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What "the untold MAS story" did not tell? (Part 4)

Robert Phang is back in the news, it is time to resume "the untold MAS story" again.

It is time to get factual and legal.

It is time to write beyond their big drama against Tajuddin but the only issue is only on Hahn airport. Be aware that Tajuddin was exonerated by police in 2003 and the judgement of the ICC in 2007 favoured him.

"The untold MAS story" involving Tan Sri Tajuddin Ramli started with a December 16, 2010 posting here entitled "MAS corruption investigation lose objectivity to political spinning" to express our curiosity.

It picked quite a few comments and we felt we need to explain on a December 27, 2010 posting here entitled "Why the chase for the ghost of the past?" to explain our interest to pursue this issue.

In the first place, why should we explain? It's our blog and we determine what we write and what comment deemed as not hostile and rude unworthy of release.

But then again, why not?

If we previously usually go for alleged crooks, this time we investigated to uncover that someone so badly potrait as crook is not the actual a crook. Instead, it turns out those going after him are the crooks.

Another Rehash

In January, Tan Sri Robert Phang became an issue. He was getting overboard, overdoing things and plain obnoxious. We just could not stand such hypocrasy.

We had some relief after the by-elections of Galas, Batu Sapi, and later Tenang to get down to write the first three of the "Untold MAS Story" series in February. That was also a great month because Robert Phang quit MACC and was replaced by blogger Syed Akbar Ali.

However, we had left the series hanging due to the busy months of March and April. There were the dual by-elections of Kerdau and Merlimau, Sarawak state elections, and Anwar's sex expose taking the limelight.

Something important to remember is the game set-up by the other side.

Despite Din Merican repeated denial, we stand by our believe that this is all orchestrated by MAS lawyer, Singaporean Rosli Dahalan with Malaysia Today and DJ blogger as mouthpiece.

Salahuddin Ayub and Tan Sri Robert Phang were the loudspeakers albeit poor quality made in Jinjang ones.

However, we have to correct a teeny weeny factual mistake.

Back when we wrote the first 3 of this series, we mentioned Dato Ramli Yusoff as the Sabah Deepthroat, the writer in Malaysia Today.

No .. it is not him.

In fact, Sabah Deepthroat is in Kuala Lumpur to sort some legal issues with Minister Dato Rais Yatim.

Rais filed a lawsuit against him but he wants the usual process of exchanging affidavits back and forth. Sabah Deepthroat, who is defending himself although he is not a lawyer, is uninterested. He wants a trial and better if there is full blown media coverage. He wants to teach Rais a lesson.

If anything, Ramli Yusof is one of those crooked cop that Sabah Deepthroat wants to go after.

In the first serie, we linked the allegation against Tajuddin to Robert Phang's loud mouth antics and the background "story behind the story" of Rosli Dahalan and Dato Ramli Yusoff.

Ramli's strange letter to Tun Dol dated March 26th, 2007 was discussed. [Read here.]

More of the wayang and strange occurances in the letter was discussed in the second serie. [Read here.]

In the third serie, we exposed the hidden hands of Rosli Dahalan. All this charade points to his attempt to take another bite of the MAS cherry.

Despite all points to no case by the Attorney General and ICC had awarded judgement in favour of Tajuddin, Rosli is insistence on repeating the conflict of interest allegations against Tajuddin and getting MAS's general counsel and officers to corroborate a tired ole story. [Read here.]

Ramli and Rosli's Flawed Assumption

Before we go to the lengthy content of the ICC Award, there are few fundamental flaws to be highlighted.

It is with respect to the letter from Director of CCID, Dato Ramli Yusof to Tun Dol dated March 26, 2007.

Another is a set of chart released by Raja Petra in July 2009.

Let's refer to a portion at the end of his letter first as below:

Ramli claimed that Tajuddin was an officer of a public body from affidavits allegedly of Tajuddin claiming himself as a nominee of Government. By that claim, Ramli is of the view that Tajuddin is subjected to Section 15 (2) of the then Anti Corruption Act.

