Monday, February 14, 2011

Zafrul doing a Zarinah

The Malaysiakini news appeared on February 8th, 2011 and it is February 14th 2011. Six days has passed.

This is no longer the days of snail mail, newspapers, and line calls. It is too long to hear no response. One can consider what happened as the truth.

Since his remark was published in Malaysiakini, the blogs have been making an issue out of Tengku Zafrul's remark, pro or con. The latest Harakah gave a frontpage coverage.

Zafrul's silence inspire us to post something here to put the disparage of information and murmuring into perspective.

Suddenly he got my neighbourhood breakfast kaki to awake me from my short sleep because he wants to meet.


I only begin to sleep after doing my subuh prayers and was only having minimal sleep the night before. To hear Zafrul wanting to meet me, it just made my day.

Zafrul is stalling and avoiding the press by trying to meet privately so that things will hush hush down. He is doing a Zarinah. She had a Deputy Minister instruct us to meet her and her husband.

No can do.

He doesn't pay me salary to order me around. No one does!

Zafrul should hold a press conference and state his stance. I want to hear him criticise organiser Idea and Pemandu.

And he has some more than 13 years of story to explain.

I am being brutal.

The reason being ... why didn't he responded when I attempted to meet him to hear his side of the takeover of Avenue by ECM Libra back in 2006?

It is payback time.

I am not interested to meet and hear his explanation privately now about being misquoted and his claim that he has video proof of being spinned by Malaysiakini.

Six days has passed, damage has been done and he is now for public domain, even if mainstream news did not picked it up. There is a public campaign against him picking up steam.

A source said he was in Bangkok all these while. What so important for him to be in Bangkok when he messed up some other people's name?

That is selfish and inconsiderate!


Anonymous said...

Voice, lu kasi ajar sama itu budak hingus, jangan bagi muka sama dia. TZ memang penakut, dia ingat Mak dia DG EPU orang lain kena hormat sama dia? Dia ingat uncle dia JJ dia untouchable. Dia lupa dia jadi CEO sana sini pun politician kasi tolong; sekarang mahu condemn Isa Felda. Mulut celupar!.....Puiii!!!

Anonymous said...

we must initiate a campaign to oust him MUBARAK Style but in cyberspace.. this bugger tak pernah BERSYUKUR.. do you know that this bugger tend to ignore all the BUMI ENTERPRENUER when they apply for financial assistance with a reason = not qualified enough..

I think it is time to BURY all those BERUK's crony and proxy..

Anonymous said...

He claimed of being misquoted and and has video proof of being spinned by Malaysiakini?

If that is the case, why the hell does he need to see you? He might as well write to MAlaysiakini and ask them to retract or hear from his lawyers.

I wish it is as simple as that...

However this Zafrul boy thinks that the others are lesser mortals and that's why he can say anything he likes on the pretext of being professional. Ironic isn't it?

If he is so professional in his conduct, he will be going through the mill just like the other successful corporate figures had. Being parachuted into where he is today will not do anyone any good. Perhaps the most sensible thing that Najib should do is to send him as CEO of RapidKL, then there is no money for him to play with or brag.

With that, he will fall into oblivion in no time.

Anonymous said...

What Zafrol said was truly factual. Isa is not fit to hold any important position.

He is a comical man and is just fit to be a Raja Lawak.

Anonymous said...

elegant silence as musa hitam said

Anonymous said...

Who the f.. he think he is? he is part of the 4th floor set up with Khairy, Kalimullah, Brandon Pereira and other Singapore operatives.

Whack him properly. don't let him go. Do a Robert Phang on such 4th floor crony. This bas..d must be thought a lesson that the 4th floor era has long gone and KJ is a good example where no one gave a damn about him.

katil bujang said...


yang duduk pakai spek tu, amitabh bachaan ke? macam dia ler, hawau!

Anonymous said...

Blue-eyed silver plattered boy. Didn`t your parents teach you enough to show respect to the elders, whoever they may be.

Kerana mulut (celupar) badan binasa. Time for your head to role. Najib / Maybank should put him on the chopping block.

Btw, you are not even fit to head RapidKL. TBS @ BTS nay. Bas Mini Wilayah maybe.

Scoundrel you.

fazilogic said...

