Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Lucrative Bounty From History

When I first heard of Hindraf’s ₤3 trillion (approx. RM13 trillion) class action against the British Government, my immediate response was “Good!”

If they are successful, the Malays could put up another one against the British for marginalising the Malays justified from the findings of their Anthropologist to apply “The Myth of the Lazy Native”.

Whose blood wouldn’t boil by the knowledge that when R.O.Winstedt first arrived in Malaya, he questioned the education policy to provide Malay education till Standard 4.

Yeah sure, the Malays DON'T NEED education to be farmers, fishermen and gatherers. Chinese and Indian have more needs for Anglo Chinese and Anglo Tamil schools. Malays justifiably ONLY NEED proper education 100 years later. MCKK was established because Malay, specifically the anak raja and pembesar Melayu, needs it.

Yeah sure, the Malays DON'T NEED a better life. They are lazy and contented lot. They refuse to be coolie and tappers in the tin mine and estate. They shouldn't be tilling their own lands.

Winstedt himself described in his 1947 book, "The Malays - A Cultural History", that Malay attempted to export and be wholesaler of their own produce but failed. After all, it is only acceptable and the rights of marginalised "immigrants" owners of lorries and ships to refuse service. He wrote further of Chinese and Indian contractors boycotted a construction tender for requesting use of Malay labourers. It must be the Malay's fault then for being choosy and demanding high postions of Engineers, Architects and Surveyors.

Ah … Since we are to emulate Hindraf’s action, lets do one also on the descendents of the abusive Raja-Raja Melayu and the Pembesar-Pembesar. They were instrumental for the psychological suppression, violent and sadistic infliction on the Malay people, and corruption and pilferage of the Perbendaharaan Kerajaan justified under their version of political and cultural feudalism.

For safe measure, lets claim like Hindraf that feudal practise continued for 50 years after independence perpetuated in politics (ruling and opposition alike), government, business and society albeit with Raja-Raja Melayu not possesing any more political and administrative power. The claim is that it hindered Malay progress or more precisely, perpetuated Malay’s indifference or risk aversion to progress.

In concurrence with RPK’s cynical piece, MARAH: Malay Rights Action Hoard, there is bounty to be made for all Malays, Chinese, Indian and former colonies to sue the colonial invaders.

If Malays have been hoarding, why is hardworking me not rich? Perhaps I should start work and scrounge through history and law books to seek for that pot of gold at the end of the courts of Britain, Spain, Portugal, Neatherland, France and Belgium. Such actions are timely for these Orang Putih must slug it out to make a living again and stop basking in luxury from the treasure of the colonies.

"Immigrants" and Geo-Culture

I left out one more demand the Malay can make in their lawsuit and that is to seek perpetual annual compensation to cover the cost of providing welfare for and any demands made by the “immigrants”. The British did force on the Tunku to accept them as citizens. Take note that the word immigrant is in open and close inverted comma to avoid definition disputes.

Since the Hindraf demonstration, too many Tambi-come-lately have been regurgitating Lee Kuan Yew's basi arguments to dispute Malays as original inhabitants and half baked claims of the presence of Old Tamil Kingdom up north to claim their rights.

A simple answer, if some Malays are "immigrants", why are they similar or the same in language, culture, lifestyle and habit with the original Tanah Melayu Malay? Who is "immigrants" and who is local? On the historical claim, please meet up the Archeological team from University of Malaya for clarification. The team has non Malays in it.

Transmigration within the geo-cultural (alam budaya) area is common in those days. It's like Northern Chinese moving to the prosperous if not more vibrant Southern China. Gujeratis deciding to leave their kampung for greener pasture in Tamil Nadu. Prior to colonisation and formation of nation state, transmigration of Malay within the Malay Archipelago is a norm. We were practically one nation and could have legally turned to one, if the atom bomb in Japan was later by few more days!

The merantau Malays uphold to the idiom “Masuk kandang lembu menguak, Masuk kandang kambing mengembik” (Entering the cow’s pen one moo, entering the goat’s pen one bleat). Adapt and assimilate to be accepted by their new community. The migrating Gujeratis is expected to speak Tamil, eat Southern Indian food and accustomed themselves to Tamilian culture in Tamil Nadu. Same case for the Mandarin migrating to the Cantonese provinces.

