Thursday, August 01, 2013

Discrimination in Putrajaya leads to Omar Ong

Some years back, there was an article on Malaysia Today about discriminatory practices in Putrajaya Holdings Sdn Bhd (PJH), the developer of Putrajaya.

Good thing that the 2010 article can still be found. It ia about PJH staff being sacked enbloc upon the entry of new shareholders KLCC. The strange thing is PJH and KLCC Holdings are subsidiaries of Petronas and it is merely a corporate re-organisation. [Read it here.]

PJH also has some strange ways of doing things, as a blogger The Flying Kick [read here] ranted about the design of a new Masjid of Putrajaya in 2011 that is devoid of Islamic symbolism and looks more like a new age church or highly stylised hangar for Airbus A380.

It seems such strange and discriminatory attitude is also practiced in dishing out contracts for the commercial development of Parcel F which is located next to the Gemilang bridge at Putrajaya.

Strange going-ons

Putrajaya Holdings is now 65% owned by KLCC Holding.

PAS's losing Director of Election for Kuala Besut by-election and "loser" of his lawsuits against Kickdefella and Faisal Robhan bin Ahmad, Dato Husam Musa tried to make an issue of some strange group of owners collectively owning 205 under names presumably registered under CIMB Nominee company. [Read Sinar Harian here]

That issue has to be taken with much salt because it was reported a week before casting of vote for the general election on May 8th 2013. There should be a genuine legitimate reasons.

Taken from Jafri Marican Architects website

The issue to be raised now is about contracts for the commercial development of Parcel F. Details of the planned development can be read in The Edge here

A source explained to us yesterday that the value of the development planned for parcel F is RM1.6 billion. It is divided into 4 sections of about give and take RM400 million each. Eight companies ntered their tenders. It is supposed to be merit based thus there is no issue of four Malay companies and non-Malay companies.

Four sections and eight companies involved. Theoretically, half of those tendering companies should get. Those that qualify should have a bite at the cake. It is enough for everybody.

In March, WCT Berhad announced to Bursa Malaysia that their construction arm managed to secure RM350 million of the Parcel F contract. It could be for one of the section.

[Read in The Malaysian Insiders here.].

WCT is a water-related engineering company and their non-Executive Chairman is Dato Captain (R) Ahmad Sufian.

In June, Astro Awani here reported Pesona Metro (Pesona) had won an RM87 million contracts from PJH but there was for Presinct 2 work. One would wonder what is the relevance of Astro carrying out that news.

It seems that Persona is a Malay front company for Sunway group and perhaps an associate company.

Usually, the real work will be passed on to Sunway's construction arm, Suncon and they merely act as commission agent and justify their existence by doing some contract management.

According to our same source, this Ali Baba company was awarded another section of Parcel F.

Information gathered so far revealed that other companies that also tendered are KUB Malaysia Berhad's construction arm, Hatimuda, Juruteras, Perembun Sdn Bhd., etc. Out of the remaining six companies, two other companies qualified, namely KUB Builders and Perembun Sdn Bhd.

The tender documents clearly stated that lobbying is not allowed but WCT and Pesona aka Sunway had lobbied. By right, they should be disqualified.

There is a famous quote of Mahatma Ghandi. "The world is enough for everybody but not for everybody's greed." For whose greed we do not know but PJH wants to give it all only to WCT and Sunway's Ali Baba company. 

In the company's meeting, the other companies tendering the contracts were not given a fair treatment. PJH CEO, Dato Azlan Abdul Karim kept repeating the names of WCT and Sunway.

The listeners felt Azlan was working hard to sway or let's not try to be politically correct, he was imposing his position on other members of the decision making "committee" and Board of Directors.

Of course, one do not need to lobby directly to the PJH people but one can lobby someone higher and in not so obvious manner. That person can exercise his will on the people inside PJH.

After much digging all morning and missing the TPPA Open Day at MITI (no worry we have our spies to act as ears and eyes to attend and inside MITI too), the shovel struck something hard.

Hands of Omar Ong

A high level source inside an agency under the Ministry of Federal Territories, the Perbadanan Putrajaya or Putrajaya Corporation revealed that anything to do with PJH is decided by one Datok masquesrading as a Malay by the name of Dato Omar Mustapha.

It checks out with our source within the Ministry of Federal Territories. The source had just recently left but he damn well knows the crappy going-ons at PJH. 

Unfortunately, Omar Mustapha is not Malay but son of a Chinese convert by the name of Mustapha Ong, thus making his real name Omar Ong.

The Oxford graduate in PPE was smart enough to impress and marry a beautiful Malay lass and daughter of a pious Dato. It helps to numb the Malay senses from the fact that he is a Cina kuey (sorry for the slur but it was taught to us by a Chinese). 