For the benefit of those unaccustomed to corruption prevention law in Malaysia, one has to be in a position of authority to be charged for certain corruption offenses. In simple language, public body is only government because only government has authority and not companies or cooperatives.

That's part of the reason it is not easy to pin the Cooperative Chairman in the PKFZ scandal.

The fact, as told to from some legal source, is MAS and Government have both denied of such arrangements in their affidavits in one legal suit.

MAS denied it is a "public body" or an authority. This goes back to some affidavits exchanged between Tajuddin and Government and MAS in 2006 in the "counter" lawsuit by Tajuddin against Government and MAS.

Ramli had used the fact from Tajuddin's affidavits but did not refer to the affidavits by Government and MAS where they denied. That's dishonest!

He used the words of the person he wish to charge as corrupt but not the words of the Government he represent. This is consistent with his bad image as a corrupt cop that is making money from links with the underworld. Ramli was a dishonest cop with malicious intent.

In this matter, his accomplice, Rosli Dahalan whose hands had been eloborated in the third series, was equally dishonest.

As a lawyer for MAS and allegedly the author of Ramli's letter to Tun Dol, he knew of the denial affidavit by Government and MAS but still used the angle Tajuddin was an officer of a public body.

It is fair that lawyers are being described in such awful manner sometimes. See here.

Where's the Big Swindle?

All the much talk of Tajuddin swindling money by the billions and causing MAS losses of RM8 billion, yet they are only trying to pin him on a conflict of interest issue involving the Hahn airport deal.

It is not even his private company but a subsidiary of a public listed company.

Is this a joke?

See the final portion of the letter below:

We will be talking a lot about the so-called conflict of interest in the Hahn airport deal from the chart in Malaysia Today and ICC Award.

The chart in Malaysia Today was reproduced by the smart so-called intellectual Professori Din Merican. It will show how foolish he was!

It is a big time fumble ...

Ramli Yusof, as many are made to believe, conclude the letter to say that there is sufficient evidence to prosecute Tajuddin.

But did many of us, particularly the idiot Robert Phang, asked the question which AG would have asked: Is there sufficient evidence to win the case?

Don't listen to Rosli Dahalan or any lawyers. He and most of them just wants to churn fees. If only we know whether Rosli Dahalan shares his fees and with whom.

Ask yourself whether the Government can win against Tajuddin if the case is brought to court. It will only achieve the opposition wish to play up the perception game against the various institutions of Government.


Skilgannon1066 said...

Is MAS a success story?

Why did the Malaysian govt need to buy out Tajuddin Ramli and effectively take over the airline? If they were convinced that Tajuddin was on the right track, they could have left him to run MAS as he saw fit.

And has MAS's management post-Tajuddin been any more effective?

Consider MAS's share price performance over the the past 52 weeks (http://investing.businessweek.com/research)
52 week high RM2.42 (4 Oct 2010)
52 week low RM1.34 (30 May 2011)
Market cap RM4.8 billion

Contrast that with its erstwhile sibling, Singapore Airlines (SIA') share price performance.
52 week high S$16.52 (6 June 2010)
52 week low S$13.00 (15 Mar 2011)
Market cap S$16.8 billion

So, again - what exactly did Tajuddin do for MAS?

punk5terung said...

Bro, I have tried my best to read up all there are on MAS. But at the end, it's a dismay still, irregardless of whatever perspectives may have been showered on the subject, Malays were given the opportunity to bring MAS to greater heights but then .... sorry, I can't accept a people full of excuses. Yes, I can read and am trained to read financial statements. MAS remains a subject of lamentation for many. Maybe we can suggest local MBA programs to make it a case study.

A Voice said...

Fair comments and questions.

But that is not the questions I am trying to answer in this series of articles.

However some of the questions will be answered in due time.

Just do not jump the gun.

My Say