Have all these "immigrants" coming here from outside this geo-cultural area moo and bleat accordingly? Why is there resistance to unite and desegregate? Ponder this before berating!

Malayness and Sacred Agreement

So, allow me to touch on the Constitution a little, although I intend to write at length in my future posting.

Observe the constitution carefully. It makes no specific mentioning of other races than Malay. It makes no specific mentioning of other religions than Islam, other languages than Bahasa Melayu (not Bahasa Malaysia), and other instututions as sovereign than the Raja-Raja Melayu. (Save for my cynicism above, I uphold the Raja-Raja Melayu as sovereign for it’s historical and legal relevance and continuity.)

Malay Special Rights and Malay Reserve land are safeguard measures for the orginal inhabitants to protect from further erosion of their already weak and marginalised position in the economy vis-à-vis the “immigrants".

Even that, it is not difficult to be a Malay and enjoy those rights. The Portugese are allowed to save in ASN. Under Pak Lah, Indians have 3% allocation now.

Pak Lah’s mother, the late Dato Kailan is Chinese with roots from Kwantung (the family even had a major clan gathering attended by Pak Lah in Penang). Since Ahmad bin Badawi is Malay, the family is Muslim and practise Malay custom, Pak Lah is hereby considered Malay/Malayan. This just demonstrates that being Malay is not exclusive.

Perhaps it is not as easy and seamless for non Muslims, but Malay are easy and reasonable people to please as long as they are not slighted. They are receptive and taken in by good manners. They are ever willing to tolak ansur till their head get stepped over (pijak kepala) from having their interest compromised and rights questioned. Use them!

Coming back to the Constitution, by re-independence, this country in its modern legal form of Malaya and later Malaysia is merely continuing where it left off. In fact, some argued we were never colonised but the Raja Raja Melayu merely out sourced its administration. For a price, off course.

Now lets look at the Social Contract imbedded in the Constitution. It is actually not the right application of Rousseau 's term. Social Contract is more applicable to our mystical irrevocable agreement between Sang Sapurba (rulers) and Demang Lebar Daun (ruled). It is only one of Khairy’s early screw up of blindly applying from his school textbook.

It is essentially a Sacred Agreement legitimised in the Constitution. Some of the terms can't even be changed by 2/3 majority in Parliament. For one party to seek its revocation, is it logical for one party to return to status quo of statelessness?

What about a review? That would mean renegotiation. Shouldn't the awarding party agree first to do so and both party must agree for it to work? Wanna cut a new deal, what do you have to offer on the table? Malay have learned The Donald's Art of Dealing and Sun Tzu's Art of War. Do not expect a free lunch.

The Sacred Agreement basically continued where we left off as a nation with a Malay geo-cultural characteristics and heritage. It's not about Ketuanan Melayu. That is racist conjuring by some devious hands to wrongly brand the Malays. Tan Sri Abdullah Ahmad (Kok Lanas) never spoke of "Ketuanan Melayu" in his speech at Singapore ISEAS in the mid 80s. He spoke of the reality of Malay dominance in Malaysia and Chinese dominance in Singapore.

In the Sacred Agreement, “Malays” leaders offered (or more precisely was forced upon by the British) the Immigrants citizenship with the condition that our heritage is acknowledged and continued. Even that, all their private rights are safeguarded. The legal term is quid pro quo.

Malay is the national language but the private use and study of other languages are allowed. What right of Hindraf to seek Government funding of Tamil school, which means learning and teaching of a language for private use that is not provided for in the Constitution?

If the Indian wish to pursue Tamil-based education, do it with private and not public resources. Don’t blame the Government, if Indian are marginalised because of language or social segragation. There is no application of Tamil in Government, Commerce and whatever sector!

Islam is the religion of the Federation (note that it is not mentioned as official “ceremonial” religion). Malaysia is NOT secular for there is no separation of state and Islam. Tunku Abdul Rahman and Tun Hussein Onn got it wrong. But the Constitution allows for "private" practise of other religion in "peace and harmony". Peace means to follow the law and regulations and not indiscriminate building of temples. Harmony means not to cause discomfort to the Muslim and other communities. Keyword is private.

Hindraf's Mischievous Comedy

There are many points to dispute Hindraf’s lists of demands and it's could be another lengthy posting by itself. (Latest: Read Biggum Doggmannsteinberg's posting here and other updates.) Hindraf have been merely overdramatising this event and it is repeatedly reported that the demonstration, lawsuit and ludicrous claims are made to gain international attention.