When she was studying, he was a highly paid consultant with McKinsey and Co. in London. He could afford to lure the lass from other gaping young Malay men (one happens to be also a Dato now) by flashing his money, sportscar and lifestyle.

Despite his liberal disposition after studying at Oxford and now trying to break-up the so-called shackles of NEP, his father Mustapha Ong had put him through a boarding school meant for Bumiputera at the school with a graveyard in front, Sekolah Menengah Sains Muar.

Used to starring at the the dead being buried in the graveyard outside the school fence, the now influential and conniving Omar Ong is keen to replicate those burial ritual. He is making others die with his Rasputanic hallucination of change.

He is very powerful and can arrogantly ridicule and brush aside anyone he see as smaller than his physically challenged height. Rumours say he has CIA link and had undergone training when he was sent for a stinct at the Rooservelt Foundation. A picture of himself next to Air Force One is widely available on the net. 

All the power and money one can assume in this temporal world can never buy love. It can buy only whores.

Omar did had kept a sexy Chinese escort service girl at his disposal. He was caught with his "hands in the midst of repeated entering and pulling out of the cookie jar." It cost him his marriage.

Good woman from respectable family cannot tolerate anymore this man who wanted to use chicken as aqiqah for his first born son. Infidelity extinguish the flame and they divorced. She has remarried to a more decent and grounded man.

The grapevine is saying he is now going around, or perhaps now married to a sexy Chinese girl with exposed fair skinned bareback and long slender legs peeking out from a slit in her dress that goes up as high as her armpit.

Can anyone pin down Omar Ong for breaching the tender requirement and entertaining an alleged lobbying by WCT and Sunway? These two companies are owned by Chinaman type owners and probably have gangsters in their payroll.

Omar Ong joined the Board of Directors of Petronas in 2010 and everything has gone topsy turvy. Simply because he abused his access to PM and he throws PM's name around.

By rights, someone so personally close to the PM should not have such formal role in Government and corporate. An advisor should advise and not involve himself  in implementing although he does not ahve a formal role.

Omar Ong is only on the Board of Petronas, but not on the Baord of PJH. He should read the papers sent to him, attend a meeting and decide collectively. Let the Petronas management do the rest.

Since PEMANDU talks a lot of cock on performance and delivery, Omar Ong must not interfere and allow the hierarchy to function and deliver .

The problem is how is anyone to resist when he say PM wants this and this. More so for someone down the line like Azlan, he has no way of checking with PM.

But the problem also is that Azlan is a typical Melayu Liberal with a discriminatory attitude towards Malays. He tend to presume few Malays fail that all Malays are hopeless. Some Chinese do fail, but it is tolerable to him. Not Malay!

If Azlan has such a stereotype view and bias attitude in favour of WCT and Sunway, he could be even a racist albeit to his own race.

The complain on Omar Ong's meddling and discriminatory practices in Petronas is everywhere to be heard. Petronas staff has been making exodus out of the company and refuse to sacrtifice for a relatively low pay to serve the nation with working condition is irrational.

Those inside are co-erce to leave and make way for untested outsiders and lucrative pay package. If they are good, it is fine but what is blatantly seen is that it is reverse discrimination.

When Petronas pay peanut, these people are not willing to join and serve the country. Now that Omar Ong is around implementing policies recklessly at breakneck speed, they are coming in.

At the same time, corruption is on the rise and contracts rigging is heard to be more blatant. Recently, newspaper reported a staff of Petronas was charged for corruption.

The staff and officers can predict who will get contracts in Petronas by merely observing their so-called tendering companies friendliness to ... ahem ahem.

Pencapaian didahulukan? 

Pity Dato Najib not able to know all this going-ons on the ground. Even if he tries to go to the ground, it does not come out naturally to our aristocrat-born PM. He should cast aside his gentleman disposition and apply his aristocratic meanness in the right places.

It is to safeguard the nation and rakyat interest. But not the carpet baggers.


Faznita said...

how come this omar ong become so powerful? its because pm lets him. cannot accept that pm is so gullible. omar ong benefits pm too..

Faznita said...

how come this omar ong become so powerful? its because pm lets him. cannot accept that pm is so gullible. omar ong benefits pm too..

Anonymous said...

I do not pity Najib like you do
I do not pity an incompetent person who refuse to resign

Anonymous said...

