Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Star's suffering from intentional Amnesia?

It was only in August that The Star was warned for their insensitivity to publish review of pork spare ribs ed pork andin their Ramadhan Delight special promotion insertion in their August 10 issue.

Many felt they got away to easy with a mere apology which were not sufficiently noticed, for an insensitive act.

Despite widespread ignorance by the races in Malaysia of each others' custom and taboo, even school children are aware that pork and liquor are taboo to Muslims and considered unclean.

After the much publicity to Muslim's sensitivity to the use of Allah by non Muslims, common sense should tell us that it can only be expected that Muslims would find it offensive for the name Allah to be written on a nude women's body.

The aurat, especially of the Muslimah, is sacriligious in Islam to be exposed. The Muslims men as well. Let alone to have the Muslim's God's name on a naked non-Muslim woman body!

The fact that these similar act of insensitivity is being repeated by The Star within the span of six months is baffling.

How could an established mainstream newspaper with multiracial and multi-religious staff that is expected to have better understanding of the different customs and taboos be committing such a mistake again?

It can only be intentional amnesia.

One possibility is that The Star may have intentionally intended to create a controversy to promote an upcoming Erykah Badu concert in Kuala Lumpur. Strangely, the Erykah Badu concert posters do not have the words Allah but The Star did the extra mile to put the offensive words.

In the controversial Ramadhan Delight insertion in August last year, The Star gave a review of Morganfield's pork spare ribs

They seem to intentionally forget the February 2006 and March 2010 incidents in which Malaysian Muslims demonstrated against New Strait's Times for publishing the offensive Danish Non Sequiter cartoons of Prophet Muhammad in their report and Swedish embassy for another offensive cartoon of prophet Muhammad by Lars Vilk in the Swedish press.

It should be more offensive to demean Allah's name in such manner.

What actually got into The Star's Editor, Wong Sai Wan's head?

Certainly hope it is not an act to show of force because of late, there have been an unrealistic sensitivity by Chinese to flex their new found political muscle. Isn't it too soon to behave so?

An example is the white ang pow episode with Perkasa which was not raised by the event attendee but by political parties for political mileage.

There is also the KFC I-City incident in which DAP highlighted the Malay staff as spewing racial insult but lied to say the Chinese customers were not racially abusive. They were in fact looking for trouble by returning back to the scene with video cameras.

(New addition) In last week's Lynas demonstration, Lim Guan Eng displayed his arrogance towards UMNO.

The manner he passed his remarks is similar to the KFC I-City incident and how certain Chinese excessive criticisim towards inefficient civil servants.

In case my fellow Chinese countryman do not realised it or failed to understand the Malay psyche, the Malays read the incidence at KFC I-City, excessive criticism towards civil servants and Lim Guan Eng snide remarks towards UMNO as representative of Chinese prejudices towards Malay.

This blogger hate to say it and have no intention to play the racial threat but this was how the sentiment and temperament before May 13, 1969 as described by many elders.

To many Malays, they are beginning to realise that the Chinese are flexing their racial muscle. "Cina tengah besar kepala," as many having been heard to say.

They see unfairness in certain segment of the Chinese attempt to boycott products of Malay owned companies like Gardenia in order to promote Robert Kuok's interest.

Sad to say but it is the Chinese newspapers including MCA-owned The Star that have been fueling the racial sentiments.

Gawd ... shouldn't The Star be more responsible as the newspaper mouthpiece of a member in the ruling party Barisan Nasional coalition to not unnecessarily slant things racially and add more fuel to the already tense political rivalry?

It is so DAP!

The Star's Editor in Chief, Dato Wong Choon Wai, and Editor, Wong Sai Wan made an apology in Facebook. Sorry that it is not good enough this time.

It is not that many do not realised that The Star is filled with DAP sympathisers and MCA politicians are like lallang in handling The Star. All it takes is to see the frontpages of Sarawak version of The Star during the Sarawak state general election.

For this latest act of insensitivity. the Minister for Home Affairs should not just warn but act on The Star.

By the way, a Saudi newspaper reported that Kurt Westergaard, the cartoonist responsible for the blasphemous cartoons that first appeared in Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten, died in a fire accident.

That's divine retribution.

So have a safe life Choon Wai and Sai Wan.


Latest from the Press:

Erykah Badu concert cancelled

News Straits Times Press
February 28th, 2012

KUALA LUMPUR: A concert featuring American songstress Erykah Badu scheduled to be held in the city tomorrow night has been cancelled for allegedly violating Central Agency for the Application for Filming and Performance by Foreign Artistes (Puspal) guidelines.