I can appreciate attracting public attention but not by making false accusations. Could one fathom such things as genocide and ethnic cleaning happening in Malaysia? The claim of indiscriminate destroyal of temple without proper adherence to procedures? The systematic marginalisation of Indians by Malays? The accusation of death in Kampung Medan to UMNO and Malays?

In fact, Hindraf wrongful claims on Kampung Medan incident have slighted and offended my UMNO friends who worked tirelessly to address the situation during and after event.

I like to be fair as best as possible. I personally believe in the right to assembly as part of the process of democrasy. Every citizen, even a lone protestor, has every right to march and make public declaration of his/her belief. I would love to see it work like the days I joined Anti Aparthied marches in the US. Demonstrations creates public awareness. I really wish we could do without police permit to hold public assembly.

But not, when it disturb peace, cause chaos and affect public safety. Not, when there is a court order disallowing it. Police are responsible under International Law to safegurad Foreign Embassies. Mind you, even in the liberal Western countries, demonstrators infringing the law and creating public disturbances would be apprehended by police.

Lets face fact that our society is not democratically matured. It’s citizens are still emotional rather than rationale about politics, public interest and various issues. Even most of our politicans, how decorated they are, have shallow understanding or even ignorant of history, law, governance etc. Our Prime Minister is such. Of late, many leaders seemed unable to articulate themselves properly.

Generally, most Malaysian take the cynical and/or conspirational approach to understanding issues. Look how some sector of the Indian community easily bought in the artificially created extreme perception and claims worked up by irresponsible politicans and human rights lawyers in Hindraf.

Hindraf have some legitimate grivances and they have every right to fight for it. Are the grievances really constitutional in nature? Is it merely problems with government bureaucrasy or procedures? Or an employer's issue? Lets not discount the intra-community problem with its cultural practises, discrimination and cruelty. Lets not discount that Hindraf have poor advocacy strategy in their activism.

In the first place, lets be clear who does Hindraf represents? Which segment of Indians?

Do they expect themselves to be taken seriously with Tian Chua-esque stunt to sue the British Government and yet seek the Queen's assistance for Queen’s Counsel? Can you fathom seeking help from the sued party, namely the British Government, to champion their case in the International arena?

Does it make sense to do a handover petition demonstration on a Sunday when the British High Commission office is closed? What is the game to refuse IGP Tan Sri Musa Hasan offer to finally allow them to hand their petition?

The plight of the poor and oppressed estate workers, particularly of the Indian creed, has the concern of every citizens. Their grievances have been discussed oftenly in discourses and it has reached the attention of the highest echelon of Government.

Will such comedic act help the poor segment of the Indian community? Will it sustain public sympathy and support? Remember that their problem will be solve here, with assistance by the Government and not abroad.

Start Digging ...

Ah well, whatever it is. I think I might as well dig up history book and constitution for issues to sue.

Let see, Article 153 spoke of Majlis Raja-Raja as Trustee of the Special Malay Rights. Raja Nazrin spoke something that is tantamount to questioning this rights to seek for societal equality. He is not legally a Sultan yet, is there room to sue him for not mentioning fair together with equality?

The same Act states that no Government can deny or change any policy without the Council’s consent. Do I have ground to sue the Government for my brother being left stranded abroad without scholarship in the midst of his Masters when Anwar Ibrahim as Finance Minister cancelled his scholarship? Did he get the rulers' consent to do that?

What about contracts given to YTL, Patrick Badawi and Scomi which infringe on the Malays oppurtunity? Can sue or not?

I know for a fact that many Malay Reserve lands were acquired but not properly replaced with lands of equal value and stature. Now there is money to be made from the court system. ECER with huge tract of Malay Reserve land is a goldmine for lawsuits.

Since the mission in life of a Malay is to blame others for their misfortune, can anyone advise if there are nitpick issues to sue the Government for screwing up the implimentation of NEP? It is claimed that NEP and UMNO failed completely because private Malay equity in PLCs is less than 5% from 1.5% (1970). This means NEP did not provide Malays with education, and churn Malay graduates, professionals and executives. It didn't provide economic opportunity for the poor and rural.