Semasa Omar Ong baru masuk SMS Muar pada tahun 1984, dia masih lagi belum convert to Islam. About 1 month after dia masuk form 1, baru dia convert. Bapak dia, Mustapha Ong, memang pandai buat PR and sandiwara dgn cikgu2. Bila seorang anak cina masuk sekolah berasrama penuh, and then convert to Islam, semua cikgu and "brothers surau" bagi FULL protection to cina jahanam ni. Seniors semua tak boley "sentuh" dia. Omar Ong siap pakai serban masa Form 1, konon2 nak belajar Islam. Padahal ini semua lakunan cina jahanam. 2 years later, adik dia pulak masuk SMS Muar. I guess their strategy works very well! Omar Ong is just an opportunist. Yg bodoh is Najib to bagi muka banyak sangat to him.

Anonymous said...

Assalammualaikum wbt Dear Voice,

1. I think you know the problem is from who and you know the answer to the problem.

2. Let me help you. The problem is Najib - he is NOT Prime Minister's material. What he is really is ,is just showbiz !

3. The answer - replace him with somebody better . Who ? Berlambak dalam UMNO ! You can start with TSMY.


A Friend of Penarik Beca

Painkiller judas priest said...

Still being a gentlemen. Out with it man, you and the others dont need to be so nice.

We all know that the bloggers have lost hope. The normal joe's on the streets have lost hope too so quit being so kind,

Mr. Kong is:

He is the bank account. He keeps things rolling for you know who.

Everything that is given, a percentage must be given back to ah whore. It would be stupid if he came down directly and gives order. He needs a fall guy.thats where mr. Kong

Anonymous said...

Tahniah saudara Brick.
Pendedahan yang tepat dan bertanggungjawab. Syabas!

PENDEKkata, orang yang lebih keparat dari kapiak, ialah munafiqun kapiak.

Akulah PENDEK.

Anonymous said...

Datin sri rosmah menangis baca sajak tadi. As such, I predict her husband will resign shortly. The pressure is whom..wallahualam.


Anonymous said...

an eye opener , dig deeper and verify , yes there are real good malays around with same calibre of omar ong , why not give them a chance and premier najib should also listen a bit more from the raayat laa and emulate his good father's policy of giving more opportunities to anak bangsa.....

Anonymous said...

Next to Najib Omar Ong must be the 2nd Most Famous Person in Malaysia, and he isn't even a Minister or Dato'. He must be thankful to you for contributing to his prominence.

Your status as a Persona Non Grata is not going to get the PM's hearing. He probably lump you together with Deepak whom he considers as "Not Credible".

Sorry Mate, just like your efforts at exposing Md Nor Yakob...To No Avail.


Orang Kampung PM said...


As much as i detest this OO fella, i wouldn't put all the blame on the PM. Most of the time, the PM so called inner circle yang lebih-lebih, as if they themselves is the PM. Semua bangsa tak sedar diri punya...

I'm in the view that if he name drop the PM in Petronas BOD meetings as claimed, why did no other directors double check with the PM? Similarly, they too have access to the PM as he's the Chairman of Petronas?

The same applies to other GLC's and Ministries. Did any of the CEOs, KSUs and SUBs double check with the PM when OO name drop the PM? If, everyone starts double checking, i'm sure the PM will notice something is amiss.

If they did not, they are equally to blame for this OO fella becoming so "Powerful". Takut semua kecut telur je sebab dengar this OO fella says "PM want this / that" when actually PM never did gave any "directive". Takut kalau tak buat, nanti hilang pengaruh and jawatan.. All self interest.

I guess if this is the case, we are doomed. No brainer, No balls, Non deserving - high level policy and decision makers sitting at the top post not doing what they are supposed to.. I.e. Work. Instead kow-tow to "Powers that be" with self interest to preserve their position, influence and pockets. Semua takut orang.. Bukan takut Tuhan..

Got evidence of this OO fella's corruption, report to MACC and also publish in the blogs. I'll also be screaming for justice if MACC and Police does nothing after reports are filed.. That i promise.

Anonymous said...

Njib Sh Gib Gor saorang pembaca tek ucapan,idea tak ada, bukan mcm Tun Mahathir, Najib dan Big Mama go to hell

Anonymous said...

MACC is under OO what

Melayu Deli said...


UMNO now stand for United Mamak / Mualaf / Melayu moden National Organisation. Its no more represent the interest of us the kampong Malay.

No offence to the innocent mamak and mualaf.

Anonymous said...

It is wise to light up a candle in the dark rather than curse in the darknes.....

Anonymous said...

It is wise to light up a candle in the dark rather than curse in the darkness

Anonymous said...

An author of his own wrong doings.We are all resposible for our actions.Positive actions will always bear positive results while negative will end up in disaster. As a saying goes in Malay: "Pandai-pandai tupai melompat ahkhirnya jatuh ke tanah juga".

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