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What "the untold MAS story" did not tell? (Part 1)

The untold side of the strange CID letter to the Prime Minister

On American Independence Day 2009, that is July 4th 2009, Malaysia Today started an 8-series feature that ran till July 21st 2009 entitled The untold MAS story. MT dedicated 17 days to begin spinning their yarn.

No one took notice despite the fact that they had a public figure as in YB Salahuddin Ayub to make a public statement on August 10, 2010, reported in Harakah and raised the issue in Parliament. The mistake is: who is to believe MAS loss RM8 billion?

Despite expose after expose and recycled article after recycled article, it was hardly the talk of the town. MT does not have the following it used to have, when they backed Tun Dr Mahathir against now Tun Abdullah.

MT benefited from Tun M and it just proves that without Tun M, MT news value plummet. Worsen by RPK's boo boo in many of his spins on Saiful, Altantunya, etc. Not to forget, pro UMNO bloggers are strong these days.

Finally, they used this former MCA and now backing DAP, gangster-styled lembu, Tan Sri Robert Phang to bulldoze the issue of perception on MACC, AG and Police into the public throat in November last year.

Facts, not perception

Did anyone bother to think?

Phang contribute NO relevant new information or fact but was merely talking of perception. If it is perception, Phang should have dismiss it because it is not factual.

How does he expect institutions to address perception based on lies? How do you stop liars from creating lies?

Or is everyone too engrossed with perception politicking play?

Phang must think the public is stupid to not realise ALL the issues he raised are issues championed by Raja Petra in Malaysia Today and Din Merican in his blog. It is raised in a manner as an indirect attack on national institutions but personality attack with MAS as it's base storyline.

ABITW intend to comb through the documents MT disclosed but not bother with their storyline. Too many untruth and spins.

This blog take note that Phang had replied yesterday to clarfy that he has submitted his resignation to the Prime Minister.

Hands of Rosli Dahalan

Raja Petra has many information but on corporate issues, he has limited understanding to know whether things make sense or not. The articles could be written by others or giving due respect to him, written with information supplied by someone. Undeniably, it had to came from Rosli Dahalan and Dato Ramli Yusoff.

It is not a coincidental that Rosli is the lawyer handling the cases against Tan Sri Tajuddin for MAS. He is a close friend of the former Legal Counsel for MAS, Nadimah Nik Adeeb and closer friend to present MAS Senior Vice President (Corporate Services), Dr Wafi Nazrin Tan Sri Hamid.

Source within MAS claimed he began to be more active in 2004 and Wafi passed the files to bring on the case to ICC to Rosli from the firm of Norton Rose.

Some say there is collusion between the two but there is no proof. The test will be his reaction when more information on Rosli and MAS lawyers reveal itself.

Din Merican is also a close friend of Rosli and it is clearly expressed in his blog postings. He claim to defend Rosli out of friendship. The rest of the about Rosli's ability, integrity and etc is all bull to fill in the blog speaces.

There is a rumour on the blogs that they share something together but rest assured that is a non-issue in this blog.

Rosli's good friend from his UIA days is Dato Ramli Yusoff. He is the snitch for RPK's Sabah Deep Throat writer on Sabah expose. That should explain why there were many police reports published on MT.

Source claim Ramli touch base with Phang in Sabah when he was active as Mr Fix-It.

All road will lead to Rosli as the person who probably wrote or giving some credit to the blog writers, supplied the information. In fact, there is the suspicion that Rosli could be the writer of Ramli Yusoff story to Pak Lah dated March 26 2007.

Ramli Yusoff letter

That letter was rather strange in the sense that it was a letter from a Government official to the Prime Minister but written in English. The official language for such letter must be in Malay. See the first page of the letter published in MT (joined back together):

It could mean that Ramli had no sense of protocol which is highly unlikely for a high level official, despite the letter was not cc to his superior the Inspector general of Police.

So it could explains the hunch that this letter was written by someone outside police. It is likely to be written by Rosli.