Lets sue UMNO for that. One politician openly said "Mengaku saja, siapa tak ada taukeh Cina belakang?" There is one more basis to do so. Why is there still 5.2% hardcore poverty? I bet its all marginalised Indians. Lets sue MIC for that matter!

Sue, sue, blame, blame, ...! There is lucrative bounty from the hidden treasures of history.

More Hindraf posting to come on!

** This posting was reedited 5/12/2007 9:00 a.m.


Anonymous said...

raja is an indian word lah bro...;)

tks (?) for the plug ;)

Anonymous said...

i need my stuff ;D

Anonymous said...

all i want is the love below ;D

Anonymous said...

Antara Melayu, Cina dan India siapa yang pandai dan siapa pula yang tertindas?

Melayu adalah kaum yang paling malang di Malaysia. Cina pula merupakan kaum yang paling berjaya dalam semua perkara. Manakala India adalah kaum yang sentiasa kelihatan berjaya tetapi hakikatnya mereka hanyalah ahu...ahu aje.

Melayu betul-betul menerima nasib seperti lebai malang. Mereka asyik mempertahankan kuasa mereka yang ada hinggakan mereka tidak mampu meneruskan perjuangan yang selari dengan tuntutan semasa. Lebih malang lagi bila mereka cuba menonjolkan diri mereka sudah berjaya dan kononnya berfikiran global walaupun hakikatnya mereka berbohong pada bangsa mereka. Pada masa yang sama mereka terpaksa menekan mana-mana pemimpin yang cuba berubah dari pemikiran 'katak bawah tempurung mereka'.

Ada sebilangan pemimpin Melayu memang tidak berkemampuan untuk memimpin tetapi disebabkan sikap kaum itu terlalu dogmatik pada kepercayaan kaumnya sendiri, maka nasib Melayu tetap tidak berubah. Betapa malang nasib yang menimpa mereka, mereka masih tetap memberikan peluang kepada pemimpin-pemimpin sedemikian dengan harapan nasib mereka akan berubah seperti yang didakwa mereka sebagai telah ditakdirkan.

Manakala kaum Cina yang sentiasa berfikiran terbuka dalam apa juga keadaan dan sentiasa berusaha menyesuaikan keadaan semasa telah memberikan kaum tersebut satu impak yang begitu positif dalam iklim masyarakat berbilang kaum di Malaysia. Tindakan kaum Cina sentiasa berdasarkan justifikasi. Jarang mereka bertindak mengikut emosi. Barangkali disebabkan kurangnya sikap terlalu kuat beragama dikalangan kaum Cina, mereka lebih mudah diterima oleh mana-mana kaum di Malaysia, terutamanya Melayu. Jarang sekali, malah mungkin tidak pernah berlaku, orang Cina membuat apa-apa bantahan berkaitan agama. Tindakan mereka lebih bersifat universal kerana mereka lebih terdorong pada hal-hal kewangan yang tentunya sesuatu yang sentiasa dimahukan oleh sesiapa sahaja penghuni di atas dunia ini.

Tidak seperti kaum India yang sentiasa membuat berbagai kerenah. Walaupun jumlah mereka tidak seramai mana, mereka tetap dapat menampakkan kepada dunia seolah-olah mereka cukup ramai di Malaysia. Seperti tongkang keling pecah, kata bidalan Melayu sudah cukup mengambarkan sikap kaum India. malah kalau dilihat apa yang digambarkan dalam filem hindustan, memanglah kaum India di Malaysia sekarang tidak ada bezanya dengan sikap kaum mereka dimana-mana muka bumi ini. Mereka memang bangsa kaku. Mereka tidak akan berubah walaupun mereka sudah berada ditempat yang lain. Mungkin keadaan ini hanyalah berlaku pada keturunan mereka yang terendah, iaitu kasta pariah. Kebetulan kaum India di Malaysia sekarang memang berketurunan pariah yang dibawa British ke Tanah Melayu dulu. Sayang sekali, keturunan India dari kasta pariah ini tidak dapat menyesuaikan diri mereka hinggakan sesiapa sahaja akan tahu bahawa mereka memang jenis kaum terendah dari semua aspek kehidupan. Tindakan Hindraf adalah manisfestasi sikap kepariahan mereka.

Anonymous said...