May be, just may be.... Robert Phang is sending him in to tame you down.


usabukata said...

baru 20 lebeh atau 30 lebeh dah jadi ceo. rupanya kabel besar. beranak-beranak je dah senang lenang. makan dengan sudu perak. orang lain susah payah kereja dari bawah, ada sesetengah orang teros lompat kat atas.

jangan bagi peluang kat dia bro. betol tu payback time. biar dia tahu tinggi rendahnya langit tu.


Ryzal72 said...

He directed u to meet him.....ooh man , who going to pay yr RON.....hehehhhe! hes another one MUSA HITAM bro!

Anonymous said...

I am more disturbed that an ex convict for abuse of power and sex offense is adviser of selangor

Anonymous said...

Stupid Zafrul...kasik ajar sama dia...melayu tak sedor dek untung

Anonymous said...

The Internet is the bane of many people who relies on disinformation to stay in power.Egypt,Tunisia and many other countries all over the world will have to walk through the gauntlet. It is therefore important that politicians in the seat of power realize that there is more need for integrity when giving handouts from the gravy train..(?)
There is less need for transparency as the 'truth' will be grouted out by interested people.
Your expose on this character tz is a good example on how the those in power view the rest of malaysians..stupid,ignorant and clueless.
Politicians are nauseating people especially when you have to see them on the news day after day..mother fcukers with the frozen smile.But we need them because in the process of staying in power they make the country run. ( the opposition are worse )So we need more politicians with a tiny weeny bit of conscience and do a Singapore dance

..make everybody rich !

Kill the zafrul dance.

A Voice said...

Someone left Tengku Zafrul handphone numbers for readers.

Sorry we won't in fringe in to his private space.

We only reveal his public side.

Anonymous said...

Bro, wa tabiklu.
Keep it up.


Anonymous said...

Tengku Zafrul didesak letak jawatan dalam GLC - Utusan Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR 14 Feb. - Pelbagai pihak hari ini mendesak Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif Maybank Investment Bank Bhd., Tengku Zafrul Tengku Abdul Aziz (gambar) supaya meletak jawatan selepas 'menyerang' syarikat milik kerajaan (GLC) lain dalam satu forum terbuka baru-baru ini.

Tindakan Tengku Zafrul mengeluarkan kenyataan bahawa pelantikan Tan Sri Mohd. Isa Abdul Samad sebagai Pengerusi Felda telah memberi isyarat salah sehingga menyebabkan kebimbangan pasaran dilihat seolah-olah mempertikai keputusan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

Desakan tersebut timbul hanya beberapa hari selepas desakan yang sama dilakukan ke atas Ahli Majlis Penasihat Ekonomi Negara (MPEN), Datuk Dr. Zainal Aznam Mohd. Yusof kerana mengeluarkan kenyataan senada dengan Tengku Zafrul dalam forum yang sama.

Ahli Dewan Negara, Senator Datuk Musa Sheikh Fadzir berkata, selaku orang yang dilantik untuk mengepalai sebuah GLC lain, Tengku Zafrul perlu berundur jika dia tidak bersetuju dengan keputusan Perdana Menteri kerana jawatannya sekarang juga adalah atas ihsan Najib.

"Jangan jadi kaduk naik junjung dan perasan hanya dia seorang sahaja yang mahir dalam ekonomi dengan mempertikaikan pengalaman orang lain yang sudah 22 tahun mentadbir sebuah negeri dengan pelbagai cabaran lebih rumit daripada menguruskan sebuah GLC.

"Dia sepatutnya bersyukur kerana kedudukannya hari ini atas perjuangan orang politik malah, ahli keluarganya sendiri adalah orang politik. Jangan nak hipokrit kerana saya yakin dan percaya tanpa sokongan politik Tengku Zafrul tidak akan memiliki kedudukan seperti hari ini.

"Orang seperti ini tidak layak untuk mengkritik Mohd. Isa apatah lagi dibuat secara terbuka atas kapasitinya sebagai peneraju GLC, ini perbuatan tidak beretika dan sepatutnya dia meletakkan jawatan," katanya dalam satu kenyataan kepada Utusan Malaysia, di sini hari ini.

Serangan terhadap Mohd. Isa itu dilakukan oleh Tengku Zafrul dan Zainal Aznam dalam satu forum anjuran sebuah badan pemikir tempatan dengan bersandarkan alasan bahawa, bekas Menteri Besar Negeri Sembilan tersebut pernah terpalit dalam isu rasuah.