Information, Communications and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim, in a statement published by his Tumblr account, cited that the performer had touched religious sensitivities and failed to meet Malaysian cultural values standards, as well as guidelines set by Puspal.

He said a photograph showing a tatoo of the word Allah in Arabic on the artiste's bare body was an insult to Islam and regarded as a serious offence.

"This has raised objections from the community which can threaten national security and have a negative impact on the government's image," he added.

Rais said a Puspal meeting today decided to stop the concert based on the views of its members, especially the Home Ministry, Islamic Development Department (Jakim) and Royal Malaysia Police.

"With the graphic exhibition of "Allah" on the body of the singer, it is sufficient to warrant irrefutable religious controversies from among Muslims who disdain such practice. The committee's decision to disallow the entertainer to perform publicly is in our view justified.

"To proceed with such public performance would only attract bigger and more cascading difficulties the likes of which we cannot afford to have under the present circumstances. Symbolism of Allah and Prophet Muhammad in the realm of exhibitive entertainment is not in the order Muslims'acceptance," said Rais.

Yesterday, local daily The Star published the singer's photograph in its entertainment section which showed her face and part of her body which boasted various tatoos including two on the word Allah in Arabic.

The Star has been called up by the Home Ministry to provide an explanation on the published picture, and is required to respond to a show cause letter within a week.

The newspaper has made an apology in its mainstream publication and news portal in regards to the photograph. -- BERNAMA
Top 3 editors hauled up

News Straits Times Press
February 28th, 2012

Muslims outraged over picture of American singer's tattoo in daily

KUALA LUMPUR: THE Home Ministry has called up the chief news editor, managing editor and senior editor of the English daily, The Star, to explain the use of a picture of American singer Erykah Badu bearing tattoos of the Arabic word for Allah.

Deputy Minister Datuk Lee Chee Leong said the ministry would be issuing a show-cause letter to demand a written explanation from the publication within a week.

"Further action will be taken based on the explanation given," he said in a statement yesterday.

Muslim groups yesterday called for action to be taken against the paper while Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Senator Datuk Dr Mashitah Ibrahim said tattoos of Islamic religious scripture were considered an insult to Muslims.

"While Americans and non-Muslims view tattoos as an art form, the name of Allah should never be used that way," she said yesterday.

The offending picture, published in the Star2 entertainment section of the paper yesterday, accompanied a lengthy profile of the American star ahead of her performance here tomorrow.

Read more here

Erykah Badu fans ... you'll can blame it on The Star.

Have a good day! Hehehe ...

Up-dated: 29/2/2012 8:00 AM


Ahmadi Abdul Latif said...

nak tgk apa reaksi org Islam yg menyokong penggunaan nama ALLAH oleh org bukan Islam.

Anonymous said...

It seems that the minority have a field day to display their assertiveness in Malaysia these days. They potray themselves as the beleagured underdogs, being marginalised and victimised and eating only the crumbs of the bread and butter spread on the table. ( eg Hindraf)
To the uninitiated observers , especially the media abroad, this is a good story to follow, even though the perception that had been created surpassed the truth.
Emphaty and sympathy will always be with the underdogs., especially if they are the minority.
But not so if the minority are Muslims. Just look the Muslim Patanis, the Moros and the Chechen rebels to name a few. But the Dalai Lama is being feted by Kings, Queens and Presidents all over.

Anonymous said...

Sdra hHalem,saya mohon izin masuk

STAR akan minta maaf dan akan juga buat yang sama juga lain hari.

Mohon maaf adalah trademark MO strateji EIC STAR.

Pemandu kereta EIC-STAR, tak perlu susah payah cari arah ke Putra Jaya,pejabat Hishamudin.

Kereta nya dah pandai pandu sendiri tanpa kawalan pemandu.

Seruan kapada semua ABT yang mendekati hati perut nurani the STAR, rebutlah peluang amat baik untuk mengibarkan panji panji hitam agar STAR Tuan Punya STAR EIC kolumis liberal ranting SHarumlawyer ramon President IDEAS penulis letters to the editor yang sangat cepat mencari peluang memperlekehkan kita selagi mana dapat peluang yang buka luas,DAN amat cepat STAR mencetak surat emel yang mencemoh Islam/Melayu.