It is a strange practise to have official letter from the police to the PM on an investigating being cc to these list of people:

It is downright unprofessional to release police investigation to others, even if MAS was the complainant. Is Ramli sure that these names are not crooks themselves?

Why cc only to Director Dato Anuar Zaini, who everyone knows is in Tun Dol's inner circle and Khairy defender?

One can download the whole letter below:

The untold

Several important points to note and remember:

1. In 1.1, Ramli mentioned of the MAS RM8 billion loss but no details were made. He did not mentioned that investigation by the then ACA on the alleged RM8 billion and ACL was over in 2003 and Tajuddin was exonerated. He hide those fact in this letter but still mentioned about the losses and ACL issue.

For sceptics, let's just say they couldn't find something to stick on Tajuddin. And, the Tajuddin and Mahathir's haters assume Mahathir intervened to save him.

Furthermore, this is exactly what the other side wanted to do and that is to reopen Tajuddin's file. They introduce no new information and evidence but drum up to reinvestigate and insist something be found. Other wise, they will scream, "Coverup!"

That is an entrapment.

Since public perception on Tajuddin as crony is not easy to clean up, it puts MACC, Police and AG in a bind. Damn if they do and damn if they don't. Both ways, they discredit and create negative perception on the institutions integrity by merely playing character attack.

2. Emphasis on the letter was to investigate on the decision to move the cargo hub to Hahn. They have their version and slumber head, who knows nuts of anything but is now adviser of MAS, will have to accept an officials report in good faith.

Is this new evidence or repeating a discarded investigation finding? We will proof later that it is discarded finding.

3. MAS had gone for arbitration with ACL at the ICC when the letter was written. ACL had written a request for arbitration on October 25th 2004.

Ramly had also hide this fact from the Prime Minister. He only mentioned about Tajuddin countersue Government to kasi PM angin but did not disclose there is an arbitration going on. The arbitration result on April 4th 2007 was already in ACL's favour and MAS had to pay up!

Not only that, many subsequent documents by RPK aka Rosli Dahalan on MT will not disclose ICC judgement. Details of the ICC award is kept secret by MAS and Rosli.

No worry, it can be searched. Maybe from inside Rosli's own office ... hahaha.
That's quite a lot to digest to begin with, especially with so much lies flooded in the blogosphere by RPK and Din on the internet.

The first part end here. More to come.

We welcome rationale and factual comment, even dissenting ones, for a thriving discussion. But not hostile and irritating adolescent ones. So please ... make my day.


Anonymous said...

Dah tak de isu la ni sampai bab bahasa surat pun nak jadikan point! Salah ke kalau nak report mengenai salahlaku TR waima guna bahasa arab skali pun? Kalau betul surat tu berunsur fitnah kepada TR, nape tak TR ambik sivil suit jer kar RY?....some people ahh

Anonymous said...

Well done, Voice. Keep it coming.
The truth will surface soon, yang bersalah tu tengah panas bontot esp Loh bert dan juga Fart ale (satu kampung)

A Voice said...

Anon 5:42

A more mature comment is appreciated. Not worth rebutting. Too much of child's play.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 5:42 is an illiterate idiot who wants to comment without indepth study of whats the contents of this expose.Grow up man and accepts thetruth without being emotional over the matter. An apple is an apple its not apple cider you bloke of an idiot! I respects your rights as an opposition member , thats your grave, but be rational in your thinking will ya, mate! Read between the fine lines and comment, do your homework first, bear in mind this issue is years ago , and of course if you idiot follow the story from the spin by the raja gila, which is now merempatting in uk, mak dia punya kampung lah tu, then you know whats its all about. Dont jump the gun and give an idiotic comment without fear or favour. This issue is also inter related to the bloke wants to resign(konon) but does not wants to give up the glamour. Kalau jadi towkey dah lama bubuh dalam cold storage!sebab tak tahu menghargai anugerah yang di berikan. Why dont anon 5:42 back trackked and do your research , finally comment with substantial truth. Do not talk abou language only, if you are dealing with government agencies, gunakan bahasa kebangsaan, even dalam parliament , they will use " dengan izin" befor speaks omputih. By the wey , berapa umur lu mangkuk?