A Malay is actually half Chinese half Indian (genetically). In fact Malay should be a general term for people living in the South East Asian Archipielago. Thais can be considered a "sub-version" of a Malay. Same goes for Filipinoes, Indonesians, Bruneians and others in the region. There are some minor differences in skin colour and facial features but that is because of geographical location.

Filipinoes, Thais and Indo-Chinese look like "Chinese looking Malays" because they are nearer to China. while Javanese and Indonesians look like "Aboriginal looking Malay" because they are closer to Australia

So what's the fuss. We Malays are a hybrid race probably formed ages ago when some Indian and Chinese comunities met in the middle (where South East Asia is) and bred. Case in point: have you all seen a Chinese-Indian couple? Look at their kids and you will think that their child is a Malay!

Anonymous said...

need to tell samynovelu smthing:

By the way u r putting those caste calling into people, i can see how the malays think..if the malays are really rational thinkers, then what kind of malay is this samynovelu? what rights does he have to categorize others into caste that he/she can't even comprehend. kalau org melayu pergi rumah orang india, pernah dia hidangkan makanan tak halal? kalau org india pergi rumah orang melayu, pernah dia tak hidangkan lembu? hehe..fikirkan lah, siapa yang pariah ni...

Arun Paul said...

Please do not poke fault, just press the govt. to do the needful and bring all the races to par by ensuring balance placement in all sectors. Shun all that encourage racial discrimination. At this time, the Indians are the most affected. Your eyes and ears are exposed to the reality of this truth. I guarantee the Malays/Chinese folks by helping your Indian brothers/sister you will derive immense benefit as we have derived from each other. Thosai,Rendang and Char Kouy Tew have made Malaysia a great country of culinary delights. There are hidden talents dormants amongst the marginalized..please I urge all to be a catalyst in bringing them out thru' more 'universally oriented'schools, qualtity jobs and affordable/free health-care so that they may focus on positive strenghts rather than fall prey into forlorn depression

Anonymous said...

hii malaysia!
erm sebenarnya sy mmg tak suka kutuk org sbb sy tak suka blame sesiapa bila berlaku sesuatu yg tak betul! si mamat yg mengunakan nick samynovelu tue pun sy ingat salah seorg yg suka menyalahkan org lain kerana idupnya yg gagal! nick yg dia gunakan pun menunjukkan kepariahan dia! kemungkinan dia adalah seorng penagih dadah, perogol, perompak negara seperti org2 BN tue! ataupun kononya mungkin dia berlakon seperti org alim! sorry ni mungkin kemungkinan! sbb dia ceritakan kemungkinan dia dan sy menceritakan kemungkinan sy! apabila seseorg pemalas, perogol, perasuah, perompak mengatakan ttg bangsa lain sy rasa seelok-eloknya dia betulkan diri dia sebelum memberi komen pasal bangsa lain! sila siasat bangsa mana yg paling teruk dan terhina dimata masyarakat malaysia serta dunia jika kita tanya pasal malaysia! kemungkinan artikal ni pun kemungkinan penulis dan sebagai pembaca kemungkinan ni bole kita anggap sebagai kemungkinan sahaja sbb pada tanggapan sy tidak ada org yg layak tuk memberi jawapan yg betul kat sini atau mana2 blog! semua kemungkinan ni pasal politikus masing2!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Samynovelo,

Istilah pariah adalah untuk golongan yang tidak ikut agama dan yang makan babi dan lembu di India. Kalau sedemikian hang kalu makan lembu memang pariah... semua yang makan lembu memang pariah.....jgn terlalu emosi ya!

Anonymous said...

malays never had any solidarity.......their sultans have prostituted them in the past and now umno under the NEP banner continues to prostitute them......rather then choose to fight for dignity, they take the easy way out by pouring their anger to the chinese and indians......;-)

Anonymous said...

To Samynovalue
You talkin bulshit- Don't deceive us by telling the Malays like chinese becos chinese rational thinking. Being a chinese myself I know what is the general viw of malays to chinese- don't tell us granma story. You pray 5 times if you are one but full of lies from your mouth....that one "ane" said about pariah thing...all those eating lembu & babi...Ane tell you the truth, it only takes a grater no value man to accuse another and the a greatest pariah to accuse others & that is none other than this samynovalue person. The whole world is filled with pariahs including the Malays, Chinese, Indians, Caucasions, bumi etc etc etc. So don't feel offended. Those Malays have forgotten the roots that their ancestors were once Hindus....hahahaheheheeh. Look at the rasuah, cheating, mockering, discriminating which is done by this so called Malays who have tarnished the name of Islam.....Bersedarlah Samynovalue sebelum anda di sedarkan

Anonymous said...

