Thursday, March 08, 2007

Superwomen: International Women's Day

Early in the morning
I put breakfast at your table
And make sure that your coffee
Has its sugar and cream

Your eggs are over easy
Your toast done lightly
All that's missing is your morning kiss
That used to greet me

Now you say the juice is sour
It used to be so sweet
And I can't help but to wonder
If you're talking 'bout me

We don't talk the way we used to talk
It's hurtin' so deep
I've got my pride, I will not cry
But it's makin' me weak

I'm not your superwoman
I'm not the kind of girl that you can let down
And think that everything's okay
Boy, I am only human
This girl needs more than occasional
Hugs as a token of love from you to me, ooh, baby

I fought my way through the rush hour
Trying to make it home just for you
I want to make sure that your dinner
Will be waiting for you

But when you get there you just tell me
You're not hungry at all
You said you'd rather read the paper
And you don't want to talk

You like to think that I'm just crazy
When I say that you changed
I'm convinced I know the problem
You don't love me the same

You're just going through the motions
And you're not being fair
I've got my pride, I will not cry
Still I can't help but care

Chorus (2x)

Oh, baby, look into the corners of your mind
I'll always be there for you through good and bad times
But I can't be that superwoman that you want me to be
I'll give my everlasting love if you'll return love to me


If you feel it in your heart
And you understand me
Stop right where you are
Everybody sing along with me

Hoo, hoo, hoo, ooh, ooh, hoo
Hoo, hoo, hoo, ooh, ooh, hoo
I'm the kind of girl that can treat you so sweet
But you got to realize that you got to be sweeter to me, oh, ho, ho

Hoo, hoo, hoo, ooh, ooh, hoo
Hoo, hoo, hoo, ooh, ooh, hoo
I need love
I need just your love


I'm not your superwoman

-- Karyn White, Karyn White (1988)

To that superwoman that bore this life and gave it a soul ...

... and other superwoman and men ...

To that superwoman that persevere through uncertainty ...

To those superwomen behind such greatness ...

... and in absence is resigned to mediocrity ...

To those superwomen determine to resist cruelty ...

... voice against humiliation ...

... and fearless to take up arms for freedom ...

To those generations of superwomen facing up to abuse of ignorance ...

To that superwomen Audras that fought to give a life with her man calling MustStopNow (Zorro that came to the rescue. And, many others lending their voices.) ...

To that superwoman return to her Al Mighty (Read on Nuraina's sister, Allahyarhamah Nuraida here and here. My Fatihah for her. May her men and superwomen be strong.) ...

To those superwomen where tomorrow lies ...

So women, you are that half that hold the world. Cease denying ...

I'm not superwomen.

A Voice
Kuala Lumpur
March 8th, 2007 10:00 p.m. International Women's Day

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