Anonymous said...

It is of little value to go into these details. The fact remains that MAS lost RM8 Billion. That should be investigated by Auditor General and Bursa Saham. WE are now only attacking the messenger. The message has gone unadddressed, if there is such a word.

A Voice said...

Anon 7:18 AM

What fact?

RPK and Din Merican's fact?

Ramli Yusof or Rosli Dahalan's fact?

Audited account fact?

None of these person can proof it.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5.52 and 7.18

you're a typical anwar, din chicano and raja gila boys.

whenever the truth being exposed, you'll try to sidetrack the issue, Just like anwar's kes liwat.

If karpal can question the technical aspect, so can the other. right.

let A Voice finish his story first.

We have our right to read it without you trying to tunda the story.

go play yourself somewhere else please.

Anonymous said...

The first thing that struck me when reading Ramli's letter to the then PM is how similar it is to a legal opinion (persuasive for an ignorant sleepy head) but void of concrete facts.

While it is acceptable to write in English, I also doubt Ramli authored this letter. The way facts were presented is akin to how solicitors or academics write.

Being a Director of Commercial Crime Division, I wonder the necessity for Ramli to write directly to PM when he could have written to both the AG and IGP while cc to PM. At least, if nothing is done by either, the PM will have the power to enquire.

He had definitely overstepped his line of reporting and I am perplexed as to why no disciplinary action was taken against him especially when the letter was conspicuously not copied to his immediate boss but copied to people in MAS.

Mind you, this is about police investigation and the CCD Director has no business dealing or writing to the Board of MAS.

Now that all the pieces are coming together, I look forward to more expose. Well done bro.

Anonymous said...

What facts?? Yours are better? All the red herrings you're scattering about cannot hide the fact- MAS got robbed!!
And who was incharge??

Anonymous said...

Tan Sri Robert Phang wrote to PM Najib to tender his resignation from MACC.Today Najib told him NO.carry on.We need you to bring more chinese support for BN.

Robert Phang say thank you Sir.

That is politic.Impossible is nothing?.

Anonymous said...

Nobody talk about MAS now.This is stale issue.Tanjuddin is gone,Datok Ramli already retire.Raja Putra is a fugutive in UK.Rosli Dahlan have left the pratice.

Bro.We have many many more important issue to be discuss.Dont waste your time.

What about Maybank Investment CEO,telling Najib he make a big mistake appointed Tan Sri Isa as Felda Chairman.He forgot Felda is the second biggest shareholder Malayan Banking.He forgot Felda main bank is Malayan Banking.Every year Felda give million of business to Malayan banking.,

This boy is the product of Binafikir and Tan Sri Noor yaakop.

A Voice said...

Anon 4:39

I am aware of the fact that MAS was robbed and I now know who?

They are all still inside!

It doesn't matter if MAS is stale news. The truth is what we go for. Lies cannot be allowed to perpetuate any longer.

The real culprit will be unleashed.

Anon 9:27

I write what I want to write. This is my blog.

No one ask you to come and read here.

You wanna read about other issue you think are more important, no one is stopping.

Now go away

Anonymous said...

"Anon 4:39
I am aware of the fact that MAS was robbed and I now know who?
They are all still inside!"

Good one Voice. Shouldn't we focus on that instead.

TR scandal dah basi lah... Allow me to prempt - the knife is out on the Black Midas and gang.


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
A Voice said...

Anon 2:39

It's my blog. I write what I want too. I am not interesting in rating.

The MAS story issue has a direction.

If you are impatient to wait, that is not my problem.

No more comments about what I can or cannot write will be released.

A Voice said...

Anon 9:36

Your comment is hostile and unfriendly.

You can state your points without being angry and putting words thats was not written by me.

The series is still a long way.

Robert Phang's list of accusation is still long.

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