Dalam pada itu, beberapa laman blog juga mendesak supaya Tengku Zafrul melepaskan jawatan.; dan

Paling lantang berbuat demikian adalah blog anotherbrickinwall, apabila meminta Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB) selaku pemegang saham utama dalam Maybank dan beberapa pemegang saham lain supaya berwaspada dengan kenyataan tidak matang Tengku Zafrul itu.

Blog tersebut yang mendedahkan secara terperinci bagaimana Tengku Zafrul boleh mendaki kedudukan sekarang termasuk siapa orang politik di belakangnya, turut mempersoal bagaimana pemegang saham dalam Maybank boleh berurusan dengan Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif muda itu.

"Tengku Zafrul meletakkan dirinya sebagai liabiliti kepada Perdana Menteri dan kenyataannya terhadap Mohd. Isa kini dijadikan peluru oleh pembangkang untuk menyerang kerajaan. Jadi, dengan segala kerosakan ini apakah dia perlu tunggu lagi, letaklah jawatan dengan segera," desak blog tersebut.

Anonymous said...

Dear Voice.

Since Zafrul is a chicken shit, he pulled in his buddies into Maybank - Azamin Salleh and Badrul Hisham Abu Bakar which are now in Maybank Investment Management Sdn Bhd. The interesting part is those two clowns came for Maybank interview before Zafrul's appointment and were rejected BIG TIME. But now, they are running the fund management outfit of Maybank Group. Obviously, someone is abusing his power, Malaysia style.

The CEO, Azamin, even created a new position in the company - Chief Transformation Officer (CTO) for Badrul. The existing staff are not happy (of course), even few are eager to leave Maybank as this Badrul guy is well-known in the market for being a real JERK. Go ask his ex-colleagues at Bank Islam Fund, Tune Money, Avenue, HLG and Commerce Asset, you will not get any positive feedback from everyone, including the tea lady. He came late to office everyday, read newspaper all day, prefer long lunch, and play golf or go karaoke with broker during office hour (GRO included!). I'm not gonna write about his favourite past time with Zafrul, i.e weekend rendezvous at Alexis in Jakarta...... a high class brothel house!!!

Is this the kind of CEO that will bring Maybank into a greater height? If Wahid is not careful enough, these jokers will bring him down, for sure!


Anonymous said...

Dengar cerita sebelum TS Isa menjadi Pengerusi FELDA, Zafrul bersama rakan2nya termasuk KJ, RNC, dll, telah kuat melobi kerusi itu untuk pakciknya yang berada di USA, iaitu JJ. Akan tetapi "niat murni" Zafrul telah di cantas terlebih dahulu oleh DS Najib. Sebab itu Zafrul memberi komen yang sangat negatif terhadap TS Isa.

Anonymous said...

Untuk senarai penuh lembaga pengarah kumpulan maybank sila klik

anda akan dapat membaca resume Cheah Teik Seng

Cheah Teik Seng was appointed as a Director of Maybank on 26 August 2009. He serves as a member of the Audit and Risk Management Committees of the Board.

As a federal government Public Services Department scholarship holder, he served in the civil service in the early ‘80s. Since leaving government service, he took on various roles in the banking and financial services industry both locally as well as in London, Hong Kong and Singapore. He held positions in Public Bank, Chase Manhattan Bank, Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs, UBS and BNP Paribas holding the position of Managing Director for a tenure of nine years. He was appointed as CEO-designate of ECM Libra Avenue Group in 2006. He is currently a Director and partner of Aktis Capital Singapore Pte Ltd.

Dari profail di atas, Cheah Teik Seng pernah menjadi CEO ECM Libra Avenue pada tahun 2006? Bagaimana pengintip ECM Libra boleh menjadi pengarah Maybank. Adakah pihak PNB sudah sedia maklum tentang perkara ini?

Anonymous said...

Zafrul, berapa banyak lu BUAT dari deal Kim Eng? Apa lu ingat market tak tau? Maaassssshoookk....

Anonymous said...

Saya setuju 100% dengan pendapat PNB. Semasa Badrul bertugas di Bank Islam, ramai staff nya yang berhenti kerja kerana tidak tahan dengan perangai Badrul yang kurang ajar dan hanya suka mengarah. Syukur alhamdulillah, berkat doa staff2 di Bank Islam yang dianayainya, beruk tidak sedar ini sudah berpindah ke Maybank pula. Good luck to Maybank!

Bank Islam

Anonymous said...

