR exercise. Hahaha ...

Anonymous said...

Nasib baik jugak mamat ni di tahan masa PH berkuasa. Kalau ditahan semasa BN berkuasa sudah pasti akan lompat masuk pembangkang, dibersihkan dan diangkat jadi hero disana. Siap lawyer satu parti tu akan beri perkhidmatan percuma.

Itulah realiti politik di Malaysia sebelum kekalahan BN. Mana yang diambil tindakan akan dikutip oleh pembangkang. Politik ambil kesempatan demi kepentingan diri sendiri semata2.

MAR said...

Check your head line. The cursing words is unnecessary

Unknown said...

Ask anyone about govt project n they will tell u why there r so many evils there!

Anonymous said...

Perompak ini di bela zaman MAdey.
PH just a piece of shit yang hanya membohongi rakyat..
mencetak rompak idea kerajaan BN Najib..useless PH..

Unknown said...

Syukur jua kita kepada allah subhanahuwata'alaa allah jua lah yg memberi petunjuk dan memelihara kita semua di berikan kemenangan pada kira semua darii makhluk perosak negara dan bangsa bertapa zalim nya mereka2 sanggup menyalah gunakan kuasa dan menghancurkan negara ini jika di biar lebih lama lagi memerintah syukur jua diatas kemenangan PH.

Anonymous said...

The ex cidb boss and jkr boss share same family name. Related?
The guy not Mahathir's guy?

sheikh radhi said...

Kemenangan PH hanyalah asbab kepada seluruh tindak tanduk BN yg Salah guna kuasa , segala mcm pecah amanah yg semakin melampau. Terimalah iA sebagai kafarah, salahkan dirimu sendiri kerana Tangan2 durjana kamulah yg mganiaya diri sendiri.

Anonymous said...

So, no case with MACC. Who is the bastard now? ����

Anonymous said...

No case at all..some how some one is bastard.

Anonymous said...

Some how some one so bastard

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