Jangan, kerana semenjak 2004 2008 hingga terkini mendapat perlindungan dan patronage, di bawah dasar inclusiveness engagement liberalisation vernakular 1M Interfaith blue ocean strategy mr KOOL GAJET FB twit blackberry suami pada FLOM ,STAR rasa bebas tanpa kongkong memperleceh kan ISLAM dan MELAYU.

Walaupun STAR pukul canang ada 1.2 juta pembaca,tidak ada siapa yang beri the STAR lesen untuk hina ISLAM/Melayu.

Hishamudin ,sila baca angka ini,1.2 juta pembaca Star VS 16 juta Islam/Melayu.

Murah sangat ke martabat Islam?

Liberal sangat ke Najib sampai buat apa saja nak menawan dan ambil hati kaum vernakular ?

Hebat sangat ke world view interfaith 1M ?
Senyap sunyi Interfaith menceritakan ajenda.

terima kasih mentor saya:hHalem horas din turtle anaconda azmi apa satD.
arjuna waspada
changkat lobak.

-thethinker- said...

the Star is not owned by chinese , but MCA --- a.k.a friend of UMNO .. BN !!

Anonymous said...

You talk about sensitivities of Muslims/Malays. What about Muslims/Malays showing sensitivities to other religions and races?
Example, food- at government functions there will NOT be vegetarian food ( many Hindus and BUddhists are vegetarian).

I am tired of this one sided 'sensitivity cries' which see racial and political overtones in everything.
Its time we must ACTUALLY respect and understand each other.
And by by the way, GOD does not need any protection or support from us mere mortals. We need his protection and support. IF we remind ourselves of this then we will not be so uptight all the time.

Just Ice

TulisLajuLaju said...

How bout the Liverpool Carling Cup victory headline? Totally disrespectful and unprofessional.

Don't buy The Star!

A Voice said...

Where did i say it is owned by chinese?

You must think i am a young ciku to not know The Star is controlled by Hua Ren.

I hope you understand the phrase "so DAP".

If you don't, too bad.

Anonymous said...

i stop buying star since ramadhan delight case. Always ridicule malay and islam.

A Voice said...

I know how you feel. As much as i do not appreciate tge kfc staff spewing racial slurs, i do not appreciate the behaviour of the customer and dap for making innecessary mountain out of mole hill.

I know non muslims or non malay do not know alll the tabooo and customs of ours but not The Star.

I have reasons to believe or suspect The Star is trying to pudh the limit for a certain reason and purpose. I ll not elaborate.

A Voice said...

I know how you feel. As much as i do not appreciate tge kfc staff spewing racial slurs, i do not appreciate the behaviour of the customer and dap for making innecessary mountain out of mole hill.

I know non muslims or non malay do not know alll the tabooo and customs of ours but not The Star.

I have reasons to believe or suspect The Star is trying to pudh the limit for a certain reason and purpose. I ll not elaborate.

Anonymous said...

The Star must be punished. They don't want to respect Islam and Malay. Pergi jahanam dgn The Star

Skilgannon1066 said...

Get a life, brudder!

Why this sudden sensitivity to things demeaning to Islam when others having been living with discrimination for years?

One misguided artiste does not a mountain make (except in the eyes of the perpetually insecure who feel that the whole world is against them).

It is ironic that Ms Badu will be championed by those who espouse freedom of speech, such as the good old US of A.

Skilgannon1066 said...

Well, of course, this Erykah Badu thingy went viral, especially in the US media websites (e.g. Fox News, Huffington Post etc) and attracted many comments - most of which are critical of you-know-what.

And no, it's not Ms Badu that they are going after.

Cancelling the Erykah Badu concert in Malaysia is akin to shooting yourself in the foot. Something that could be discreetly handled has been lighted up in the social media and given those who want to run down Malaysia and the "tolerant Islam" that it espouses a convenient platform to vent their views.

What was Rais Yatim thinking?

Skilgannon1066 said...

And another thought - why talk about "divine retribution"?

Are you claiming a knowledge of the mind and thinking of the Almighty?

Seems to me that the late Osama Bin Laden who was killed in a remote Pakistan backwater by some US Special Forces personnel could also have been subject to retribution, seeing as what he wrought on 9/11.

But we don't comment on that, do we?

So, who's suffering from amnesia now?

Unknown said...

..salam..hey, I read the star, along with nst, metro, kosmos..and I dont think this incident will make me stop reading it...I though it was doing the muslims a favour..by showing how insensitive erikah budu is in having the word Allah enscribed on her body..if not for the star, she would have got away with it, and saved her tattoo for last..as an encore..and thats not much we can do about it...'cept perhaps ban her future performance..

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