Dengar khabar TZ memang banyak buat duit dari Avenue-ECM Libra deal sampai boleh buka 2 restoren, 1 di Bangsar (Hush) dan lagi 1 di Alamanda Putrajaya (Sari Indah). Itu cara paling selamat untuk MEMBERSIHKAN duit haram. Babi punya melayu!

Anonymous said...

June 17, 2008

International financial service firm, Ernst & Young, might end up with dirt on its face if claims by Northern Utility Resources Sdn Bhd's major stakeholders on the firms actions are proven to be true.

Two of NURs shareholders are scheduled to hold a press conference soon, after obtaining documents that show that E&Y's agents at NUR deliberately didnt inform the stakeholders of an offer by national utility, Tenaga Nasional Bhd for an independent power purchase agreement. NUR is under receivership, with E&Y as the receiver manager.

A board meeting is scheduled this week, and sparks are about to fly. The year 2008 hasn't been a good year for E&Y. In January, the STAR revealed, nobody knows for sure where some RM37 million of Multi-Code Electronics Industries Bhd (Multico) money is. E&Y were the external auditors, but Multico, opted to appoint Azman, Wong, Salleh & Co to carry out a special audit on its accounts.

A recap, NUR provides and bills execlusively for the Kulim Hi Tech plant. Recently, Tune Money's Tengku Zafrul, in which ECM's Kali is a partner has been linked in trying to take over the company, via back door moves. Little birds tell me, that in Johor, they are also looking for a company to provide and bill for an exclusive high tech park. It would require, a company with experience to handle it.

Note, EY is also the auditor for EDEN Bhd, which used to make food for a living, but now are big in power.

Anonymous said...

Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif Maybank Investment, Tengku Zafrul Tengku Abdul Aziz, dijangka meninggalkan Maybank Berhad sebaik kontrak beliau genap setahun pada Jun 2011. Menurut maklumat yang diterima, Ahli Lembaga Pengarah Maybank secara tidak rasminya telah bersetuju dengan saranan pengurusan Maybank agar kontrak Tengku Zafrul dikaji semula menjelang genap perkhidmatannya selama setahun yang menjelang Jun 2011.
Pada minggu lalu Tengku Zafrul dipanggil menghadap oleh Presiden dan Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif (CEO) Maybank Berhad, Dato Seri Abdul Wahid Omar berikutan kenyataan beliau bahawa pasaran tidak gembira dengan keputusan perlantikan Tan Sri Isa sebagai pengerusi Felda.
Abdul Wahid dilaporkan meminta Zafrul menyediakan bukti dan fakta bagi menyokong dakwaan beliau tersebut.
Menurut sumber yang dekat dengan Wahid, Maybank memandang serius kenyataan ketua bahagian unit pelaburannya itu kerana ia dilihat tidak boleh dipertahankan dan tidak berasaskan sebarang sentimen pasaran saham negara. Wahid Omar dikatakan turut memberi surat tunjuk sebab kepada Zafrul mengenai kenyataan beliau dalam Forum Ideas tersebut.
Dalam pertemuan tersebut juga Zafrul secara lisan menafikan beliau membuat sebarang kenyataan yang membawa implikasi beliau mempertikaikan perlantikan Tan Sri Isa kerana pernah dihukum bersalah dalam kempen pemilihan UMNO 2004. Sungguhpun belum menjawab surat tunjuk sebab, kebanyakan ahli lembaga pengarah Maybank dikatakan sependapat bahawa Zafrul harus meninggalkan Maybank Investment.
Mykmu sebelum ini mempertikaikan kenyataan Tengku Zafrul yang mengkritik keputusan kerajaan melantik Tan Sri Isa Samad sebagai Pengerusi Felda. Zafrul yang sebelum ini dilihat sebagai “budak suruhan Khairy” dalam isu ECM Libra – Avenue Capital merupakan segelintir anak muda Melayu yang naik kerana sokongan dan dokongan kerajaan hari ini menganggap dasar membantu orang Melayu sebagai ketinggalan zaman dan tidak pro- perniagaan.
Sungguhpun Zafrul ditonjolkan sebagai anak muda yang berjaya dan mendapat kedudukan hebat dalam bidang korporat, namun blogger A Voice mendedahkan bahawa kenaikan mendadak zafrul sejak beberapa tahun lalu jelas bertunjangkan ruang-ruang dan kaitan politik dan pegawai kanan kerajaan. (baca sini:
Zafrul sebelum ini dilantik menjadi CEO Maybank Investment pada Jun 2010.

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