With malice to none and charity to all", said President Abraham Lincoln. With that in mind and with fear for none and fairness for all, let me share my personal feelings, as an Indian Tamil in general and a Malaysian in particular.

Malaysia is called swarnabhumi (heavenly land) by the ancient Indians because this land is like the United States ,a land of hope and dream. The United States gave hopes to the diverse people of Europe - the English, the German, Greek, Italians, Scandinavians, and Russians, whilst, Malaysia laid the same path for the people of Asia - Malays, Indians, Chinese, Arabs and Eurasians. If only Malaysia is let to be the same the old swarnabhumi – the land of opportunity, we can continue seeking and fulfilling our dreams and hopes.

Aftermath articles that bombard our emails and our group, may differ in approach and writing but echoes one common voice; that is to give the natural citizens of this "swarnabhumi " the due respect, irrespective of color, creed and race.

This basic respect is commonly seen exchanged freely with lots of love by the common people who dwell and work together; going about with their daily affairs towards a common goal of happiness for their family and loved ones. Get in to a cab and have a quick discussion with the driver, weather they are Malay, Chinese or Indian; you will know and feel the common link.

These is the natural calling by all religious teachings of the world, be it Islam, Hindu, Christian or Buddhist. The Almighty God has laid down in the Holy Quran: "O mankind, we have created you from a male and female." In other words all human beings are brothers to one another. They all are the descendants from one father and one mother. "And we set you up as nations and tribes so that you may be able to recognize each other" (49:13). This means that the division of human beings into nations, races, groups and tribes is for the sake of distinction, so that people of one race or tribe may meet and be acquainted with the people belonging to another race or tribe and cooperate with one another.

How can I say I love my child dearly but do not feel for another child being raped and killed by a ruthless killer? That child may be a child of a Malay parent with different background. The common factor of parenthood bonds me with that child and her family, thus evoking my soul to feel the pain of a parent.

How can I say I love my own siblings and parents but do not feel for another person hit and run by a bad driver? In fact, it has personally happened to me when I gave my shoulders for support to a badly injured Muslim, a Malay wife of another. While her husband was settling issues with another motorist who happens to be the `same clan' like himself, I gave support to the greatly in pain lady. Took her to my car to be attended by my wife and I came back to put sense to the arguing husbands. After which, I took all three of them to a nearest clinic for treatment.

Was my doing unique and heroic? No, it is a common thing that any Malaysians will do and are doing on a daily basis in our lovely "swarnabhumi" home of Malaysia . What this home is lacking (sad to say) is a good and caring genuine parent. Family they say is,"Father and Mother I Love you". A good and caring family with loving family members is normally headed by a like minded loving and caring parents who are willing to sacrifice for the love of their family.

I care a damn who heads this wonderful nation. But I do care that, that head has the qualities of a loving parent who runs this family with a "love all and hurt none" attitude. I love the head to use all avenues available to protect and nurture the love amongst his children. If there is pain in anyone of his children, his heart must bleed. The Big Bad wolf who pretended to be the grandma in Little Red Riding Hood had big ears but it lacked the heart that matters most. That cost its live at the end of an axe.

What this nation needs is not a pretender as such but a true parent who works from the heart-a parent who walks his talk and really attends ("hadiri") to all his children and grandchildren needs and woes, irrespective of their size and outlook.A head who knows that what the children coming from diverse background have a belief system entrenched in them since childhood which they cherish most. This FAITH (Fully Absorbed in Their Heart) is their very own inner personal belonging which they will treasure most. What they treasure most is their own symbol of love which they will not want another to destroy. A car whether it is a simple Proton owned by poor person or a luxurious Mercedes owned by a very rich person; both are but symbols that will be cherished and protected by them, respectively.

The same goes to a child who has been entrenched by a symbol of worship – weather it is a simple stone, a small temple, a big temple, a Church or a Masjid. This place of worship that they have FULLY ABSORBED IN THEIR HEART (FAITH) must be respected and protected by the siblings and parents of the family.

