Sunday, February 19, 2012

Najib answer opposition's 'fitnah' on Thaipusam and Haj

Prime Minister Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak answered slanders hurled personally at him in the Social Media for visiting Batu Caves during Thaipusam and in his recent performance of Haj.

In his luncheon speech at the National Gathering of Ulama, Learned and Cyber Writers 2012 today at the Putra World Trade Centre, Najib said he welcomed the reminder from the Mufti of Perak, Tan Sri Harussani.

Najib told the audience that he had personally met and explained Harussani of his visit to Batu Caves during the Thaipusam festival. He said the Mufti of Perak was satisfied and described his action as not syirik.

He also took the opportunity to explain the slander that the Kaabah was cordoned off from pilgrims to make way for him and his entourage to perform tawaf (circumbulation).

Najib was at the gathering to officiate the closing of the gathering the event.

The unique gathering organised by Friends for Nation Building Club (Kelab Sahabat Bina Negara) and MyKMU portal had gathered ulama, learned and cyber writers for a three day conference.

Najib described such gathering as necessary in the face of challenges that called upon us to be united, determined and cooperate to preserve the stability and prosperity of the nation.

It is important today for information to reach the targeted audience accurately, without being deviated from it's true meaning and intention due to politics. He reiterate that it is a responsibility on all of us to ensure any misleading false information corrected.

Najib said the attitude to remain silent and reluctant to react and act should not be the hallmark of ulama, learned and writers. For them to work together is a jihad (struggle) that can be formidable.

Politics is an inseparable part of the jihad stressed in Islam. Politics is the "the art and science of governing. The arabic word "siasah" was derived from the meaning "to lead, to guide, to conduct, to direct."

Najib quoted a Quranic verse that touches on the creation of khalifah on earth.

He calls for the struggle to spread truth and syariat Islam through more writings, as well as oral means, to achieve unity of the ummah and heighten the stature of Islam in the eyes of non believers.

On that realisation, the role of ulama, learned and writers is important to the Government. They need to be aware and concerned of current development and changes in Government policies for majority of population's well beings.

They have to be with Government to filter information and dispel wild allegations and slanders.

Najib spoke of the challenges faced in the information revolution, particularly in the disinformation in the social media such as Facebook, Twitters, Blogs and You Tube.

Information are generated and distributed in real time. That allows for untrue, confusing and slanderous information to be spread fast in viral fashion. The mushrooming of political blogs cannot be stopped and it will remain part of the process of democratisation.

Without censorship, slander spread fast. Lies is repeated till many is lead to accept it as true. He is not spared.

Najib told the audience of the accusation that he has compromised his aqeedah for visting Batu caves during the recent Thaipusam celebration.

Najib said he had met and explained to Harussani that he was merely in the hall and did not enter their religious ceremonial areas.

He took the opportunity to visit Batu Caves during the Thaipusam festival to explain his socio-economic program specific for the Indian communities.

Najib assure the audience he is well aware of his duty as a Muslim to preserve his aqeedah (faith).

He told the audience of allegation in the Social Media being spread for purpose to incite hatred by the public of his Haj pilgrimage.

Can it be possible for Masjidil Haram to be so spacious during Haj season?

The rumours spread was that pilgrims were prevented to perform the tawaf (circumbulation) to make way for Najib and his entourage.

Where is the ample space!

Such rumours was ridiculous because it is unthinkable to cordon the Kaabah and prevent pilgrims from entering the Masjidil Haram during packed Haj season to give Najib exclusivity to performing tawaf.

He explained that he was merely provided the usual security provided by the Saudi Arabian police to head of states and that service was not solicited.

Is this a religious ritual?

In his speech, Najib expressed surprise that a leader could support pluralism but claim to struggle for Islam.

He was more alarmed that a leader could give more priority to protect the security of Zionist state of Israel than to support the struggle of the oppressed Palestinian.

Anwar had supported and endorsed the "two state solution" as proposed by a Zionist supported neo-con think tank, ICG and adopted at the Oslo Accord of 1993. In fact, the stance of PKR's partner in Pakatan Rakyat, DAP stance, as stated by Dr Tan Seng Giaw, was only limited is to endorsed the territories before the 1967 war.

Najib expressed Government's concern with the issues facing Muslim. Sensitive issues related to religion like involving apostacy, use of the name of Allah, and deviationist teachings need to be handled with care and wisdom.

He seek for support from the participants to help spread beneficial programs undertaken by Government and help make the Government's transformation plan a success to make Malaysia an exemplary and respectable Islamic nation.

Najib went on to inform he audience of Government's effort to assist in heightening the stature of Islam. Among others are the various increases in allowances for Imams and KAFA teachers, assistance to Islamic schools and support for the welfare of single mothers.


Anonymous said...

He went to Mekah after Vatican!

Was the garland blessed by Hindu dieties and priests beforehand? The hall and in fact whole place is associated with praying to idols. Was he trying to outdo Anwar at ponggal Batu Gajah?

Anonymous said...

isn't his explanation is to little to late?
it has been ages since the mecca thingy and thaipusam thingy, if you compared to internet age.
yesterday news, although commendable, najib should have been more aggressive.

Ibnu Sina said...

please do something about your website. It has malware and google n facebook is blocking it from being shared. Anyway, excellent content.

Anonymous said...


Apasal Haji tak pasang better server or hosting.

aku nak layang blog kau ni memanjang kena virus.

Apa La Haji ...

Tok Mudim said...

Bro Aji

In Malaysia, there are a lot of unmotivated people who complain all the time.

you better tell Najib to start motivating these people, not giving them subsidi or otherwise BN will be a history in 10 years time.

Anonymous said...

we like the previous entry regarding that interview with the Sultan of Johr.We look at the comments, we felt they were genuine concerns, they are real feedbacks from the rakyat who is disillusioned with the way the sultan carries himself and do business at the expense of the common tax paying people. The Sultan and the royal family must carry themselves well so that the people will respect them

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:13,
1.Laywer kamal melarikan diri di sebabkan tidak setuju untuk memadam wasiat dari Almarhum Sultan seperti yg diperintah oleh Sultan sekarang. Sehingga kini nama kebanyakan asset masih lagi bernama Almarhun Sultan. Di khabarkan bahawa Almarhum sultan menyerahkan semua asset kepada cucu nya TMJ Tunku Ismail.
2. Orang Johor amat terkejut perubahan drastik TMJ Tunku Ismail yang 'ligat' tetiba menjadi penghuni Masjid Sultan Abu Bakar. Cerita dari Istana mengatakan,pada bulan puasa yg lalu, TMJ bermimpi 7 kali berturut turut Alharhum sultan menasihati beliau.
3. Kebanyakan org johor lebih menyokong TMJ dari Tunku Sultan yg terkenal dgn tamak nya.

Anonymous said...

anon 9.13
Betui ke hang dengar ceriter kemasjid tu...aku dngar right the opposite TMJ tu lagi ligat mcm bapak dia jugak lah..lagi terror dlm diam2 banyak Argentina dolls,siang malam beb..
Lawyer Kamal tu pun satu setan koreng juga..dia ni kena main dengan orang2 keliling Sultan pasal depa jeles!!Nak kasi habih si Kamal tu.Palace intrique!!!Macam ceriter sebelum Melaka tumpas dulu!!!ini yang terjadi ni..tengok lah..kita akan tengok the total demise of the Royalty..kalau tak kaga..habih beb

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