These basic rights and respect of the children of this nation from all walks of lives, color and creed must be upheld by the "parents appointed" by the children even though this parenthood maybe short lived for 5 years and not a lifetime. The duration is determined if the parent has a true loving vision (matalamat) for the children and not just for riches of the children (mata duitan).

At the end of the day, when the dust settles down, what our inner heart is longing for is a lap of a mother where we can rest our head in peace.

Always a longing child,

Anonymous said...

I think the marginalization is true in some extent, but the Government should take action or effort to look into the plight of this group of people. Hindraf has no justification whatsoever to stage a protest which resulted in 30 people arrested and disrupted the public peace. If their claim is justifiable, then Malay and Chinese can also take action against British Government, and whole Malaysia will be in chaos.Marginalization is maybe the Malaysian Government is praticing unproductive policy which only benefits certain group of elites in the society. See the link http://economicsandpolitics.blogspot.com/ for article about economic policies.

umnoputra said...

samynovelu seems to be an uneducated fanatic boyan malay. Most likely born to malay without common sense. His knowledge seems to be shallow. Definitely born for a one nite stand bohsia.

A Voice said...

passerby - thats good observation but sufficiently serious flaw to be of relevance in guiding any serious decisions and opinions.

arun - Eyes and ears have limited scape. At times, it sees and hears what it wants. Not many can see the big and broad pixture. The constitution has a balance of Malay/Muslim righst and non Malays/muslim interest for fairness and equality. As usual, something gets cock up along the way.

beranikeranabenar - setuju bahawa blame game tidak menyelesaikan masaalah. Tidak salah sesiapa yg mempunyai pandangan dan pendapat yg berisi dan baik utk menyumbang kepada perbincangan. Mungkin ada solution yang boleh diperolehi.

anak malaysia - what a beutiful comment ... see beranikeranabenar? I will republish this as a posting.

samynovalue - interesting view but is lost in exchanges with anons and skay becasue of somewhat derogatory strong words used. Budi bahasa budaya kita orang Malaysia.

johnchan - agree with you there, totally!

Anonymous said...

For whatever its worth:

I think; sustainable democratic institutions require a stable separation of church/mosque/temple from state.

Anonymous said...

Is there a pot of gold from suing? Or a pile of ashes?

There certainly is a case for suing the Brits, maybe!

They left too many loose screws in our heads, our grandma's and grandad's. Well there are screws already or about to be turned on our kids tops. Didn't Winsted warn them, us? Or did he?

Imagine who's doing it, now!

But on what basis to kick the Brits a's'ses? Trespas or simply imperialism?

It's curious that when the Brits whacked North American natives to escape from, prosecution from piggishness and godliness, from their homeland and thereafter stole others lands, they thought those redskins were Indians. Other Europeans saw no one else in south America but "Indians". The Spaniards must have been confused by these natives whether they should belong to a "state" or a "race". God, they couldn't figure out a "consitution" just yet then.

Yet Indians still call themselves Indians!

At least the Hindraf's UK trained lawyer does. Why he wasn't trained in the "Hind" but the UK, is another ardous story. Bloody Brits are funny. They came to the "Hind" first and they recognised Indians!

To cut a long painful story short, we could, as suggested, finally end up suing ourselves!

On the other hand, maybe that's what we should not do. We should not do what the first white Americans, North or South or elswhere do.

How exactly? I'm trying to loosen the screws on my head. My kids heads are full of loose screws, mostly Philips Screws! Are yours, too?

Yeah! I know! Don't screw myslef!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous sebagai kritikan kepada Samynovelo, menyatakan istilah pariah adalah untuk merujuk golongan yang tidak ikut agama dan yang makan babi dan lembu dalam masyarakat India. Kalau saya tidak silap golongan ini sebenarnya dianggap mempunyai status sosia yang rendah dan tidak termasuk dalam mana-mana kasta dari empat kasta dalam masyarakat Hindu (Brahim,Kastria, Petani dan Peniaga). Salah satu perkerjaan mereka ia lah membuat gendang dan gendang selalu daripada kulit lembu. Ini sebabnya mereka makan daging lembu. Mereka kini dipanggil Harijan dan istilah pariah tidak lagi digunakan. Harijan juga ada agama dan kepercayaan. Mereka menyembah Datuk tempatan seperti Datuk Murugam. Saya harap pandangan ini boleh diterima.tetapi jika ada komen saya sedia terima mana yang lebih tepat.

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